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Shipping Supplies

Recently, Cactus realized that we could offer our customers so much more in terms of their packaging solutions. So we decided to extend our business into the other side of packaging – shipping. We have now extended our services to include everything from custom printed tapes retail bags to internal foam support for your products.

We serve the US South Western region including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Marcos.

Since custom packaging and shipping supplies are a custom order, we encourage you to call us at our toll free number 1-888-776-8000 or email us.

Types of Shipping Supplies

Custom Printed Tape

Cactus Containers offers printed packing tape in a number of colors, sizes and types. Imagine the impact your product will make when the outer box is sealed with your logo or name! There are two types of tape that can be printed on, poly-pro which is a white tape and PVC tape which is much stronger and has more stretch to it.

Corner Protectors

Cactus Containers offers custom corner protectors in a number of colors, sizes and types. These can be made of either foam or cardboard and are excellent when packing or shipping slender or fragile items. Corner Protectors ensure that your product doesn't get jostled or damaged in the shipping process. Invaluable for fragile objects that are not very wide.

Custom Foam Inserts

When shipping your product, foam inserts make sure that it gets there in one piece - NOT pieces. Cactus offers custom fitted foam inserts to go with your custom designed boxes. We think that the safer your product is, the more you can focus on other things. Custom foam inserts offer a little piece of mind that can’t usually be found when dealing with shipping companies. Make sure it gets there in perfect condition.

Custom Printed Bags

Perfect for any retail outlet or store, these bags add a touch of class to your customer’s shopping experience and can also help to attract more customers to your business. Imagine if Safeway didn’t have their logo on their bags. What sort of impact would that have on their business? Personally we don’t want to crunch those numbers, but we can say that those bags do have a positive influence on other potential customers. Its time that you reap those benefits, custom printed bags will add a whole new dimension to your retail outlet.