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Understanding the Dynamics of Display Boxes

corrugated display box
In the world of retail, the art of presentation is a science, and display boxes play a pivotal role in this strategic approach. Beyond mere containers, display boxes are dynamic tools that influence consumer behavior, enhance brand visibility, and contribute to the overall shopping experience.
A display box is a silent storyteller in a retail setting, capable of captivating consumers with their visual appeal. The science behind their design takes into consideration factors such as color psychology, typography, and layout. The goal is to create a visual impact.  Attract attention but also communicate the essence of the product or brand.
Understanding the dynamics of custom-display boxes involves recognizing the visual cues that prompt consumer engagement. Eye-catching designs, strategic placement, and cohesive branding contribute to an immersive experience that draws shoppers into the world of the product.

Display Boxes: Brand Presence and Recognition

Consistency in branding is a fundamental principle of effective marketing, and custom-display boxes are integral to reinforcing brand presence. The science behind these boxes involves aligning them with the overall brand identity using logos, colors, and messaging. This visual consistency contributes to brand recognition and reinforces the consumer’s connection with the product.
Custom-display boxes act as brand ambassadors, conveying the values and personality of a brand in a matter of seconds. The strategic placement of logos and brand elements on these boxes ensures that the product are quickly recognizable and it become an extension of the overall brand narrative.

Display Boxes: Strategic Placement

The placement of custom-display boxes within a retail space is a science that considers consumer behavior and shopping patterns. Whether positioned at eye level for immediate visibility or strategically placed near complementary products, the science of custom-display boxes involves maximizing their impact by understanding how and where consumers navigate the retail environment.
Strategic placement is not arbitrary.  It is a calculated decision based on consumer behavior studies. Custom-display boxes are strategically placed to guide the shoppers’ journey, encouraging exploration, and increasing the likelihood of product discovery.

Impulse Purchases

Custom-display boxes are designed to trigger impulse purchases, and this is where science becomes particularly intriguing. From limited-time promotions to eye-catching product arrangements, custom-display boxes leverage consumer psychology.  They create a sense of urgency and desire. Science lies in understanding the factors that influence impulse buying behavior.  It tailors the design and placement of these boxes accordingly.
The arrangement of products within custom-display boxes activates the consumer’s desire for immediate gratification. The science of custom-display boxes is about creating an environment where impulse purchases become a natural response.

Display Boxes Enhance Your Product Presentation

Counter-top Shipper Display

Display boxes give your products the spotlight they deserve.  In the fast-paced world of retail and marketing, catching the customer’s eye has never been more crucial. The competition is fierce, and every product on the shelf is vying for attention. This is where the display box comes into play, offering a powerful and creative solution to elevate your product presentation. In this article, we’ll discover the benefits and versatility of display boxes and how they can give your products the spotlight they deserve. 

The Power of Display Boxes 

Display packaging is an ingenious way to showcase your products in a visually appealing and organized manner. These boxes are designed to captivate the customer’s attention and communicate essential information about the product inside. The strategic use of colors, graphics, and branding on display packaging can create an instant connection with potential buyers, making them more likely to stop, look, and ultimately make a purchase. 

Versatility for Various Products 

One of the standout features of display packaging is its adaptability to a wide range of products. Whether you’re selling cosmetics, electronics, food items, or promotional merchandise, display packaging can be tailored to suit your specific needs. This adaptability is particularly useful for businesses with diverse product lines, as display packaging can maintain consistent branding while accommodating different sizes and shapes. 

Impressions Matter

First impressions matter, and display packaging provides an excellent opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact on customers. The unique design and visual appeal of these boxes can help your products stand out from the competition, even in a crowded retail environment. With the right design elements, your display packaging can tell a story, evoke emotions, and create a sense of intrigue that encourages customers to engage with your products. 

Display Boxes Effective Marketing Tool 

Display packaging are not just containers; they are an integral part of your marketing strategy. By utilizing display packaging effectively, you can communicate key product features, benefits, and usage instructions. Including eye-catching visuals and concise, compelling content can help convey your brand’s message and influence purchasing decisions. In addition, display packaging placed strategically at checkout counters or high-traffic areas can prompt impulse purchases, further boosting your sales. 

Display Boxes – Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options 

As environmental concerns continue to gain prominence, businesses are seeking more sustainable packaging solutions. Display packaging can be crafted from Eco-friendly materials, showcasing your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. This not only appeals to conscious consumers but also aligns your business with a global movement toward sustainability. 

Boost Sales with a Cardboard Display

custom shipper display Energy xtension
A cardboard display is a wonderful way for a brand to promote its products and encourage shoppers in an outlet to make impulse purchases. They are a simple, affordable, and effective way to boost sales and market awareness of a brand. To ensure they work as desired, here are a few tips you should implement. 

Cardboard display eye-catching designs 

Though the design of most cardboard corrugated displays is simple, you can use color, imagery, and even light features to draw attention. Capturing the attention of shoppers is the goal of these displays. Once their interest is stirred, they will then become more inclined to read whatever information about the products is displayed and become tempted to make a purchase. Use a design that is ideally suited to the type of product you are trying to market and the atmosphere of the store. While bold colors with light features may be a good draw in family retail stores, the impact may not be as effective in more adult and high-end outlets.  

Simplified cardboard display

Do not go overboard with your design. A cardboard display is usually placed near the checkout counters. This is where shoppers will be idling as they wait for their turn. A simple but colorful display will attract their attention without appearing too overwhelming. Keeping the display clutter-free will allow onlookers to focus their attention. That is unless you are trying to attract another demographic like children who are more drawn to over-the-top displays.  

Another reason to keep the design simple is to allow for easy assembly. The last thing you want is for the store attendants or your merchandisers to struggle when it comes to putting together the display. The fewer pieces they must put together, the more easily they can have it quickly set up and draw attention. Complicated setups may discourage the employees from giving your display priority when they have other tasks they need to attend to.  

Stock sample sizes 

Customers are more easily tempted to try a product when it is sample or small-sized. A small size means they are unlikely to spend much on the product but still get to sample its goodness. This can happen even if they have bought a competitor’s products in massive quantities. The sample size will encourage them to give another brand a shot. Trying to push your product into large sizes is likely to cause prospective customers to avoid it as it will mean spending much more.  

Useful Cardboard Displays

When selling products in brick and mortar stores, you may want to consider dedicated displays. You can have them made from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, and so on. While these options may seem highly durable and stable, cardboard displays actually make more sense. Here is why.  

Easy to Set Up 

Cardboard is a lightweight material and thus very easy to assemble in a variety of designs. This ease of setup makes it a simple matter for store staff to quickly get the display up and running compared to heavier alternatives. When you make the work of setup easier on the staff, they will be more willing to get your display assembled without delay. Heavier options that may require more than one employee to do the work will likely be put on the back burner.  

Environmentally Friendly 

This kind of display is meant to be used for a limited period. After a while, the products will be integrated into normal shelving. So what happens to the display? Chances are it will need to be disposed of. A cardboard display is easier to get rid of as it will easily decompose and can sometimes be recycled. This is good for the environment and can be beneficial to the reputation of a brand. Consumers today are very environmentally conscious and more willing to spend their money on brands that also care for the environment and take sustainability seriously.  


Businesses can customize a cardboard display in a variety of ways. From size to coloring, shape to lighting, there are many ways these setups can be made unique and attractive. This is important when you realize that the displays are meant to be attention-grabbing so the more room you have to get creative, the better. There are unlimited design options you can utilize to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd.  


Cardboard constructions are highly affordable. More so when made with recycled materials as the production costs are kept low. This benefit is made more obvious when you have to send out many cardboard displays to multiple stores. When bought in bulk, the unit cost of such productions is typically reduced by manufacturers. The low cost is also comforting should the display be damaged and need replacing. You can rest assured replacing a damaged display will not hurt your bottom line. The cost-benefit of opting for this material will ensure you more than make up for this investment through increased sales.  

Marketing Using Corrugated POP Displays

pop custom counter top display
Once businesses dispatch their products to retailers, they often leave the issue of how they will be displayed up to the stores. However, with corrugated POP displays, there is more control over how these products will be seen by shoppers.

When designing a point-of-purchase display corrugated options tend to be preferred over alternatives like plastic and wood. This is because they are affordable, easier to assemble, environmentally friendly, and can be customized.

While they are an additional investment from the manufacturer or distributor of the product, there are good reasons to want to have corrugated POP displays used at retailers.


POP displays are made to distinguish products from what competitors are offering. They are their own separate display from normal shelves, making it easier to grab the attention of shoppers. They can be customized in a variety of ways to draw attention including using bold colors and incorporating interactive features. They can also be used to display additional information about the products than what you would find on normal shelves. This makes for a more engaging and informative experience with potential buyers that will entice them to give the product a try.

This is especially helpful when launching new products. Also, ensure the design matches the interest of the targeted market. For instance, colorful displays that are short are great for products marketed at kids as they will be able to more easily notice it and be drawn in.

Encourages Impulse Buying

Once the display captures the attention of shoppers, it provides an excellent opportunity to market directly to them. The attraction that draws them in will also increase the likelihood they will want to try the product. This is why such displays are best stocked with smaller-sized packages of the product. Discount pricing is a good complement that will encourage the shopper to choose this product as it is cheaper than other competing brands.

Easier Merchandising

Many brands employ merchandisers to go around stores and ensure their products are well displayed on shelves. Using POP displays can help cut back on the need to employ such staff as these displays are set apart on their own and thus unlikely to confuse store staff on where and how best to display the products on the shelf.

Positive Perception

When you have a well-designed POP display, shoppers will often get the impression that the product being marketed is also of good quality. This positive perception makes it easier to convince them to try the product without much prodding.

Alluring Cardboard Corrugated Displays

corrugated display box

Corrugated display boxes
have become a great way for businesses to promote their products. When strategically placed and well-designed, they can easily draw the attention of shoppers and tempt them to pick up an item displayed. This is what you want as this trying out a product is what can inspire them to buy it repeatedly. A challenge when you consider that you are already likely to be competing against older and already popular brands. So what can you do to better capture the attention and interest of shoppers? Here are a few handy design tips for your cardboard corrugated displays. 

Understand Your Target Audience 

Different types of shoppers will be attracted to different kinds of designs. This can be related to their gender, age, or even just how they would perceive the particular product. For instance, when trying to market a milk product, white colors will often need to be prominently used to attest to the purity of the product. On the other hand, when it comes to snack items for kids, more playful and colorful tones should be used, with the cardboard corrugated displays positioned at a lower level where they can capture the eye of children. It is important to have a good understanding of what different designs features will appeal to your target audience.  


Knowing where and how best to display your items is also key. As said, products targeting children should be displayed where they can easily see them. Placing them on high counters can mean losing out on your target market. Floor showcase displays are larger and as the name indicates will sit on the floor. They are ideal where you want to display your products in a more isolated location, away from the competition. Countertop displays are also good when targeting the more mature shopper who will be the one to pay at the counter. It is best for small items like cigarettes and candy. Endcap displays are usually placed at the end of aisles. They are also good where you want to display your offering away from the competition as it imparts a stronger presence.  

Incorporate Artwork 

Your corrugated display boxes should do more than just be a shelf for products you want to promote. Their design should include artwork that tallies with your brand image and the impression you want to make with shoppers. An aesthetic appeal will have a strong impact on the success of these displays so definitely consider incorporating some graphics, imagery, or other visually appealing artwork to complement your product and draw the avid attention of shoppers. 


Making a Bulk Order for Wholesale Carton

Specialty product display box

Wholesale Carton and Wholesale Display Box

Any business that sells physical products needs reliable packaging. Not just for when storing goods in warehouses or for display in stores, but also for making safe deliveries. With a growing number of businesses adopting e-commerce, it has become necessary to keep up with trends and make it possible for customers to shop for your products remotely. This means having to facilitate shipping and ensuring the goods are well packaged to arrive at their destination in good shape. Here are a few considerations you should make when buying wholesale cartons for your business.

Shop Around 

A lot of businesses still struggle to maximize their profits. Minimizing costs is a good way to try and achieve this goal. When shopping around for a box maker, factor in the pricing you are being quoted, but do not sacrifice quality. Ensure you are getting your money’s worth. The benefit of ordering in bulk is that many suppliers are happy to offer a discount. The bigger an order you can make, the lower unit figure they will quote per wholesale carton. Remember to factor in shipping costs if considering a box maker that is located further away. 


Choose a box maker that can customize your boxes the way you want them. Sizing should conform with that of your products to optimize production and shipping costs. You also need to pay keen attention to branding. Every time a box leaves your premises, it should be an opportunity to market your brand. More so when you are using a wholesale display box that is meant to capture the attention of passersby and entice them into picking a sample of your product.  

Order Samples 

Before you confirm a big order of boxes, you need to be assured that the product is worth the investment. Besides branding, you also need to ensure the boxes can match up to the demands of transport. They need to be structurally sound and durable. Box makers will often offer samples so you get a definite idea of the quality of their work. Where possible, you can also tour the facility to understand how manufacturing and quality control are done.  


Consumers are far more environmentally conscious these days. They are aware that their purchases can have an impact on the environment and prefer to patronize businesses that make it easy for them to minimize their carbon footprint. When choosing your design and supplier of a wholesale carton, ensure they apply eco-friendly practices like recyclable materials and non-toxic inks. You can even display messages on the boxes that affirm your efforts to remain eco-conscious.  


Making Counter Top Display Units That Pop

Counter top display box
When selling consumer products, it can be difficult to attract the interest of shoppers to a new product. Most people are set in their ways and will tend to stick to brands they are familiar with. But this has never prevented businesses from trying to capture a new segment of the market.

Counter top display units are a simple way to market products directly to shoppers while they are wandering the store or waiting in line. Some creativity is required to make these displays outstanding and able to capture the interest of onlookers. Here are a few ways you can make your next corrugated display appealing enough to encourage some impulse buying.

Corrugated display of colors

For particularly strong brands, it helps to use colors the customer is familiar with. They will still have a sense of trust that will tempt them to try a new offering from a company they know. If you want to distinguish it from other products from the same company, you can choose a different color but still ensure to display a logo or name that lets the person know the brand. Check out the store beforehand to see what colors dominate and choose one that will be more noticeable and pop.

Bright corrugated display

Modern displays can now be incorporated with features such as flashing lights and video displays. These are a good way to attract more attention to the display and provide an opportunity to further educate audiences on the product. You can even run demonstrations and full adverts. Flashing lights can be particularly helpful for products targeted at a younger demographic. Kids can be easily drawn in and will often ask their parents or guardians for the item on display.

Keep It Simple

While contrasting colors and flashing lights can appeal to a younger market, you will want to keep it simple for older shoppers. They are best marketed to with simple messages that quickly convey what they need to know about the product. A 7-word limit is a standard industry practice that allows the customer to quickly learn about the product at a glance and make their buying decision.

Corrugated display price point

It is easier to effect impulse buying when the item is reasonably priced. High-end items are not often ideally promoted using counter top display units. Do not discount the price too much as the goal is to get the customer to give the product a chance and later voluntarily pick it from the shelves. The price they find on the shelves should be comparable to what they paid when it was being promoted.

Merits of Investing In Pop-Up Displays

Custom counter top display
When you have a new product you are trying to market, you have to think of creative ways of getting consumers interested. Pop-up displays are an old school yet highly effective option that can work well in capturing people’s attention and boost sales. Here are a few reasons why they are worth considering.

Pop-Up display appeal

Every store will arrange products according to category. This means that each product will be grouped with competitors offering the same thing. When you have your product displayed in pop-up displays, it offers a chance to have it stand out from the crowd. This distinction is more likely to draw the attention of customers, more so than if it was just on the shelf, next to rival products.

Answer questions

Having a dedicated display for your products allows you to customize them in a variety of ways. You can offer useful information about the product and why shoppers should try it. From promotional videos to details about its health benefits, having a wholesale counter display gives a chance to answer queries even before they are asked. Ensure that whatever salespeople you have manning the display are knowledgeable on the product and the company to ably answer any questions put to them.

Pop-up display entice buyers

A colorful display that is well-positioned within the store can do much to entice shoppers to add the product to their cart. Especially if it comes off as a special offer they cannot afford to miss out on. You can offer it at a discounted price, emphasizing that it is a limited time offer. alternatively, use the displays to offer free samples. Once customers try and like it, they can then be directed to where on the shelf to make a larger purchase.

Brand boosting

With the right design of the display, you can do much to make a good impression on your brand. This can help to boost sales of both older and new products. Ensure that whatever design you use is in liken with the brand’s values that you wish consumers to identify with. Whether it is minimalism or boldness, it should tally with what your company stands for.

Pop-up displays transport

Displays are built for easy assembly and disassembly. This makes them easy to transport from one location to another. This is handy when you want to relocate your display to more advantageous locations and when repeating a campaign. Therefore, whether it is setting up for a trade show or in a supermarket, the work involved should be easy given the lightweight nature of the displays.

Why A Wholesale Counter Display Boost Sales

counter top display
Counter displays are a great way of drawing the attention of people. Whether it is to have them pick a product sample or a brochure, they easily draw people in. With an eye-catching design and good placement, you can achieve your goal without having to hire a salesperson to attend to customers directly. Let’s look at why investing in wholesale counter displays makes sense for your business

Wholesale counter display discounts

Like many other box products, ordering wholesale counter displays comes at a discount. This is because wholesale quantities are larger and attract a smaller price per unit. These discounts can be quite considerable making this investment low cost and highly profitable. This is on top of the fact that display boxes are an already fairly cheap marketing tool.

No Staffing

As mentioned, when you have a wholesale counter display attracting the attention of your target clientele, there is no need to have a salesperson on hand. You can even have simple instructions on the display to guide people on how to pick a sample or brochure. Providing some little guidance can encourage people to pick what you are offering. Without the need for additional human assistance, as with other marketing efforts, you can save a bundle and get a higher return on this investment.

Wholesale counter display ease set up

Like many other boxes, a wholesale display box will often come in a flat design when delivered from the manufacturer. Being flat makes it easy to transport the boxes, not just from the manufacturer, but also to the final destination where they will be assembled for use. These displays usually have a simple pop-up design that makes it easy to set up.

The flat-pack design means lower shipping costs as less space is taken up in the vehicle. It also means easier storage, especially if you have ordered a bulk quantity that you will not entirely deploy when delivered.


Display boxes can be customized to a variety of colors, graphics, shapes, and sizes. They can be small enough to sit on a counter. Or large enough to be standalone like a booth. This versatility means there is a lot of flexibility that can be applied in their design. You can customize for use in just about any setting you think will provide the most exposure. This provides ample room for creativity in making the displays attention-grabbing and able to better promote your product or cause.

Tips To Drawing Attention To Your Pop Displays

Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays
Point of purchase or pop displays are a popular in-store form of promotion that can often be a hit or a miss. A lot of impulse buying is driven by how advantageously certain products are displayed. It could be a promotion that allows customers to take advantage of a discount or the marketing of a new product they have never seen before. Whatever the reason behind setting up these displays, here is how you can boost their visibility and impact.


When people are walking up and down aisles in a store, it is because they are mainly looking for specific items on their shopping list. They will hardly take time to look at information about an unfamiliar product they do not need. That is why point of purchase displays work best in areas where customers are forced to become a captive audience. And this is when queuing for checkout. Positioning your display near the counters will provide an opportunity for customers to examine the display as they wait their turn and be tempted to pick a sample.

Sample Sizes

To encourage sampling, the product should either be free or low cost. Creating sample sizes of your product is a good way to encourage people to buy as the cost is minimal to their wallets. And with a small size they will feel less worried about waste if they realize they do not like the product after all. For food items, you may want to consider supermarket display stands for food tasting.

Use Marketers

Having someone at the display to help encourage people to approach and try a product is ideal. Many will be unsure if the item is a free sample or is discounted. A staff standing right there can quickly clarify and engage the customer in further discussion that will encourage them to make a trial. Push selling has long proven highly effective in making people feel obligated to make a purchase because they took up the marketer’s time.

Make The Display Pop

A colorful eye-catching design can do much to appeal to buyers. Especially when the target audience is children. They will naturally be drawn to the pop displays and will often try and get their parent or guardian to make a purchase. Tailor your display to appeal to your target audience for the best results. You can even enhance the display with light fixtures, video screens, or interactive tablets. Whether it is a countertop or stand up display, you should take advantage of any exposed space to make a positive visual impact.

Impulse Purchases with Cardboard Displays

Cardboard Displays
When customers walk into a retail store, they interact with the products in different ways. Businesses need to strategize ways in which they can enhance the customer-product engagement and interaction process. The way you display your products can help attract and lure customers to make purchases. Cardboard displays at point of purchase allow you to display promotional products in locations where customers can see them easily.

POS Displays Intended for Private Label Brands

While brands can position themselves to boost sales using product displays, retailers can also use these tools to help in promoting their private label brands. It is important that retailers highlight their brands. Using displays at the point of purchase adds touch points between the brands and shoppers. When you have the displays featuring items that are on sale and advertised or featured on flyers, the displays offer logistical function. You can place the displays in strategic locations near the point of purchase.

Adding Purchase Incentives with POP Displays

When introducing a new product or selling a discontinued item, you can consider displaying advertising in your retail store. You can also highlight special sale items, occasional or seasonal promotions and other items that you would want them to move past. The design of your packaging along with the display can play an important role when it comes to selling seasonal goods. When you guide a customer by using a brand story along the shopper journey, you are able to make the customer associate with your brand. This increases the chances of the customer wanting to purchase a product on the display.

Triggering Impulse Purchases

Point of purchase displays tend to trigger problem recognition response, which is the concept behind impulse buying. Most of the products you will find displayed at the point of sale are those that aren’t usually on the top-of-mind of the consumer. Creating a visual exposure to those products helps the customers realize that they might need a certain product to help solve a particular problem. This way, they are able to purchase the product even though it was not on the list of to-purchase items.

There are different kinds of point of sale displays including counter displays, shelf-talkers, floor displays, light-boxes, and countertop displays. These displays are designed to engage the customers in different ways within the retail store. You can use the display box to showcase products such as soft drinks, souvenirs, chewing gums, chocolate bars, lighters, bulk sold items and candies.

POP Displays Generate Impulse Purchases

Point of purchase displays help trigger problem recognition response among consumers. When customers walk into stores, they have something in mind to purchase. At the time they are making the payment, the customers come across a POP display that allows them to think of a problem they have, which didn’t feature in their initial product purchase plan. The POP displays lure the customers to make an impulse purchase, which adds to the sales of the business. Businesses can utilize point of sale displays to generate impulse purchases by: 

Displaying Convenience Items  

You need to ensure that the products you are displaying on POS are goods that customers would easily want to purchase when they see them. You can create the urge to buy the products by pricing them cheaply or offering discounts on prices. These shouldn’t be items that are difficult to decide whether to purchase or not – they need to be convenience items. It is difficult for customers to think of buying a product at the POP if it’s not providing an immediate solution to a problem they have. You can consider items that offer solutions to common problems.  

Create Visually Exciting Displays   

The displays at the point of sale are not things that are on the list of to-buy items at that time. However, when you provide great visual exposure to the products, it helps consumers to realize they need them to solve a particular problem. Use contrasting colors and exciting finishes of the display boxes to be able to grab the attention of consumers.  

Incorporate Promotions and Offers 

To help push the customer to purchase the products displayed at the point of sale, you need to use tactics like offering discounts and other promotions. Encourage the consumers to consider the deal. You can use phrases like ‘Buy three, get one free!’ or something like, ‘20% off retail price!’. Customers need to see something atypical about the traditional offers. The deals should be able to influence the consumer to purchase the product even if they didn’t budget for it on their list.  

Depending on the number of products you need to display, you can consider wholesale display box materials to meet your needs. You will increase your sales when you use these displays. Besides, your customers are likely to visit the store in future when they realize that you offer promotional items that allow them to save money. In stores, convenience goods you can display on POP are such as chewing gums to help with bad breath, souvenirs to serve as gift items, and magazines or comics.

Showcase Your Business with a Counter Top Display

Custom Counter-Top Display Boxes

There are many ways to advertise and showcase your work, services, products, or anything else you want to put out there. Those that have a lot of things to showcase, or don’t want to answer many questions about what products are, how much they are, or anything else could benefit from the use of the countertop display that provides the information needed, without you having to say it to person after person that asks.  

Benefits of a Counter Top Display

There are a number of benefits that come from the use of corrugated pop displays. These displays provide a number of uses that you wouldn’t be able to obtain from other displays that you’d use. They can be used in any way that you can think of, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to make use of them or finding something that provides businesses with many other uses, instead of just one. 

These displays offer a number of benefits, such as being able to showcase the information you want to put out there. They are easy to set up and take down and they can come in a number of different styles, so you can choose which one works with the style and branding that you have as a company.  

These displays provide the use of a large area for you to add items too. Some ideas that people have used to decorate them and use them for their business include writing on them, adding craft supplies, pasting printed papers, and additional ways to showcase your information and bring in the customers.  

Whether you want to add these on the counter, on the tables that you are displaying your items or services on, or just to use as an informational or decorative piece, you can be sure that this is the most ideal way to go about putting information out there for your clients and customers. 

Finding a way to showcase your business, your products, your work is one of the best things you can do for your business. Due to this, it is important that you look at the many ways to do so. Countertop displays are just one of the ways, with other signs out there, you can benefit from using those, too. Use a number of them side by side, spread them out, and see what works for you and your business. 

What to Consider with a Counter Top Display


Custom display box
A counter top display is one of the best ways to put your product in eyes-view for consumers. Consider the grocery store and a counter top display featuring candy bars, breath mints, or even gift cards. A counter top display is meant to visually showcase a product. But, when assembling and locating a counter top display there are a few things to consider.  

Counter Top Display Appeal  

When it comes to displays of any kind the attractiveness of the display is important to standing out and attracting buyers. In fact, the closer your display is to the consumer the more you will want it to stand out. Utilizing effective and bright color, an eye-catching logo, and putting your product forward in the display are important to selling your product.  


Regarding spacing there are a few considerations. First off, it is important to determine how much of your product you will want in each counter top display. This is often geared directly to the size of the product. For example, a product display for lip gloss will likely sit on a table, rack, or checkout counter. While, a display for larger kitchen items may be a tall display that sits on the ground.  

Counter Top Display Cost 

Cost is important because purchasing a wholesale counter display in the hundreds will be much less expensive than purchasing only a dozen at a time. When looking at the wholesale cost it can be helpful to evaluate the spacing as mentioned above to determine how the spacing will affect the overall inventory and wholesale counter display cost.  


The real estate expression, location… location… location, is just as important when it comes to your counter top display. While some stores or other venue locations may not give you much of a choice with your counter top display location, many will actually request your thoughts. The location of a counter top display isn’t just where people pass by, but rather where people will linger. For example, the reason why you see so many displays in a checkout lane is because people are prone to waiting in line. The longer someone waits, the more likely they are to see and purchase an item.  

So, as you focus no the graphics and images of your wholesale counter display keep in mind that the amount of product in your display, overall appeal, and location are as equally important when it comes to standing out as are your graphics.

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