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What is a Cardboard Mailer Box?

Custom Mailer, 2-color print
A cardboard mailer box is a popular type of product packaging that is ideal for use with all types of products. They are often used by eCommerce stores to help ensure the product arrives intact, preventing damage and enhancing the customer experience.  

A mailer box will usually be more from tough corrugated cardboard, which is popular for the protection it can offer. They also come in a wide range of designs, and it is possible to get quite creative with them. Mailer boxes offer numerous benefits, including the following: 

Cardboard mailer box sturdiness 

As mentioned, mailer boxes are usually made from sturdy corrugated card which helps to keep the product inside safe from damage. And while the box itself offers some protection, inlays, bubble wrap, paper, and other materials can be added to add more protection.  

However, while these boxes are sturdy, they can also be attractive, helping to make the product more appealing. If used right, they can help your business grow from strength to strength.  


A cardboard mailer box will help keep your product safe when in storage, protecting it from knocks and bumps, etc. As such, these boxes are usually designed in a way that makes them easy to stack and take up as little storage space as possible. Of course, while these boxes offer excellent physical protection, you will need to bear in mind that conditions need to be right. 

Cardboard mailer box display 

First impressions count, and a well-designed mailer box can help boost your sales and revenue significantly. For example, eye-catching designs can draw people in, making them more likely to buy your product. Mailer boxes can be just as effective at catching people’s attention online as in person, making them a smart choice for online stores.  

Cardboard mailer box marketing 

Mailer boxes offer plenty of marketing opportunities that can help businesses prosper. For example, they can be personalized to enhance the customer’s experience, encouraging them to recommend you to friends and family. Another marketing opportunity is to design the box in a way so that it has practical use. If you can achieve this, your brand will gain more visibility every time the customer uses the box.  

Cardboard mailer box branding 

Branding goes hand in hand with marketing and can be just as effective at helping your business flourish. Effective branding can help potential customers feel a connection with your band, encouraging them to buy from you. Packaging with your branding will also be more recognizable to existing customers, further encouraging sales, and improving customer loyalty.  

Safely Dispose of Shipping Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes- Eco-Friendly

As more consumers opt to shop from home, businesses are being forced to invest more in
boxes for packaging. Thankfully, most packaging used for shipping is affordable, and even where it is not, businesses can add this cost to their pricing to make up the difference and still make a profit. However, with just about every online delivery meaning shoppers are receiving new packaging, the concern then becomes how to safely dispose of them without harming the environment or contravening local laws. Many people lack the space or desire to want to save even a box that is in good condition. Here’s how to dispose of this waste responsibly.  

Recycle Boxes for Packaging

Most cardboard products are recyclable. More so if they have not been damaged by liquids or oil, as happens with food containers. Your packing materials may also not be recyclable if it has been contaminated by chemicals. If you have a recycling center near where you live, this would be the best place to dispose of old boxes for packaging 

Most towns and cities have such facilities so look up the closest one online and any instructions they give on how to use their services. You will likely be instructed on how to break down the box to remove plastics like packing tape and sections damaged by chemicals, liquids, and oil. You may also need to flatten and fold the box so it can fit into the recycling bin when delivering.  


Cardboard makes for a good addition to compost. If you have your own garden, you can cut up the cardboard into small pieces and soak it in water before adding it to your compost mix. Cardboard is a good source of carbon that will feed the microorganisms in your compost, providing them a source of energy for them to do their work. If you do not have a garden, check with local nurseries or farms that may appreciate this contribution.  

Give for Reuse 

Another option would be to give out the boxes for reuse by someone else. You can check with local community centers to see if they need them. Those that offer arts and crafts courses can often make use of them for projects. Check with local builders and painters. They often have a need for cardboard when doing renovation work as it can help keep the work area clean. Local retail stores can also likely inform you of people who normally check with them for boxes.


Don’t just throw away your shipping boxes after you have received your purchase. Choose the responsible way by recycling along with these two other methods too.  

Reasons to Invest in Custom Die Cut Boxes

When manufacturing businesses are looking for a packaging solution that will appeal to end customers,
custom die cut boxes are often considered. As their name suggests, these boxes are tailored to meet the exact sizing specifications of the product for a perfect fit. The designs can take a variety of shapes, making them suitable for many types of products. Here are some key benefits that could make them your ideal packaging option.

Custom Die Cut Boxes Safety

Because custom die cut boxes are built around the specifications of the product, they ensure a snug fit. This boosts the protection of the product as it will not end up shifting about inside the box while in transit. Products that are placed in larger than necessary boxes that let them move about are more prone to becoming damaged. When goods are damaged, it becomes a financial loss as they must often be replaced at the cost of the supplier. They can also damage the reputation of the supplier as the situation delays when the client can make use of the product.  

Made of corrugated cardboard, they also ensure that there is added protection for fragile items. You can choose designs with added fluting that provides more shock absorption and can provide added protection from liquids and odors.  


Die-cut boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. This material is highly affordable to manufacture and replicate its design. Being a lightweight material, it is also very affordable to ship as it barely adds to the weight measured and used to price shipping. When you order die cut boxes wholesale, you can also often enjoy discounts that will further lower your cost of acquisition. 


Some businesses may not favor the idea of making bulk purchases of these boxes, because of storage concerns. Though when assembled for packing the boxes may take up considerable space, when unused they can be flattened and easily stored. Even a bundle of them is easy to shift or retrieve as the cardboard material makes them quite lightweight.  

Environmental Friendliness 

As die-cut boxes are made of cardboard, you can rest assured they will not harm the environment, even if they are carelessly disposed of. They do easily decompose and if in good condition, can also be recycled for making new cardboard products. Those that receive them can also opt to store them for later use, allowing the boxes to enjoy a longer working life before they need to be disposed of. 

How To Choose A Custom Box Maker

Whatever business you do that requires you to deliver products to clients will naturally mean that you need packaging. Even for those that run physical stores where shoppers will carry home their own purchases, some type of packaging is expected. The demands are higher when you have an e-commerce platform and have to make deliveries to various destinations. Hence the need for a
custom box maker that can match up to you and your shoppers’ demands. Here are a few tips on how to find the right choice of box maker.  

Discuss with Fellow Traders 

Whether your business is online or in a shopfront, you will exist within some type of business community. It is advisable to tap into their experience and knowledge to find out what custom box manufacturer they work with. Focus on those businesses that work within the same sector as you or whose packaging you have seen and admired.  

Online Search 

This is another way you can easily find custom box makers. Many have invested in their online brand image and will have provided plenty of information on what they can do for you, including accommodating custom designs. You can narrow down your search to those suppliers that best fit your needs this way. You may even find that the best options are not based locally. Be sure to verify if the cost of shipping will be affected by this distance.  

Seek Quotes 

Because custom options will vary, you are unlikely to find detailed information on how much the design options you want will cost with just a simple online search. You will need to define the custom design you want and seek quotes from different custom box markers. Compare these prices but do not opt for the cheapest. Consider the reputation of the custom box manufacturer you are considering and carefully examine the sample of the product they provide. You can save money by opting to buy the boxes in bulk instead.  

Customer Service 

You will need a custom box maker that is reliable and responsive. Be sure to consider the customer service reputation of the supplier you choose. This will be an ongoing relationship and you should be confident they will treat your respectfully and be dependable. While mistakes may happen from time to time, the box maker must respond to issues in a timely and effective manner. This requires being communicative and having the capacity to find solutions so that the customer remains satisfied. Look up online reviews and testimonials to see how the manufacturer you are considering handles such concerns.  

Packing Cardboard Boxes to Prevent Breakages

cardboard boxes
Cardboard boxes are one of the most abundant packaging options to be found anywhere in the world. Many retail products are sold in these boxes, both in stores and when undertaking deliveries. While quite convenient, they may not always be the safest option. More so if the items being packed are breakable. Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of breakage when using a corrugated cardboard box to deliver.  

Pack Separately 

Where you have a large order with multiple other items, you may be tempted to pack everything together. This is quite risky for breakable items. They should ideally be packed on their own and clearly labeled so whoever is handling them knows they are delicate.  


Never assume that the person handling the box is aware that the contents are delicate. Be sure to clearly label that the contents are breakable and the box should be handled with care. Also, use symbols to ensure they know which way is up.  

Sturdy Box 

Ensure the corrugated cardboard box you use to ship your items is sturdy enough. If too thin or worn, it can easily fall apart and cause damage to the contents. It will also be easily damaged if cut into or exposed to moisture.  

Stack Topside 

If you are doing the delivery yourself, ensure that the box with breakable items is placed on top in a stable position. Do not allow other boxes to be placed on top. Cardboard boxes are still quite malleable, especially if there is no insert within. This can cause the walls to cave in. Even slightly done, this can cause breakage.  


There are many packing materials you can use to cushion the contents of a box. From bubble wrap to packing peanuts, they can help ensure your items get to their destination in a safe condition. If on a budget you can even use more readily available materials like old newspapers or worn pillowcases.  


Inserts are another way to go in ensuring the contents of a box remain stable inside. Their dimensions ensure the item is kept suspended but stable within. They can also be made of cardboard. You can work with your box maker to have inserts made that are of the correct fit.  

Pad Top and Bottom 

Create some extra cushioning on the top and bottom of the box. The bottom will often suffer the worst wear and tear during handling along the way. The top may also be exposed to pressures from stacking and carrying.  


Buying Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailers
Big volume discount mailer boxes are a great way to package products. Though costlier than other types of standard packaging, they offer an attractive way of presenting products and offer a self-locking feature that many consumers appreciate. The self-locking lid allows for the boxes to be easily reused without worrying the box will be damaged. They can also be customized in a variety of ways that promotes branding.

There are also benefits associated with buying large quantities discount mailers. Here is why you should consider investing in bulk quantities of this packaging.

Big Volume Discount Mailers Savings

Most box manufacturers will offer discount deals on bulk purchases. The larger the order of big volume discount mailers you place, the bigger the discount you can secure. This will lower the overall cost of meeting packaging needs, which in turn translates into higher profit from the business.

Buying in bulk is also advisable when you factor in shipping costs. Because discount mailers are more of a specialty item, you may find few box manufacturers offer this product. For many businesses, it could mean having to engage a manufacturer that is located further away. The further away the box manufacturer is, the higher the shipping cost will be. It makes sense, therefore, to order as large a shipment as you can so you have to cover this cost less often.

Peace of Mind

Having big volume discount mailers on hand ensures that whenever you need them to fulfill an order, you do not have to worry. When you keep a small stock, it can be worrisome as shortages can easily occur. Not having enough boxes on hand can mean having to delay delivery to customers. This can be bad for your business reputation. Timely delivery helps to inspire trust and encourages customers to return for repeat businesses.

It also adds stress to employees who may have to seek out an alternative to get the product to the client. It can affect their mood and productivity, which is bad for business. This issue is particularly important during high season shopping periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to place your order reasonably in advance of the high season so you do not have to worry about running out.

Big volume discount mailer storage

Like other corrugated boxes, mailer boxes can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are made of a single piece that is folded into its self-locking style. When laid out flat, the boxes can be easily stacked and stored for later use. This makes buying in bulk easier as you do not have to worry about storage problems.

Making Custom Shipping Boxes Affordable

Custom shipping box
The primary goals of any business include maximizing profit while minimizing costs. This ensures a greater return on investment for the owners. One often neglected aspect that can lead to reducing costs is the packaging. Most forms of packaging tend to be economical, but can be in some ways further reduced. given that businesses are making more use of packaging than ever before thanks to online shopping, it makes sense to give some attention to this factor. Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of each printed shipping box used.

Custom shipping box handling

You need to train your staff on how to best perform such tasks as packing custom shipping boxes and how to carefully handle them until handed over to the shipper. This will reduce the incidents of damage and having to repack the contents. The less waste there is, the more time lapses between when you have to reorder your next stock of boxes.

custom shipping box machinery

This is particularly important where you have heavy products that are to be shipped. Equipment like pallets and forklifts need to be available for more reliable and careful transport. Again, this will ensure proper handling and reduce the risk of the packaging and contents being damaged even before you have them out the door. This may not be as necessary where you are handling small light shipments.

Custom shipping box labels

Reducing the risk of damage to the box and its contents is key in minimizing costs. Invest in labels that guide how the printed shipping box should be properly handled. If the contents are fragile, ensure there are labels that are prominently displayed to convey this message. Use labels to communicate safety precautions to whoever will handle it without needing to open the box to know what the contents are.

Limit void space

Do this by investing in boxes that have a better fit to the contents inside. The box should leave just enough room for inserts and some filler needed for added protection. This will keep the contents more stable and secure. Too much void space and the contents may end up rattling around in the box and becoming damaged.

Custom shipping box weight

Where the products being shipped are not vulnerable to damage from rough handling, it can make sense to cut down on protective features like fluting and space for filler. Smaller and lighter packaging will typically be cheaper. You can even opt out of using custom shipping boxes and use cheaper plastic packaging.

Understanding Digital Printing for Boxes

Cardboard digital print

Digital printing for boxes
is one of the most remarkable ways of really personalizing your product and creating a brand experience to your intended audience. Not only does it make your product stand out in a competitive market, but it also allows you to emanate the message you want to communicate.

With various technologies emerging, understanding how to make your product boxes customized will help you save costs and deliver the right appeal you want your product to exude. Digital printing for boxes is one of the most dominant ways of giving your boxes a professionally crafted appeal and has been used by almost all industries because it is low-cost and effective.

Why You Should Go For Inkjet Printing

Of all the various types of printing technology used for packaging boxes, digital printing for boxes or inject printing is one of the most advantageous because it has minimum set-up fees and offers the most typical uses for your various printing needs. It can be applied to corrugated printing shipping boxes, labels, folding cartons, and film packaging among others.

Inkjet or digital printing for boxes also have a quality print which can be likened to offset printing but at the fraction of the cost. It offers the same gradients making your graphics smoother and more noticeable.

Ideally, using digital inkjets for your corrugated printing shipping boxes is better because it offers a low minimum and has a quick turn-around and delivery time. This means that you can get your custom boxes immediately if you need them quickly. It is also ideal if you are on a small budget but wants to have crisp graphics and a photo quality finish for your shipping boxes.

Legitimize Your Brand With Corrugated Printing Shipping Boxes

Personalizing your packaging with digital printing for boxes is one way of making your business cry out for attention. With most companies looking for ways to attract potential customers, having a box that really compliments what’s inside can spell the difference. Your brand can be distinguished not of the product inside but on how your digitally printed packaging box entices everyone.

In a similar fashion where clothes are judged based on their design, a fully customized packaging box can be a precursor of highlighting what’s inside the box. It appeals to your intended audience and provides the message you want to convey about your product.

Benefits Of Custom Boxes And Custom Tubes

Custom Mailing Tubes

The Regular Slotted Container (RSC) boxes are just one example of custom boxes that are cost effective solutions for safely shipping and storage purposes. They are more economical than die-cuts and they combine functionality with protection in a single package. It has the body with its two outer flaps of the box meet at the center of the box when folded. They can also be customized by printing the company name and logo in a single color or artwork in four colors.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes are able to be quickly and easily produced. You could opt to have a series of boxes made various departments throughout your company. This is incredibly useful for companies that are expanding or moving to additional locations and do not wish to confuse the supplies from one department with another.

Custom Boxes and Shipping

Custom boxes can also be used to make shipping products easier. They can be designed to specification, and made thicker or thinner, based on the size, shape and weight of the products it would be carrying. This allows you to get the right size box, for the right price, without having to worry about compromising quality for your customers and clients. In today’s market, everyone is scrambling to find quality, low cost solutions for their shipping and storing needs. Nothing is more cost effective than custom designed boxes. Time is money and by having a box that easily fits your products, without any additional cutting or wasted material to fill the box by your employees, you are saving money and increasing productivity.

Custom Tubes

Custom tubes are also available for those who are looking to ship, store or protect items such as posters, painting, blueprints and other important documents that need to be kept safe. You can get the tubes designed to fix any specific type of product, although allowing some extra room for the end caps and any other materials that are put inside, would be a good thing. They can be printed as well.

This allows you to place a warning label on the tubes expressing how fragile they are, as well as your company logo and information. Customizing these tubes now only allows you to make your products easily identifiable, they also add a touch of class, sophistication and sensibility to your products. These features alone, express the level of professional care taken by you or your company to ensure they the client or customer is getting exactly what it is they wanted and expected.

The different Uses of a Custom Display Box

Shipper Display Hebert Honey

These boxes are unique because they are made to fit the preference and demand of the customer. Boxes are the easiest way to keep products organized. The customized box can be made into whatever type of box you want and be made into accessory holders, scrap bin, gift box, product keeper or anything. A custom display box does not have to be any specific size or shape and can be used like any other box such as a cosmetic box, die cut box, candy box, cube box, shipping boxes, display box and any other box you want. You can design it and use it however you want.

Custom Display Box Design

The custom box is a way to design an everyday box either for personal or business that will be useful. It can also be used to present samples to clients who will admire the service and way of presenting the samples to the others which will cast a good impression to others. For personal use the custom display boxes can be used by artists to display their pictures, to commemorate a special occasion where adding a simple photo on the box can change the appearance to fit a seasonal theme.

The boxes are not made using tapes or staples in their formation. They are formed using a flat paper or cards for the packaged product. The packaging material is made available in a cutting form which can be used again. The steps used in the packaging material of the custom boxes is a stock of 12pt or 14pt with a card stock of 100lb or 120lb. It is in the printing process where full CMYK or PMS (Pantone Matching System) color schemes that are 100% Eco-friendly – made from vegetable and soy – are applied to the paper. The UV coating on the papers or cards is optional which is given to protect the print. There is also a lamination cover that is applied in two types, mate and glossy.

Custom Display Box Promotion

Custom display boxes are simple ways to promote products and an easy way of catching a customer’s attention when displaying the product. It is also a way of building the company’s brand as visual merchandising is key to any good marketing plan to ensure that the company’s product stands out. Gifting someone a custom display box is a sure way of putting thought to a gift. The custom display boxes are also reusable which makes them Eco-friendly.

Types of Custom Printed Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut Mailer

Custom printed die cut boxes
are designed by being cut in a specific detail according to the customer’s preference. They can be made by materials ranging from corrugated plastics to corrugated cardboards. The printing also depends on the customer’s preference as they can contain up to four colors. There are different types of die-cut boxes depending on what the customer needs or wants.

The ballot boxes are a die-cut box that has a drop slot in the top for people to submit entries and suggestions. This box is great for any type of contest or election style promotion. They are made small for a counter top or a Stand up style for events and trade shows which can be printed in 1-4 color process.

The mailers are a one-piece box with an attached, self-locking lid. They are ideal for promotional products for a company as direct mail pieces. Mailers lend a far more attractive and functional aspect to one’s product as they can easily be opened and closed without any damage. They are best for retail use and can be made with custom inserts to hold things.

The Gift Boxes are a promotional style of boxes which can be made of paperboard instead of fluted cardboard. They are the very high quality, and have some of the best finished looks to it. The materials range from corrugated board and paperboard. They are very popular with advertising agencies and promotional companies.

The bin boxes are the open tray-type boxes ideal for maximizing shelf space by organizing supplies, parts, magazines and newsletters. They can be customized to fit shelves no matter what is being put on them. They can also be color coded for easy viewing for assembly work and more.

The Suitcase boxes are self-closing briefcase-type box with a handle, ideal for trade shows and conventions. They can also be a unique twist on the conventional packaging. They can be custom printed with a range of one to four color process for a high end look and feel. They can be made in any size with a variety of plastic or cardboard handles.

The cut out wraps are types of die-cut boxes made from a one piece blank with all four corners “cut out”. The outer flaps are made in a way that they meet in the center of the box. It is another way to mail one’s product, similar in a sense to a custom rsc box. The box is great for shipping anything from picture frames and cables to books or filters.

The Different Styles of Custom Print Boxes

Custom die cut mailer box

Today, custom boxes are made in such a way that they suit the customer’s need. They can be made plain or with any number of customizations. Most of them are customized through printing. Printing can be done either on the header or on the entire box. They are, however, different ways that the custom print boxes can be printed. The prints include:

The one color floodcoat is a style of print used on Counter Displays, which is made from corrugated cardboard.

The one color flexographic is a print used in Stand Up Display boxes and Counter Display boxes. The material it is used on is corrugated cardboard.

The two color flexographic matte finish print can be used on the Counter Display boxes with a side brochure holder. The material the print is used on is the corrugated white B Flute. It leads to the customers being able to easily pick up and view the product to the point of taking the brochure.

The two color lithographic laminate print style is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display boxes on the paperboard material. The other print styles that use these boxes and materials are the two color process and two color spot lithographic laminate.

The four color process of custom printed boxes used with Shipper Display boxes use the four color process print style. The material it uses it on is chipboard or paperboard.

The four color lithographic laminate is a print used on the Custom Counter-Top Display box. It is also used on the stand up displays. The print is used on the corrugated cardboard.

The Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box type uses the four color process Lithographic Laminate which works best on the E Flute corrugated board material.

The four color header print is used in the Custom Display boxes. The materials the print works on are the corrugated cardboards.

The four color spot litho laminate is a print used on the paperboard material. The box type that uses this print includes paperboard.

The full color print is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box types. It is used on the corrugated material.

The four color lithographic laminate and flood-coated print is used on the Counter Display box type. It is used on corrugated materials.

The different prints enable one to customize their boxes which can be use for display, storage or shipping to attract clients and show how much effort they have taken into their presentation.

Different Types Of Custom Display Boxes

Custom counter top display

Displaying products is one of the easiest and fastest ways of reaching clients by promoting and selling itself, especially, if it is going to sit on the store shelves. It can be through brochures or credit application forms or as a standup floor display for larger items. A custom display box is one of the most effective ways of reaching the customers. They can be custom fit to the product easily and through the customized printing, make it a very handsome point of sale display. It can be used for cutlery, CD’s, or DVDs’. Getting attention on a counter is hard, but with the different ways of display, it gets easier and the customers will be impressed. The displays can range from the small bin type or multi-level with sculptured header cards. The displays include:

Stock Counter-Top Displays have dozens of sizes to choose from. They can either be plain or customized with printing on the header or the entire box. Since they are small, they are extremely affordable and can even come in the form of die-cut boxes. They have trays and tiers that can be used to create your own custom display.

Custom Counter-Top Displays offer displays in any color, shape or size that you could ever ask for. There are different styles, like the stock counter top display box, which includes a side brochure holder, counter display or a counter top display.

The Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays offer displays in any size, shape or color. Since it is customized, it will cost a little more than stock displays. They come in different styles like the shipper display, custom counter-top shipper display.

The Custom Stand-up Displays are designed and made to stand out from the internal pieces to the supports. There are many styles of this display like the Custom Display, 24-Cell Stand Up Display.

The Stock Stand-up Floor Displays are an economical way of displaying your products since it is so economical. It can come either plain or be customized through printing. The displays can come from just one tray or tier, which serves as the holder of the products, to several trays or tiers.

The materials used to make these custom display boxes range from corrugated cardboard, paperboard, chipboard and E-flute boards. The prints used to customize the display boxes range from the one color flexographic, two color process, four color lithographic laminate to the full color prints.

Why Use a Custom Printed Box

Custom mailer box

A custom printed box does more than hold your products; it will promote your company in a stylish, more traditional way. You can appeal to customers by shipping their items inside of boxes that are made to fit the specifications of the products, showing that your business will go that extra mile to deliver quality; literally.

Save Money

When you order a custom printed box, you will save money on advertising, and reduce packaging costs at the same time. Instead of spending a lot of money on bookmarks, flyers, and other promotional items, save some money by using custom boxes to promote your company or personal business.


A custom made box is just as durable as a standard shipping box. In fact, the only difference is the design and customization. You can send clients a product inside of a small custom printed box, and it will be securely inside of the box, just like products shipped inside of traditional shipping boxes. A custom made box can be opened and closed as many times as you would like, without any damage being done to the box.

Brand Awareness

A custom printed box helps you build brand awareness. You can do this with more than the logo or design that graces the outside or inside of your box; you can use content to raise brand awareness as well. A custom made box can be designed with more than graphics; you can put messages on the boxes for your customers and potential clients to read. The messages can detail what is inside of the box, or they can be used to promote your company’s standards or beliefs.

New marketing and branding trends call for the content from businesses to be more personal, and to show what the brand itself stands for. When you add high-quality content to your custom printed box, you can do just that.

Free Shipping

Take advantage of free shipping when you place a custom printed box order. You will be given free shipping as long as your boxes are being shipped to the Southern California area. If you need to ship a custom made box order to another area, you can do so for an affordable rate. Be sure to speak with a sales representative at Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc., to learn how you can stay within budget.

Do not waste another moment; order the custom printed box that could raise brand awareness and securely ship your products!

Stand Out with Custom Setup Boxes

Custom set up box

When you ship your products or personal items, who said you had to go the traditional route? Stand out amongst your competitors by using custom setup boxes. Choose from a variety of box sizes, designs, and shapes, regardless of what items or products you will be placing inside of the box. If you need help with your custom setup box, do not worry; Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. can help you choose the perfect custom setup boxes for your business or personal use.

Set-up boxes are generally used to ship high-end products, such as electronics. A custom setup box not only provides you with a durable box, but it gives your package a more elegant appearance.

Benefits of Setup Boxes

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you order custom setup boxes from Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc. Quality is one benefit that customers love. The type of setup box you choose to package items in will show your customers that the item inside is just as important. When you go out of your way to package your item in a custom setup box, your customers will know that you went out of your way to make a high-quality product that you want to ensure is shipped safely and securely.

When you receive your custom setup box, it will already be assembled. You do not have to pay anyone labor costs to put the boxes together. All you need to do is store the custom setup boxes in your building, warehouse, or storage room, and use them as you ship products out.

Since there is no tooling required with custom setup boxes, you can use these boxes to test products. You can change the size and design on these boxes as often as you would like, because there are typically no additional tooling costs. This saves you thousands of dollars, and it allows you to test out new products.

The Way You Want It

When placing an order for custom setup boxes from Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc., you can have the box customized anyway that you want it. Choose from a variety of gloss paper, theme and patterned paper, foil paper, embossed paper, and more. Add graphics to your custom setup box to give it a more personalized feel, and to set your business apart from other companies. The choice is yours.

Call today and get a quote for your custom setup box order; put your high-quality products and items in a high-quality box!

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