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Using Regular Slotted Cardboard Boxes

Online businesses may realize they need to use regular slotted cardboard boxes. They need the boxes because they are shipping products to their customers. The problem for many online businesses is that they think of the boxes as an afterthought. They do not realize how important they can be to the success or failure of their business. If they would take some time to learn the best ways to use these boxes, they could find it easier to succeed.

Why are the Boxes Important?

Some online businesses will think that a box is a box. They will figure that if they can shove their products into a box, and slap a shipping label on it, their job is done. The reality is that they may end up losing more money doing business this way than they think. There are a few reasons that this can happen.

  • Proper fit – It is not good enough to choose any box for shipping products. If the box is too big, it will require more packaging material and that will add to the cost for the business. If the box is too small, it may not end up with enough packaging materials and the product may become damaged during shipping. This will cost the business to replace the damaged or broken products. By turning to custom RSC cartons, it is possible to get boxes that fit the products being shipped.
  • Wasted time – The faster that a product can be packaged and the easier it is to prepare for shipping, the less money is spent on the labor of the business. Regular slotted cardboard boxes are easy to construct, fill, seal and ship and that means less wasted time.

Using the Boxes

The ease of use of the RSC cartons is one of the benefits that online businesses will appreciate. Some of the things that make them easy to use include:

  • Storage – Until the boxes are needed, they can be flattened and stacked for storage.
  • Closing – When the box is needed, the flaps of the box can be easily closed and sealed. When the box is filled, the top flaps are closed and sealed easily.
  • Labeling – The boxes can either use preprinted labels for shipping or they can include custom graphics and print that can help advertise the business that is shipping the products. It represents a great opportunity for many businesses to create brand awareness.

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