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Custom Printed Boxes: Elevating Your Brand’s Packaging

Custom Mailer Box

In today’s competitive market, standing out from the crowd is essential for any business. One effective way to make a memorable impression is through a custom printed box. Whether you’re a small e-commerce store or a large retail brand, investing in custom printed boxes can significantly impact your brand’s visibility and customer experience. In this article, we will explore the importance of custom-printed boxes and how they can elevate your brand. 

Custom Printed Box Brand Recognition 

When it comes to packaging, first impressions matter. Custom-printed boxes provide a unique opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity. By incorporating your logo, colors, and design elements onto the box, you create a cohesive brand experience. Every time a customer receives a shipment, they’ll be reminded of your brand, reinforcing brand recognition and recall.  

Differentiating from Competitors 

In a saturated market, it’s crucial to differentiate your products from competitors. Custom-printed boxes allow you to create distinctive packaging that reflects your brand’s values and captures attention. By infusing creativity and unique design elements, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers and stand out from the crowd. 

Custom Printed Box Quality 

Customers appreciate the attention to detail, and custom-printed boxes demonstrate that you care about their experience. A professionally designed box indicates a level of quality and professionalism that builds trust and credibility. When customers receive a well-presented package, it enhances their perception of your brand, leading to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. 

Amplifying Unboxing Experience 

Unboxing has become an exciting part of the customer journey. Custom-printed boxes provide an excellent opportunity to create an unforgettable unboxing experience. Consider adding personal touches like tissue paper, thank-you notes, or branded stickers to surprise and delight your customers. The more memorable the unboxing experience, the more likely customers are to share their excitement on social media, generating free publicity for your brand. 

Custom Printed Box Marketing Reach 

Custom-printed boxes act as mobile advertisements. As your packages travel from your fulfillment center to customers’ doorsteps, they expose your brand to a wider audience. Each time someone sees your branded box, it serves as a mini billboard, creating brand awareness and potentially attracting new customers. By leveraging the power of custom-printed boxes, you turn your packaging into a marketing tool that reaches far beyond your existing customer base. 

Investing in custom-printed boxes is a strategic decision that can have a significant impact on your brand’s visibility, differentiation, and customer loyalty. By incorporating your brand identity into your packaging, you create a cohesive and memorable experience that sets your brand apart. 

Save Money with Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Suitcase Boxes
It is commonplace for a person receiving an item in a custom printed box to assume that it must be expensive packaging. However, even if the item within is costly, it does not mean that the packaging is equally expensive. Many businesses have come to understand that first impressions matter and thus invest in packaging that will make a positive impact. Customizing packaging is certainly more expensive than opting for standard options but may not be as high a price as you might think. There are also ways you can limit this expenditure to ensure you are getting custom printed boxes at the best price possible.  

Custom printed box perfect fit  

The less material that goes into making boxes, the less cost that is attached. Investing in boxes that are as tight a fit around your products as possible will allow you to minimize this expense. Consider the dimensions of the products you usually ship and set specifications for your boxes that leave just enough room for the products and the filler you use.  

A tighter fit will not only lower the cost of having your custom printed boxes made, but it will also better secure the contents, increasing the chances they will arrive at their destination without suffering damage. Where you may have voids due to oddly shaped items being shipped, consider using an insert to eliminate the need for secondary packaging.  

Custom printed box perfect measurements 

Different businesses handle various kinds of products. When choosing what packaging to invest in, you need to ensure that you get the most suitable type of boxes made and to the right specifications. You need to make a good assessment of your needs to ensure you not only get the right packaging made, but also in the right quantity. For instance, if you mostly sell lightweight inexpensive items and just a few heavy expensive items, you will want a bigger stock of regular carton boxes than custom mailers.  

Custom printed box perfect company  

Just as with any other product or service, you will find that the pricing on packaging will vary from one box maker to another. Shopping around will allow you to find out what is reasonable pricing for the types of boxes you want. You may even find that some manufacturers do provide design services that will aid you in deciding the look and specifications of your custom printed box. Avoid choosing the cheapest quote as this often means ending up with substandard packaging. Focus on those that are offering you substantial value for money and value-adding services.

Benefits of Investing in Custom Printed Boxes

custom printed box, set up box
A customized box can come at a cost, but it speaks volumes about your business. There are many ways in which the packaging of your products is important to your customers. Custom designs and packaging are a way of letting customers know you care about how they view your brand. There is no doubt that your product’s quality matters more, but custom printed boxes set you apart from the crowd.

Regardless of the type of business you run, look at the benefits of investing in customized printed boxes.

It Meets Customer Expectations

From state of the art website designs to product labels, a customer today expects a lot more than in previous years. The outward appearance of a package can be either appealing or a bore. If you make your packaging attractive, it becomes more noticeable.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to please your customers and potential customers. It can translate to increased sales and therefore higher profit margins.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Imagine the long journey packages travel to various destinations and how many people see or interact with it. There is a possibility that a large amount of people see the package before it reaches its destination. A customized box is crucial for ensuring that the brand image imprints on people’s minds. Human curiosity will drive some people to want to know more about your brand.

It’s an Automatic Marketing Tool

You don’t have to pay for a billboard to market your products or brand any longer. The cost of advertising can be hefty. You can focus your energies on good packaging. Custom printed boxes are an excellent marketing tool. The social platforms love unique packaging, and your popularity can skyrocket in a day. There is a high likelihood that a customer will share photos of either good or bad packaging. Should this happen to be you, it is safer if it is on the positive side.

Your Product’s Quality Will be Perceived Differently

Most people expect the outward appearance of something to match its quality. It’s more of what you see is what you get. When you improve the quality of packaging with some custom design and color, most people will have a better perception of the product. Making your custom packaging look high-end positively affects how customers view your products.

Branding is essential for the growth of a business. Plan for and include product packaging as a way of marketing your brand. Besides, opening a well packaged product feels good.

How Custom Printed Boxes Can Boost Sales

Custom mailer box
One of the impacts of a vibrant economy is that new businesses keep joining the marketplace while older ones expand. For those starting out, this can create a tough market environment as competition can be stiff. Trying to build your own niche in the market requires an entrepreneur to be innovative. One area that though simple, can have a strong impact on this and help to boost sales. This is in product packaging.

With custom printed boxes, it is possible to make a positive impression on potential clients and encourage them to make a purchase. To achieve this, try these simple strategies.

Be Different

It is important to do some research and identify your biggest competitors. Consider their packaging designs and try to differentiate your own. Being distinct means setting yourself apart from the rest. If your packaging is too similar to another company, you may end up boosting their sales instead as buyers become confused and unable to distinguish the different brands. Whatever design you apply to your custom printed box, ensure it is eye-catching with visualizations that clearly identify the contents while portraying your brand as being unique.

Retailer Convenience

If your products require unboxing and shelving at a retailer, ensure the packaging is helpful. If there are expiry dates, have them prominently displayed so the retailer knows the timeline and can promote the product before its shelf life is over. Details such as the number of units per box and sizes can also help make work easier for the retailer.

If being displayed in the custom printed boxes, make the details useful to the consumers. Details such as weight, calories, and ingredients are often a consideration for shoppers. Ensure the sizing of the boxes is also as compact as possible to allow the retailer shelve as large a quantity as possible for the space reserved.

Instead of contact details, make use of scan QR codes on a custom printed box that can take consumers directly to the company website for more information on products and to online stores. With most people now using smartphones, it is a useful technology to leverage.

Go Eco-Friendly

Many consumers today are environmentally conscious and try to patronize companies that share the same ideals. They feel they are making a positive contribution to environmental efforts by choosing to buy from companies that use eco-friendly packaging. Be sure to incorporate his message in your marketing so that customers know that you also support these efforts. It can be a policy that further sets your company apart and influences consumer buying decisions.

Why Online Business Should Use Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping rsc box
Given the fact that customers choose products online, which takes the packaging out of the equation, and that custom printed shipping boxes are often associated only with extra cost, why pay extra money for a more stylish shipping box that may end up in a trash can anyway? It turns out that there are plenty of reasons, but in this article, we are going to present the two most important ones.

First Impressions

There are several main differences between brick & mortar businesses and online businesses. One is that brick and mortar businesses have a large variety of options to choose from in order to make a great first impression for their customers. They can have a great exterior or interior design, attractive location, friendly staff, and comfortable music playing, etc. We can talk about the design of an online store as an equivalent to the interior design or that an eye pleasing interface on the web is similar to an attractive physical location, but there is nothing like physical contact.

Well organized websites may aid customers to order a product, but when the product arrives that is the first impact as the customer engages with it physically. It has become common knowledge that no branding strategy, no matter how good it is, can make up for a terrible first impression. When a customer gets a product delivered that comes in a boring brown box, the first impression is not great. It is much better to spike emotion and interest with custom packaging and give the impression of a dedicated, tidy, thoughtful, and reliable business that “has it all together”. Custom printed boxes can translate that feeling and make customers know that the product has been planned, according to a related concept, every step of the way.

Brand Recognition

The next reason is brand recognition. After a good first impression, the realization that a business has a nice custom package in the first place, and that it has a nice appearance, encourages the customer to engage with the actual content itself and that is when the branding comes in place. Custom printed boxes are an excellent way to be creative and unique which can strike a customer’s eye and make a brand stand out from others in a ruthlessly competitive market. This is where the logo and all-important information about a product are communicated in a desirable way. It will make a person opening a package visualize the experience and create a certain image in the mind which will help distinguish the brand. On the other hand, generic packaging gives away a certain feeling of a product being mass produced without much thought, which takes away from the brand identity. In other words, it seems like the product is for everyone and that the company doesn’t care about its customer, but rather just wants to sell as much as possible.

Custom Printed Boxes for Shipping Items

cardboard boxes

An innovative designed product requires an intuitively made packaging material. Businesses are looking for ways in which they can make their brands and products stand out from the competition. The use of custom printed boxes offers a tailored solution to shipping products. In addition, the competition witnessed in the retail market is compelling businesses to look for unique ways they can present their products to the consumer, and packaging materials come in handy to attain that goal. There are many benefits of using custom shipping boxes and they include: 

Offer Brand Advertising 

You can customize the design aspects of the shipping boxes so that they meet your needs and expectations of the customer. Businesses can print their slogan, logo, and other information that they need to communicate to the consumer. You can even have information about other products and services the company offers printed on the box in addition to the details of the product that’s being packaged in the box. A custom printed mailer gives you a chance to advertise your brand and create awareness of the goods and services you offer to consumers.  

Boost Brand Image 

A customer receiving products packed in custom mailer boxes will be impressed. The boxes create a memorable experience because the items aren’t packed the traditional way. The logo, slogan, or other promotional information provided on the box helps enhance the image of the brand. The business is likely to increase its sales since the customer loves the design of the packaging material. The mailer boxes not only build a professional image but also foster trust in your customers.  

Helps Beat Competition 

In a business environment where there is huge competition, business marketing professionals need to be forward thinkers. You can beat your competitors by using custom boxes that are designed to influence the emotional attachment of customers to your brand and products or services. The packaging will trigger a positive perception of your brand over other brands helping you command a big share of the market sales.   

Whether you are using custom shipping boxes to package and promote items like e-Commerce orders or as gift boxes and promotional kits, you can uniquely design them to reflect your brand features. You can use the boxes to package things like wine and food samples, beauty and makeup products, or clothing and retail items. You are able to boost your business sales while keeping customers glued to your products and services use. The brand image gains big from the design and functionality of the shipping boxes. 

Enhance Your Brand with Custom Printed Boxes

custom suitcase box Patron
Think about the last product you purchased online? Did you notice the packaging? Perhaps, you might have seen a logo of the manufacturer or the seller over the printed box. Most of the time, this is what enticed you to purchase the product.

Custom printed boxes convey a deeper meaning to every buyer indicating a sense of reliability and reputation. The little benefits that they provide are enough to give your business the needed boost. A customized box helps you develop strong branding so people can quickly identify your products and relate to your brand.

Custom made boxes provide more than you think

While some people consider custom packaging to be a complete waste of money and an overhead on the price of the product, it actually contributes mainly to brand identity and consumer awareness. Some of the common reasons for retailers opting for a custom printed box for shipping their products are:

  • Simplify tasks for retailers. – Most retailer market different products from different brands. Receiving packaging with relevant product information will make the task of categorizing each product separately. Products having small units will make it convenient for the retailer to identify them before sorting.
  • Eco-friendly promotion – Customizing your packaging boxes with an attractive design and distinguishable logo can help in the widespread development of your business. With every brand going for environment-friendly alternatives, keeping a check on the eco-friendly option will be great for your brand. Environment-conscious customers are likely to patronize your product because it contributes towards reducing carbon footprint.
  • Stand out from your competitors – With the boom of technology, there is cut-throat competition in the market. Regardless of the product quality, its packaging will contribute towards creating a positive image in the minds of consumers. A custom made box and packaging can help you conquer a significant portion of the market.
  • Technical details – A reliable custom printing company will suggest you include the necessary technical aspects of a product such as the model, size, expiry date, quantity, etc. apart from other shipping details. This helps both the buyer and the seller at the time of delivery.

The positive side of a custom-made box’ cost factor

No one can deny that designing custom printed boxes increases product costs by some margin. But this is only true for products with low market demand. But also consider that an adequately designed custom made box, the need for the product also rises. This, in turn, leads brand participation which is the main ingredient for your business to succeed.

Build Your Business with Custom Printed Boxes

Custom die cut mailer

If your business is relatively new in the retail industry, you should explore every possible avenue that can potentially help your business grow. While you concentrate on advertising and marketing campaigns, you should not ignore simple components of your business as they also have the capability of drawing in customers such as custom printed boxes.

It may be hard to believe that a simple printed mailing box can impact customer behavior but studies and surveys will convince you otherwise. One survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution revealed that over 50% of customers would purchase a product again from the same brand based solely on its packaging. The same survey also showed that 40% of consumers shared photos of deliveries they receive on various social media platforms if they arrived in enticing and unique packaging.

There are many ways on how customized mailing boxes can be advantageous to your business such as the following:

Help Generate Savings

Packaging boxes that are customized to securely fit your product may seem more expensive when you compare it with generic or ordinary boxes. This may be true if you will only consider on price alone but if you take into account all factors you will realize that you can generate more savings if in the end if you used customized boxes.

For one, your goods will be best protected when they are contained in packaging boxes specifically created for them. This means that your customers will receive the products in good condition. If you use ordinary cardboard boxes that can fit, albeit securely, your product, there is a great chance that it would be damaged during the shipping process. When this happens, you have to deal with an angry customer who would most likely never purchase from you again and you have to send a new product that will replace the broken one. You do not only lose financially but you gain a negative reputation as well.

Provide Customer Engagement and Experience

A carefully designed printed mailing box can speak well to your customers. The moment they receive your product enclosed in a unique package, you immediately leave a good impression and provide a satisfying unpacking experience. If you manage to hook your customers, at first sight, they will most likely order from you again and even refer your products to others. If they are so enticed with your customized packaging box that they post it on social media, imagine how much positive attention it will bring to your product.

Create Better Brand Image

When you sell your product, you are also selling who you are as a brand, which is why you should make sure that every time consumers encounter your products, they are filled with a positive impression. If you manage to impress your target customers with your packaging, you will undoubtedly influence their purchasing behavior towards your favor in the future.

New businesses should find consider all possible ways and means to push their business forward. Given the competition in the retail industry, you should not fail to explore how you can use your custom printed boxes to your advantage.

What are Custom Boxes?

Custom mailer box

A box is defined as a container that typically has four sides that are perpendicular to a base and also having some type of top to enclose the container. A box is not the most spectacular thing that people will talk about for a long time. It is a utensil that serves a very useful purpose. The container is able to hold things that people or a business wants. Boxes can be reused and can hold many different things before they are finally discarded. While a box may seem like a simple thing, it is not always that way. When people learn about custom boxes, they soon find out that the simple box is not always so simple.

Custom Boxes

A custom box can start out as a simple box. It is still a container, but it is a container that is designed for specific purposes. Custom boxes can have handles on the lids to make them easier to carry. They can be shaped in such a way that allows them to hold the product inside more securely. The boxes can be folded to divide the interior of the box into sections. It is possible to fold boxes into almost any shape and configuration that people and businesses would want.

The boxes that are custom designed are also often used to display items once the box has been opened. This makes it easier to put products in front of people. It takes less time to display everything and is a less expensive way to do it.

Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes take the idea of having something unique one step further. Adding the graphics to the boxes can help a business let people know what is inside or where the items are coming from. It is a great way to create brand recognition. Taking the time to add graphics to the box is an opportunity that many businesses miss out on.

Custom printed boxes are great when used for displays. They can inform everyone about what is being displayed and why it is being displayed. The more people that get to see the graphics, the more the message that is on the box will spread.

The biggest reason that businesses and people will say they do not use the custom designed boxes or boxes with graphics is the cost of the boxes. They assume that the boxes will cost more, but the reality is that packaging products in boxes that fit the product is worth the extra money that it will cost.

The Different Styles of Custom Print Boxes

Custom die cut mailer box

Today, custom boxes are made in such a way that they suit the customer’s need. They can be made plain or with any number of customizations. Most of them are customized through printing. Printing can be done either on the header or on the entire box. They are, however, different ways that the custom print boxes can be printed. The prints include:

The one color floodcoat is a style of print used on Counter Displays, which is made from corrugated cardboard.

The one color flexographic is a print used in Stand Up Display boxes and Counter Display boxes. The material it is used on is corrugated cardboard.

The two color flexographic matte finish print can be used on the Counter Display boxes with a side brochure holder. The material the print is used on is the corrugated white B Flute. It leads to the customers being able to easily pick up and view the product to the point of taking the brochure.

The two color lithographic laminate print style is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display boxes on the paperboard material. The other print styles that use these boxes and materials are the two color process and two color spot lithographic laminate.

The four color process of custom printed boxes used with Shipper Display boxes use the four color process print style. The material it uses it on is chipboard or paperboard.

The four color lithographic laminate is a print used on the Custom Counter-Top Display box. It is also used on the stand up displays. The print is used on the corrugated cardboard.

The Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box type uses the four color process Lithographic Laminate which works best on the E Flute corrugated board material.

The four color header print is used in the Custom Display boxes. The materials the print works on are the corrugated cardboards.

The four color spot litho laminate is a print used on the paperboard material. The box type that uses this print includes paperboard.

The full color print is used on the Custom Counter-Top Shipper Display box types. It is used on the corrugated material.

The four color lithographic laminate and flood-coated print is used on the Counter Display box type. It is used on corrugated materials.

The different prints enable one to customize their boxes which can be use for display, storage or shipping to attract clients and show how much effort they have taken into their presentation.

Custom Printed Boxes and Their Varieties

A box. What do you think of when you think of a box? Brown color? Square? Closed with packing tape? Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? A box doesn’t have to be boring. A box can be colorful and come in different shapes. A box can enhance your product’s image. A custom printed box can help identify your product from all the other products out there. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of other products that you will be competing against.

Let’s start with a shipping box. It doesn’t have to be plain brown. Remember the cow boxes that Gateway used? Everyone knew the product just from the color design on the box. They really didn’t even have to put their name on the box if they didn’t want to; everyone knew who it was from. Wouldn’t you like your product to have the same kind of recognition? Think color scheme and logo when considering a shipping container. Think shape when picking a shipping container. Square isn’t the only shape. Perhaps rectangle or even a shipping tube would be more appropriate.

Pop up display boxes are uniquely printed to help catch the consumer’s eye and immediately identify your product. The display boxes are designed to hold any amount of product you choose. These boxes keep the products secure and organized making it easy for the consumer to see. Pop up display boxes are not the only custom printed boxes available. There are a number of specialty boxes available for your product. A custom printed setup box can showcase your product to enhance the quality of the product. There are die-cut boxes, ballot boxes, gift boxes, suitcase boxes and wooden boxes to package your product in. The box can close with a magnetic closure, a Velcro closure or close with a conventional flap. All of these boxes can be custom printed for you.

Work with your design team on what type of printing and color to put on the box. Will you use vibrant color with your logo splashed across the box or keep it plain with a classy logo? Will the box be square, rectangle or another shape? Determine the appropriate box and look for your product. You wouldn’t put a pool cue in a square box or package a ring in a shipping tube. Make your box identify your product. Your product should soon be as recognizable as the Gateway products were!

Custom-printed Boxes – Promote your Professionalism

There are so many instances where presenting an official and business-like front is incredibly important. After you’ve made your custom-made business cards, your custom-printed letterhead, and your custom-printed mugs with your business logo on them, you may find that you are missing something that makes just as much sense. Those are custom-printed boxes.

In this day and age, we still do a lot of shipping. Sure you e-mail and send things digitally more than any time in history. But shipping for business needs in a global economy will never go away. There are some things that will remain physical and need to be delivered through physical means. So slapping a signature with your business logo on it at the bottom of every e-mail is easy, and can be done well, but it doesn’t carry the same weight that a physical shipping box will have when delivered to their door.

And it makes sense for deliveries more than just about anything else. So many businesses send the same type of thing over and over again. Your objects could be ornaments, or pens, or computer parts. But if you are regularly shipping things, you may find that you could be using the same one or two mailing boxes, containers, or tubes. A custom-printed box may seem like a no-brainer. You are already paying that shipping cost. Do it in style. Take that extra step that allows your business to look all that much more official and professional.

In some cases, that logo or even a funny or catchy phrase adorned on your custom printed boxes can become a big “hello” when the item arrives. You sell newborn baby-related products and so the box could say “It’s arrived” with a photo of a newborn. What a great double meaning. There are so many clever ways that not only including your business logo but adding an additional touch that will be noticed by your customers.

And don’t forget. There are many instances where packages are coming in and out in homes and businesses. Your product or item is just one of many. Like the friendly red mailer that Netflix came to be known for, you could create a welcoming spin to your packaging that will make you be remembered. Are your items seasonal? Are they catered to a certain type of product? All of these are opportunities to customize your packaging.

Don’t stop at the business cards. Stand out and let your packages be heard, as well.

Why Invest in Custom Printed Boxes

When choosing a packaging solution for your business, it is important to put a lot of thought into your decision. While considering which option will do the best job of protecting your products is essential, you should also question which option will best represent your business and brand. Retailers are increasingly choosing custom printed boxes to do just that, as these options can serve as a great way to market your product while ensuring that it arrives at its intended destination in pristine condition. Read on to learn how investing in custom printed boxes may be a great option for your business.

What is Custom Printing?

When it comes to your packaging solutions, custom printed boxes display your brand and company information. This practice is used around the world as a method of making boxes easily recognizable by customers, shipping agencies, and other potential customers who may see your items. This serves a great way to get your company noticed, especially if you take special care in choosing the right logo, graphics, design, and colors to print on your boxes.

Why others are Using Custom Printed Boxes

In the past, printed boxes served simply to communicate warnings or to describe the package contents. Those days have passed, as businesses have realized the importance of providing a positive first impression to their customers. Printed boxes can provide an upscale and memorable image to the customer while also reinforcing the brand of your business.

Other organizations are using their custom printed box as a way to send out a message to their customers. Specifically, businesses that are proud that they use green products may want to get that message out to their eco-minded buyers. By choosing a custom printed box, you can ensure that this claim is properly displayed on your packaging.

Misconceptions about Custom Printing

If you are on the fence about investing in custom printed boxes for your business, it may be because you have an inaccurate perception about the affordability and quality of this packaging solution. Some people believe that a printed shipping box is too expensive, but the truth is, this shipping solution may be equal to, or less expensive than, a plain box. This will depend on the quantity that is being run, and it is also important to consider the increased return on investment that you will see with the marketing provided by your customized box.

Better Branding with Custom Printed Boxes

As a retailer, you take special care to properly package your items so that your customers receive their product in mint condition. However, packaging shouldn’t just be about providing a safe container for your products, as the container that they arrive in will say a lot about your business. By packaging your products in a plain box, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to market your business. By taking advantage of custom printed boxes, you can achieve better branding and marketing for your products.

Improve Business Branding

Typically, the signage for your business will include the same elements, including your signature fonts, colors, and logo. You will likely display this artwork on all things related to your business, including your website, bags, business cards, and storefront, if applicable. By choosing to include this signage on your packaging materials and boxes, you will be working to create a uniform brand, it can reinforce the image that your customers already have about your business.

For customers who are not familiar with your organization and products, or for first time buyers, effective branding can also help to increase your business. However, it is important that the logo and printing you choose is eye-catching so that it captures the attention of the customers who have purchased your product. You have the opportunity to make a long-lasting impression every time your customized box is seen by a new person and potential customer.

Get More Out of Your Investment with Custom Printed Boxes

While some businesses may be wary of the increased cost associated with a custom printed box for their products, it is important to note that putting extra money into your packaging solutions can yield a greater return on investment. By choosing a customized box, you can get a package that fits the size of your business needs exactly, and this can ultimately recoup some of your costs. By choosing custom printed boxes that fit your products properly, you won’t waste money on unnecessary packaging materials.

Choosing custom printed boxes for your business needs can also provide greater durability and protection for your products. This can ensure that your products reach their customers safely and intact. Additionally, by spending the extra money on a durable, customized box with your logo, your customers can reuse the packaging for other things around their home, and this can serve as a marketing tool and a constant reminder of your business.

It is all About the Custom Box

Today, the custom box is almost more important than what is inside the box. Customers may pass up your product based on the outside, instead of taking the time to see what is inside of the box. This is not always the case, but it is certainly a huge factor in many situations. To compete with similar companies and brands, you should choose printed boxes that stand out, instead of those that blend in with the crowd.

When you design your custom printed boxes, choose colors and styles that suit your brand. This one box is going to be a representative for your company for years to come. Unlike a salesman, the box can not speak; however, the sale needs to happen. The style of your box will speak for you, which is why you need to choose a design and wording that will scream “pick me” to potential customers.

You can choose from a variety of colors, shapes and sizes when you order custom printed boxes. If you are not very creative, you should hire someone who can help you come up with a successful packaging idea. There are also templates that you can choose from when you design your box. These templates may be pre-designed, but you can choose the colors and wording for the package. You will also be able to add a logo or company slogan to the printed box.

When you think of custom boxes, you need to think from the customer’s point of view. Sure it is your company, but you want to offer visual appeal. What are your consumers looking for? What attracts them to a product? What would make businesses want to purchase your product? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when you begin designing your box. Think about when you receive a package, or when you go to the department store. What makes you want to try out a product? Something on the box draws you in and makes you want to put the item in your cart.

In addition to visual appeal, your package should have:

  • Clear graphics.
  • Concise text.
  • Clear representation of your company and brand.

If you think a custom printed box is just storage for items, you are missing out on another untapped marketing tool. This box could be the deal breaker for your product, which is why you need to take the time to create attractive boxes and images. Remember that what is on the outside of the box truly counts!

Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc. understands what it takes to make a successful custom box, so give us a call today!