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Customer Testimonials

With over 35 years packaging experience under our belts, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of customers. And with each and every customer, we provide the same care and attention to detail that keeps them coming back again and again. Over that time, some of our customers have expressed their satisfaction in dealing with us.

Here are what some of those customers have to say:


Hi Linda,

Cactus Corrugated has always met our needs and has become a solid, reliable partner for Ode a la ROSE. Not only the quality of their products has always exceeded our expectations, they also provide excellent customer service. Overall, we appreciate their very efficient service and on time deliveries. I would fully recommend this very well established and professional company.

Kind regards,


Ode a la ROSE

Dear Doug,

I cannot thank you and your team enough. Getting this order built and out the door was an
extremely difficult process aggravated by our dragging our feet in committing to the order.
The feedback I am getting from the teams includes words like “fabulous”, “wonderful”,
“beautiful” and “great”. We are very pleased with the results of your work and the
accomplishments of your design team.

Please thank everybody in your team for their efforts well beyond the call of duty.

Your brother in Christ,

Holland Kendall, President

Kendall Optometry Ministry, Inc.

Jeffersontown, KY


Glad you got the wine safe and sound. See what great packaging we have?

🙂 We are so proud to offer our wine in the packaging you guys made for us. We are having so much fun helping people celebrate life. We think of this business as a greeting card on a bottle of wine. With the holidays coming up, we know we will get to see even more greetings pass from one person/business to another.

We look forward to when we have to reorder from you guys!



Wine Greetings

Valley Center CA

“Despite my tight deadlines & finicky design requirements, Cactus
Containers has repeatedly delivered on-time & on-budget. I frequently
recommend their services to our peers in Southern California. I know
that my money is well spent with Cactus!”



Anyway, much thanks and appreciation for your guidance in choosing the proper packing methods. It is because of the correct selection and method of packing that I am being reimbursed for the damage. Had it been single walled cardboard and polystyrene corners, I would have certainly been crying the blues!
UPS claims department called today and we went over the details regarding the damaged amplifier. UPS has agreed to pay the claim.

Thanks for your help and support.

Henry Clift

Jaguar Amplification


First, let me say that the boxes are very nice and the quality of work meets and/or exceeds our expectations.

John P. Carruthers


FloralSource International, L.L.C.

“Our studio produces complex training and product kits for a major US clothing retailer. The box is the first thing that employees and managers see when the kits arrive at stores– Cactus has helped us create eye-catching, colorful, and unique boxes and to design boxes that can hold and securely ship a variety of items. They have stretched the limits of corrugated. And, they have always come through on tight deadlines.”

Philip Krayna, Principal

Philip Krayna Design, Berkeley CA

Dear Doug,

I desperately wanted to call you on Wednesday to give you a HUGE thank you, but I was tied up getting that direct mailer through final assembly and shipping. Being tied up yesterday with that project was a great thing though, because somehow you and the folks at Cactus Containers were able to complete the reprint on our platforms pretty dog gone quick.Well, our mailing project got out the door on Wednesday, and we could never have made that happen without you and I want to sincerely thank you and everyone who made this possible. In fact, I was very pleased with the second batch of inserts and that the back of the inserts were plain and not black. On the first platforms, we noticed that some of the black from the backs rubbed onto the white fronts during shipping. This didn’t happen with the second batch, which was great and made the mailer look even better.

Not only was it a pleasure working with you on this project, but everyone at our office (client included) was extremely pleased with the end product that you produced. From the cost of the project to the prototype process to receiving the end materials, this was a great project.

The art department at AMPM is also very excited, because with the customized mailer that we were able to put together with you and the pricing of it, we see a new door opened up to us to expand on our creative on future projects knowing that Cactus Containers is a great source to work through.

Again, I want to thank you and the rest of the crew at Cactus Containers for producing a great product and everyone at AMPM is looking forward to working with you again.

Amy K. Paeth

AMPM, Inc.


I just received the blue shipping containers today. Thanks so much for everything. You have always been great to work with, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!

Jenny Payne

Research and Development

J&L Marketing, Inc.

“Back on January 17, I called you folks to see about obtaining a non-standard bin box. The size is 2.5 inches wide by 4 inches high by 25 inches long. At the end of last week we received the full order of 100 pieces. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. You turned around the order very quickly, while checking in with me at each step.”

Robert Bernstein

Senior Design Engineer

“I wanted to send you an email to let you know what a FANtastic job Cactus did on our Super Bowl box. Our client at Sun Microsystems loved it! I was pleased with the high quality of printing, and the precision of the diecut involved, which made shipping easy. The box was clean and extremely professional. I was, and continue to be impressed with your customer service and your ability to meet my clients demanding deadlines. Most importantly, I appreciate the ability Cactus has in maneuvering art, thereby, saving time to do other projects and solving any problems in time delay. There will be no question that I will have your company bid on future projects of ours.”

D. Terry Earlywine,


Earlywine Design, LLC

“Working with Cactus is truly an enjoyable experience. The sales staff works with you every step of the way providing insight into the creative design and complete management of the production process. Working with Cactus has given us a feeling of security, allowing us to concentrate on other aspects of our business.”

Ken Barnum

Marketing Manager

Connect To America, Inc.

Shelton, CT

“We received the boxes and they’re awesome! They look so great – so much more that we ever expected! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and we look forward to doing more projects with you!”

Kia Bocko

Executive / Production Assistant

Pink Sneakers Productions

“The boxes are SO PERFECT. Thank you, and the staff for a great job. We starting to fill them to go on my summer of Mama Chisari’s Biscotti promotion. Again, Thank You.”

Vivian L. Chisari

Celebrations Catering & Bakery

Hi Doug,

We’re enjoying the boxes, they’re great, and I’m really impressed with you guys for flexibility, turnaround and price. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. Would it be possible for Linda to send a final invoice?



Sean E. George Ph.D.

COO / Navigenics, Inc.

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