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POP Displays – Underrated Marketing Tool

You remember the nostalgic days as a child when you would go into a store and admire the soda pop sitting in the aisles. Some days even today you still do it without thinking about it. If it wasn’t for the way the pop was displayed the likelihood of you getting it is was unlikely. However, pop displays were used in effective ways and they really do have an impact on way we sell our products. A plain and simple cardboard box certainly isn’t used to display items. They are squared, and do not hold a lot of features to make people take a second look.

The thing about pop displays is that they hold the pop in a certain way that draws attention and securely holds the item in place. It is, more or less, a marketing tool. Outside of that, this cardboard box holds the purpose of shipping, too. If you are a store owner looking for ways in which to secure your soda or other items safely and securely, hedge your bets on online companies that specifically create and have standard display boxes for just about any occasion.

Many people talk about marketing and advertising as a system of logos, taglines, and genius copywriting that inundate the products. While that is part of what makes good marketing and advertising that is not the end all be all. A much underrated aspect to quality marketing is the box in which the product is placed. Seriously, you would be surprised at how often you divert your eyes to items that are cleverly placed. This happens virtually anytime you walk into a convenience store or a grocery store. Notice yourself doing it the next time you walk into one.

Simple boxes are not just simple boxes anymore. They hold a purpose that is multidimensional and without them, we could be lost. We often take them for granted, picking them up in back alleyways or in dumpsters at shopping centers. But there is higher quality out there. Whatever you need it for: shipping, displaying, custom gift boxes and everything in between, there are online stores that can do anything and everything with it. Don’t take cardboard boxes for granted anymore. They are in more helpful in our lives than they are inconvenient. You’ll see.

Think outside the box (pun fully intended) and explore what one can do for you and your business – or for yourself individually.

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