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Improving Sales with Cardboard Displays

Custom Counter-Top Display Boxes
The cardboard displays are normally used to encourage impulse buying, including the counter top display and the stand-up display. These types of unit are proven to increase the sales of a certain product because of its attractive appearance that promotes the product itself. The idea of these cardboard displays began in the 18th century that improved and developed throughout the years.

How do the cardboard displays increase the sales? These units can attract the customers, especially the counter top display that is usually placed on the counter, just in time when the customers are ready to buy. These are usually colorful and designed in a way that customers will be informed that there are promos, sales, and discounts on that certain product. However, not all cardboard displays are compelling. So, there are some things that one should consider when getting these displays as promotional materials.

Visually Attractive

First and foremost, all cardboard displays should be visually attractive. The graphics, design, colors, and shapes should be able to have a bright modern look that any age will look into. For example, gums and chocolates are usually placed on the counter and the counter top display is usually colorful, bright, and enticing with retail products on it. As a result, customers will then pick up a product just in time before paying at the counter.

Accurate Information

Not all cardboard displays have products or items on it. There are units that only contain texts and information, especially the counter top display that is shaped like a rectangular pyramid. This type of cardboard display entices the customer to inquire about the product. All of the information should be accurate and well-written to be able to attract the customer to buy the product. Misleading information will never yield good results and this might even drive the potential customer away.

Does Not Use Too Much Space

Yes, cardboard displays should be enticing with “big fonts and big designs”, but that does not mean that these should also be big that these already occupy a lot of space. For example, a counter top display should not block the whole counter, making the customers lack space when dropping off their items. The same goes with the stand-up display; the display should not be blocking passages and hallways, making it impossible for the people to pass by.

Remember, cardboard displays are proven to be an effective tool in boosting sales, but there are things that need to be considered, in order to ensure that the customers will still be comfortable.

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