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The Power of Custom Packaging-Your Brand’s Secret Weapon

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In the world of modern commerce, two terminologies, custom packaging and custom printed box, have become the superheroes of branding and marketing. These terms are far from ordinary cardboard and wrapping; they are the secret weapons that brands use to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Custom Packaging: A Brand’s Signature

Custom packaging, often achieved through custom printed boxes, is the art of creating packaging solutions tailored to a brand’s unique identity and product offerings. It goes beyond a mere container; it’s a representation of a brand’s personality and values. Whether it’s the vibrant colors, striking logos, or innovative design, custom-packaging is all about leaving a lasting impression on customers.

The Power of First Impressions

In today’s competitive market, first impressions are everything. Custom-packaging plays a pivotal role in making a remarkable first impression on customers. When a package arrives in a custom-printed box, it immediately conveys the brand’s dedication to quality and attention to detail. This memorable encounter sets the stage for a positive customer experience, which is essential for building brand loyalty.

Custom Packaging: Brand Recognition and Recall

Custom-packaging ensures brand recognition and recall. When customers see your distinctive packaging, they instantly connect it with your brand. It becomes a visual cue, reinforcing your brand’s presence in their minds. This is a powerful tool for businesses aiming to be memorable and stand out from competitors.

Personalization and Versatility

One of the key advantages of custom-packaging is its ability to be personalized according to your brand’s needs. Whether you need packaging for a product launch, a special occasion, or a seasonal promotion, custom printed boxes can be adapted to suit your requirements. This versatility allows you to maintain a consistent brand image while tailoring your packaging for specific campaigns or events.

Environmental Responsibility

Custom-packaging isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also an opportunity to express your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Many businesses choose eco-friendly materials and practices for their custom packaging, sending a message to customers that they care about sustainability and the planet.

Cost-Effective Marketing of Custom Packaging

Custom-packaging serves as a cost-effective marketing tool. Instead of investing in separate marketing materials, your packaging can do the talking for you. From showcasing your brand’s story to highlighting promotions and discounts, custom printed boxes have the potential to be a 24/7 marketing tool that reaches customers wherever your products are delivered.

Qualities To Look For In Quality Custom Packaging

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Custom packaging plays a key role in establishing and building the relationship between customers and a brand. It is often the first point of contact between the parties that entice prospective customers into becoming loyal paying customers. Coming up with the right design for product packaging requires that businesses know what qualities consumers are looking for and will be of use in safely delivering the product into their hands.


It is a must for packaging to safeguard the product within. Whether it is to protect it from contamination or the effect of heat or light, the goal is to ensure that the product is delivered to the consumer in good and usable condition. The design and materials used to make custom print boxes will majorly vary depending on the type of product and what type of security is needed.


Product packaging needs to be lightweight. Not so much that it interferes with its ability to safeguard the product. But still light enough so as not to add too much weight to the overall product. This will make it convenient for the consumer to transport it wherever they need it. This will also affect the cost of shipping, so both the weight and size of packaging should be the least amount so as not to be inconvenient.


Whatever design of packaging a business uses, it needs to be dependable. This means it should give consumers confidence that the product has been well protected from the time it was packaged by the manufacturer, therefore ensuring the quality of the product is preserved. This packaging should continue to be dependable until when the consumer needs to open it up to access the product. The durability of the design should be ongoing beyond even purchase, ensuring that as long as the product is properly stored and has not reached its expiration date, the contents remain safe.

Visual appeal

The look of the custom packaging should be such as to impress consumers. Aesthetics matter as they are what encourage consumers to try a new product and help set it apart from similar products in the market. Customizing packaging allows brands to market to shoppers, making them believe that the product they are choosing is of good quality and worth buying. It needs to be attractive, unique, and informative. It is not just about the use of logos, other imagery, and slogans. Product information is also helpful to consumers trying to make a purchasing decision.

Successful Custom Packaging Food Items

Food Packaging
Food packaging has a strong impact on the buying decision of consumers. And in a market where there are so many options, it is important to develop custom packaging that works best for your product and brand, while appealing to consumers. An attractive custom printed box can stir the interest of a shopper and make their minds link it with reward.

Most food categories have many options to choose from so an effective packaging design will be necessary to make your brand stand out. The stronger the design, the more easily recognized the brand will become and easily influenced a shopper will be to choose them again. Here are some simple tips to helps ensure the development of effective custom packaging.

Ensure Clarity

When choosing a packaging design, it needs to make clear just what your product is and what distinguishes it from the other choices on the shelf. It is easy to distinguish food items by including imagery of their raw or ready-made form. Do not crowd the labeling with too many details, but ensure that what is pertinent in helping the shopper make a choice is included. For instance, many people are becoming health conscious and want to know if certain products contain added sugar. so while less is more, you will want to ensure they are quickly informed at a glance of what the contents are. You can look at top-performing products in your niche market to see what they are including in their packaging that appeals to consumers.

Form and Function

The design of a custom printed box should make it easy and helpful for the shopper that will buy it. They should be able to easily open it and reseal it if need be. Choose a packaging design that is convenient and practical. If the shopper is likely to store or retain it for a while even after opening, ensure the materials used are durable without being cumbersome.

Incorporate A Window

Being able to see the contents within is particularly helpful to shoppers who are dealing with a new product. They will want to assure themselves that it is similar to what they have used before. Not everyone gets to enjoy free samples so this peek behind the curtains is a good way to allow them to be more confident about what they are choosing. For older brands that are drastically redesigning their packaging, this transparent packaging can be another way to ensure repeat customers know that the product they know and love has not changed.

The Merits Of Custom Packaging For Farm Produce

Fruit Box Cardboard
Farming has become a growing business for many households across the globe. Now that people are staying home more, those with some land to spare are taking up this activity as a way to keep busy, save money on groceries, and make money. Those with a surplus that allows them to sell may find it beneficial to invest in some custom packaging for their produce.

Light in Weight

A cardboard custom box is quite lightweight and easy to handle. No matter the size. And if you are selling farm produce, you need packaging that will not add too much to the scale and is not tough to lug around.

Customizable Design

You can work with your box manufacturer to have any variety of designs applied to the custom box. From images to italicized writing, you can find different ways to make the packaging appealing and personalized. This can be done using non-toxic inks that would ensure your produce remains healthy and safe to consume even if they come in contact.

Customizable Size

If supplying stores and other sellers, you will likely want boxes that can fit on standard pallets. This can also work if you are direct selling produce that is loosely packed. You can also offer prepackaged products for retail sale. You can have custom boxes made to smaller specifications for this.

Soft Construction

While cardboard can have a good tensile strength that makes it able to support much heavier weights, it is also somewhat soft. The walls of these boxes have a cushioning effect. This is very useful with farm produce that can easily be bruised or otherwise damaged in transit. You can ensure your produce gets to market in the kind of unblemished state that appeals to shoppers.

Support Local Business

Custom cardboard packaging can often be found locally. It is ideal to choose a manufacturer that is locally based for multiple reasons. It is good practice to support local businesses like your own. It is a boon to the local economy and helps keep jobs around. It also means less hipping of the boxes to their ultimate destination of use. This is good for the environment as it means a lower carbon footprint.

Low Cost

Custom packaging that is made of cheap material like cardboard is easy to afford. For small businesses or farms with little money to spare, this is a benefit. Even if they make a small order of custom packaging from the manufacturer, the purchase cost should still be low. If they decide to pass on this expense to shoppers, it rarely adds much to unit prices.

Reasons to Invest In Custom Packaging for Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gift-giving has become standard practice for all sizes of businesses. There is a better understanding that by doing this, organizations can help to reinforce their ties with business partners, suppliers, and clients. It is often done during major holiday periods like Christmas and New Year’s. It can however also be done when celebrating milestones like years of operation, or when given a business award.

Whatever the occasion being marked, it is worthwhile investing in custom packaging for the corporate gifts that will be given out. While it may seem to be an extravagance to buy telescoping or setup boxes for this, there is some sound reasoning behind it.

Brand Promotion

When packaging products or gifts in specialty boxes, it offers an opportunity to indulge in a little brand promotion. Reinforcing the memory of the brand in the minds of gift recipients is a good way to subliminally ensure they keep you in mind. the branding does not even have to be aggressive. Just a business logo on a bag or gift box can be enough. You can make creative use of other features like note cards and QR codes to share additional company or product information.

Imparts Luxuriant Feel

Custom packaging help to give a more luxurious feel to even the most basic of gift items. A beautifully packaged calendar or fountain pen may not be all that expensive, but when the box itself is appealing, it gladdens the heart already. Investing in packaging products of a superior quality helps to upgrade the value of whatever gift item you give out. The better impression can help make your brand more memorable.

Makes for A Unique Experience

Unboxing has become a popular activity. The anticipation of waiting to see what is beneath the packaging can make for an exciting experience. There is an entire niche of social media videos devoted to this phenomenon. Even when the contents are not all that impressive, the business gains credit for choosing an attractive and quality packaging design and material.

Flexible Design Choices

Being customized means that you can change up designs at will. you can pick a new theme for every event and tailor the packaging accordingly. Even with a predictable round of corporate gifts, changing up the exterior can help make for a more delightful experience. From color to branding there are multiple ways you can mix things up to make each gift-giving experience feel different.

How Small Businesses Should Optimize The Use Of Custom Packaging

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Small business owners work hard to keep their expenses at a minimum. That often makes sense as they often have smaller budgets to work with and are still growing. But trying to minimize costs does not necessarily mean you have to go with the cheapest options. Sometimes spending a little extra can help deliver a higher return and increase sales.
Custom packaging is often seen as the preserve of higher-end businesses. It can however be a worthwhile investment for smaller businesses looking to build their brand. Here is how such businesses can make optimal use of this resource.

Keep It Simple

When choosing the design of your packaging, ensure that you remain focused on making your brand visible. Avoid busy designs that do not easily share information nor raise awareness on what you have to offer.

In many cases, less is more. Keep the imagery to a minimum and include only text that imparts key information like brand and product name. You can share a web address or incorporate a QR code as a means of leading customers to more information about your brand.

Go Premium

Not all packaging is made equal. While you can easily use a brown paper bag to pack your customers shopping, there is a stronger impact made when you use custom packaging. Whether it is a branded shopping bag, mailer box, or folding carton, shoppers are always impressed with quality packaging. They will better remember the brand and can recommend it to others who also see the packaging.

Customized packaging does not even need to be expensive. Sourcing quotes is a good way to find an affordable cardboard packaging provider who can offer good value for money. Remember that you can also make some savings by opting to buy your packaging materials in bulk. Finding a provider that also offers design services can further aid in achieving your goals without spending additionally.

Be Eco-Friendly

Today’s young consumers are more environmentally conscious and prefer to align themselves with brands that demonstrate the same level of responsibility. When choosing your packaging, it helps to select materials and designs that reflect this. your packaging should ideally be recycled and/or recyclable, from sustainable sources, and can easily decompose without leaving toxic remnants.

Discuss your options with your cardboard packaging provider to ensure they meet these standards. Ensuring that your packaging is eco-friendly can help boost your brand, encourage customer loyalty, positive reviews, and repeat business.

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Custom Packaging

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It is not uncommon to see boxes of deliveries branded with familiar logos, names, and company colors that allow us to instantly know where they come from. Many major brands understand the value of having their packaging customized. Smaller enterprises may, however, be unsure as to whether this is a worthwhile investment. Let’s look at some key benefits that small businesses may be missing out on by not opting for custom packaging.

Custom packaging engagement

There is much benefit in eliciting a visceral reaction from customers. From the moment they first see the box in its colorful or otherwise branded appearance, there is a sense of excitement that builds up. Not so much when it is just a plain brown box. Custom packaging gives a special air that builds anticipation. No matter how plain or unusual the item is within, unique packaging manages to make the experience more enjoyable. It also makes the customer more familiar with your brand. If delighted by the contents, there is a good chance they will remember your company when next deciding to make a similar purchase.

Custom packaging contents

For businesses that deal with items that require careful handling, customized packaging can be an easy way of ensuring they are delivered intact. Rather than just buy standard-sized boxes, you can have them configured to the exact dimensions of your products, with whatever appropriately sized inserts to hold them in place. You can even have the packaging material made waterproof to help contain spillage.

Environmental Conservation

You can opt for customized packaging that is made from reusable materials and have them marked accordingly. This can encourage your clients to find alternative uses the boxes, which is great for the environment thanks to the reduced wastage. Opting for custom packaging made from green materials is also beneficial to the environment. This means the sources are sustainable and they easily decompose, making for a lighter carbon footprint. With an increasing number of consumers being environmentally conscious, you can appeal to this demographic by demonstrating how you share the same values.

Custom packaging affordability

Contrary to what many small and medium-sized businesses may believe, opting for customized packing boxes is not all that more expensive. More so when your products are smaller sized than standard options. Many manufacturers offer great deals on bulk purchases that can further add to savings, especially when compared to retail prices.
Custom made packaging can help boost your business, especially in this era of online shopping where people expect their deliveries to boxed up. For small businesses, these benefits can build a stronger and more recognizable presence in the market.

Benefit from Cardboard Packaging Boxes

food packaging baking mix

Those that require custom boxes or sturdy boxes for the baked goods and extras that they are offering will want to use the right boxes for the occasion. You can ensure that the cardboard packaging boxes are there to provide not only both of these needs but when they are custom made for your bakery or shop, they are ones that are professional and sleek looking, giving your shop, business or bakery a great image for those that see them.  

Benefits of Packaging Boxes for a Bakery 

There are a number of benefits that come from packaging boxes, such as being able to showcase the work that you do, but also have a solid and sturdy place for you to place the items you make for others.  

There are other benefits that come from these packages, such as being able to have the right sizes made for the baked goods that you are making for others. You can specialize the boxes based on the baked goods that will be going into them.  

The packaging is something that you need to think about as someone that ships or offers items that need them. Whether you want something lighter weight or something heavier to ship in, you can be sure that they come custom made with your business information on it. You can choose the logo and information that is put on them, putting you in control of how the boxes turn out before giving them to customers. 

Cardboard is a sturdy material that provides everyone with the look and feels that you want, but it also provides the ability to package items and neatly make them something that not only is presented nicely but also presented with the company’s brand on it. You can find this when working with the best cardboard packaging that is out there, but also packaging that was made specifically for your company. Everyone benefits, plus you look much more professional with their help.  

When you want to take advantage of the custom packaging that is provided to the shop or bakery, then you can do so with the help of ones made specifically for your brand name. This makes things even better for you. Find out exactly what is needed when the time comes to take the next step and order custom boxes for your business. Whether you are boxing baked goods or products, these boxes can definitely come in handy.

The History of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

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The usefulness and simplicity of cardboard packaging boxes would sometimes make us think that it has always been there. What we often fail to realize is the fact that despite its plainness, it has a wonderful and dynamic history.

Did you know that in the past, repacking is an unusual seen to witness? It was only after the 1st and 2nd World War that packaging was noticed since it was modified to lengthen the shelf lives of the food made for soldiers out in the war zone.

How Cardboard Packaging Boxes Came About

Robert Gair is the man behind the discovery of these packaging boxes. He originally thought of the idea of creating boxes out by folding cardboard panels which were pre-cut. It was at this moment that the packaging industry was revolutionized. Since it is easier to transport goods with the use of boxes as packaging and also because of its cost-efficiency, modern packaging came about. It was only a matter of time after more sophisticated and better packaging solutions were discovered and utilized.

After boxes, transparent cellophane were invented in 1920. There were various technical innovations that followed after this until aerosol was discovered and released in 1952. Such phenomenon contributed to the use of aseptic cartons and the explosion of the carbonated drinks industry. Aseptic cartons were then used to lengthen the shelf-lives of milk.

Boxes and Packaging in the Modern Era

Boxes and packaging have gone a long way since its first conception during Robert Gair’s time. Currently, retailers, businesses, and corporations engage the services of custom packaging companies to come up with a packaging solution that is appropriate for the kind of business these companies and individuals have.

Some packaging methods available in the market include the following:

  • convoluted foam packaging
  • custom foam insert
  • folding cardboard boxes
  • double wall shipping boxes
  • corrugated folding cartons
  • custom printed shipping boxes
  • folding corrugated boxes

For more delicate and smaller items that need to be packed or repacked, the following packaging options are available:

  • small quantity mailers
  • printed shipping boxes
  • custom printed mailing boxes
  • custom mailer box
  • corrugated pop displays

For fragile and delicate goods, heavy duty shipping boxes are the most suitable option.

The reason why most businesses spend time conceptualizing their packaging design is that this is also a very good way for them to directly communicate with their customers and make their respective brand, products, and services known.

Customizing Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Folding Carton with Foil Stamping
As a businessperson, it is easy to focus all your resources on developing your product. After all, it is your product — the item that you want people to buy. While having a terrific product is critical, you must remember that your cardboard packaging boxes also matter. Gone are the days when the sole purpose of packaging is to protect the product you are selling. Today, your product packaging is also a tool to attract potential customers and to grow your business.

Many research studies have shown the positive connection between packaging and consumer buying behavior. Customers tend to buy using their eyes, which proves how custom packaging is as important as the item you are selling. Apparently, when it comes to selling, the adage, “don’t judge the book by its cover,” does not apply as customers are easily influenced by the design and overall appearance of your cardboard packaging boxes.

If you are looking for ways to ensure that your product packaging boxes will create an impact on your customers, here are some practical tips that you may want to consider:

Aim for Your Target Market

Just because a particular color or design work for other brands does not mean it will work on yours. Instead of getting ideas from the packaging designs of other businesses, you should look at your target market. Get to know what design, concept, and packaging boxes would be most appealing to them and try to take these things into account when customizing your boxes.

Create an Experience

The millions of unboxing videos on social media sites and their countless followers prove the high interest of consumers on the packaging box as much as the product itself. This trend is something that you need to take advantage of. Make sure that your product packaging would create a pleasant unboxing experience so more people would be attracted to buy your product.

Look for Environment-Friendly Options

Surveys show that consumers tend to choose brands that work to create a positive social and environmental impact. Considering this result and the growing global interest in saving the environment, using environment-friendly packaging boxes would surely entice customers to try your product, especially if your competitor is not using one.

At the end of the day, you can create an impressive custom packaging by remembering how it is supposed to communicate with your customers rather than just serve a protective purpose. Essentially, your packaging box is also your product as customers will associate this with your brand, which means you need to make it count.

Brand Awareness with Custom Packaging

Custom Mailer Box

When you are sending a product to family, friends, or clients, you may believe any standard box will do. While that is true, it does not add personalization to the items, and it does not help with your brand awareness. A custom box not only helps with branding, but it helps in terms of size, durability, and protection for the items that you send for business or personal reasons. Most businesses and individuals choose custom packaging, and you should too!

Brand Awareness

Let your shipment stand out from others when you use custom packaging. You can use your custom box to promote your company by having your logo or contact information printed on the box. Doing so allows you to reinforce your business’s brand and visibility.

When you choose to purchase custom packaging from Cactus Corrugated Coordinators Inc., you will have many options, including:

  • Die Cut Boxes
  • Stock Boxes
  • RSC Boxes
  • Ballot Boxes
  • Mailers
  • And more…


Custom packaging allows you to send a variety of products in style, regardless of their size. You no longer have to load the packages with extra foam to ensure that the items do not shift around while the product is in transit. You can order a box that meets the specifications of your product’s size, regardless of how large or small the product may be.

Using a custom box that is true to your product’s size can also save you money. You do not have to pay extra shipping costs to ship small items inside of boxes that are too large. You can save money shipping the box in its correct weight class, and you save the time of stuffing the box to make sure the item inside is secure. Custom packaging is definitely a win-win situation.


Even though the size and design of your box may differ from a traditional box, the durability is not compromised in any way. Your product will actually be more secure because the space inside of the box will be tighter, and suits your product better. A custom box can be opened and closed often, without causing any damage to the box or the product that is inside.

Contact Cactus Corrugated Inc. today, and choose from a variety of mailers, boxes, and other custom packaging. You will find the custom box you are looking for, at a price that is within your budget.

What is Custom Packaging?

A knock on the door. You open the door to find a delivery has been made to your home. It’s the package you’ve been waiting for! You excitedly open the box only to discover the antique glass vase from your Aunt Lily is broken in three places. Not something anyone wants to see when expecting a package. There probably has been several times where you have received a package that arrived with a product inside that was damaged in some way. Either the box didn’t fit the product or the product wasn’t secured in the box properly. By customizing the packaging this situation needn’t have happened.

What is entailed in custom packaging? Custom packaging is all about the stability and strength of the box as well as protecting what’s inside. The first item you think of when packaging something is the box. Customize the box to appropriately fit your product. You wouldn’t put a bracelet in a box that would fit a television, right? This causes unnecessary costs and the bracelet would be banging around inside that huge space probably getting damaged. Think appropriate size. Having an appropriate sized box would include ensuring the box was a size adequate to place inserts in to secure your product from moving around. Custom box inserts are cut to exactly fit your product. Foam inserts cut to surround your product will keep it from jostling around while being shipped protecting it from damage. Other inserts to secure your product might be corner protectors or dividers. Each one helps protect what’s being shipped.

Another thing to think about when considering packaging is the correct tape. Using masking tape or the tape used for gift wrapping isn’t going to hold secure during shipping. A strong packing tape like poly-pro or PVC tape is recommended for holding your box together when facing the rigors of shipping. These two types of tapes can even be custom printed with your company information and/or logo. Shipping labels can also be customized with your company information and/or logo. Not only are these items functional they serve as excellent advertising for your company,

Remembering to use custom packaging can certainly save you from shipping disasters and disappointed customers. The cost of replacing the damaged product can ruin your business. Having the correctly fitting box, the stability of an appropriate insert and the right kind of tape and labels will keep both your bank account and the customer happy.

Custom Packaging For Various Purposes

Marketing departments for different companies all strive to achieve to drive sales through different marketing campaigns as well as by designing custom packaging to draw in consumers. The use of images, graphics and other design elements can result in a package which makes an impact when seen and attracts people to your products. The retail industry is full of competitors and being able to stand out from the rest is what makes products successful. Custom package has evolved to feature custom logos by companies, to quickly distinguish their products from a distance and consumes know, even without reading the package, all about the product. Packaging is used on products placed on retail establishment’s shelves and includes numerous products, including food items, soft drinks, shoes and electronic items. The packaging of these products is each unique as each competitor has their own design and logo printed on the item or the package.

Besides being used for retail establishments, custom packaging has other valuable uses, including creating custom shipping boxes, shipping tubes, specialty boxes, die-cut boxes, display stands, and counter top displays. Online retailers will take the time to create a custom box to ship their products to consumers, as a means of advertising and to help the recipient easily identify their order. These retailers will use different custom designs, form having a different colored box, custom printing, and even graphic designs. Custom display stands provide the ability for companies to create an all-in-one solution for their retail customers. This type of custom packaging can be designed to include all the materials needed to construct the display stand as well as the products to fill the stand upon completion all in one simple shipping container. This solution helps to save on shipping costs for retailers as it allows them to receive a customer display stand and product all in one order. Specialty boxes are another type of custom packaging which can be used at conventions, trade-shows and new product launches. This type of box is one where the company puts the featured product in the inside of the box, while the outside feature custom printed graphics, pictures, images and color being used to promote the product through advertisement.

Companies can have specialty boxes made in all different shapes and sizes to fit their products specifications. Die-cut boxes are another product which can use custom packaging options to create impact with customers. This type of boxes normally has tabs and inserts which fold into the front of the box when closed. When the box is opened, the top of the box is still attached and can have special graphics and design elements on the interior of the box along with the product. custom packaging solutions are available from Cactus Containers, www.cactuscontainers.com, which offers customization of boxes, point of sale displays, cases, box dividers, and packaging supplies, such as tape. All custom boxes are made and manufactured in the United States and have designed products for many popular organizations. For additional information or assistance with customization services, call 888-776-8000.