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How to Use a Custom Printed Display Box

custom counter top display boxes
Businesses that use a custom printed display box often miss out on many opportunities because they do not use them properly. The boxes offer an opportunity for a business to increase the amount of things they sell and they offer a product the opportunity to attract new customers. This only happens if both the business selling the product and the business that makes the product use the boxes the right way.

What the Maker of the Product Needs to Do

Before the custom display boxes reach the store, it has to be designed to hold the product. There are several elements that have to be considered when designing one of these boxes.

  • The size – The size of display boxes can vary widely. It depends on the size of the product and how much of the product is go be displayed. Storage of the boxes should also be considered. If the boxes are too large, a business may not want to use them. If they are too small, they may not be able to get the return on investment that they should.
  • The style – There are generally two styles of display boxes to choose from. Shelf display boxes and standalone displays are the most common. The display needs to fit both the product and the business they will be used in.
  • The graphics – The reason that display boxes are used is to attract the attention of the customer. The graphics on a custom printed display box plays a large role in this. Designing graphics that sell the product and that let people know what the product is, takes a lot of work and needs to be done right.

What the Business Needs to Do

No matter how great a display box is, if the business that is supposed to display it does not do their job, it will not work. The business also needs to make sure they take care of certain things.

  • Placement – Custom display boxes need to be placed where customers can see them. If they are standalone displays, they should not be placed in a corner of the store. Shelf display boxes are often best used near a register where the customer is more likely to make an impulse buy.
  • Upkeep – The business needs to make sure that the display boxes are stocked and that they do not get damaged, if the display boxes are used outside, damage from weather needs to be taken care of. A display box that looks like it is in bad shape can do more harm than good.

When both parties work together to use display boxes the right way, they both can be successful.

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