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Printed Display Boxes Must Advertise

If you have ever gone through a grocery store line, or notice a printed display box on the counter of an office or inside of a department store? If so, it is doing its job. Custom printed display boxes are meant to gain your attention and prompt a sale. If the cardboard display box is full of literature or other items, you are more likely to pick them up if you are intrigued with the box.

Most display boxes come in various shapes, sizes and designs. All are meant to stand out to the client or consumer. When you go to college fairs, job fairs, or other types of marketing events, you generally have the opportunity to engage individuals that stop by your company’s booth or tent. This area will be surrounded by the company’s logo, banners, and other materials that represent your brand or business. Unfortunately, if you are not at a marketing event, you do not have the ability to advertise your product with a booth. Your cardboard display box may be your only advertisement, so choose it well.

Printed cardboard display boxes can: 

  • Hold cosmetics.
  • Store Medicine
  • Keep garments.
  • Hold any other type of product or item you have.

Printed display boxes are your salesperson. They sit on the counter and sell your product or mission. If you want your sales team to be involved, that is fine. Display boxes can have business cards attached to them. This allows the customer to get in touch with your business to make a purchase, or learn more information about your company and mission.

You may have a questionnaire for consumers about future products and services. Set up a free gift of some type in the display box, and attach the questionnaire. Once people take the time to fill out your questionnaire, they can take the free gift you have on display. These boxes can be a successful marketing tool.

In a world of show and not tell, your cardboard display boxes must do just that. Your visual appeal is what makes an individual stop to take a look at what it is your company is selling or passing out. If the display box is not attractive, people will not give it a second glance; however, the more attractive the box is, the more likely people are to purchase whatever is inside of the display. These boxes are not just for storage; they are meant to advertise!

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