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Fun Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes reuse and have fun

Cactus Corrugated Containers – Cardboard Boxes – Reuse and have fun too.

Most packages that are delivered come in cardboard boxes. In some households, these deliveries can even be daily, meaning that if you are reasonably careful, you can quickly accumulate many easily reusable boxes. They store them for future use, however, there is a limit to how many can be saved. Too many and your storage area will look cluttered and they may end up enticing pests or rodents to make a home. Finding fun ways to make use of your boxes will ensure you do not accumulate too many and end up wasting them.

Cardboard Boxes Re-Gifting

This is a quick and fun way to exhaust your supply of saved cardboard packaging boxes. Make a point of using your own stash of boxes for any gifts you gift out through the year, be it for a birthday, wedding, or Christmas. You do not even need to worry about their appearance if you intend to wrap the boxes in decorative wrapping. You can even cut up other boxes to use as padding or to create a smaller box when you cannot find a good fit. If you have a sizable array of boxes in different sizes, you can also make for a fun unboxing experience by combining them so the recipient has to keep unpacking to get to the final small present at the center. Somewhat like Russian nesting dolls.

Cardboard Boxes: Cat scratching post

Many cat owners have had to endure the problem of scratches on their furniture from their pets. Even those that do a good job of clipping their nails are not able to entirely curb this vice. You can use cardboard boxes to build a makeshift scratching post or pad. Your pet will be able to spend many hours happily scratching away and hopefully distracted from harming your furniture.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes Maze

For the kids, you can consider using cardboard packaging boxes to build a fort or maze. You can have the kids paint the walls with all kinds of artwork. Encourage them to paint lightly or just use coloring pencils and crayons to avoid wetting the cardboard too much.

Cardboard Boxes: Decoration

Using cardboard to create all kinds and colors of Christmas tree decorations is a great way to use up cardboard. You can do the same for other holidays that would benefit from some themed décor. Cardboard can easily be cut up into different shapes and painted in festive colors. Be sure to remove any tape or labels so they have a uniform appearance when decorated.

Easy to Carry Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Custom tote box

Cactus Containers – Custom Tote Box With Handle

Product packaging can be customized in a variety of ways, but one aspect that is often ignored is mobility. Making cardboard packaging boxes easy to carry is an often-neglected feature but one that can be resolved in a few ways.  

Smaller Cardboard Packaging Boxes

The smaller the box, the easier it is to carry, even if the contents are heavy. You can work with your cardboard packaging provider to develop a box size that allows your customers to easily handle and carry it wherever. Box makers often have designers who can assist businesses develop designs that are not only attractive but also functional.  

Be sure to test this packaging with some of your customers to see how they respond to the design. You can even query them specifically on handling and carrying to see if they can suggest other ways of improving the design. Ensure that however small a size you go, it does not compromise the security of the contents. They should not be able to burst out and become exposed and likely to be damaged.  

Cardboard Packaging Boxes with Handles

Certain box designs already incorporate the use of handles that can make carrying simpler. Options such as rigid suitcase boxes and cake boxes with handles can be suitable choices depending on the type of product. The handles can often be made of the same cardboard or plastic. They can make it easier to carry boxes, reducing the risk they will be dropped and the contents damaged.  

Adding a handle feature can also help if the contents are meant to be kept upright. The handle will ensure the persona carrying the box will be compelled to keep the box standing a certain way, helping to safeguard the contents if they are likely to be damaged by being turned on their side or upside down.  

Cardboard Packaging D.I.Y.

You can also make your cardboard packaging boxes easier to carry by simply cutting out handles on the sides. Cardboard is an easy material to cut through using a utility knife. Just cut a V-shaped triangular hole on opposite sides of the box where you can insert your hands to get a firmer grip on the box as you lift and carry. It is a common practice that movers use to make it easier to handle larger moving boxes. You can even have your cardboard packaging provider incorporate such hand holes in the boxes they supply, with flaps you can tape down if shipping the item out.  

Top Cardboard Packaging Companies

Cardboard Packaging Companies Suitcase Box

Cactus Corrugated Containers – Suitcase Box

Top Cardboard Packaging Companies

New businesses will often make mistakes when choosing their suppliers. This includes the cardboard packaging companies that will be relied upon to provide packing materials. Cardboard is the top choice for packaging material thanks to its ability to provide good protection for contents, its lightweight nature, affordability, and flexibility in design.  

However, not all manufacturers are made the same. The industry is full of suppliers that claim to be able to deliver the best product but will often fail on several fronts. Here are some of the common mistakes the businesses make when choosing their cardboard packaging provider that can be easily avoided.  

Cardboard Packaging Provider Price

When seeking a cardboard packaging provider, it is normal to seek quotes from multiple suppliers. The biggest mistake many businesses however make is to simply go for the supplier with the lowest quote. In business, minimizing expenses is one of the best ways to maximize profit. However, this should not be at the expense of your reputation. You may find that a low-cost option means having to contend with delays or poor packaging that will affect your relationship and reputation with customers. Your final choice should be based on which supplier is offering you the best value for money.  

Samples from Cardboard Packaging Companies

One of the best ways to ensure that you will get the quality and design of packaging you want is to ask for samples. Many cardboard packaging companies will offer this as a free service and will even make adjustments to the design if what was initially sent out did not meet your specifications.  

Some businesses have made the mistake of simply believing design specifications put on paper without having seen what the final product looks like. Samples should be a must and compared with what will later come in when you start placing orders. They can be good evidence to present should the packaging ordered not match up to the agreed-upon specifications.  

Capability from Cardboard Packaging Companies 

Even for smaller businesses, demand may pick up resulting in a need for larger orders of packaging materials. You need to have a supplier that can keep up with this demand, no matter how many other business clients they have. Many businesses fail to conduct even a site visit to the box manufacturer to ensure they have adequate capacity to meet their demands. A site visit by a company representative or an agent should be mandatory.  

Customization from Cardboard Packaging Provider 

As a business grows, the need for more diverse packaging materials may also grow. Besides capacity for what you already need, it is advisable to check if the supplier can also accommodate growing future demands that may require other types and designs of packaging. this should also include the ability to accommodate custom designs that will be beneficial to future branding and marketing efforts.  

Small Cardboard Packaging Boxes

folding carton with window cut outWhether it is packing for a move or products you will be shipping out to customers, many people often consider small boxes and packaging to be a minor issue. In reality, there should be as much concern when packing a small box as when packing a large one. Especially if you consider that the contents can often be fragile and heavy. Here are some tips to adhere to when packing small cardboard packaging boxes to avoid the risk of damage while in transit.   

Use for Heavy Items 

Small but heavy items should ideally be packed individually, especially if they are unique. Having them in larger boxes may cause them to rattle around and damage the other less heavy contents. Where possible, pack like items together. For instance, pack items such as books and kitchen utensils on their own.  

Set an Adequate Limit 

Small boxes should not be too heavy. This may compromise the integrity of the box and cause items to fall out. It can also make carrying them around without machinery very difficult. No more than about 50 pounds should be sufficient. Make use of a weighing machine to ensure you do not go over this limit. If you do, consider splitting the contents of the box into even smaller boxes with filler materials or inserts to keep the contents stable.  

No Over Stuffing 

Choose boxes and packaging size that is appropriate to the contents. Do not allow the contents to overflow, forcing you to use extra packing material to hold the contents within. When you use packing materials like tape, it should be just to seal the box, not keep the contents confined within because they want to burst out. You would rather use a larger box and add filler materials like newspaper or packing peanuts to stabilize the contents.  

Stack According to Weight 

Even though it may seem like smaller boxes should be on top, use weight as a guide. The heavier the box, despite its size, the lower it should go. Too heavy a box on top may damage those below and the contents they hold. This kind of stacking also increases the risk of toppling when in transit. These boxes should preferably be placed on a level surface and not on upholstered furniture like sofas. Heavy boxes rubbing against fabric can cause it to tear. The same applies to placing them on fine wood surfaces that can easily be tarnished.  


Limit the Damage to a Corrugated Box

Incorporate these extra safety measures for maximum preservation.

The corrugated box has a stellar reputation for offering excellent protection as product packaging. This is what makes it a top choice for most businesses shipping products, alongside its affordability and versatility in design. But even with their good reputation, corrugated boxes can still do with a little extra help in protecting contents.  

We have all seen videos of delivery personnel and airport staff mishandling packages. To help boost the chances that the items arrive in a safe condition, it may be worthwhile considering these safety tips.  

Choose The Right Corrugated Box 

For heavy and more delicate items, consider choosing the strongest corrugated carton variety. Double and triple-walled boxes are a good option. The extra fluting means thicker walls that will better insulate the contents and provide extra protection in case of perforation. The added layers will also be helpful if there is exposure to moisture. It will make it harder for the liquid to get into the products packaged inside. Heavier boxes are also ideal where there will be stacking during shipping. They are better able to support the added weight of other boxes placed on top.  


The edges of boxes tend to sustain the most damage during transit and storage. It is a good idea to reinforce them to limit the risk of damage. You can easily accomplish this by taping up the edges. Strapping tape is the best option when it comes to reinforcing a heavy corrugated box. It has added strength, durability, and flexibility that make it ideal for such work. Lighter boxes can adequately be secured using carton sealing packing tape. Water-activated tape should be considered where you have security concerns as it tightly seals itself to the corrugated carton, making it obvious when it has been tampered with.  

Stack Safely 

If your shipment is going out on a pallet, ensure that the packages have been stacked correctly and tied down where necessary. The last thing you need is for anything to topple over. Ensure that all the packages are stacked with the heaviest at the bottom and closer to the center. Nothing should be sticking out past the edge of the pallet. Also, try to ensure that there is even weight distribution to avoid the risk of the pallet tipping over.  

Wrap Up Contents 

Where items are being shipped over long distances and during bad weather conditions, there is an increased risk they may end up being exposed to moisture. Even where the box has thick walls, enough moisture exposure can lead to water penetrating deep. Form a habit of wrapping any delicate items like books and electronics in plastic wrap before placing them in the box. That way, even if water gets through, your items remain safe from damage.  

Securing The Best Deal From Your Wholesale Boxes Manufacturer

wholesale boxes manufacturer

One of the best ways to maximize profits is to minimize costs. Lowering expenses will boost profit margins. This is why it is important to review expenditures every so often to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. There are often fluctuations in the market that can mean lower costs if you switch to another provider. For businesses that sell packaged products, one provider that should be regularly reviewed is your wholesale boxes manufacturer.  Here are some ways you can look into ensuring your packaging needs are being met at a competitive rate.  

Source for Quotes 

The market of box manufacturers is constantly in flux. There are new entrants that come in every so often, while others shut down. Even if you have not been affected by a manufacturer that has shut down, you can easily seek quotes from other businesses. The market is competitive and you may find someone offering a great introductory deal for the same quality of packaging as you already get. Seek out new deals to also see if there are any new technologies in the market you are not yet taking advantage of that would be beneficial to your business. Try to go wide with this. you can seek out suppliers of wholesale boxes in San Diego CA and beyond. Many that are states away may still offer deals that include free shipping if the order is big enough.  

Track Paper Prices 

Paper pricing can often fluctuate. Keeping an eye on this development can help in better timing your sourcing of quotes. You can even set up an alert on industry news for this purpose. Or, you can liaise with your box manufacturer to have them notify you when there is a fall in pricing so you know what effective date to target.  

Bargain with Your Preferred Manufacturer 

When you have several quotes in hand that indicate you can get a better deal elsewhere, you can use them to negotiate for a better deal with your existing supplier. Do not be too quick to make a switch if your existing manufacturer has been dependable. There can be value in preserving this business relationship, so take the opportunity to simply negotiate for lower pricing on your next order.  

Buy in Bulk 

The larger an order you place with your wholesale boxes manufacturer, the more they should lower the unit cost. If you have adequate storage space for packing materials, consider placing an order that will qualify you for bulk discounts.  

How To Recycle A Cardboard Box

Custom Size Regular Slotted Carton Shipping BoxOne of the key reasons the cardboard box has been so popular for packaging is its ability to be recycled. Many businesses and consumers are concerned about how their actions can impact the environment. They, therefore, seek to invest in products that will not prove harmful.

Cardboard is an excellent material that is touted for being lightweight, strong, easily customizable, and recyclable. Most people that do shopping in stores and online will end up with a stash of used cardboard boxes they may not be sure of how to properly dispose of. The boxes can range from cereal boxes to the packaging used to deliver your home electronics. While cardboard is highly recyclable, certain conditions may make it ineligible for this process. Here are the basics of what you need to do when looking to dispose of your boxes responsibly.

Check for damage

It is especially important to check for liquid spills or other staining contaminants. When saturated by oils and chemicals, cardboard boxes are generally no longer recyclable. The contamination can interfere with the recycling process. This is why pizza boxes rarely make the cut. Also, be concerned about boxes that held chemicals like bleach and other liquid cleaning products. If most of the box is clean, you can opt to cut away the damaged part and recycle the rest.

Ensure the cardboard box is fully dry before sending it to a recycling center. Water damage is not a problem but should be allowed to fully dry out before recycling. Dent and tears on otherwise clean boxes are not a problem either.

Empty it

The next step is to empty your box of all contents. Not just the item you bought, but also any filler or inserts used to support it within. Some of these will not be recyclable but may be reusable. If in good condition, you can store them somewhere clean and dry and use them when shipping an item. You do not need to remove the tape or labels on a cardboard carton as the recycling centers will do this during processing.

Flatten it

Once you are ready to send it in, be sure to collapse and flatten the cardboard carton. This will help save on limited space, more so if you stuffing the box into a recycling bin. If you have a large number of cardboard boxes or there is no recycling bin nearby, you can talk to your local recycling center to set up delivery. You can also enquire with your waste collection service provider if they can arrange for pick up. Depending on your locality you will want to look up recycling guidelines in case of additional requirements.

Packing Cardboard Boxes to Prevent Breakages

cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the most abundant packaging options to be found anywhere in the world. Many retail products are sold in these boxes, both in stores and when undertaking deliveries. While quite convenient, they may not always be the safest option. More so if the items being packed are breakable. Here are a few tips on how to reduce the risk of breakage when using a corrugated cardboard box to deliver.  

Pack Separately 

Where you have a large order with multiple other items, you may be tempted to pack everything together. This is quite risky for breakable items. They should ideally be packed on their own and clearly labeled so whoever is handling them knows they are delicate.  


Never assume that the person handling the box is aware that the contents are delicate. Be sure to clearly label that the contents are breakable and the box should be handled with care. Also, use symbols to ensure they know which way is up.  

Sturdy Box 

Ensure the corrugated cardboard box you use to ship your items is sturdy enough. If too thin or worn, it can easily fall apart and cause damage to the contents. It will also be easily damaged if cut into or exposed to moisture.  

Stack Topside 

If you are doing the delivery yourself, ensure that the box with breakable items is placed on top in a stable position. Do not allow other boxes to be placed on top. Cardboard boxes are still quite malleable, especially if there is no insert within. This can cause the walls to cave in. Even slightly done, this can cause breakage.  


There are many packing materials you can use to cushion the contents of a box. From bubble wrap to packing peanuts, they can help ensure your items get to their destination in a safe condition. If on a budget you can even use more readily available materials like old newspapers or worn pillowcases.  


Inserts are another way to go in ensuring the contents of a box remain stable inside. Their dimensions ensure the item is kept suspended but stable within. They can also be made of cardboard. You can work with your box maker to have inserts made that are of the correct fit.  

Pad Top and Bottom 

Create some extra cushioning on the top and bottom of the box. The bottom will often suffer the worst wear and tear during handling along the way. The top may also be exposed to pressures from stacking and carrying.  


Getting Rid of Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes Responsibly

Cardboard packaging boxes- Eco-Friendly

Cardboard packaging boxes are something many of us find ourselves hoarding. With more transactions taking place online, we are receiving deliveries in cardboard boxes more than ever before. However, we do not as instinctively get rid of the boxes in the trash. Often, when the box is barely damaged, we feel the need to keep them for reuse.

But with time, the number of boxes can get a little out of hand. After all, we have limited storage space to work with. In other cases, it could be the boxes have become damaged, maybe due to exposure to moisture, meaning you have to get rid of them anyway. Here are a few ways to carry out this task responsibly.

Give Cardboard Packaging Boxes Out for Free

Many people require cardboard packaging boxes but do not want to go through the expense of buying them. Those moving house or office will often need boxes. You can connect with such people in your community by putting up an ad at a local store noticeboard or using online classified. This is a good way to ensure they get reused before any disposal.


Where you have a recycling center in your area, you can opt to drop your boxes here. Depending on where you live, you may receive a small consideration, receive nothing, or even be charged for the service. Be sure to inquire before you load up your vehicle for delivery.


Cardboard boxes will easily degrade when composted. Their layered design can also be very useful in certain types of farming that call for sheet composting. This helps to prevent weeds from coming up, making for less work and easier tending.

Shop Responsibly-Use a Cardboard Packaging Provider

Shop at stores that offer recyclable packaging. Younger shoppers have become more passionate about environmental concerns and are happier to shop from brands that are similarly inclined. Every business needs to partner with a cardboard packaging provider that makes recyclable products that final consumers will appreciate.

D.I.Y. Projects

You can use cardboard material for all kinds of D.I.Y. projects. From restyling them into colorful storage boxes to using them as a protective cover for your carpet when repainting a room, there are many ways to make use of cardboard. They are a cheap yet effective resource you can apply to a variety of projects. If you have no plans to use them, you can talk to family or friends.  Also, talk to handy-type neighbors that would make good use of the materials.

How to Make Your Packaging Boxes Unique

boxes and packaging

Packaging boxes have become an important way for businesses to showcase. Many consumers learn about new brands by looking at packages being delivered to people around them. It can also influence people that buy the products or receive them as gifts. With the right packaging design, you can encourage repeat business which accounts for the majority of revenue for businesses.  In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is important to find ways of standing apart from the rest. Here are some handy tips on how to use packaging to bring more attention to your brand.


These are a simple and effective communication tool. You can design in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Customize them to attractively match the image you want of your business. Ensure they prominently display vital information like the business name, location, and website.  You can even use QR codes to connect people to your website or social media sites. They can also be used functionally to ensure proper indication of the delivery address or to further seal the box so the contents do not end up falling out of boxes and packaging.


Create colorful and intriguing inserts. It could be a thank you note for patronizing the business, or a professional business card they can keep and remember your brand. Depending on the nature of the product, the amount of effort you want to put in, and your target clientele, you can make these handwritten, or even use QR codes.

Custom Boxes

You can have all kinds of designs affordably added to your boxes and packaging. Customizing in terms of color and printing attractive designs can be a big help. Consider adding your company logo and slogan. You can even customize in keeping with the holidays.


We use filler to help stabilize and protect the contents of packaging boxes. Businesses can also use them to make their products and brand stand out. Instead of the usual packing peanuts, opt for printed paper with puzzles, crosswords, or maps. Give the person opening the box a reason to want to explore more. This can make your brand more memorable and likely to attract more business.

Be Creative

While the use of ribbons and self-locking boxes can help provide an elegant look, it is not particularly unique. Go onto sites like Pinterest and Etsy for ingenious and often affordable ways to get your packaging to stand out. From using newspaper as wrapping to twine or yarn in place of ribbons, there are many creative ways you can give your clients a unique unboxing experience.


Designing Folding Cartons For Product Display

NEPTN folding carton, custom boxes
Many factors go into deciding what kind of packaging a product will have. to begin with, businesses need to consider how the product is to be sold to consumers. If selling online, then more consideration will be given to shipping needs. If selling through stores, then the folding cartons design that will appear on the shelf will matter.

Branding will also matter as you will want to make your line of products appear distinct and recognizable to the market. Let us look at the steps one must go through in the packaging design process.

Define Your Packaging Needs

There are three main packaging layers. The outer layer is what products are normally shipped in. These can be large folding cardboard boxes used for shipping or a paper bag in which the product is packed into. The inner packaging refers to inserts and filler material that are used to keep the contents safe.

Product display packaging is what shoppers see when choosing items from shelves or what contains the product when shipped and the shipping box is removed. Most businesses will require one or all of these types of packaging.

Type of Packaging

This will mainly depend on the type of product. For instance, liquids will need to be contained in bottles or another waterproof packaging that can secure the contents. Dry food products like cereals will often also require some waterproof packaging and folding cartons for product display purposes in stores.

You will also need to factor in the cost of packaging when making a choice as this can affect mark-up and consequently how competitively you can price your product. While you will also want to stand out from the competition, your product packaging should still fit what is expected by consumers.

Design Evaluation

Once you come up with some creative designs, you need to ensure it resonates with consumers. As said, you should create a design that distinguishes your product from the competition but should still look recognizable to shoppers as they browse the shelves in the store.

Ensure whatever imagery and wording used on the product display packaging are true to the product. It should not confuse or mislead consumers. Also, consider what kind of visual effect is given when the items are stacked next to each other on the shelf. How they will look next to each other and competitors’ products.

It can be helpful to make a sample run of this packaging and give it out amongst stakeholders and consumers. Use this sample to collect views about the packaging and figure out what design elements work and what may require editing.

How Paper Food Packaging Has Boosted Food Safety

Food Packaging
Despite all the challenges we face today in terms of contagious diseases and water shortages, food safety is at an all-time peak thanks in part to the innovative and safety-conscious designs of current food packaging.

Clean Transport

Manufacturers of the corrugated cardboard boxes used to ship fresh produce and packaged foods ensure a sterile manufacturing environment. The paper materials themselves usually go through a sterilization process that ensures no contamination of products that are later packaged within. This means that the boxes are delivered in a safe condition that should prove safe for storing foodstuffs. Contamination not only increases the risk of illness for consumers but can also compromise the shelf life of the food products.

Safe Transport

Corrugated cardboard boxes are also thick enough to ensure minimal effect on packaged foods within. This reduces the risk of bruising to the produce, and that what gets to consumers is in the best condition possible. Damaged food products can prove a financial loss to manufacturers or other suppliers. The resulting food waste can be detrimental when consumers shy away from choosing that stock.


Some of the boxes used for packaging food come with self-closing designs that are often bolstered by the use of adhesives. They provide an easy means to check on tampering of products. Consumers will typically avoid food packaging products that seem to have already been opened. This has helped reduce incidents of contaminated food getting to people’s plates.

Food Preservation

Boxes are often the first line of defense from external factors that could lead to damage. Dry food often needs sealed plastic packaging that offers additional safety from moisture, pests, air, and bacteria. This helps to extend the shelf life, flavor, and appearance of the food for longer. The controlled environment also aids in preventing contamination that can harm consumers.

Safer Food Packaging

While plastics do play a role in helping to better preserve foods, they do also come with certain health risks. Especially from the phthalate content. Packaging materials made from paper tend to be safer to use, especially where heat is applied, like in the microwave. Or, when there is some risk of chemicals leaching into the food. Even government bodies do recommend food grade paper packaging as a safer option to reduce exposure to chemicals.

Information Sharing

Food packaging will often include printed material. This is often a combination of branding and information sharing. Details such as health advisories and ingredients are important for food safety. They can help those with food allergies, other health conditions, or dietary requirements make better food choices.

Why Source For Packaging Companies Online

food packaging folding cartons
E-commerce has made it so individuals and businesses can source for just about anything online. People can make inquiries and place orders remotely. It is a convenient and efficient way to execute transactions.

One can however still visit offices and stores in person. Despite the trend towards online transactions, some still prefer this face-to-face interaction. Even when it comes to sourcing packaging materials. Many businesses would like to visit the premises of packaging companies to see for themselves how they operate. It helps them gauge the professionalism and capacity of the supplier. This is however unnecessary when you consider the benefits of choosing a packaging firm remotely.

Easy Communication

Contacting various cardboard packaging companies is easy to do in this day and age. Most will offer several channels of communication including a telephone number, email, website contact form, and social media. You can use any of these to make inquiries and get a quick response.


Most packaging companies are happy to provide samples of their product to interested customers. you will need to specify exactly what you want. Including if you require packaging design services. This can be important to any branding or marketing effort. The company will simply send you the samples so you can get a feel for the quality of their work.

Comparison Shopping

When you reach out to the various suppliers, then you can source for multiple quotes. This is typically done for free. You need only give them relevant details such as the particular type of boxes, dimensions, and quantity.

Remember to also request information on bulk discounts. This can be a big saving as unit price tends to be lower the larger the order. Also, note that shipping costs may vary depending on the location of the packaging company. Ensure this is factored into the quote.


Capacity is a common concern for buyers. they will want to know the company can deliver as promised whenever ordered. Chances are the packaging company you engage will become a repeat supplier. Without visiting the facility, a simple way to be assured is to contact other customers.

Many cardboard packaging companies will happily provide a listing of past customers that you can contact and verify such details with. Some will make the list available on request, or have the information posted somewhere on their website.

It is important to note that at times such as pandemics, movement should be limited. This is to limit exposure and safeguard the health of everyone involved. Conducting your business online can still be safe and effective when you take sensible precautions and inquiries.

How To Minimize The Weight Of A Shipping Box

Sending out goods for delivery is often good news. It means that you have customers willing to buy your products, even if they cannot come to your store. Even for businesses that operate entirely online, this revenue is always appreciated.

However, deliveries are never done for free. This is another industry that charges for its services. While many businesses will claim to offer free deliveries, the reality is that they have already factored in this cost into their product pricing. But they must keep this impact minimal to remain competitive.

One of the best ways they manage to minimize this cost is by cutting down on the weight of boxes for shipping. The less their shipments weigh, the less costly it becomes to cover this expense. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Custom Boxes

Investing in custom boxes is always a good idea. Oversize boxes will take up more room and will be heavier. Especially when you factor in the extra packaging you will need to add inside the shipping box to keep the contents stable. Extra filler like inserts and bubble wrap also means extra packaging expenses. Sourcing for custom fit boxes for your merchandise will help keep shipping expenses low.

Deeper, Not Wider

When configuring boxes, it is best to choose specifications that are deeper rather than wider. This means the smallest dimensions should be on the top and bottom sides. This makes loading of the boxes into containers and vans more space-saving. It can also limit the amount of corrugated material that will be used to make the box. Being able to place more boxes on the same pallet can also increase the amount of product you ship with little impact on the rates.

Choose Lighter Board

Corrugated boxes are considered a safer option thanks to their excellent shock absorption. The more flutes, the better the water resistance, and ability to survive penetration or denting. While there is no big difference noticed when the number of flutes is varied, there can be some impact when you choose a thinner board that will cover the interior and exterior surfaces. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the shipping box will still accommodate whatever custom design features you desire.

Buy in Bulk

When ordering boxes for shipping, consider upping your quantity. Most manufacturers will offer bigger discounts on larger orders. And since most box designs are collapsible, having a large number of boxes may not take up as much room as you would think.

Tips To Packing Fragile Items In Small To Large Shipping Boxes

Custom cardboard box
Whether you are a business that sells crockery or are simply looking to move house, you will need to take the right approach in packaging fragile items. From glass to pianos, there are all manner of things in the home and office that require extra care when being moved. This is because they can be particularly vulnerable to damage even when exposed to just minimal impact.

Whether the items are cheap or expensive, no one likes to lose their property through damage that could have been avoided. And much of this is down to how these items are packed. Here are a few tips on making the packing and transport of fragile items safer.

Mix Up Box Sizes

Fragile items can be found in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This is why it is important to find a good mix of small and large shipping box. It is best to place items that will be boxed up in a carton of similar dimensions.

Too big a box and the contents may end up banging against the carton walls and each other while in transit. It may also take up too much space in the transport vehicle, requiring more trips to complete the move. Too small shipping boxes and the carton may have bulges and become too hard to properly close.

Quality Packaging Materials

Investing in the cheapest packaging materials is a bad idea. The boxes will not provide sufficient support and insulation. They may easily fall apart, exposing your fragile items to likely injury. Find a supplier of good quality shipping boxes and other packaging materials that can withstand the journey and can be safely re-used.

Packaging Filler and Inserts

Packaging filler is a great way to pad up the interior of the box and provide extra cushioning for your fragile items. There are all kinds of materials you can use including packing pellets, newspapers, and bubble wrap. Make sure to use enough of the filler to eliminate any empty space within the box.

Inserts are also a good way to keep your items stable and in a fixed position within the box. If you have retained the box and inserts that came with your electronics, make use of them.

Load Carefully

If you are transporting these items yourself, be careful about how you load them in your vehicle. Where possible, avoid stacking them. Also, avoid mixing them in with other boxes and packages that will press into them from the sides. Try to load them last and on top. Also, ensure they will not slide when the vehicle is moving.