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Designing Awesome US Custom Boxes

Custom die cut mailer box

US Custom Box

Custom packaging has become an increasingly popular trend as online shopping gains prominence. In the US custom boxes are easily accessible thanks to the many box manufacturers that even small businesses can contract. Customizing has become the preference as it is affordable and provides an exciting unboxing experience. This means consumers gain more satisfaction from their purchase when it is beautifully presented.

However, for many business owners, there is already enough on their minds when it comes to their core business. Designing a custom box can be especially difficult if you are not artistically gifted. Here are some simple suggestions to get the ball rolling and hopefully lead to amazing creations that are sure to impress.


Using stylish fonts is a good way to set your brand apart from the rest. Rather than standard printing, you can also opt to use embossing and debossing to give your box a more luxurious look. Not only will it make for a more memorable visual look, but also enhance the tactile experience. You can use this not just on wording, but also for logos and imagery.


Introducing artwork is a good way to customize packaging. Box makers are now able to apply digital printing to boxes, making it possible to bring to life anything your imagination can conjure. The process is not prohibitively expensive and allows you to use a variety of online design tools to create eye-catching artwork.

Many of the boxes California businesses use tend to be plain with just shipping information provided on a sticker. This often results in a cool reception. There is greater excitement felt when the box is seen to be colorful and have attractive imagery even before opening. You will want people to be more delighted about receiving your packages as it may encourage them to order again.


Having the product within the box being stabilized by an insert is not uncommon. It helps to protect the product, especially if it is delicate or will travel a longer distance and thus be subjected to more rough handling along the way. However, it is more unusual to have carefully fitted inserts, perfectly tailored to the shape and size of the product rather than standard sizes.

While unprinted cardboard inserts are cheaper, spending a little more on printed options is a good way to incorporate more artwork and better finishing to the box. You can also use the surfaces to add contact information and branding messages. For luxury products, simple touches like adding a fabric lining and fragrance to the interior will also help make for a more glamorous effect.

What To Do With Gift Boxes After Unboxing

Custom mailer box

Custom Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are made to be a sturdier and more attractive presentation for presents. They make for a more enjoyable unboxing experience as their beautiful appearance is meant to delight the recipient of the gift. They help to build up anticipation for what is to come when the gift box is finally opened up.

Once the box is opened and the gift item is revealed, there remains a decision to make on what to do with the box. It would be a pity to have to dispose of a quality box, especially if it was carefully opened up not to damage its construction. Here are a few ideas on what to do with the box, rather than simply throwing it away.

Retain keepsake storage

Many gift boxes can be retained as keepsake boxes as their solid construction makes them durable enough for long-term storage. We all have documents and other items we would like to put away for memory’s sake. Love letters from the past, high school certificates of accomplishment, small childhood gifts, and other memorable keepsakes can easily be placed in such boxes and labeled for storage.

Functional use

These boxes are also a good storage option for more practical items like sewing materials, shoes, and even books. If you lack a suitable space to display or shelve such items, placing them in a gift box of appropriate size and stacking them somewhere can be a more reasonable option. You can still retrieve the items when you need them, but have a controlled storage solution that is long-lasting.


Smaller boxes in particular can make for a good home décor option. If the design is not to your satisfaction, you can likely wrap it in decorative paper to put on display. You can also convert them into other decorative items like a container to hold potpourri, a flower vase, or even a picture frame. Since these boxes are typically made of paperboard, you can easily convert them at home with a little arts and crafts skills. You can even combine them to create a child’s dollhouse or other cardboard construction.


You can also opt to repurpose these boxes for onward gift giving. If you have stock of boxes you already received, you can choose those of an appropriate size to use when gifting other items to your family and friends. You can change their look by wrapping them in new wrapping paper of a different design and others will be none the wiser.

Custom Box Build for Electronic Products

specialty setup box Xbox, custom box build

Cactus Containers – Custom Box Build

For businesses that sell electronics, the quality and construction of their packaging can heavily influence the impression made on consumers. Such businesses need to invest wisely in quality custom box build designs that will make consumers feel that the safety of the product and its storage has been carefully considered. Here are some considerations to factor in when looking to create custom boxes US consumers will appreciate.  

Custom Box Build for Branding 

In whatever way you choose to customize your boxes, ensure that there is a good display of the brand name, logo, and product information. These are basic details that buyers of electronics will want right from the start when making their purchasing decision. It should allow them to delve deeper into other product information online without even needing to unbox.  


Electronics are typically expensive and delicate products that must be well secured. Especially where they are likely to undergo long transit to get to customers. The boxes should have adequate fluting that will provide good shock absorption and protection from exposure to liquids and perforation. The electronics should further be secured using inserts that will stabilize them no matter the movement they are subjected to.  

Custom Box Build Collapsible Designs 

Having collapsible designs for your product boxes can help make their storage easier. This ability to be flattened means you can utilize less space for storage without having to sacrifice the ability to secure the products when packaged. With the right design, a custom box build should be easy to reassemble and disassemble for storage.  

Custom Boxes US Usability 

When creating a box design for electronics, ensure it can be reused. These box builds are typically made strong to ensure they can withstand the rigors of transit. However, many consumers, even after unboxing the product, will want to preserve it for later use, like if relocating to a new home or business premises. They will want a box that is durable and can be reused when need be. Self-locking designs or those that can be resealed are ideal. Magnetic lids boxes are another good option for expensive and smaller-sized electronics.  

Custom Boxes US Minimalist Designs 

When customizing the look of your packaging for electronics, it is best to utilize a more minimalist design that does not incorporate too much use of printing ink or lamination. You can still offer quality packaging for your electronic products that are minimalist, functional, and attractive. This kind of packaging is not only more affordable but can also be more eco-friendly. The fewer finishes you add to it, the more biodegradable and recyclable it will be.  

Invest In Branded Packaging Supplies

Custom Suitcase Box Ducks

Cactus Containers – Custom Suitcase Box – Packaging Supplies


With so many businesses now engaged in e-commerce, it does not make sense to keep shipping goods out to customers in anonymous plain boxes. People are now paying more attention than ever to the packaging supplies being used by brands, creating a wonderful chance to market to them and ensure they enjoy the unboxing experience. Here are some of the key benefits of investing well in branded packaging products 

Packaging Supplies First impressions 

Presentation really does matter and the first point of contact when shipping items to customers is the outer appearance of the box they receive. Customized boxes that are well branded and of quality design and construction are received with much more enthusiasm and delight than plain brown cardboard options with just a label. The more positive an experience you create for the consumer when they receive the product, the more memorable your brand will become in their mind.  

Packaging Supplies: Distinction 

As said, more and more businesses and brands are diversifying away from brick and mortar establishments and investing in e-commerce that is more convenient for consumers. This means businesses need to find a way to distinguish themselves from their competition, as they would if their products were on store shelves. This thus requires better investment in packaging supplies that will help enhance their branding on shipping boxes. They need to incorporate unique designs that will help make them stand out from the crowd.  

Packaging Products: Brand awareness 

Building brand awareness requires that you use packaging products that make it easy for consumers to recognize your brand. The more recognizable your brand becomes, the more credibility it earns. Custom packaging products enable businesses to share brand messages that will stick in the mind of observers. It is important to partner with your box supplier to develop packaging that will be unique and captivating to observers, encouraging them to share their images, besides making for a more enjoyable unboxing experience.  

Packaging Supplies: Functionality 

Certain products are best distributed in packaging that allows for reuse. Self-locking box designs or resealable packaging can be very useful in industries such as food and jewelry. These designs are very helpful and convenient for consumers. As you incorporate function into the box design, you also need to ensure good branding that will help to distinguish your brand. It can also help give consumers the impression that the brand is more proactive and innovative in its approach to facilitating customers. This can be a unique selling point that can help boost sales figures when compared to competitors that are not as invested in quality packaging.  

Boxes for Shipping Marketing Tactics

die cut mailer with insert kraft e flute boxes for shipping

Cactus Corrugated Containers – die cut mailer – boxes for shipping

When you have boxes for shipping, it often creates an opportunity for branding and sharing of other information. As you send out shipments, be it to end-user customers, retailers, or distributors, there are likely to be many eyes that will land on the printed shipping boxes. You need to capitalize on this exposure to market your brand by ensuring you present the right kind of information in the best possible way. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this.  

Boxes for Shipping – Print on Top 

The top side of your box should be the first place you consider printing branding information, especially for smaller boxes being shipped to end-user customers. This is the first surface they will look at upon receiving the box and opening it up. It is the most important place to emblazon your logo and brand name and slogan. It is the announcement of what is to come, welcoming them to open up the box and see what is within. Make this print on boxes for shipping well centered.  

Printed Shipping Boxes Font Style 

There are many font options when it comes to writing. It is best to focus on classic choices that are easily recognizable and therefore easily readable. Serif fonts like Times New Roman and Baskerville are classic and easily readable options. They are ideal for brands looking to portray a more formal image. For brands looking to appear more playful or informal, sans serif fonts like Calibri or decorative options like Leah Gaviota can be considered. Essentially, you should choose fonts based on what kind of impression you want to make with observers and that will remain easily readable so they can quickly register the information you are presenting at a glance.  

Boxes for Shipping – Social Media Handles 

Ensure that you include information on the social media handles that your brand uses. This is especially useful for fashion brands that make use of imagery. Indicating that you are on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can stir the recipient to take pictures of their unboxing experience and share them on social media. You can even include a campaign hashtag you are using to help add buzz surrounding a product.  

Printed Shipping Boxes – Logo  

Many brands will make use of imagery like logos and renders of the product on the sides and flaps of printed shipping boxes. It may seem like this will leave out space to include the brand name, but having this text printed as a branded chain along the bottom edge of the side can work just as well. If no imagery is included, you can make a chain that repeats the brand name across the sides. You can even have your packaging supplier make packing tape that incorporates your brand name, providing another way to display this information

Top Cardboard Packaging Companies

Cardboard Packaging Companies Suitcase Box

Cactus Corrugated Containers – Suitcase Box

Top Cardboard Packaging Companies

New businesses will often make mistakes when choosing their suppliers. This includes the cardboard packaging companies that will be relied upon to provide packing materials. Cardboard is the top choice for packaging material thanks to its ability to provide good protection for contents, its lightweight nature, affordability, and flexibility in design.  

However, not all manufacturers are made the same. The industry is full of suppliers that claim to be able to deliver the best product but will often fail on several fronts. Here are some of the common mistakes the businesses make when choosing their cardboard packaging provider that can be easily avoided.  

Cardboard Packaging Provider Price

When seeking a cardboard packaging provider, it is normal to seek quotes from multiple suppliers. The biggest mistake many businesses however make is to simply go for the supplier with the lowest quote. In business, minimizing expenses is one of the best ways to maximize profit. However, this should not be at the expense of your reputation. You may find that a low-cost option means having to contend with delays or poor packaging that will affect your relationship and reputation with customers. Your final choice should be based on which supplier is offering you the best value for money.  

Samples from Cardboard Packaging Companies

One of the best ways to ensure that you will get the quality and design of packaging you want is to ask for samples. Many cardboard packaging companies will offer this as a free service and will even make adjustments to the design if what was initially sent out did not meet your specifications.  

Some businesses have made the mistake of simply believing design specifications put on paper without having seen what the final product looks like. Samples should be a must and compared with what will later come in when you start placing orders. They can be good evidence to present should the packaging ordered not match up to the agreed-upon specifications.  

Capability from Cardboard Packaging Companies 

Even for smaller businesses, demand may pick up resulting in a need for larger orders of packaging materials. You need to have a supplier that can keep up with this demand, no matter how many other business clients they have. Many businesses fail to conduct even a site visit to the box manufacturer to ensure they have adequate capacity to meet their demands. A site visit by a company representative or an agent should be mandatory.  

Customization from Cardboard Packaging Provider 

As a business grows, the need for more diverse packaging materials may also grow. Besides capacity for what you already need, it is advisable to check if the supplier can also accommodate growing future demands that may require other types and designs of packaging. this should also include the ability to accommodate custom designs that will be beneficial to future branding and marketing efforts.  

Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Custom mailer box

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Here are some ideas to cut cost with a custom setup box.  With packaging costs of a going up across the board due to the growth of e-commerce, cutting costs is a major goal for all types and sizes of businesses.  Even where a business may make use of a custom made box design, there are still some ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality that will help minimize costs.  

Custom Setup Box: Corrugated Cardboard 

Other heavier and more luxurious box materials can be used for their construction. However, even commonplace corrugated cardboard can be a good option for custom setup box designs as its qualities are adaptable even for high-end markets. Although lightweight, you can add some heft and durability by adding fluting and lamination. This material has good shock absorbency that will better secure delicate and expensive contents. With laminating and printing, you can also easily disguise this use of cardboard material.  

Custom Made Box: Compact Size 

While custom boxes are typically made to customized sizing, many businesses like to give some allowance to make for a better unboxing experience. A gift packaged more generously may feel more luxurious when presented in a larger box. Opting for a compact size can help reduce the cost of a custom made box.

Make Your Inserts from Paper 

Switch out plastic and cardboard inserts for paper options. Rigid paperboard can still capably hold items in place and is a more affordable option. If the contents are not breakable, you can even opt for the use of tissue paper or gusset bags. Carry out some price comparison from your supplier to figure out if there are cheaper options for the interior packaging.  

Custom Made Box with Stickers and Labels 

Rather than having your custom setup boxes custom printed, you can more affordably have stickers and labels applied. Consider that with a printed or branded box you are restricted on what products you can package. By keeping the surfaces blank, you can even offer or sell them to other businesses to make use. It is highly affordable to have various kinds of stickers made including for displaying branding information and directions for use.  

Custom Setup Box in Bulk  

This works well no matter the kind of boxes you order from a manufacturer. Most box makers appreciate large orders and will happily offer a discount for bulk purchases. Just ensure that you have sufficient storage space where your boxes can be safely kept till you need them. Since custom made boxes are highly sought after during holiday periods when people are gift-giving, consider placing this order before key shopping periods.  

Guide For Storing Corrugated Boxes

currugatged boxesCorrugated boxes are amongst the most commonly used form of packaging for businesses. Even retailers have largely adopted this option to facilitate their online orders from customers. While they may be able to regularly order the boxes they want from box makers, like any other commodity, they still need to keep some stock on hand so they can send out goods on time. While a corrugated box does have many beneficial qualities, care still needs to be taken when storing them to avoid damage that would render them a waste.

Keep Off the Floor

Never store corrugated boxes on the floor. This direct contact will make it easier for certain problems to occur. For instance, if there is a water leak, a spreading pool of water will easily come in contact with the boxes and become absorbed into the material. This can make them unusable. Lying on the floor will also make it easier for pests to come in contact with the boxes, possibly eating through the material or breaking it down to use for nesting.

Boxes are best kept on shelving or pallets. Box manufacturers and other businesses that store large quantities of boxes will also find pallets helpful in allowing them to shift boxes using a forklift.

Avoid Areas with Moisture

As said, exposure to water or other liquids is bad for cardboard. So it is advisable to ensure your storage space is not likely to expose your stock of boxes to moisture. Avoid anywhere near water taps, water tanks, or where water pipes run through.

Avoid Fire Risks

Also, avoid storing your boxes near heat sources that could lead to them becoming ignited. A corrugated box is easily flammable and can even pose a threat to the safety of the entire building and its residents.

Lay Them Flat

When shipping and storing boxes, it is best to ensure they are flattened and lying on the side, never the edge. This will help reduce the risk they will become crushed. Placing them on their edge side and stacking them can end up deforming their shape, making them more difficult to assemble and use for shipping.

Ensure Accessibility

With e-commerce having become so popular, even small businesses are seeing a daily need for shipping boxes. This means you should store your boxes in an easily accessible place where you will not struggle to find the choices you need. This easy access is also important for being able to check on the condition of your boxes regularly.

Large Shipping Box Preparation

large shipping box

Large Shipping Box – Cactus Corrugated Containers

Prepare for upcoming shipment with a small and large shipping box.  When stocking shipping boxes that will be used to deliver orders to customers, retailers need to have them in an array of sizes. Having a good range of small to large shipping box sizes ensure that they can accommodate orders of varied combinations and send them out with less worry. It may seem like simply keeping a stock of large shipping boxes is preferable, but there are good reasons to also include some stock of small shipping box sizes.

Large Shipping Box: Protect Goods

When shipping items, you can expect some level of rough handling during transit. This could come from careless shipping employees or simply having the delivery truck drive over rough roads. It is never pleasant to receive your order when it is damaged. The business may even be compelled to make a replacement for whatever is damaged, which can add further costs.

Using boxes that are a tighter fit for the contents can reduce the chances of damage occurring as it reduces free space in which the contents can end up banging into one another and cause the box to topple over. Packaging items in a box with a closer fit and using filling is a good way to limit costs and the risk of damage in transit.

Large Shipping Box: Affordable

Shipping companies will charge for services based on the weight and size of the package. You can reduce your shipping costs by using boxes with a tighter fit that are lighter and smaller. A small shipping box size is also easier to handle by shipping employees. They are less likely to struggle with it and suffer accidents that would cause damage to the contents. While you should not make the box too small, it is advisable to ensure it is as tight a fit as possible.

Small Shipping Box: Save Money

When you include small shipping boxes in your order to the box maker, you will find that they are priced at a lower rate than bigger boxes. This means that having a varied mix when it comes to sizing will ensure you pay less for your order for boxes. The less material used to make smaller boxes automatically means lower costs.

Large Shipping Box: Easy Storage

Even though cardboard boxes do not take up much storage space because they can be flattened. A small box will still take even less storage space than a large shipping box. And because they are smaller, they are also lighter, making it easier to retrieve them from whatever storage area.

Start with Inspiration to Design Boxes

custom suitcase box Todd parr - Design Boxes – Custom Suitcase – Design Boxes Inspiration

When you want to leverage branding to grow your business, it is important to factor in the use of custom made boxes. Businesses are now having to increasingly invest and design boxes for packaging their products and when making deliveries to customers. New businesses often feel challenged to create designs that are unique and will set them apart from the competition. Even more established businesses will feel the need to occasionally refresh the look of their packaging to keep appealing to the market.  

It can be tough to come up with a new design for your packaging that will be different from whatever else is in the market and also make a good impression on customers. Here are a few ideas on what you can do to find good inspiration for your next design box 

Online Research Design Box

There are many box design samples to be found online. Some basic research will help you discover what designs are commonly used in your market and beyond. This will hopefully inspire you on what will work best for your brand. Look not just at existing packaging on products found online, but also at design ideas you can harness from visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram.  

Visit Stores 

Go out and visit stores that stock the same product you are looking to package. This will give you a chance to more closely examine what your competitors have chosen as the design for their boxes. Focus on competitors that have best sellers as this likely means their packaging is attractive to consumers.  

Design Boxes According to Consumers 

Questionnaires, quizzes, and polls can be a good way to collect information from existing and potential customers on what kind of packaging appeals to them. You can collect this data online through your website or social media. You can even have customers fill out questionnaires at your store or your retailers’ stores in exchange for product samples or other giveaways. Offering them an incentive to give responses can help in collecting a larger amount of data.  

Design Boxes with Manufacturer’s Expertise

Box makers are accustomed to being asked for help with designs by clients and will often even have a dedicated design team. You can consult with them to provide the requirements you need incorporated and let them come up with some suitable options. Remember to compare this with what is already in the market to ensure the design you finally choose is not confused with a competitor. The last thing you want is to be accused of being a copycat. 

Useful Cardboard Displays



Cactus Corrugated Containers – Counter Display Box

When selling products in brick and mortar stores, you may want to consider dedicated displays. You can have them made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, and so on. While these options may seem highly durable and stable, cardboard displays actually make more sense. Here is why.  

Easy to Set Up 

Cardboard is a lightweight material and thus very easy to assemble in a variety of designs. This ease of setup makes it a simple matter for store staff to quickly get the display up and running compared to heavier alternatives. When you make the work of setup easier on the staff, they will be more willing to get your display assembled without delay. Heavier options that may require more than one employee to do the work will likely be put on the back burner.  

Environmentally Friendly 

This kind of display is meant to be used for a limited period. After a while, the products will be integrated into normal shelving. So what happens to the display? Chances are it will need to be disposed of. A cardboard display is easier to get rid of as it will easily decompose and can sometimes be recycled. This is good for the environment and can be beneficial to the reputation of a brand. Consumers today are very environmentally conscious and more willing to spend their money on brands that also care for the environment and take sustainability seriously.  


Businesses can customize a cardboard display in a variety of ways. From size to coloring, shape to lighting, there are many ways these setups can be made unique and attractive. This is important when you realize that the displays are meant to be attention-grabbing so the more room you have to get creative, the better. There are unlimited design options you can utilize to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.  


Cardboard constructions are highly affordable. More so when made with recycled materials as the production costs are kept low. This benefit is made more obvious when you have to send out many cardboard displays to multiple stores. When bought in bulk, the unit cost of such productions is typically reduced by manufacturers. The low cost is also comforting should the display be damaged and need replacing. You can rest assured replacing a damaged display will not hurt your bottom line. The cost-benefit of opting for this material will ensure you more than make up for this investment through increased sales.  

Why Market Your Products Using Corrugated POP Displays

pop custom counter top displayOnce businesses dispatch their products to retailers, they often leave the issue of how they will be displayed up to the stores. However, with corrugated POP displays, there is more control over how these products will be seen by shoppers.

When designing a point-of-purchase display corrugated options tend to be preferred over alternatives like plastic and wood. This is because they are affordable, easier to assemble, environmentally friendly, and can be customized.

While they are an additional investment from the manufacturer or distributor of the product, there are good reasons to want to have corrugated POP displays used at retailers.


POP displays are made to distinguish products from what competitors are offering. They are their own separate display from normal shelves, making it easier to grab the attention of shoppers. They can be customized in a variety of ways to draw attention including using bold colors and incorporating interactive features. They can also be used to display additional information about the products than what you would find on normal shelves. This makes for a more engaging and informative experience with potential buyers that will entice them to give the product a try.

This is especially helpful when launching new products. Also, ensure the design matches the interest of the targeted market. For instance, colorful displays that are short are great for products marketed at kids as they will be able to more easily notice it and be drawn in.

Encourages Impulse Buying

Once the display captures the attention of shoppers, it provides an excellent opportunity to market directly to them. The attraction that draws them in will also increase the likelihood they will want to try the product. This is why such displays are best stocked with smaller-sized packages of the product. Discount pricing is a good complement that will encourage the shopper to choose this product as it is cheaper than other competing brands.

Easier Merchandising

Many brands employ merchandisers to go around stores and ensure their products are well displayed on shelves. Using POP displays can help cut back on the need to employ such staff as these displays are set apart on their own and thus unlikely to confuse store staff on where and how best to display the products on the shelf.

Positive Perception

When you have a well-designed POP display, shoppers will often get the impression that the product being marketed is also of good quality. This positive perception makes it easier to convince them to try the product without much prodding.

How To Design Boxes for Toy Display

Custom Made Folding Boxes

Every product has its target demographic. Toys are typically targeted at children and as such come with packaging that is designed to appeal to their youthful enthusiasm. When you design boxes for toys, there are certain guidelines to adhere to that will help attract and hold their attention. Which is a reaction you want when marketing to kids.  


Toy packaging should have clear plastic windows that easily display the contents within. Children and their parents want to see exactly what they are buying. Good visibility is also more tempting to kids than just a picture on the box. For instance, with dolls, kids are more tempted to ask for the toy if they get to see the actual hair and other features they get to play with on the doll itself rather than a picture on the side of the box.  


Colorful displays strongly appeal to kids. They are playful and when creatively tailored, can help to make your product stand out on the shelf. Some research on what competitors are already offering can help you pick out more unique shades and shapes that will be more noticeable and appeal to your target audience.  


The design box you settle on should be functional. This means that it should clearly display what the contents are and where possible, offer a way for your target audience to try it. Like a mini piano toy that allows kids to press down on the keys. It should also be easy for the parent or guardian to open up the packaging and offer the toy to the child.  


However way you design boxes for toys, you need to factor in the age of your target demographic and their limitations. For instance, with small children under the age of 3 years, you will want to be wary of allowing them access to packaging that puts them at risk of suffering suffocation or choking. Anything that places children at risk of cutting themselves is also to be avoided. Know that parents pay attention to such details even when making repeat purchases.  


Eco-friendly packaging is considered safer not just for the environment, but also for human handling. Stick to safer natural packaging materials from sustainable sources that can be recycled. You can also indicate this information on the packaging as a way to better appeal to the adults paying for the toys. It will help give your business a better image while also helping protect the environment.  

Small Cardboard Packaging Boxes

folding carton with window cut outWhether it is packing for a move or products you will be shipping out to customers, many people often consider small boxes and packaging to be a minor issue. In reality, there should be as much concern when packing a small box as when packing a large one. Especially if you consider that the contents can often be fragile and heavy. Here are some tips to adhere to when packing small cardboard packaging boxes to avoid the risk of damage while in transit.   

Use for Heavy Items 

Small but heavy items should ideally be packed individually, especially if they are unique. Having them in larger boxes may cause them to rattle around and damage the other less heavy contents. Where possible, pack like items together. For instance, pack items such as books and kitchen utensils on their own.  

Set an Adequate Limit 

Small boxes should not be too heavy. This may compromise the integrity of the box and cause items to fall out. It can also make carrying them around without machinery very difficult. No more than about 50 pounds should be sufficient. Make use of a weighing machine to ensure you do not go over this limit. If you do, consider splitting the contents of the box into even smaller boxes with filler materials or inserts to keep the contents stable.  

No Over Stuffing 

Choose boxes and packaging size that is appropriate to the contents. Do not allow the contents to overflow, forcing you to use extra packing material to hold the contents within. When you use packing materials like tape, it should be just to seal the box, not keep the contents confined within because they want to burst out. You would rather use a larger box and add filler materials like newspaper or packing peanuts to stabilize the contents.  

Stack According to Weight 

Even though it may seem like smaller boxes should be on top, use weight as a guide. The heavier the box, despite its size, the lower it should go. Too heavy a box on top may damage those below and the contents they hold. This kind of stacking also increases the risk of toppling when in transit. These boxes should preferably be placed on a level surface and not on upholstered furniture like sofas. Heavy boxes rubbing against fabric can cause it to tear. The same applies to placing them on fine wood surfaces that can easily be tarnished.