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Avoid Damage with These Packaging Box Tips

Packaging Box

packaging company will do a lot to ensure that a packaging box is prepared to handle your product as well as protect your product from damage during warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Though, while your boxes may help, there are additional considerations to ensure that your product gets to your customer damage free. 

Here are three ways to make sure your packaging box not only protects your product but can withstand those unforeseen bumps and bruises along the way.  

Use the Right Closure 

Packaging box closures ensure that your product will not bust open at the seams, nor where the box opens and closes. The most popular types of closures are glue, staples, and tape. But, how do you know which one is right for your package?  

Tape: Tape is a common option that comes in a lot of variety regarding everything from strength to its ability to handle extreme environments. As an overall sealer, tape is inexpensive and can handle lightweight jobs.  

Glue: Glue provides a better overall appearance as it provides good bonding strength yet remains hidden. 

Staples: Staples are the strongest of sealers, easy to apply and handles temperature extremes better than tape or glue. However, staples also require more work to open and often the box is destroyed in the process.  

Find Inserts that do the Job 

The right inserts will help to keep your items from moving around in the box and collecting dings or actually destroying the product. For electronics and fragile items, it is recommended that you find inserts which securely hold your items in place. Common inserts are pre-made and formed-to-fit plastic products or Styrofoam. A packaging company may be able to recommend of manufacture custom inserts for your product. Other alternatives are newspaper, peanuts, and bubble wrap that provide extra protection and a little give against the outside of the packaging box.  


The type of flute that your packaging company uses in producing your boxes is important. A smaller flute provides good crush resistance, while a larger flute is better at shock absorption and can provide more overall protection. You can also layer corrugated shipping boxes to provide two different types of flutes.  

When shipping out your packaging box, few things are as important as providing added protection that matters. So, remember to use closures that work for your product, identify the right inserts, and ensure your box is strong enough for your shipping needs.  

Potential of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Custom Boxes

Cardboard packaging boxes powerful packing material that has been in use since the 1890s. It is light, affordable, and eco-friendly. Cardboard boxes are made up of corrugated Box and work as a cushion for packaged material.

Majority of delivery services use cardboard material for transport because it is cheap and can be customized based on specifications. A cardboard packaging box is recognized for its cost-effectiveness in terms of production, prize, and labor. It has been used all over the world because it has proven itself to be the top packaging material.

  • Highly Affordable – cardboard boxes are extremely affordable, readily available and all in all, a cost-effective packaging material.
  • Provides Protection – cardboard boxes are designed like a fibreboard. They work like a cushion for packaged materials by providing safety against mechanical shocks, vibration, and jerks.
  • Light Weight – Cardboard boxes being made up of paper material, makes them easy to handle and move during packaging.
  • Eco-Friendly – Cardboard boxes are eco-friendly. They can be reused and recycled over and over since it is customizable to any shape.

Boost Your Company Credibility through Packaging Box Customization

If you own a small or large business, giving a strong impact on your customers is very important. Have you ever felt that something is missing in your product? Advertising your products also need to be eye-catching. Cardboard packaging boxes are known to be customizable and can be manufactured in any shape and size. Being made up of paper material, it can be printed with designs and logos according to your business needs.

You can advertise your product effectively through the use of customized boxes with custom printed designs. Many large companies make use of the flexibility of these boxes to promote their brands and increase sales. Most of these companies have imprinted their brand in the people’s minds simply by using a customized packaging box.

Promote your Product with Good Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Packaging is a powerful tool to promote your products. Cardboard packaging boxes are customizable from design to shape giving the flexibility you need. Almost every company in the world use this packaging material from the tech industry, fast food and restaurant chains, and the transportation of expensive fragile products.

A packaging box more than just houses your product, it can be a good way to promote what you have to offer. By allowing people to read the message, you can get your voice heard and brand stand out.

Ordering a Customized Packaging Box

Customized Packaging Box

There are many customers surveys that reveal how packaging affects their decision to purchase. A product that comes in a customized packaging box that suits the preference of the target customer will be more appealing and saleable than one in a generic box.

Before you start hoarding a large quantity of cardboard packaging boxes that look bland and cheap, it is best to invest in customized packaging boxes that will help boost your brand and give your merchandise added value. However, before you even contact a company that will carry out the customization for you, it is best that you consider the following critical factors first:


Packaging boxes differ in material, size, texture, thickness, and many other things and the only way to find out what would best work for your product is by first identifying your needs. For example, if your goods are fragile, then you need a thick cardboard material that can protect and secure them in place. If you ship your products most of the time to your customers then you should also choose a material that will keep the merchandise in good condition.


You should have an estimate of how much your packaging box budget allocation at the onset. You cannot meet the manufacturer or start ordering without knowing how much you can spare. At the end of the day, you should be able to persuade your supplier to adjust their price as much as possible to meet your budget and not the other way around.

Design and Appeal

Take some time to research on designs and overall appeal that will best highlight your product. Do you know that a simple color can influence your customer to buy or reject your product? A study published at the University of Delaware revealed that the color of the packaging box accounts for almost 85% of why a customer will buy the product. Apart from color, do not forget that your design should also feature your product the best way possible, like including a window for pastry products for example.

Customer Convenience

Always keep your customers in mind even when coming up with a customized packaging design. If you can make the box more convenient for them then you should take the opportunity to do so. For instance, it should be easy to open or can be reused for other things.

The factors discussed above will ensure that the customized packaging boxes you will order will help improve your sales and customer base. Keep in mind that a custom-design packaging box can do much more for your business than just hold or secure your merchandise if you approach it with the right strategy.

How a Packaging Box Attracts Customers

Packaging Box

Marketing nowadays is everything, without the correct resources and strategy for advertising, your business won’t generate the results you expect. To create these, you’ll also require a good looking, nicely crafted product and obviously, a custom box for shipping and packaging, because looks matter. More importantly, looks sell; therefore, if you want to increase your product sales, make certain that you create a professional and unique image of the product using a custom packaging box, which will fit your product and add a visual impact which determines customers to purchase it. Let us see how your customized box ought to look, to make a hit when sending out a high volume cardboard packaging boxes.

What colors to use

Statistics show that for each kind of product you ought to use a different color which fits the product description. For instance:

  • For the food industry, it’s suggested that you use red, because it’s discovered in several fresh products.
  • The color brown may be used for wooden objects and furniture because it represents wood’s natural color.
  • The color green usually is related to ecological products; therefore, if your company is anything about environmental protection it’s your color.
  • Black may be used for miscellaneous things or household objects, it inspires control and confidence, that way showing that you rule the marketplace.
  • White it’s related to cleaning products because when you view white it typically means cleanliness.

You may blend as many colors as you want and of course, you do not need to go by these rules yet as I said, these will match the product description; therefore, these ought to be your first choice. However, color is not everything, style will count, as well.

Using several colors for your box

For a minimalist design, it’s recommended to utilize a blend of two colors, one for the background and one for the text, typically, one good option includes associating black and red, or gold and white. These colors create an elegant appearance and add more value to a product.

What kind of box should you use?

There are multiple kinds; however, you need to select one which makes your product stand out above the rest. For instance, you may use Corrugated Trays for food products, Regular Slotted Container for smaller items or Full Over Lap for heavier objects, select the one which matches the product.