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Why Market Your Products Using Corrugated POP Displays

pop custom counter top displayOnce businesses dispatch their products to retailers, they often leave the issue of how they will be displayed up to the stores. However, with corrugated POP displays, there is more control over how these products will be seen by shoppers.

When designing a point-of-purchase display corrugated options tend to be preferred over alternatives like plastic and wood. This is because they are affordable, easier to assemble, environmentally friendly, and can be customized.

While they are an additional investment from the manufacturer or distributor of the product, there are good reasons to want to have corrugated POP displays used at retailers.


POP displays are made to distinguish products from what competitors are offering. They are their own separate display from normal shelves, making it easier to grab the attention of shoppers. They can be customized in a variety of ways to draw attention including using bold colors and incorporating interactive features. They can also be used to display additional information about the products than what you would find on normal shelves. This makes for a more engaging and informative experience with potential buyers that will entice them to give the product a try.

This is especially helpful when launching new products. Also, ensure the design matches the interest of the targeted market. For instance, colorful displays that are short are great for products marketed at kids as they will be able to more easily notice it and be drawn in.

Encourages Impulse Buying

Once the display captures the attention of shoppers, it provides an excellent opportunity to market directly to them. The attraction that draws them in will also increase the likelihood they will want to try the product. This is why such displays are best stocked with smaller-sized packages of the product. Discount pricing is a good complement that will encourage the shopper to choose this product as it is cheaper than other competing brands.

Easier Merchandising

Many brands employ merchandisers to go around stores and ensure their products are well displayed on shelves. Using POP displays can help cut back on the need to employ such staff as these displays are set apart on their own and thus unlikely to confuse store staff on where and how best to display the products on the shelf.

Positive Perception

When you have a well-designed POP display, shoppers will often get the impression that the product being marketed is also of good quality. This positive perception makes it easier to convince them to try the product without much prodding.

Why Use Corrugated POP Displays For Your Next Product Launch

Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays
The retail market is highly competitive. Whatever product you intend to release, there are probably several other variants of similar quality on the shelves. It can be difficult to carve out a niche unless you find a way to distinguish your product.

Corrugated pop displays are a great way to achieve this. When well positioned in stores, they can be very useful in attracting customers that may buy the product. Here is why you should make their use a part of your early marketing efforts.

Capture Attention

Drawing attention to a new product can be hard. As said, there are often other similar competing products on the shelves that people are accustomed to buying. However, with colorful counter top display units, it becomes possible to get them interested in the new offering. Capturing the attention and interest of shoppers is the first step in building your own market share.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Having a colorful and vibrant display tailored for the target clientele is vital. When undertaking such marketing efforts, you need to consider what your target market finds appealing and incorporate this into the design of the counter top display units. For instance, flashing lights and cartoon imagery will work better on younger kids’ toy displays than perfumes targeted at older women.

The design should also make your product appear distinct from the competition. Whatever choice of colors and other features should not cause confusion with other products. Giving a unique showing is important in trying to make your product appear fresh and distinct.

Building Hype

It is good to build an air of excitement around a new product. This helps to get people interested in trying it out, even if just once. This is why vibrant displays are more successful than sedate ones. Even when targeting an adult audience, you still need to ensure their interest has been aroused to tempt them into making that first purchase or picking a sample.

Inform The Public

Besides exciting the audience, the corrugated pop displays should also impart knowledge. People need to be able to gain good insight into what the product is about from just a glance. From the use of imagery to taglines, it should be clear what the product is named and its purpose. This is the basic information that should be easily indicated on the display. You can add more detailed information like ingredients and address of the manufacturer on the product packaging itself.

Tips To Drawing Attention To Your Pop Displays

Custom Counter-Top Shipper Displays
Point of purchase or pop displays are a popular in-store form of promotion that can often be a hit or a miss. A lot of impulse buying is driven by how advantageously certain products are displayed. It could be a promotion that allows customers to take advantage of a discount or the marketing of a new product they have never seen before. Whatever the reason behind setting up these displays, here is how you can boost their visibility and impact.


When people are walking up and down aisles in a store, it is because they are mainly looking for specific items on their shopping list. They will hardly take time to look at information about an unfamiliar product they do not need. That is why point of purchase displays work best in areas where customers are forced to become a captive audience. And this is when queuing for checkout. Positioning your display near the counters will provide an opportunity for customers to examine the display as they wait their turn and be tempted to pick a sample.

Sample Sizes

To encourage sampling, the product should either be free or low cost. Creating sample sizes of your product is a good way to encourage people to buy as the cost is minimal to their wallets. And with a small size they will feel less worried about waste if they realize they do not like the product after all. For food items, you may want to consider supermarket display stands for food tasting.

Use Marketers

Having someone at the display to help encourage people to approach and try a product is ideal. Many will be unsure if the item is a free sample or is discounted. A staff standing right there can quickly clarify and engage the customer in further discussion that will encourage them to make a trial. Push selling has long proven highly effective in making people feel obligated to make a purchase because they took up the marketer’s time.

Make The Display Pop

A colorful eye-catching design can do much to appeal to buyers. Especially when the target audience is children. They will naturally be drawn to the pop displays and will often try and get their parent or guardian to make a purchase. Tailor your display to appeal to your target audience for the best results. You can even enhance the display with light fixtures, video screens, or interactive tablets. Whether it is a countertop or stand up display, you should take advantage of any exposed space to make a positive visual impact.

Point of Purchase Displays vs Point of Sale Displays: What’s the Difference?

Custom counter top display

POP or Point of Purchase refers to in-store areas where interaction between customers and products occur. It can be something like the shelf facings, promotional materials, or specialized Point of Purchase displays. POP is where a customer is considering buying a product. On the other hand, POS or Point of Purchase refers to interactions between customers and products in the area where the actual sale of products happens. These interactions occur near the checkout area in a retail store or the register. POS displays are found close to the checkout area.

POP Displays for Retail Stores

Retail stores have various sales strategies aimed at boosting sales of products. POP displays offer an intuitive way to place products directly into the path of shoppers in a retail store. Apart from the regular aisle shelf, you can add facings using these displays and shoppers will be more likely to select your products over those of competitors.

POP displays are designed for larger products or larger quantities of products. The products that feature in these displays are those already likely to be on the customers’ shopping list. They can also be used for temporary promotions and sales. In-store owners use POP displays to push different packaging options and raise brand awareness. The displays are versatile and ensure the mobility of the display.

POS Displays for Retail Stores

Retail stores use POS displays because they are placed in locations that almost guarantee the shoppers will see or encounter the product during their shopping since every shopper has to check out at the register or checkout counter. These displays are ideal for products that perhaps don’t appear on the shoppers’ shopping list. However, encountering the products can trigger a purchase.

POS displays work best for smaller products like bottled soft drinks, candy bars, and cosmetic products such as lip balms or even magazines, pens, and batteries. Brands may use the displays to push promotions. Point of Sale displays provoke impulse buys while also being able to raise brand awareness.

The Wrap Up

POP displays occupy floor spaces within a store, but they could also be found on walls and windows. They take the form of signs and are considered an ideal way to help brands raise awareness about new products, promotions, and specialty packaging, for example, a pack of six beverage bottles rather than a single bottle. When it comes to POS, they serve a similar purpose to POP – to draw the attention of shoppers to your product. Think of the magazine racks you find next to the counter or the confectionery displays that you pass by while completing your purchase at the cashier.

When deciding on what designs to use for your Point of Purchase display, you need to look at the branding, communication, color themes, location, and space. With corrugated POP displays, they are sturdy and can be customized to feature the design elements you want depending on the audience you are targeting and the products you are promoting or selling. An important thing to mention here is that you should make the design unique so that it stands out.

What are the Benefits of Cardboard POP Displays?

The key for many businesses is sales. It does not matter if a business has a product that is sold in a store or if it is the stores that are trying to sell many different products to the consumer. The more that can be sold, the more money that can be made. It is important for businesses to be able to get as many sales out of every customer that they can. One of the tools that they have is the use of cardboard POP displays.

When a consumer goes into a store, they often have an idea of what they are looking for. Despite looking for a specific item, many consumers end up walking out buying other things that they did not plan on. They made an impulse buy. The more impulse buys that a business can get, the more successful they can be. Cardboard POP displays can be a key to driving impulse buys.

What do they do?

The best displays are put in the places that people are stopped at in a store. Cardboard display boxes placed close to a register are some of the best sales techniques for a business. When a person is standing in line waiting for their turn, their eyes will look around. If they notice a display box, they may be interested in what is inside. A good display box will not only be able to catch the consumer’s eye, it will also give them the information that will make them want to buy what is inside. Even though the person did not walk into the store thinking they would buy the product on display, they will recognize it as something they want or need and add it to their purchase. The result is an increase in sales for the business and for the product that is being displayed.

Keys to effective displays

The key to effective cardboard display boxes is placement. They need to be put in a place that customers will see them. They also need to have something on them that will make people notice them. The shape or size of the display and the graphics that are displayed will help make them noticeable. If they are put in a place where people can stop and look at them, they will be an effective sales tool. Business and trade shows can benefit from the use of these displays. Any business that wants to increase their sales will realize that this is a tool they should be using.

How to Use Corrugated Display Boxes

Retail stores that are successful are able to do many things well. They are able to provide people with the products that they want. They are able to sell them at the right price. They provide the service that customers are looking for. On top of all that, successful stores know how to get the most from every person that walks through their doors. One of the ways they do that is by using cardboard displays.

The displays are designed to attract a customer’s attention. They are supposed to make a person want to buy something that they may not have been thinking about. Cardboard displays can be used inside or outside of the store. They can be used to advertise a specific product or they can be used to advertise something else for a business.

It is not enough to have the displays if a business wants to be successful. They also have to be used in the right way to build business for the businesses. It is important that a business considers the place where the display will be used and what they want to achieve with the display. Once they understand those two things they can figure out exactly how they can use them.

If a display is going to be used for an extended period of time and if it needs to be sturdy, the use of corrugated display boxes may be appropriate. These are stronger and able to hold products in a very appealing way.

The material used for the displays will depend on where it is placed. If it is in a high traffic area or exposed to the weather outside, the material needs to be something that will be able to hold up under those conditions.

The graphics in the display are also very important. Corrugated display boxes can be a canvas that will excite the customers that see it. Graphics on the boxes should be bright and easy to read. They should deliver a message that can be understood quickly. The displays that are used are supposed to get people to buy something that they may not have thought about before they came into the store. The displays need to convey the message that allows customers to learn about what is offered, but more importantly, it should make them realize that they need to have it. It is not always easy to do, but the successful retail stores are able to accomplish it.

What a Cardboard Display Box Can Do

One of the best ways to sell products is through point of sale advertising. This type of marketing can be used to help shoppers make impulse buys. They may not have thought they needed the product, but they saw it and they decided to buy it. The products sold through this method can bring in more money for the business that they may not have gotten otherwise. One of the keys to point of sale marketing is the use of a cardboard display box.

A cardboard display box is made to hold the product in a way that is easy to display and is appealing to the customers. If a printed display box is used, the effect can be even more dramatic. These display boxes can help in a variety of ways to do many things for a business.

  • They can be placed in locations where customers have to stand for a few minutes. If the display boxes are placed at a register, the customers in line will see what they have inside and may decide that it is something worth buying.
  • They can be used to attract attention to the product. The printed boxes can catch the customer’s eyes. They can be placed in locations where the business wants to draw customers to. Not only will the customers see the products in the cardboard display box, they may also be attracted to other products that are placed nearby.
  • They can create brand recognition. The use of graphics is one of the most important parts of a printed display box. They can help build a brand or logo for the product they are holding or for the business. They will not only help sell what is inside the display box, they will provide information that can help bring the customer back to the product or business later.

It is important to think about several things when designing these boxes.

  • The size of the box – This will depend on where it is placed and what it has to hold. It needs to be large enough for people to see without being so large that it does not fit where it is needed.
  • The graphics – The graphics should do two things. They should catch the customers attention and they should provide information that the customer wants and will remember.

They should display the product well – The box should be able to display the product in an appealing way and it should also keep the product from being damaged while it is stored.

How To Use Cardboard POP Displays

Supermarkets found a marketing secret that most consumers are not even aware they are using. They put the items that they want to sell at the front of the aisles. People see these displays and think that this must be a good deal or it must be something they need. They purchase the things found at the end of the aisle more often. This marketing secret can be used by many businesses, even if they do not have any aisle ends to display merchandise. They can instead use cardboard POP displays.

How to use them

The idea behind these displays is to attract the customer’s attention. They should be placed in high traffic areas. They can be used to display products or they can be used to help people find specific products. They can be used to inform the customer of something that may make the customer purchase certain items. There is no limit to the ways that these cardboard POP displays can be used for marketing purposes.

The displays are designed to get the customer thinking about something. That is the trick to point of sale advertising. The displays can remind the consumer of a product or a brand that they know, but had not been thinking about. They can be used to market special events in a business. They are a great way for a business to improve their brand recognition. Once people recognize a brand or logo, they are more likely to buy it and that is the goal of any type of marketing.

Getting the right displays

It is important to get the right kind of displays. Cardboard is not always the strongest material. It does not stand up well if it gets wet. When using these displays consider using corrugated POP displays. These are stronger and sturdier. They will last longer.

The graphics on the display are another key. These displays are designed to attract people’s attention. They should not be colorless and difficult to see or read. They should be visible from a distance. The words that are used should be large and clear so they can be easily read. The goal of the corrugated POP displays is to attract attention. Make sure the graphics attract the attention instead of deterring away from it.

Point of sale advertising is one of the most cost effective means of advertising. The use of Cardboard POP displays is one of the best types of point of sale advertising, as long as it is used correctly.

Printed Display Boxes Must Advertise

If you have ever gone through a grocery store line, or notice a printed display box on the counter of an office or inside of a department store? If so, it is doing its job. Custom printed display boxes are meant to gain your attention and prompt a sale. If the cardboard display box is full of literature or other items, you are more likely to pick them up if you are intrigued with the box.

Most display boxes come in various shapes, sizes and designs. All are meant to stand out to the client or consumer. When you go to college fairs, job fairs, or other types of marketing events, you generally have the opportunity to engage individuals that stop by your company’s booth or tent. This area will be surrounded by the company’s logo, banners, and other materials that represent your brand or business. Unfortunately, if you are not at a marketing event, you do not have the ability to advertise your product with a booth. Your cardboard display box may be your only advertisement, so choose it well.

Printed cardboard display boxes can: 

  • Hold cosmetics.
  • Store Medicine
  • Keep garments.
  • Hold any other type of product or item you have.

Printed display boxes are your salesperson. They sit on the counter and sell your product or mission. If you want your sales team to be involved, that is fine. Display boxes can have business cards attached to them. This allows the customer to get in touch with your business to make a purchase, or learn more information about your company and mission.

You may have a questionnaire for consumers about future products and services. Set up a free gift of some type in the display box, and attach the questionnaire. Once people take the time to fill out your questionnaire, they can take the free gift you have on display. These boxes can be a successful marketing tool.

In a world of show and not tell, your cardboard display boxes must do just that. Your visual appeal is what makes an individual stop to take a look at what it is your company is selling or passing out. If the display box is not attractive, people will not give it a second glance; however, the more attractive the box is, the more likely people are to purchase whatever is inside of the display. These boxes are not just for storage; they are meant to advertise!

When you want advertisement done right, you want Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc. Give us a call today!

Point of Purchase Displays

You want to put your product out on display but you want to be really careful as to how it looks in people’s eyes. Anyone that sells anything can tell you that the key to buying is buying with the eyes. People eat with their eyes…people buy with them, too. Putting your product in a normal cardboard box doesn’t really give the impression that you’re trying to dazzle them with your products. This is why having point of purchase displays are important for any business or business owner. Displays are often neglected but display boxes help accentuate any product, big or small.

POP displays can be used for just about any occasion whether the items are being sold or not. There are plenty of reasons why these display boxes are so important.

  1. Professional Look – If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might as well look like you know what you’re doing. Because every product is different in size and scope, a professional looking box will suit the product well. It at least breaks away from the drab look of a cardboard box. The product will essentially sell itself.
  2. Customizable – Business owner or not, you can have your boxes customized to add that extra special piece of flare. Have contact information or simply have a cool look to it with lots of colors. In either case, you can’t do that with many display boxes.
  3. Ships Well – Shipping a product is key and important, too. When shipping to clients or even to friends and families, point of purchase display boxes are good options. It is especially important when it comes to shipping in bulk.

Regardless of what a person needs to display, various forms of boxes are needed. As a general practice, it’s good to break out of the mindset that a box is a box. Boxes do serve a particular purpose – not just for storing items or packing items away. If you are a business owner or need to adequately and successfully display items then you can order them online from a company like Cactus Containers. It is unlikely you will find a place at your local office store that will serve your purpose.

Buying these boxes are effective for you and your bottom line. Give them a try and see for yourself. A person withPOP displays will see at least a 20 percent gain in profit. That’s 20 percent better than 0.

POP Displays – Underrated Marketing Tool

You remember the nostalgic days as a child when you would go into a store and admire the soda pop sitting in the aisles. Some days even today you still do it without thinking about it. If it wasn’t for the way the pop was displayed the likelihood of you getting it is was unlikely. However, pop displays were used in effective ways and they really do have an impact on way we sell our products. A plain and simple cardboard box certainly isn’t used to display items. They are squared, and do not hold a lot of features to make people take a second look.

The thing about pop displays is that they hold the pop in a certain way that draws attention and securely holds the item in place. It is, more or less, a marketing tool. Outside of that, this cardboard box holds the purpose of shipping, too. If you are a store owner looking for ways in which to secure your soda or other items safely and securely, hedge your bets on online companies that specifically create and have standard display boxes for just about any occasion.

Many people talk about marketing and advertising as a system of logos, taglines, and genius copywriting that inundate the products. While that is part of what makes good marketing and advertising that is not the end all be all. A much underrated aspect to quality marketing is the box in which the product is placed. Seriously, you would be surprised at how often you divert your eyes to items that are cleverly placed. This happens virtually anytime you walk into a convenience store or a grocery store. Notice yourself doing it the next time you walk into one.

Simple boxes are not just simple boxes anymore. They hold a purpose that is multidimensional and without them, we could be lost. We often take them for granted, picking them up in back alleyways or in dumpsters at shopping centers. But there is higher quality out there. Whatever you need it for: shipping, displaying, custom gift boxes and everything in between, there are online stores that can do anything and everything with it. Don’t take cardboard boxes for granted anymore. They are in more helpful in our lives than they are inconvenient. You’ll see.

Think outside the box (pun fully intended) and explore what one can do for you and your business – or for yourself individually.