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Shipping Boxes / RSC Main

At Cactus Containers, we custom build shipping boxes to your specifications. Enhance your brand name recognition with a custom printed shipping box with your logo, text and design of your choice.

Need a stronger box? Choose heavy duty double wall custom built corrugated shipping boxes and to insure the protection of your products during transit, complement it with our box dividers and custom foam inserts.

No project is too small or too big. The larger is the order, the bigger is the discount. Request now a free quote.

Types of Shipping Boxes / RSC Main

Regular Slotted Cartons

The Regular Slotted Carton is the most common shipping and storage box. These are strong cost effective boxes, and are made to size. Make them heavy duty for big industrial parts or small for light weight items.

Custom Mailers

Mailers are a one-piece box with an attached, self-locking lid. They are ideal for promotional products for your company as direct mail pieces. Mailers lend a far more attractive and functional aspect to your product as they can be opened and re-closed without any damage to the box itself. These are great for a retail use and can be made with custom insert to hold just about anything.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

You can order custom cardboard boxes in any dimensions with any printings of your choice. Stitched, glued, single wall or heavy duty double and triple walls in an infinite amount of combinations.

Heavy Duty Boxes

Can be made as FOL or RSC depending on the product that goes inside. In FOL (Full OverLap) provides strong protection for shipping on pallets or shipping as is. Made to fit your product perfectly. Plain or printed. Great in conjunction with a foam insert made to your specifications.

Full Overlap Cartons

This style is made from a one piece blank, where the outer flaps overlap the full width of the box. The full overlap box is especially resistant to rough handling and is ideal for boxes with relatively narrow widths. These boxes are great for heavy metal products and have good stacking strength.

Five Panel Wrap

The Five Panel Wrap is made from one piece of cardboard. These boxes are great for wrapping around a product that has to be carefully packed. This box design has good stacking strength and is easy to tape closed.

Corrugated Box Trays

These topless boxes are great for storing bottles or parts containers. Essentially simply a tray to hold other objects, this style works great to hold case lots of other products. Available in slotted and die cut styles, you can make these as plain or as fancy as you want them. There great for internal packaging too.

Telescoping Box

This box style is made from 2 pieces - one body blank and one lid blank. Both corrugated pieces are shipped flat and can be assembled using stitches, staples, or adhesive to adhere the corners. It has a sturdy lid and doesn't require any fastenings to close the box.

RSC With Variable Flaps

The Regular Slotted Container with Variable Flaps (RSCVF) style of box is similar to the RSC box, except the outer flaps overlap by an inch or more…

Half-Slotted Box With Cover

The Half-Slotted Box with Cover (HSC) is frequently used for both shipping and shelf storage, and in applications where the cover must be removed and replaced frequently…

Double Cover Boxes

The Double Cover (DC) is frequently used for tall or heavy products that would be difficult to lower into a box. The product is placed on the bottom cover, and the center is placed over the product. The two interchangeable covers (top and bottom) of the DC box are tray style and usually extend only a few inches down the center body.