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The Importance of a Good Box Insert

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Many online businesses that ship products to their customers make a big mistake because they do not bother with finding a good box insert. It is happening every day. People order something from an online website. They wait anxiously for it to arrive. When it does arrive, people look at the box and begin to open it. When they open up the product inside, they realize that it is broken. This leads to a lot of headaches for different people.

The person that received the damaged product expects to get what they paid for and they contact the company they bought the product from. That company may try to blame the shopper and try to make them pay for it. Regardless of how it works out in the end, someone is out money, whether it is the customer, the shipper or the seller. All of this can often be avoided if a good box insert had been used in the first place.

What does the Insert Do?

Most boxes that are used to ship products are bigger than the product themselves. That means the shipper has to include some type of material to keep the items inside the box from shifting around during the shipping process. If a product is not very fragile and is not likely to be broken if it is shaken around, the type of packaging material does not have to be very protective. The more fragile a product is, the more important the packaging material becomes.

An insert is designed to fit around a product. If foam inserts are used, it can actually conform to the shape of the product. That gives the product even more protection. The product is held securely in place to prevent it from moving around. The insert protects the product from being struck by anything during the shipping. The result of the use of inserts is products that are delivered without any damage and no money is lost by anyone involved.

Businesses that are shipping products need to decide when it makes sense to use foam inserts or any other inserts in their boxes. The answer is often based on the cost of the inserts versus the likelihood that the product can be damaged during shipping. That cost has to include the value of a happy customer that receives a product that is undamaged. While it is not always easy to figure out when to use these in a business, it is often smart for online businesses to err on the side of caution.

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