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Food Packaging and Proper Food Safety

food packaging baking mix – Custom Food Packaging

If your business sells food items, then you need to carefully consider the type of food packaging that will be offered to customers. It might seem like this is not especially important when you consider that as a consumer you so easily dispose of such packaging when you are done with the food item. However, there is much thought that goes into the choice and design of this packaging to ensure it meets regulatory standards and customer expectations.  

Food packaging safety 

Few food items can be sold without packaging. It is a hygiene and safety issue that requires food items to be protected from contamination. Some foods will also deteriorate faster when exposed to open air or light, hence the need for packaging will provide an effective barrier. When deciding on what food packaging products to choose for your business, ensure that it meets this basic standard and what government, and industry regulators expect.  

Food packaging transportation 

If people are going to be buying and taking the food away to be consumed elsewhere, then you need to account for how the food you sell can be easily transported. Even for restaurants and cafes that offer dine-in services, there are times when people will want to take home leftovers, or you will need to accommodate takeaways, as many had to during the pandemic to keep running. You will need to do some research to identify packaging that will work best in preserving its taste and preventing spillage.  

Food packaging aesthetics  

It is said that people eat with their mouths and eyes. Visual impact can play a significant role in influencing your customers’ attraction and satisfaction with what you offer. You need to carefully consider the design that goes into your food packaging.  This will encourage your clients to take it home happily. White packaging is often chosen by food businesses as it gives an impression of cleanliness and simplicity. You can also consider incorporating brand colors that will make your packaging easily recognizable to clients.  

However, ensure that the colors you choose and how they are presented does not clash with other food businesses in your area or that are widely known. This is to avoid confusion and depending on local laws, reduce the risk of being accused of copyright infringement. The goal should be to create a unique presentation, even with popular colors, that will allow your brand to stand out from the crowd. More where the food products you sell are shelved alongside offerings from the competition.  

Save Money with Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Suitcase Boxes

It is commonplace for a person receiving an item in a custom printed box to assume that it must be expensive packaging. However, even if the item within is costly, it does not mean that the packaging is equally expensive. Many businesses have come to understand that first impressions matter and thus invest in packaging that will make a positive impact. Customizing packaging is certainly more expensive than opting for standard options but may not be as high a price as you might think. There are also ways you can limit this expenditure to ensure you are getting custom printed boxes at the best price possible.  

Custom printed box perfect fit  

The less material that goes into making boxes, the less cost that is attached. Investing in boxes that are as tight a fit around your products as possible will allow you to minimize this expense. Consider the dimensions of the products you usually ship and set specifications for your boxes that leave just enough room for the products and the filler you use.  

A tighter fit will not only lower the cost of having your custom printed boxes made, but it will also better secure the contents, increasing the chances they will arrive at their destination without suffering damage. Where you may have voids due to oddly shaped items being shipped, consider using an insert to eliminate the need for secondary packaging.  

Custom printed box perfect measurements 

Different businesses handle various kinds of products. When choosing what packaging to invest in, you need to ensure that you get the most suitable type of boxes made and to the right specifications. You need to make a good assessment of your needs to ensure you not only get the right packaging made, but also in the right quantity. For instance, if you mostly sell lightweight inexpensive items and just a few heavy expensive items, you will want a bigger stock of regular carton boxes than custom mailers.  

Custom printed box perfect company  

Just as with any other product or service, you will find that the pricing on packaging will vary from one box maker to another. Shopping around will allow you to find out what is reasonable pricing for the types of boxes you want. You may even find that some manufacturers do provide design services that will aid you in deciding the look and specifications of your custom printed box. Avoid choosing the cheapest quote as this often means ending up with substandard packaging. Focus on those that are offering you substantial value for money and value-adding services.

Increase Profit with Shipping Supplies

custom printed tape

Cactus Containers – custom printed tape – shipping supplies


It is standard practice in the business world to try and limit costs as much as possible to maximize profits. However, many are not as aware of how they can achieve this goal by more efficiently utilizing their shipping & packaging materials. Often, more attention is given to finding a packaging supplier that offers the best deals. Once you have the packaging materials on site, there still needs to be a strategy that will ensure efficiency and minimal waste.  

Shipping supplies standardize packing 

When designing and sourcing shipping supplies, you will have assessed the product you ship and what you need to ensure they are appropriately packaged and will arrive at their destination safely. It is important to create a standardized procedure that your employees can follow when packaging items for shipping. You can develop checklists and how-to guides that will direct them on how to safely package diverse types of items before they are sent out. This will eliminate confusion, ensure safe packaging, and speed up the shipping process. 

Shipping supplies quantity  

Keep checking on how much stock you have left of your shipping supplies. Ensure that you have ordered enough supplies well in advance of peak sales periods like Christmas and Black Friday. There may be other peak periods during the year, depending on the nature of your business. You will need more supplies on hand during such periods or risk not being able to send out orders in enjoyable time. Ensure that you place your order for these supplies early enough to avoid overwhelming your supplier when others businesses are making similar orders.  

Shipping supplies schedule 

Ensure that you give yourself enough time to pick out items ordered, package, label, and ship them out. Do not overwhelm yourself or your employees by insisting on same-day shipping. Be reasonable when setting timelines and ensure that you provide accurate information on your website so your clients are aware of how long this process will take. Too tight a timeline may lead to costly mistakes like poor packaging or mislabeling of boxes. Give yourself enough room to carry out orders in an organized manner.  

Organize shipping & packaging materials 

It can help to speed up the packing process by pre-packing items that are in the highest demand. That way once an order comes in it is just a matter of labeling and sending it out. You can also place goods that are most ordered close to one another in the same section so they can be quickly picked out for packing.  

Why Cartons Are Great For Shipping

Custom Size Regular Slotted Cartons for Shipping

Cactus Containers – cartons for shipping

Carton boxes are a common sight in delivery vehicles. They are probably the most ordered type of box from manufacturers. Many businesses that require packaging for their products or for shipping purposes consider them to be an ideal packaging solution thanks to the several key benefits they offer.

Affordability of cartons

Most cartons are made from paperboard which is an easily available material that is also highly affordable. For businesses that order these boxes in bulk quantity, the cost savings are even higher as many manufacturers are happy to offer discounts. Because this material is so easily available, businesses will often find that many manufacturers offer them. Through comparison shopping, businesses can easily find a supplier with cheaper rates.

They are also recyclable and can be made from recycled material. This means less time is taken to process them into new boxes, helping to conserve the environment and reduce production costs. Even where the material can no longer be recycled, it can safely be disposed of as it will quickly decompose.

Lightweight design

These boxes are very lightweight by design. This means they add a minimal amount of weight when used as packaging. This in turn means lower shipping costs and an easier time handling delivery by shippers. When there is less weight to have to carry during transit, there is also less likelihood of damage occurring, especially if the delivery person lacks helpful equipment like a trolley. They can more easily handle and drop off packages when they are not too heavy.

Strength of carton

Despite the lightweight nature of this material, it is quite strong when it comes to protecting its contents. It is also able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear that further boosts protection. When packages are in transit there can be a great deal of handling and an increased risk of dropping, hitting, and being perforated. Carton material is highly resilient and will in a majority of cases keep the contents of the package intact until they arrive at their destination.

Stacking cartons

Cartons are built to be box-like in design. This design makes it easy to stack the boxes. This makes storage of the boxes easier when you can safely pile them on top of each other. Even when in transit, being stackable is a huge benefit as it helps in making effective use of limited space. It can also make transporting multiple boxes at a go easier.

Custom Mailer Box Price Advantage

Custom die cut mailer

Cactus Containers – custom mailer box (die cut mailer)

When businesses consider investing in customized box designs, there are often concerns that their cost may be more than any benefit it will bring to the brand. Options like the custom mailer box do give products a more luxurious feel and look that can be useful for high-end products as impressions count for a lot. However, it is not surprising that they would be more expensive to order from a box manufacturer than the standard corrugated cardboard box. This premium cost for such packaging is however compensated for when you consider certain cost-saving benefits.  

Custom mailer box is lightweight 

Custom mailer boxes are lightweight as they are made from corrugated cardboard material. This characteristic means that when it comes to shipping costs, the impact is minimal. Shipping costs are calculated based primarily on the weight and size of the packaging. By limiting the weight added to a package by using a lightweight custom mailer box, you lower the shipping costs.  

Customized box 

As said, shipping costs are impacted by the size of the package. Because custom mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes, businesses can ensure they are made as small as possible to just comfortably fit the contents. Working with the box designer to ensure as small as fit as possible thus helps in reducing shipping costs and the cost of ordering these boxes from the manufacturer. 

Custom mailer box security 

Custom mailer boxes have a self-locking mechanism that helps to better secure the contents within. Since they are also customized for a good fit and can incorporate inserts that stabilize products, they are an effective way of safeguarding contents while in transit. This increases the chances that the products being delivered will arrive in good condition at their destination. With fewer incidents of products being damaged while in transit, the business does not have to deal with as many returns which can be an added cost in either having to make a refund or send out a replacement to the client.  

Custom mailer box recyclability

Custom mailer boxes are often made from materials that are recycled and can be later recycled. While it may not make much of an impact on the bottom line of the business, it can make the production of new boxes less expensive as recycled materials are already processed. Less energy and time are used to convert them into new boxes, as compared to when using wood pulp. Using recyclable materials also offers the benefit of making a positive impression on consumers who have become increasingly environmentally conscious.  

Reducing The Cost Of Your Shipping Supplies

shipping supplies

Shipping supplies – Cactus Containers

No matter the size of your business, it always makes good business sense to try and keep costs low to maximize profits. Shipping supplies have become an increasingly large part of many business budgets thanks to the surge in e-commerce. More consumers are opting to make their purchases online and wait for their delivery at home. Here are some helpful tips that can be used to limit this expense.

Optimize packaging sizes of shipping supplies

When ordering shipping supplies like boxes, it is advisable to ensure the sizing is a good fit for the range of products you send out. The smaller the size of the packaging, the lower the cost of ordering boxes and the cheaper it will be to ship. Work with your box supplier to have your boxes customized for this purpose.

Using shipping tools and automation

For larger businesses that have many deliveries to effect, automation can help speed up the packaging process and reduce the need to have extra staff just for this function. There are distinct kinds of machines you can incorporate into your operations to take over such mundane and time-consuming tasks as taping and sealing boxes. These machines not only save on the expense of additional workers but can also limit your carbon footprint by ensuring minimal waste is produced. They can also help reduce incidents of workplace injuries by reducing the need for manual handling of shipping tools and make for more precise packaging that will impress customers.

Vary protection in your shipping supplies

While shipping supplies like corrugated boxes do much to protect products while in transit, not all products are made the same. Some are more durable than others and can arrive just as safely at their destination when less protective packaging is used. For instance, single clothing items can often arrive at their destination in the same condition whether in a box or an envelope. Only that an envelope would be cheaper. Consider the range of products you do send out and invest in a variety of options that will allow you to maximize your profit margin while still effecting safe delivery.

Buy shipping supplies in bulk

Buying your supplies in bulk can certainly help reduce costs as box makers and other suppliers are happy to offer discounts on large orders. However, do keep in mind the amount of storage you have on your premises for these supplies. You need to ensure there is enough space for storage while still accommodating other operations and the safety of your employees.

Corrugated Packaging Tips

custom shipping RSC

Cactus Containers – corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is highly popular for shipping all kinds of goods thanks to its ability to protect and be lightweight. However, when using it, businesses need to take due caution to ensure they are deriving as much benefit as possible.  

Corrugated packaging correct size  

When ordering corrugated boxes for your products and shipments from a corrugated packaging company, you need to ensure you get a range of sizing that is a good fit. They should not be too tight to cause the content to burst out nor too big to lead to waste. Choosing the right size that conforms well to the shape and size of your products will help safeguard the contents better and limit shipping costs.  

Corrugated packaging cushion 

Most products do not have a box shape so it can be difficult to fully customize packaging that is the exact shape of the product. too many odd shapes can also make shipping difficult as the flat edges of box shapes are what make it possible to carry out stacking. However, the void that is left between the product and the packaging needs to be filled to help protect it from damage while in transit. It will also help immobilize it within the packaging so it does not end up knocking about.  

Fillers like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper can be used to fill up these voids and provide extra cushioning for the product within. The same can also be accomplished by using inserts. They can help to absorb shocks and reduce the risk of breakage and other damage.  

Corrugated packaging proper storage 

As you make every effort to ensure that your corrugated packaging safeguards your products in transit, you also need to be careful of how you store these boxes before they are dispatched. Many businesses will order such packaging in bulk and keep a stock of the boxes and other supplies on their premises. Storage space is typically designated for this. Businesses need to ensure that their storage area is kept clean, clear of pests, and organized. Also, keep the boxes away from exposure to moisture as this can degrade the material.  

Best carrier for a corrugated packaging company   

While businesses will make every effort on their part to ensure their products are securely packaged for the journey, the rest is often left to the shipper. Where a business has multiple choices of shippers to choose from, it is important to consider their reputation, especially when it comes to handling deliveries. You will want to select a shipping company that is known for taking due care and has a formidable reputation for delivering packages intact.  

How To Save Money By Ordering Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailers

Big volume discount mailers – Cactus Containers

All businesses have a basic goal of maximizing profit while minimizing expenses. For those that require the use of quality product packaging, it is a smart move to order big volume discount mailers. This decision helps to cut back on expenses at a time when inflation and other factors have helped drive up business costs. Here is how investing in large quantities discount mailers can save your business money.

Large quantities discount mailers carry reduced pricing

Most box makers are happy to offer their clients discount pricing on their box orders if the quantities are large enough. It is a basic industry practice that encourages clients to place bigger orders to enjoy lower unit costs. It can also be a saving to the box makers who can order more raw materials at discount pricing and pass on these savings to customers that place large orders as well.

This price reduction is especially helpful when buying high-end packaging like mailers. It is also important to note that when you buy more mailers at a go you will then place fewer orders each year, reducing transport costs of the boxes to your premises.

Big volume discount mailers and security

Mailers are typically customized to fit well around specific products in terms of sizing and incorporation of such features as inserts. They are essentially built around the product to provide it with maximum protection when shipping. The boxes are also highly durable so can end up easily retained and reused.

With better security for the product, there is less likelihood of it being damaged during shipping. This reduces the problem of having to replace or compensate for damaged goods, which is a further saving for the business. With a good track record of safe deliveries, some businesses may also enjoy lower insurance rates.

Brand boosting for big volume discount mailers

With custom mailers, you will have likely added branding messages and imagery that will help market your business to the consumers. If buying big volume discount mailers, there is the assumption that you are shipping a considerable number of orders to consumers, meaning more opportunities for other prospective customers to see this information and become aware of your brand.

It is a very cheap and effective form of marketing that can do much to build awareness of your brand with anyone who sets their eyes on the packaging along the way to its final destination. So, any added investment in custom branded packaging is also an investment in marketing that makes for better value for money.

Why Invest In a Custom Shipping Box

Custom shipping box

Cactus Containers – custom shipping box

Should you invest in a custom shipping box? When a business engages in e-commerce, it needs to decide if it will be utilizing standard or custom shipping box designs. You can easily get cardboard boxes from stores or order from box makers. They stock boxes in a variety of standard sizes to choose from. With custom shipping boxes, however, you need to reach out to a box manufacturer and have them customize boxes to specific dimensions and shapes that will ideally suit your products.

This service however tends to come at some additional cost and may require you to take extra effort in working on the design so it is unique and allows your product to stand apart from the competition. This extra cost and effort are what make businesses worry if going the custom route is worth it. Here is why you should consider adding custom printed shipping boxes to your shipping supplies.

Delightful custom shipping box designs

Custom shipping boxes are sure to delight your customers. Receiving a box that has been customized to impress and promote the brand makes more of a positive impression than when using standard or plain boxes. A happier customer is also more likely to become a repeat customer.

Marketing custom printed shipping boxes

A box that comes with graphic designs will not only delight the customer but it can also support marketing efforts. You can emblazon them with your business logo, slogan, and brand name. You can also include information such as your social media links, websites, and address. All this information can make it easier for customers to reach out and explore what your business has to offer. It can even share information with those that are not recipients of the package and merely onlookers.  The design of the box is a great marketing tactic.

Custom printed shipping boxes cost

While custom boxes can be somewhat more expensive than plain standard boxes, they often make up for the additional expense by reducing shipping costs. Shipping costs are pegged on the size and weight of a box. Custom boxes offer a better fit that can reduce both aspects and allow businesses to reduce their shipping costs.

Eco-friendly custom shipping box

Because a custom shipping box is often a better fit than standard options, it ensures fewer materials go into its making. It also means that if it comes time to dispose of the box, there is less waste, which is good for the environment. Fortunately, cardboard boxes can often be easily reused and recycled, making them the most environmentally friendly option.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Design Boxes

packaging boxes eco friendly

Cactus Containers – design boxes / packaging boxes / Eco-friendly

When you want to design boxes, you will use for product packaging or shipping, you need to ensure that they are Eco-friendly. This does not refer just to the materials used in manufacturing the boxes, but also the process involved in creating and delivering them to your doorstep. Being Eco-friendly can help minimize your carbon footprint and serve as common ground with consumers who have become more environmentally conscious and inclined to support and patronize businesses that share this same ideal. Here are some ways you can ensure you meet your packaging needs without contributing to harming the environment.


Design boxes packaging designer

While it may seem an unnecessary expense, it is often worth engaging a professional when you want to design box. Such professionals have industry knowledge that will allow them to help you understand your options, more so when it comes to material choice and design concepts that are good for the environment. They can also guide you on how best to limit your costs at a time when raw materials are becoming scarcer and more expensive.

Design boxes tight dimensions

When customizing your packaging, it is advisable to ensure the dimensions are a close fit to the product. this will minimize the material that will be used to construct the box, and thus reduce the cost of production and waste. Making the boxes smaller than what you would get with standard sizing will also reduce the amount of waste generated when the packaging becomes unusable and needs to be disposed of, if not recyclable.

Design box filler

When you design boxes with a tighter fit, there is also the benefit of not needing as much filler. Filler is often necessary when it comes to cushioning and protecting the contents of a box. It fills up spaces and provides extra cushioning. However, some types of filler are not eco-friendly, thus less use is better. Even if they are biodegradable, using less of the material is better for the environment.

Design box supplier

When shopping for packaging suppliers or manufacturers, it is better to do so closer to home. This is to limit how far these materials have to travel as most transport vehicles rely on burning fossil fuels that are not good for the environment.

Advantage of bulk design boxes

Buying boxes in bulk will also reduce the number of times you have to order packaging from the manufacturer. It will not only reduce your costs but also mean less need for transportation to ship the supplies to your premises.

Advantages Of Using Tubes For Mailing

Custom Mailing Tube

Tubes for mailing – Cactus Containers

Though not often used as much as boxes and envelopes, a mailing tube is a great way to send out documents or posters. You can roll them up and place them inside the rigid tube to prevent them from becoming wrinkled or folded. They can also be used to package small delicate items though this will likely require the use of filler or wrapping paper to help provide additional cushioning from damage that could be caused by the items rattling around inside the tube. Here are some issues to consider when opting to use these tubes for mailing.

The shape of a mailing tube and the overall experience

Mailing tubes come in several designs and shapes. You can easily find them in cylindrical shapes, but also in triangular and square designs. Though less common, these shapes are great for maximizing space as you can stack them more easily against each other. Triangular mailing tubes can also be opened from the side rather than requiring a person to access the documents from the ends. So, depending on your space-saving needs and the type of items you want to ship, you may need to factor in what shape of mailing tube to use.

Customization of tubes for mailing

Fortunately, mailing tubes can be customized much the same way as boxes. You can work with a manufacturer to have them customized in terms of size and shape. You can also customize graphics to make their appearance more unique and in keeping with your branding. Even where you may opt for standard mailers from shippers, you can use labels to improve their appearance and share branding messages and artwork.

The mailing tube and the unboxing experience

Tubes for mailing are not just convenient for shipping documents. They also make for a more interesting unboxing experience as compared to when opening up a regular box or envelope. If you want to impress the recipient of the package, you should consider using these tubes as they are an unexpected design that can make for a fun and intriguing experience.

Shipping costs of tubes for mailing

Mailing tubes are typically considered to be irregular packages by shippers. This classification of packaging that differs from standard box shapes means that you will likely pay more for shipping even though they might take up less space and be of lighter weight. Since this extra cost may vary from shipper to shipper, it is advisable to shop around for which carrier you will use. You may find that the costs can also vary depending on the destination of the tube.

Are Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Safer?

double cover heavy duty boxes

Cactus Containers – Double cover heavy duty shipping box

Whether you need heavy duty shipping boxes for transporting personal belongings during a move or sell large products online, this choice of packaging is safer for several reasons. When choosing packaging supplies, it is crucial to select what offers the maximum safety for your items so that they can arrive at their destination intact. During transit, even over short distances, there can often be rough handling by shippers or from the transport vehicle driving over dilapidated roads that results in items being damaged. Here is how heavy duty shipping boxes can help ensure safer deliveries of your shipments.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – less risk

Heavy duty boxes are built with extra fluting and thickness to their walls that provide more security for the contents. This stronger construction assures that the box is less likely to come apart, even if the items being packed are heavy. Even if the items in the box end up rattling about, the box should remain stable. A heavy duty box is also better at withstanding heavy weight so even chances of the contents falling out from the bottom are reduced.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – extra cushioning

With thicker walls on the boxes, there is extra cushioning that can help to better protect more fragile items. This cushioning can aid in absorbing vibrations and providing more of a barrier in the event the box is exposed to liquids or if perforated. Ensure that you further protect the contents by adding adequate filler to further cushion items and fill voids. This will reduce the risk of damage from the contents bumping into each other while in transit.

Large shipping box special handling

Larger and heavier boxes tend to be more carefully handled than smaller boxes. Even in videos where shippers have been captured mishandling packages by throwing or kicking them, this usually happens to smaller-sized boxes. Larger boxes are harder to handle and sometimes require the use of additional equipment like dollies to move them around. They are less likely to be mishandled, though not impossible.

Large shipping box accommodates more

Using a large shipping box when you have several smaller items to pack will allow you to save time and money as compared to when packing several smaller boxes. When the box is heavy-duty, it should be able to comfortably accommodate more items without fear they will cause damage. Fewer boxes, even of a larger size, can also be easier to accommodate within the transport vehicle and make for fewer trips when loading and unloading.

Folding Cartons and Retail Products

Printed Folding Carton One Color

Cactus Corrugated Containers – Folding Carton

If you are looking for the ideal packaging for your retail products, then folding cartons should be at the top of your list. They are highly recommended for individual retail items that are in the light to medium weight range. Here is why you should consider them for your brand.

Customize Folding Cartons

Folding carton manufacturers can make cartons to just about any dimension you have in mind. They even offer them in a variety of shapes that allow you perfectly fit the box around your product. This flexibility in design can also allow for creativity in the design so that branding and marketing efforts can also be promoted.

Affordable Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are amongst the most affordable packaging materials you can source from a box maker. Despite their good quality, they are easy to make and use limited raw material due to their thin and lightweight design. Their ability to be folded also means that they are easy to store. They typically come from box makers while flattened, meaning that they take up little space. You can further save on manufacturing costs by requesting quotes from different suppliers. Often, box makers will compete to give you the lowest possible rate to secure your business.

Protective qualities

This packaging has a rigid design when set up that makes it ideal as protective packaging for a wide range of products. This design makes it easy for consumers that buy the product to store it for a prolonged period without worry the contents will become contaminated.

Folding Carton Manufacturer

Folding Carton Manufacturer typically, use recycled materials. This is partly why you will easily find a folding carton manufacturer offering this product so cheaply. When using recycled materials, the processing of the paper is already done so the manufacture of new cartons is carried out more quickly and with less energy. These savings are passed on by the manufacturers to their customers. By using recycled materials there is also less need to cut down more trees for processing. This makes for a positive environmental impact that even final consumers appreciate and support.

Folding Carton Branding

Incorporate branding in the customized folding carton. A mix of colored graphics and text can be used to appeal to onlookers and encourage them to look up the brand and its products. The use of attractive or striking colors helps draw attention where you want it.

Custom Boxes Business Advantages

Custom Mailer Box 1 colour print

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

It comes as no surprise that custom boxes are not a top priority for small businesses. Many start out on shoestring budgets that do not easily accommodate anything customized. Their founders will try as much as possible to limit expenses so that they can start earning a profit early on. However, this approach, however financially logical as it sounds, it may be doing more harm than good to your business. Here is why you should consider custom packaging for your business.

Custom boxes can boost sales

In the US custom boxes help give the perception that a product is of high quality. With good branding, these boxes leave a better impression on observers and recipients than when a box is plain. When people see more of the branding on the packaging, they become more inclined to try out the products or buy them for others. This helps to boost sales, which is what all small businesses should be looking to do.

US custom boxes are affordable

Although custom boxes do give the impression of superior quality than those that are plain, it does not mean they are expensive to order. Shopping around from different box makers will allow you to figure out what deals there are to be had. Many provide even design services for free so that you can more affordably come up with a unique design that will allow your brand to stand out from the crowd. Always ask about bulk discounts which can be substantial.

Custom boxes can reduce shipping costs

This can be very helpful to businesses that have distinct products that are typically bought in small quantities. You can have your boxes customized to exactly fit the dimensions of the orders you usually receive. The better a fit the box is, the lower the shipping costs you would have to deal with. Especially if standard-sized boxes are usually bigger than you need. Given that shipping costs are pegged on sizing and weight, cutting down on sizing can ensure lower shipping costs.

Custom boxes support marketing efforts

Brand custom boxes with logos, slogans, business URLs, QR codes, and other information that will help market your brand. You can even use it to tempt people into looking up your social media or visiting your e-commerce site. The more attractive the packaging, the more impressed people will be with the brand and want to see the products they offer. It can also encourage those that are ardent social media users to record unboxing experience videos.  This can further boost marketing efforts as well.

How to Pack Fragile Items In a Shipping Box

custom shipping box

Shipping box – boxes for shipping

With more and more people opting to shop online, businesses that sell even fragile items have been forced to figure out how best to pack boxes for shipping so the contents do not end up damaged while in transit. When you have products that can easily break this becomes critical as during shipping, poor handling and rough travel can easily lead to scratches and breakages. Here are a few tips you can use to improve the chances that whenever your items are packed in a shipping box, they arrive at their destination safely.

Correct size shipping box

Always pick a box size that can adequately accommodate the items you are shipping plus any packaging material that will be used to pad or protect them. Too big and the contents may end up getting jostled about, too small and you may not be able to reinforce. Also, consider using corrugated cardboard material with more fluting. This added thickness will help to better protect the contents, not just from jostling, but also if exposed to dampness or perforated.

Boxes for shipping label

People will not know to handle a package carefully unless that information is well displayed on the outside of the box. Make use of labels or stickers to ensure people know the contents are fragile and need to be carefully handled. This often compels handlers to be more careful and avoid stacking other boxes on top. Also, be sure to indicate which way the shipping box should be placed upright. This can be especially important with bottled products like wine that should not have the cork continually absorbing the liquid.

Boxes for shipping packaging

Once you have packed your fragile items in the box, be sure to use packing material to fill up void spaces. This will help keep the contents immobilized inside the box so they do not get jostled around. This is especially important if you have packed more than one item and want to avoid them knocking into each other and breaking

Boxes for shipping: dividers

Dividers are another way to separate items. You can pack multiple items in the same box safely and in their own compartment. Try to ensure that whatever arrangement you use, the box is well balanced to prevent it from easily toppling over

Shipping box reinforcement

Consider reinforcing the box at the bottom and along its edges. This can help when the box is exposed to moisture or even when mishandled by preventing the box from collapsing. For moisture protection, consider using packaging tape that will prevent absorption. You can also use a polyurethane coating or a lacquer spray sealer spray.