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The Merits Of Custom Packaging For Farm Produce

Fruit Box Cardboard
Farming has become a growing business for many households across the globe. Now that people are staying home more, those with some land to spare are taking up this activity as a way to keep busy, save money on groceries, and make money. Those with a surplus that allows them to sell may find it beneficial to invest in some custom packaging for their produce.

Light in Weight

A cardboard custom box is quite lightweight and easy to handle. No matter the size. And if you are selling farm produce, you need packaging that will not add too much to the scale and is not tough to lug around.

Customizable Design

You can work with your box manufacturer to have any variety of designs applied to the custom box. From images to italicized writing, you can find different ways to make the packaging appealing and personalized. This can be done using non-toxic inks that would ensure your produce remains healthy and safe to consume even if they come in contact.

Customizable Size

If supplying stores and other sellers, you will likely want boxes that can fit on standard pallets. This can also work if you are direct selling produce that is loosely packed. You can also offer prepackaged products for retail sale. You can have custom boxes made to smaller specifications for this.

Soft Construction

While cardboard can have a good tensile strength that makes it able to support much heavier weights, it is also somewhat soft. The walls of these boxes have a cushioning effect. This is very useful with farm produce that can easily be bruised or otherwise damaged in transit. You can ensure your produce gets to market in the kind of unblemished state that appeals to shoppers.

Support Local Business

Custom cardboard packaging can often be found locally. It is ideal to choose a manufacturer that is locally based for multiple reasons. It is good practice to support local businesses like your own. It is a boon to the local economy and helps keep jobs around. It also means less hipping of the boxes to their ultimate destination of use. This is good for the environment as it means a lower carbon footprint.

Low Cost

Custom packaging that is made of cheap material like cardboard is easy to afford. For small businesses or farms with little money to spare, this is a benefit. Even if they make a small order of custom packaging from the manufacturer, the purchase cost should still be low. If they decide to pass on this expense to shoppers, it rarely adds much to unit prices.

Custom Box Design Tips For Your Business

custom suitcase box Up3
Custom boxes have become a great way for businesses to market their brand. With the right design, a business can help draw the right attention to its products and entice people to shop more. Packaging should not just be good looking. It also needs to convey messages that will help to inform people.

When it comes to custom packaging, there are many ways to go about design. Here are a few tips you can use to guide this design process and settle on a final product that will be of good value to your business.

Do Not Rush

You may feel eager to get your custom box order to the manufacturer quickly. But do not be in a hurry. It can take time to refine the design to what will serve your purpose. It is not uncommon to develop several prototypes before settling on the final design to mass-produce. Rushing the process often leads to poor designs that may become a waste when you order in bulk and realize they are faulty.

Keep It Minimal

There are many exciting and attractive graphics and colors you can use when tailoring your custom box build. But in reality, less is more. Too busy a design can be distracting and make it difficult for anyone looking to discern what message you are trying to convey. Keeping your design simple will make it easier for an observer to grasp your message at a glance. It will also be likely more pleasing to the eye.

Customize Sizes

Depending on your product, you should ensure that the size of the boxes is well matched. Too big a box and the contents will rattle around. Too small and the box might be difficult to close. There are many standard and customized sizes to choose from. Select a custom box build that is just slightly bigger than its contents for a comfortable yet secure fit.

Factor Wall Thickness

Besides the outer dimensions of the box, also consider the thickness of the walls. This will matter in ensuring the contents remain safe even when the boxes are stacked and being shipped. Too thin and even a custom box might lose its structural integrity. Wall thickness will mostly depend on what level of cushioning you will need for the contents and how they will be shipped.

Mix It Up Sparingly

Depending on the purpose of the box, you should consider various design features. From windows that display the contents within to imagery that evokes certain emotions, there are many ways to make your packaging more interesting and attention-grabbing. Find a balance so that the box does not appear too plain but also not too overwhelmingly busy. Let it show the benefits and make your brand identifiable.

Types of Custom Boxes

If you are looking to create a custom box for your business and products, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available to you. When searching for the best box, presentation, cost, and durability are all important, as you want to effectively market your business and product while ensuring it arrives at its final destination safely. By learning more about some of the custom box options that are available to you, you can choose the right one for your business.

Custom Boxes: Die Cut Boxes

A die cut box is designed to accurately fit your product, and the fact that they are produced based on the product shape makes them completely different from one another. These custom boxes are made through the use of cards or smooth paper, and they are useful for packaging almost any item, including jewelry, watches, pens, and even larger items.

Custom Boxes: Box Mailers

Box mailers are a great option for mailing wedding invitations or other important announcements in order to provide the recipients with a unique presentation. They can be customized to accommodate stationary and envelopes of any size, and they are offered in a variety of colors so that they fit with the theme and décor of any event.

Custom Boxes: Folder Boxes

Folder boxes may also be useful for shipping your products. These boxes involve one more combined board pieces that create an unobstructed bottom surface. The rest of the board can then be scored in order to fit around the product.

Custom Boxes: Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes consist of three pieces: two end panels that are identical and one body piece that folds in order to create the side panels, the top, and an unbroken bottom. The end panels will be attached to the box body through the use of special equipment, and the flaps needed to create the joints can be on the body, end pieces, or both.

Custom Boxes: Display Boxes

Display boxes are a great option for promoting your items at commercial and retail locations. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they allow customers to see your items showcased in an organized form. They may work best for smaller items, such as candy, makeup, and small toys, and they can also feature your company logo and other marketing flair in order to increase the recognition of your business brand and product.

How Custom Box Manufacturers Can Help Your Business

We’ve all heard of the cliché ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but in the business world, you can’t deny that packaging is important. The box an item comes in is often just as important as the thing that goes inside it. From physical store displays to world of online shopping, unique packaging is the key to selling all kinds of merchandise.

The best way to get unique packaging for your items is to work with a custom box manufacturer. They will work with you to create a unique and personalized box that is perfectly suited to your business, providing a professional, eye-catching and safe way to package your goods.

An attractive customized box design will present your products in the way you want them to be presented – whether it’s in a slick professional way or a more down-to-earth feel. Whatever you’re going for, your packaging will give your company a recognizable brand and allow it to stand out from your competitors.

The Importance of Branding

Branding is crucial for any business because it is basically the first point of contact that any potential customers will have with your company, be it through word of mouth, advertising or otherwise. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to include the design of your boxes in your branding strategy. We all have brands that we love and can rely on for quality, so cultivating your own brand with a custom box manufacturer is a great way to increase both sales and customer loyalty.

Give Your Goods a Good Home

As if the benefits of a good brand weren’t enough, it also makes good business sense to invest in customized boxes because they will guarantee your product is being shipped and stored in a suitable container. This will not only provide the best protection to keep your products safe and secure, but also give people the message that your product is important and that your brand is interested in providing the best possible service.

Partnering with a custom box manufacturer is essential for any business, and will help create a recognizable brand while keeping your products protected. With a custom box manufacturer like Cactus Containers on your side, your products will be packaged and presented in the best possible way – the way you want it.

Give us a call at 1-888-776-8000 and let’s get started!

Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

When you are sending a product to family, friends, or clients, you may believe any standard box will do. While that is true, it does not add personalization to the items, and it does not help with your brand awareness. A custom box not only helps with branding, but it helps in terms of size, durability, and protection for the items that you send for business or personal reasons. Most businesses and individuals choose custom packaging, and you should too!

Brand Awareness

Let your shipment stand out from others when you use custom packaging. You can use your custom box to promote your company by having your logo or contact information printed on the box. Doing so allows you to reinforce your business’s brand and visibility.

When you choose to purchase custom packaging from Cactus Corrugated Coordinators Inc., you will have many options, including:

  • Die Cut Boxes
  • Stock Boxes
  • RSC Boxes
  • Ballot Boxes
  • Mailers
  • And more…


Custom packaging allows you to send a variety of products in style, regardless of their size. You no longer have to load the packages with extra foam to ensure that the items do not shift around while the product is in transit. You can order a box that meets the specifications of your product’s size, regardless of how large or small the product may be.

Using a custom box that is true to your product’s size can also save you money. You do not have to pay extra shipping costs to ship small items inside of boxes that are too large. You can save money shipping the box in its correct weight class, and you save the time of stuffing the box to make sure the item inside is secure. Custom packaging is definitely a win-win situation.


Even though the size and design of your box may differ from a traditional box, the durability is not compromised in any way. Your product will actually be more secure because the space inside of the box will be tighter, and suits your product better. A custom box can be opened and closed often, without causing any damage to the box or the product that is inside.

Contact Cactus Corrugated Inc. today, and choose from a variety of mailers, boxes, and other custom packaging. You will find the custom box you are looking for, at a price that is within your budget.

Thinking Outside the Box with a Custom Box

A custom box has become a powerful marketing tool when used creatively and it does not cost as much as one would expect. Nowadays, technology plays an important role in packaging also and boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes with attractive printing, which covers the usual dull brown color. Technology gives the customer a uniquely shaped box made with all the specifications that the customer has asked for. No longer will you have to settle for the ordinary, boring package.

Standing Out with a Custom Box

There are a hundred different companies selling the same type of products and your product has to stand out. When kept on a shelf along with the other products, the packaging design is the one that separates your product from the rest. Take for example, if you are selling a toy car in a toy store. It could easily get lost among the thousands of toys on display throughout the store. It is the attractive package design on your custom box that will make the child reach for your car and not the competitor’s product. When you want to sell a product effectively, you need to market it effectively and that includes the marketing done while the product is sitting idly on a shelf.

Increased Demands

It is not just one item that needs to be packed these days, most products come with one or more accessories. These have to be packed, making use of the space available and that calls for innovative, compact packaging. Dividers and folding boxes make packaging a simple task and are a good utilization of space and packaging material. There is also the increased demand to pack difficult shapes effectively, which is only possible with a custom built box.

Just the Way you like it

Also, it is only with custom boxes that you can get the type of printing that you want for your product. You do not have to settle for ready-made printed material, you can jazz up your product with any type of printing you like. You can get a label stuck on the box or get the printing done directly on the box. It will be your design, your logo and your brand information that will be showcased boldly on the box, so take the time to pick exactly what it is you want; never settle for ‘good enough’.

Custom Box – Think Outside the Box

What’s light brown, made of cardboard and is usually square that you store something in? A box! But with today’s options on customizing boxes you might have asked; what’s whatever color you want, mostly made of cardboard, is shaped in whatever shape you want and used for shipping, storing or displaying items. Same answer; a box! I bet you didn’t know that boxes are so diversified now. If you can think it, chances are, you can design a custom box to fit it.

Any box you can think of can be customized. A shipping box can come in many different sizes and shapes. A setup box can be customized. Other custom boxes might include, display boxes, die cut boxes, tubes or any specialty box your company needs. Boxes used for holding gift sets or jewelry can have custom foam inserts to hold the products securely. Boxes can come with single tops, double tops, and overlapping flaps. Boxes can be the kind that wrap around a product. Boxes can be secured the conventional way, with magnetic closures or Velcro closures. Accessories can be added to your box to help speed up the packaging of your company’s product saving time and money.

When it comes to the appearance of your box, it can be customized to reflect your company’s colors or logo. No longer does your product only have to arrive in a plain brown package. Having your company use custom boxes can help get your product out there in the public eye. A box can be printed with your logo or other design as you see fit. Boxes are shipped around the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mostly you see brown boxes, but imagine having your shipping boxes stand out amongst the crowd. Your product would become more recognizable to consumers, raising your bottom line.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to boxes than meets the eye. When it comes down to using a custom box there is a lot to think about. You’ll want to pick a box that projects your company’s logo. You’ll want a box that appeals to the public eye. You’ll want a box that is sturdy and will hold up to rough handling and protect your product from damage. The shape and size of the box should enhance the product you are marketing. Surprised at your options? Don’t be. It’s no longer a brown, square, cardboard box world we live in.

Think Outside the Custom Box

Make your shipping boxes work for you. Do not just pick up whatever mass-produced box that you can get in bulk at any stationery store. Get attention by putting your unique signature on everything you send with a custom box. This works, whether you are a small operation regularly sending 10-20 items a week or large company trying to brand yourself amongst other corporations.

Die Cut Boxes

These are custom boxes made of smooth cards available in a shape that conforms to the size of the item. They are often made of 12 pt. or 14 pt. cardstock. Having custom-made die cut boxes is great for sending large numbers of items that are always the same size. But they can also be efficient for sending batches of small items like wristbands, pens, or specific office supplies.


This is relatively broad category that generally includes flat mail like documents but may vary a lot depending on the size and amount of documents you are sending. You may want a clear panel for the address. It may been to hold so much contents that going with a small, thin box as a mailer might make sense. You immediately think of letter-sized mailers, but there are all kinds of custom options for creating smaller labels or 11-by-14 (legal) sized or larger mailers. You can choose for them to be made out of recycled materials. You could choose a color mailer or you could have the mailer itself be a color, maybe bright orange or green, then allow for one-color printing on it. If they are documents that you will be sending often, looking towards custom mailers may make sense to you.

POP Displays

Point-of-purchase or “POP” displays is a unique option that makes a lot of sense for many companies and organizations. This could be as simple as having a die cut box that has a top that is perforated. You split the box along the perforation, flip it around, and voila. You have a display. The inside or the outside of the box may have the wording and graphics that say “Buy one of these: only $.99!” or “Take one” or whatever message you want to get across. This is a small example, but there are larger examples of large boxes that can be sent, say, to a department store. You may be selling nuts and have the ability to send the box of nuts that, with a little cutting and folding, becomes the display that sells your nuts. Talk about efficiency.

It is all About the Custom Box

Today, the custom box is almost more important than what is inside the box. Customers may pass up your product based on the outside, instead of taking the time to see what is inside of the box. This is not always the case, but it is certainly a huge factor in many situations. To compete with similar companies and brands, you should choose printed boxes that stand out, instead of those that blend in with the crowd.

When you design your custom printed boxes, choose colors and styles that suit your brand. This one box is going to be a representative for your company for years to come. Unlike a salesman, the box can not speak; however, the sale needs to happen. The style of your box will speak for you, which is why you need to choose a design and wording that will scream “pick me” to potential customers.

You can choose from a variety of colors, shapes and sizes when you order custom printed boxes. If you are not very creative, you should hire someone who can help you come up with a successful packaging idea. There are also templates that you can choose from when you design your box. These templates may be pre-designed, but you can choose the colors and wording for the package. You will also be able to add a logo or company slogan to the printed box.

When you think of custom boxes, you need to think from the customer’s point of view. Sure it is your company, but you want to offer visual appeal. What are your consumers looking for? What attracts them to a product? What would make businesses want to purchase your product? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when you begin designing your box. Think about when you receive a package, or when you go to the department store. What makes you want to try out a product? Something on the box draws you in and makes you want to put the item in your cart.

In addition to visual appeal, your package should have:

  • Clear graphics.
  • Concise text.
  • Clear representation of your company and brand.

If you think a custom printed box is just storage for items, you are missing out on another untapped marketing tool. This box could be the deal breaker for your product, which is why you need to take the time to create attractive boxes and images. Remember that what is on the outside of the box truly counts!

Cactus Corrugated Containers Inc. understands what it takes to make a successful custom box, so give us a call today!

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Boxes come in all different shapes and sizes which are used for a variety of purposes. People use boxes to store away items when they are not needed, such as seasonal decorations and keep sakes. People use boxes for moving from one residence to another to pack up household items, which are loaded into a truck and moved to the new location. Moving boxes need to be constructed well in order to protect the contents from being damaged. Boxes offered by moving companies are often Custom cardboard boxes which features the moving companies name as well as directions and suggested usages for the different size boxes. Custom cardboard boxes used for moving are available in different sizes to fit the types of items being packed up and include small, medium and large boxes. Items which can make the weight of the boxes heavy, such as books, should be backed into small moving boxes in order to prevent the bottoms from breaking and to not become so overweighed they are difficult to move. 

Companies and organizations of all sizes often have Custom cardboard boxes created and manufactured by an outside firm, such as Cactus Containers, www.cactuscontainers.com. The customization services offered by Cactus Containers can include assistance with creating a custom box which includes corporate logos, slogan, and images or graphics. The boxes can be used for shipping merchandise to consumers or for other purposes, such a display stands, or specialty boxes for use at trade shows and conventions. When a company has a new product release, the use of specialty boxes, which are Custom cardboard boxes, can be used to pass out product information and free samples of the new product. These specialty boxes can be designed to fit the new product being marketed to consumers in any shape or size, in order to increase product awareness and generate sales. Cactus Containers provides other services in addition to Custom cardboard boxes, such as offering custom cases which can be made of soft materials and hard plastics, packaging supplies, and box dividers.

Packaging supplies, such as packing tape, can be customized with special instructions, company name, web site address, or other information all on the tape. Other custom packaging supplies offered include custom labels, custom foam inserts, and custom printed bags. Cactus Containers has provided custom made solutions, includingCustom cardboard boxes for many brand name and popular companies including The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Amazon.com, Disney on Ice, Jockey Underwear, and the Coors Brewing Company. Some of these customers had special demands for the type of custom box needed and Cactus Containers was able to complete the projects as requested. All orders are custom fabricated based upon the customers design specifications with the ability to have design samples created prior to placing an order. Cactus Containers specializes in small orders and large batch orders are not necessary with most projects averaging quantities around 250 pieces and is able to also provide large batch orders for companies needing large quantities. For further information about Custom cardboard boxes or to receive a free quote, call 888-776-8000.

Cardboard Boxes As A Marketing Tool

Whether what you are sending has to be sent across town, shipped to the other side of the nation or only carried a few blocks, one thing is important and this is that the contents of your package arrive in a timely manner. But equally important is that the casing is sturdy to guarantee that what’s inside won’t become damaged regardless of the length of its commute. And accomplishing this requires using strong cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes can accomplish another objective, though, and this involves sharing the message of a company, social group, educational institution and many other organizations with containers that feature its logos, coloring, designs and other elements which can help with public relations efforts. Boxes and containers might even come in unique designs and shapes to additionally assist with sharing a message or promotional concept.

You have to make sure that you are using a dependable supplier for cardboard boxes, though, but this isn’t difficult with Cactus Containers. This is because they have earned a well-deserved reputation for more than 30 years when it comes to providing a variety of boxes to companies that are used for different purposes. The reason for their success has been a knack in always providing the perfect box whatever it’s needed for, that includes logos, information and other printed material that can help businesses and organizations with their marketing efforts.

Along with cardboard boxes that incorporate a company’s logo, Cactus containers can also create die-cut boxes, tubing and other containers that include a company’s logo and can be custom-designed to different specifications such as size, additional folds, shape and other considerations. The result is that they can produce a box that not only perfectly accommodates a product but is shaped in such a way that it also shares a message.

And, as if this isn’t enough, they are also respected for their creativity. Just as they can create different cardboard boxes, Cactus is always enthusiastic about providing specialty boxes with different coloring, inclusion of logos, and different ways of opening them and whatever else is needed by their customers. Those who work in sales, trade shows and in marketing appreciate the difference these boxes can make in sharing their message.

Along with cardboard boxes, they can also provide both printed and non-printed tubes for shipping items. But this is still not all, because Cactus can also be trusted when it comes to supplying items such as box dividers, corrugated trays, pads and other accessories that can be used to protect products during shipping. They’re also a wise choice because they can provide free estimates within 48 hours and ship worldwide.

And it’s not only about cardboard, either. That’s because they can also provide wooden boxes with logos imprinted for carrying or shipping fragile items such as wine. To find out more about the difference that Cactus Containers can make when it comes to providing cardboard boxes and a variety of other containers, please visit their Web site at www.cactuscontainers.com, contact them by telephone at 1-888-776-8000 or email them atfreeestimates@cactuscontainers.com.