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Box Accessories

Cactus Corrugated Containers not only can design great boxes and Displays for your products and retail outlets but we also have Box Accessories such as Box Dividers and Pads. Plus we have Stock E-Liquid Box Dividers to fit standard USPS Flat Rate large shipping boxes.

Our custom dividers can be made right to your requirements for cell size and cell count. These Box Dividers are designed to fit either your existing box dimensions or we can custom make a box to fit the Dividers. Depending on your product and the weight, we offer these custom Dividers on many grades of Chipboard and Corrugated Boards. We can even make them on Corrugated Plastic.

If you are looking for the best packaging protection Cactus Corrugated Containers can design a Custom Foam Insert that is right for you. These Custom Foam Inserts can be die cut to match the shape of a part you are shipping in a Box for the ultimate protection in Shipping. We have many types of foam such as Ether, Polyethylene , Expanded Polystyrene also know as Styro Foam to create any insert for you.

Corrugated Box Pads are a good way to layer products in a box with the use of custom Dividers. Pads can be used by them self to add extra protection for your product in a shipping box. Corrugated Box Pads can be made with Double Wall and Single wall and to any size that is needed to fit your shipping box right.

Corner Protectors are not just for pictures. We make custom corner protectors in Corrugated and in Polyethlene. These are perfect for heavy items shipping in a box to keep them from damage.

Types of Box Accessories

Box Accessories / Box Dividers

Using intersecting sheets of cardboard material, dividers create separate compartments within a larger box. Dividers are perfectly suited to help a product maintain a certain position or to cradle fragile objects. Our dividers come to you assembled to save you time and money.

E-Liquid Box Dividers

These stock dividers have 81 individual cells each for safe shipping of e-liquid bottles typically used for e-cigarettes. This dividers are built to fit perfectly in a standard USPS flat rate shipping box.

Corrugated Box Pads

Pads are plain sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to your specifications. Pads are often used to separate layers of product within a box and are excellent for unique promotional materials. Using scoring, pads can be made to fit any sort of product dimensions and can bend and curve as you wish - perfect for keeping products where you want them to be. Available in any size, materials and printing types, consider using pads when ordering your next box.

Corner Protectors

Cactus Containers offers custom corner protectors in a number of colors, sizes and types. These can be made of either foam or cardboard and are excellent when packing or shipping slender or fragile items. Corner Protectors ensure that your product doesn't get jostled or damaged in the shipping process. Invaluable for fragile objects that are not very wide.

Custom Foam Inserts

When shipping your product, foam inserts make sure that it gets there in one piece - NOT pieces. Cactus offers custom fitted foam inserts to go with your custom designed boxes. We think that the safer your product is, the more you can focus on other things. Custom foam inserts offer a little piece of mind that can’t usually be found when dealing with shipping companies. Make sure it gets there in perfect condition.