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Key Benefits Of Investing In Point Of Purchase Displays

POP display box
Point of purchase displays or POP displays are a popular marketing tool used by brands to advertise products directly to shoppers in stores. They come in different designs like freestanding or endcap displays. No matter the setup, the goal is usually the same. To inform the customer about the product being promoted, provide helpful information, and encourage them to make a purchase. The cost of these displays is typically covered by the brand owners and depending on the design, can be quite a hefty expense. Here is why it is worth the investment.

Targeted campaigns

POP displays are a great way to better target prospective customers than more traditional forms of advertising, like TV or newspaper adverts. The displays appear in front of people that want to shop and can therefore be more easily persuaded into making that purchase.

Educating consumers

The most effective POP displays provide an opportunity to educate shoppers on why they should consider the product. These benefits could be in the form of product information on a poster or playing a running infomercial on a display screen. This added information that would be too much to include on product packaging can help sway opinion, and encourage a shopper to choose the brand over others.

Promote impulse buying

Because POP displays are set up in stores, there is more opportunity to encourage shoppers to impulse buy. They have money to spend, and if they need a particular type of product, it can be easy to entice them into choosing your product with such a display, especially if there is some discount offer or reward attached to the purchase.

Capture attention

Rather than just place the product on normal shelving in the store, alongside the offerings of competitors, using a POP display can be a big help in distinguishing a brand and capturing customer attention better. Even when people are in a hurry, it is still possible to capture their attention and interest if you have a well-designed display. Even for a point-of-purchase display corrugated designs can be integrated with graphics, lighting, and video technology that can more effectively capture attention.


A point of purchase display helps in merchandising products more effectively at the retail level. They help make your products stand apart from the crowd and encourage retailers to provide a dedicated space for the display. Otherwise, the product would just end up on the shelf, blending in with the rest.

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