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How Can a Smart Packaging Solution Market Your Brand?

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In the world of business, finding the right packaging solution is crucial for success, as it impacts product presentation, protection, and brand perception. From small startups to established enterprises, businesses across industries are constantly seeking innovative packaging solutions to meet their diverse needs and stand out in a competitive market.

Role of Packaging

Packaging solutions encompass a wide range of options, from simple cardboard boxes to custom-designed packaging tailored to specific products and brands. These solutions play a vital role in not only protecting goods during transit but also in communicating brand identity, enhancing product visibility, and creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. Whether it is a sleek and minimalist design or an eye-catching custom packaging solution, the right packaging can make a significant difference in a business’s success.

One of the important considerations when choosing a packaging solution is product protection. The solutions must provide adequate protection to ensure that products reach customers in pristine condition, free from damage or breakage. This is especially important for fragile or delicate items that require extra care during shipping and handling. Businesses must assess the fragility and dimensions of their products to determine the most suitable packaging materials and design features to safeguard their goods during transit.
Moreover, packaging plays a crucial role in brand communication and marketing. The packaging is often the first point of contact between a customer and a brand, making it an invaluable marketing tool for businesses looking to make a memorable impression. Custom packaging allows businesses to highlight their brand identity through unique designs, colors, logos, and messaging, helping to differentiate their products from competitors and reinforce brand recognition.

Eco-friendly Option

In addition to protection and branding, packaging must also align with environmental sustainability goals. With growing awareness of environmental issues, consumers are increasingly seeking Eco-friendly packaging options that minimize waste and reduce environmental impact. Businesses can opt for sustainable packaging materials such as recyclable cardboard, biodegradable plastics, or compostable materials to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
Furthermore, businesses must consider practical factors such as cost, scalability, and planning when choosing a packaging solution. While custom packaging may offer greater branding opportunities, they can also be more expensive and require longer lead times for production. Balancing the need for aesthetic appeal with practical considerations is essential for finding a package solution that meets both business objectives and customer expectations.

The Art of Cardboard Packaging Companies

Software packaging box
When it comes to product packaging, the unassuming heroes that ensure the safety and presentation of countless items are the cardboard packaging boxes. Behind these essential containers stand the craftsmen of the packaging industry. In this article, we will investigate the artistry and significance of cardboard packaging companies, exploring the impact of their work on product integrity, branding, and sustainability.

The Role of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the unsung heroes of the shipping and retail world. These humble containers serve a dual purpose: protecting products during transit and presenting them to consumers in an organized and appealing manner. Their versatility allows for customization, making them suitable for a wide range of items, from delicate electronics to sturdy household goods. Packaging boxes are not just carriers; they are the first point of contact between a product and its consumer.

Craftsmanship in Cardboard Packaging

Behind the scenes, the artistry of cardboard packaging lies in the craftsmanship of the companies that produce them. These companies specialize in creating boxes that meet specific requirements, ensuring that products are not just shipped but presented with care. From the selection of high-quality materials to precision in cutting, folding, and printing, the work of packaging companies reflects a commitment to excellence.

Customization and Branding

Packaging companies understand that packaging is more than just a protective shell. It is a canvas for brand expression. Customization options allow businesses to showcase their logos, colors, and messaging on packaging, creating a distinct brand identity. In a crowded marketplace, the visual impact of a well-designed cardboard box can set a product apart, leaving a lasting impression on consumers.

Sustainability in Packaging

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, packaging companies play a crucial role in promoting sustainability. Cardboard boxes are recyclable and often made from recycled materials, contributing to the reduction of waste. Many packaging companies are adopting Eco-friendly practices, such as using water-based inks and promoting minimalist designs, aligning with the global push towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Future of Cardboard Packaging

As e-commerce continues to flourish and environmental concerns gain prominence, the future of packaging companies is dynamic and promising. Innovations in materials, designs, and manufacturing processes are shaping the industry. Additionally, packaging companies are increasingly adopting technologies like digital printing to offer more personalized and efficient solutions, meeting the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike.

The Art of Product Packaging

product packaging
In today’s competitive market, product packaging plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of consumers and influencing their purchase decisions. A well-designed packaging not only protects the product but also serves as a powerful marketing tool that can elevate your brand’s image and drive sales. This post will delve into the significance of packaging of products and the importance of partnering with packaging companies to achieve optimal results.

Creating a Lasting First Impression

The packaging of a product is often the first point of contact between the consumer and the brand. It is crucial to make a positive and memorable impression through thoughtful packaging design. By leveraging creative graphics, engaging colors, and appealing typography, you can instantly captivate your target audience, piquing their interest and generating curiosity about your product.

Product Packaging Brand Identity

Effective packaging of products goes beyond aesthetics; it serves as a reflection of your brand’s identity. Consistency in packaging design across various product lines fosters brand recognition and builds trust among consumers. Establishing a distinct visual language through consistent branding elements such as logos, fonts, and color schemes helps create a strong brand identity that resonates with your customers.

Product Packaging Sustainability

In an era where environmental consciousness is on the rise, consumers are increasingly favoring brands that prioritize sustainability. Eco-friendly packaging solutions not only reduce the carbon footprint but also appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. Choosing packaging materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation and attract a growing demographic of eco-minded consumers.

Leveraging Innovation in Product Packaging Design

Technology-driven solutions such as interactive packaging, augmented reality experiences, and smart packaging can provide unique and immersive experiences to consumers. By incorporating these cutting-edge elements, you can differentiate your brand, create memorable interactions, and ultimately drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

In the realm of packaging of products, every detail counts. From capturing attention and building brand recognition to protecting the product and embracing sustainability, choosing the right packaging company can make a world of difference. By investing in thoughtful packaging design, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth. Packaging is not just a mere wrapper but an opportunity to showcase your brand’s essence and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Corrugated Packaging Tips

custom shipping RSC
Corrugated packaging is highly popular for shipping all kinds of goods thanks to its ability to protect and be lightweight. However, when using it, businesses need to take due caution to ensure they are deriving as much benefit as possible.  

Corrugated packaging correct size  

When ordering corrugated boxes for your products and shipments from a corrugated packaging company, you need to ensure you get a range of sizing that is a good fit. They should not be too tight to cause the content to burst out nor too big to lead to waste. Choosing the right size that conforms well to the shape and size of your products will help safeguard the contents better and limit shipping costs.  

Corrugated packaging cushion 

Most products do not have a box shape so it can be difficult to fully customize packaging that is the exact shape of the product. too many odd shapes can also make shipping difficult as the flat edges of box shapes are what make it possible to carry out stacking. However, the void that is left between the product and the packaging needs to be filled to help protect it from damage while in transit. It will also help immobilize it within the packaging so it does not end up knocking about.  

Fillers like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper can be used to fill up these voids and provide extra cushioning for the product within. The same can also be accomplished by using inserts. They can help to absorb shocks and reduce the risk of breakage and other damage.  

Corrugated packaging proper storage 

As you make every effort to ensure that your corrugated packaging safeguards your products in transit, you also need to be careful of how you store these boxes before they are dispatched. Many businesses will order such packaging in bulk and keep a stock of the boxes and other supplies on their premises. Storage space is typically designated for this. Businesses need to ensure that their storage area is kept clean, clear of pests, and organized. Also, keep the boxes away from exposure to moisture as this can degrade the material.  

Best carrier for a corrugated packaging company   

While businesses will make every effort on their part to ensure their products are securely packaged for the journey, the rest is often left to the shipper. Where a business has multiple choices of shippers to choose from, it is important to consider their reputation, especially when it comes to handling deliveries. You will want to select a shipping company that is known for taking due care and has a formidable reputation for delivering packages intact.  

Folding Cartons and Retail Products

Printed Folding Carton One Color
If you are looking for the ideal packaging for your retail products, then folding cartons should be at the top of your list. They are highly recommended for individual retail items that are in the light to medium weight range. Here is why you should consider them for your brand.

Customize Folding Cartons

Folding carton manufacturers can make cartons to just about any dimension you have in mind. They even offer them in a variety of shapes that allow you perfectly fit the box around your product. This flexibility in design can also allow for creativity in the design so that branding and marketing efforts can also be promoted.

Affordable Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are amongst the most affordable packaging materials you can source from a box maker. Despite their good quality, they are easy to make and use limited raw material due to their thin and lightweight design. Their ability to be folded also means that they are easy to store. They typically come from box makers while flattened, meaning that they take up little space. You can further save on manufacturing costs by requesting quotes from different suppliers. Often, box makers will compete to give you the lowest possible rate to secure your business.

Protective qualities

This packaging has a rigid design when set up that makes it ideal as protective packaging for a wide range of products. This design makes it easy for consumers that buy the product to store it for a prolonged period without worry the contents will become contaminated.

Folding Carton Manufacturer

Folding Carton Manufacturer typically, use recycled materials. This is partly why you will easily find a folding carton manufacturer offering this product so cheaply. When using recycled materials, the processing of the paper is already done so the manufacture of new cartons is carried out more quickly and with less energy. These savings are passed on by the manufacturers to their customers. By using recycled materials there is also less need to cut down more trees for processing. This makes for a positive environmental impact that even final consumers appreciate and support.

Folding Carton Branding

Incorporate branding in the customized folding carton. A mix of colored graphics and text can be used to appeal to onlookers and encourage them to look up the brand and its products. The use of attractive or striking colors helps draw attention where you want it.

Storing Cardboard Packaging Boxes Safely

Custom cardboard box
It is common practice for businesses today to retain some stock of packaging boxes for shipping. With more consumers shopping online and remotely, businesses need shipping boxes and packaging so they can send out shipments of orders.

Since it is inefficient and uneconomical to have to place orders for shipping boxes from box makers too frequently, it makes sense to store these materials in-house and use them as orders come in. Especially around peak shopping periods when you can have many orders in a single day. Here are some tips on how best to store these boxes so they remain in good shape until you need to utilize them.

Keep flat

Cardboard packaging boxes will typically arrive from box makers when already flattened. They can be opened up and folded correctly to accommodate items before sealing and shipping. The flattened design is very helpful during storage as it is space-saving and makes it easy for several boxes to be shifted at a go. Cardboard boxes are lightweight so this transfer is made even easier. Keep them in this flattened shape so you can store more boxes even in limited storage space.

Organize according to size

Many businesses require shipping boxes of different sizes to accommodate custom orders. Always try to organize boxes according to size during storage. This will make it easier and faster to figure out what is the most appropriately sized box for a particular shipment. It will also ensure that you can easily track the range of boxes you have and make an order for more from the box maker when certain sizes start to run low.

Only pack when needed

Do not remove a box from storage to start packing until when you are getting ready to arrange for shipment. Having many packed boxes around the place long before they need to go out may eat into what limited commercial space you have for your business. Just ensure you leave enough time before the shipments are to be sent out or picked to properly package, seal, and label the boxes.

Regularly inspect

Cardboard material while great for shipping, can also often attract pests. The material can be used as food or for nesting. This is why you should ideally store the boxes away from the floor. You also need to keep inspecting them to ensure they have not been attacked by pests, or come in contact with water that can also disfigure and weaken the material.

Easy to Carry Cardboard Packaging Boxes

Custom tote box
Product packaging can be customized in a variety of ways, but one aspect that is often ignored is mobility. Making cardboard packaging boxes easy to carry is an often-neglected feature but one that can be resolved in a few ways.  

Smaller Cardboard Packaging Boxes

The smaller the box, the easier it is to carry, even if the contents are heavy. You can work with your cardboard packaging provider to develop a box size that allows your customers to easily handle and carry it wherever. Box makers often have designers who can assist businesses develop designs that are not only attractive but also functional.  

Be sure to test this packaging with some of your customers to see how they respond to the design. You can even query them specifically on handling and carrying to see if they can suggest other ways of improving the design. Ensure that however small a size you go, it does not compromise the security of the contents. They should not be able to burst out and become exposed and likely to be damaged.  

Cardboard Packaging Boxes with Handles

Certain box designs already incorporate the use of handles that can make carrying simpler. Options such as rigid suitcase boxes and cake boxes with handles can be suitable choices depending on the type of product. The handles can often be made of the same cardboard or plastic. They can make it easier to carry boxes, reducing the risk they will be dropped and the contents damaged.  

Adding a handle feature can also help if the contents are meant to be kept upright. The handle will ensure the persona carrying the box will be compelled to keep the box standing a certain way, helping to safeguard the contents if they are likely to be damaged by being turned on their side or upside down.  

Cardboard Packaging D.I.Y.

You can also make your cardboard packaging boxes easier to carry by simply cutting out handles on the sides. Cardboard is an easy material to cut through using a utility knife. Just cut a V-shaped triangular hole on opposite sides of the box where you can insert your hands to get a firmer grip on the box as you lift and carry. It is a common practice that movers use to make it easier to handle larger moving boxes. You can even have your cardboard packaging provider incorporate such hand holes in the boxes they supply, with flaps you can tape down if shipping the item out.  

Invest In Branded Packaging Supplies

Custom Suitcase Box Ducks
With so many businesses now engaged in e-commerce, it does not make sense to keep shipping goods out to customers in anonymous plain boxes. People are now paying more attention than ever to the packaging supplies being used by brands, creating a wonderful chance to market to them and ensure they enjoy the unboxing experience. Here are some of the key benefits of investing well in branded packaging products 

Packaging Supplies First impressions 

Presentation really does matter and the first point of contact when shipping items to customers is the outer appearance of the box they receive. Customized boxes that are well branded and of quality design and construction are received with much more enthusiasm and delight than plain brown cardboard options with just a label. The more positive an experience you create for the consumer when they receive the product, the more memorable your brand will become in their mind.  

Packaging Supplies: Distinction 

As said, more and more businesses and brands are diversifying away from brick and mortar establishments and investing in e-commerce that is more convenient for consumers. This means businesses need to find a way to distinguish themselves from their competition, as they would if their products were on store shelves. This thus requires better investment in packaging supplies that will help enhance their branding on shipping boxes. They need to incorporate unique designs that will help make them stand out from the crowd.  

Packaging Products: Brand awareness 

Building brand awareness requires that you use packaging products that make it easy for consumers to recognize your brand. The more recognizable your brand becomes, the more credibility it earns. Custom packaging products enable businesses to share brand messages that will stick in the mind of observers. It is important to partner with your box supplier to develop packaging that will be unique and captivating to observers, encouraging them to share their images, besides making for a more enjoyable unboxing experience.  

Packaging Supplies: Functionality 

Certain products are best distributed in packaging that allows for reuse. Self-locking box designs or resealable packaging can be very useful in industries such as food and jewelry. These designs are very helpful and convenient for consumers. As you incorporate function into the box design, you also need to ensure good branding that will help to distinguish your brand. It can also help give consumers the impression that the brand is more proactive and innovative in its approach to facilitating customers. This can be a unique selling point that can help boost sales figures when compared to competitors that are not as invested in quality packaging.  

Top Cardboard Packaging Companies

Cardboard Packaging Companies Suitcase Box
New businesses will often make mistakes when choosing their suppliers. This includes the cardboard packaging companies that will be relied upon to provide packing materials. Cardboard is the top choice for packaging material thanks to its ability to provide good protection for contents, its lightweight nature, affordability, and flexibility in design.  

However, not all manufacturers are made the same. The industry is full of suppliers that claim to be able to deliver the best product but will often fail on several fronts. Here are some of the common mistakes the businesses make when choosing their cardboard packaging provider that can be easily avoided.  

Cardboard Packaging Provider Price

When seeking a cardboard packaging provider, it is normal to seek quotes from multiple suppliers. The biggest mistake many businesses however make is to simply go for the supplier with the lowest quote. In business, minimizing expenses is one of the best ways to maximize profit. However, this should not be at the expense of your reputation. You may find that a low-cost option means having to contend with delays or poor packaging that will affect your relationship and reputation with customers. Your final choice should be based on which supplier is offering you the best value for money.  

Samples from Cardboard Packaging Companies

One of the best ways to ensure that you will get the quality and design of packaging you want is to ask for samples. Many cardboard packaging companies will offer this as a free service and will even make adjustments to the design if what was initially sent out did not meet your specifications.  

Some businesses have made the mistake of simply believing design specifications put on paper without having seen what the final product looks like. Samples should be a must and compared with what will later come in when you start placing orders. They can be good evidence to present should the packaging ordered not match up to the agreed-upon specifications.  

Capability from Cardboard Packaging Companies 

Even for smaller businesses, demand may pick up resulting in a need for larger orders of packaging materials. You need to have a supplier that can keep up with this demand, no matter how many other business clients they have. Many businesses fail to conduct even a site visit to the box manufacturer to ensure they have adequate capacity to meet their demands. A site visit by a company representative or an agent should be mandatory.  

Customization from Cardboard Packaging Provider 

As a business grows, the need for more diverse packaging materials may also grow. Besides capacity for what you already need, it is advisable to check if the supplier can also accommodate growing future demands that may require other types and designs of packaging. this should also include the ability to accommodate custom designs that will be beneficial to future branding and marketing efforts.  

Getting Rid of Your Cardboard Packaging Boxes Responsibly

Cardboard packaging boxes- Eco-Friendly

Cardboard packaging boxes
are something many of us find ourselves hoarding. With more transactions taking place online, we are receiving deliveries in cardboard boxes more than ever before. However, we do not as instinctively get rid of the boxes in the trash. Often, when the box is barely damaged, we feel the need to keep them for reuse.

But with time, the number of boxes can get a little out of hand. After all, we have limited storage space to work with. In other cases, it could be the boxes have become damaged, maybe due to exposure to moisture, meaning you have to get rid of them anyway. Here are a few ways to carry out this task responsibly.

Give Cardboard Packaging Boxes Out for Free

Many people require cardboard packaging boxes but do not want to go through the expense of buying them. Those moving house or office will often need boxes. You can connect with such people in your community by putting up an ad at a local store noticeboard or using online classified. This is a good way to ensure they get reused before any disposal.


Where you have a recycling center in your area, you can opt to drop your boxes here. Depending on where you live, you may receive a small consideration, receive nothing, or even be charged for the service. Be sure to inquire before you load up your vehicle for delivery.


Cardboard boxes will easily degrade when composted. Their layered design can also be very useful in certain types of farming that call for sheet composting. This helps to prevent weeds from coming up, making for less work and easier tending.

Shop Responsibly-Use a Cardboard Packaging Provider

Shop at stores that offer recyclable packaging. Younger shoppers have become more passionate about environmental concerns and are happier to shop from brands that are similarly inclined. Every business needs to partner with a cardboard packaging provider that makes recyclable products that final consumers will appreciate.

D.I.Y. Projects

You can use cardboard material for all kinds of D.I.Y. projects. From restyling them into colorful storage boxes to using them as a protective cover for your carpet when repainting a room, there are many ways to make use of cardboard. They are a cheap yet effective resource you can apply to a variety of projects. If you have no plans to use them, you can talk to family or friends.  Also, talk to handy-type neighbors that would make good use of the materials.

Top Benefits of Pick and Pack Services for Small Businesses

Pick and pack services Pick and pack services have become a popular trend for order fulfillment. Businesses have increasingly opted to outsource this service to dedicated companies, helping to make their supply chain work more efficiently. They send out a bulk shipment of their products to the pick and pack providers’ warehouse.

When clients order products, they are processed through the warehouses’ stock inventory and warehouse management system. The products are literally picked off the shelves and packed before shipment. Here are some good reasons small businesses should consider this route to improve their operations and deliver a better customer experience.

Pick and Pack Services Saves Time

Small businesses have fewer orders to contend with. Most do not need a dedicated employee to handle these shipments. They will typically have existing staff who have other responsibilities for this work. This often means orders cannot be fulfilled promptly. They have to wait till a staff member is free or till the end of the day. Pick and pack providers act on orders quickly, ensuring delivery is done in the shortest time possible. Shorter delivery times are always preferred by clients.

Pick and Pack Services Saves Space

Smaller businesses tend to have limited storage space. Delivering larger consignments to these warehouses means they can better manage the little space they have. Working with a reputable pick and pack provider ensures that your products are safely stored and carefully handled before shipment.

Save Money

Smaller businesses can ill-afford having a dedicated employee fulfilling online orders. The number of transactions they deal with does not justify having to hire such staff. They can however more easily afford the fees from outsourced providers that are a fraction of paying a full salary. They also get to enjoy further cost savings on storage space.

Pick and Pack Services Reduces Workload

Many service providers provide more than just pick and pack services. They can also handle logistics and shipping. Small businesses can work with just one provider that offers multiple valuable services, rather than having to seek out multiple providers. it makes for less work and smoother delivery of shipments to client destinations.


No matter your special requirements when fulfilling orders, you can likely find a provider that fits the bill. Many have well-trained workers who can work flexibly and quickly master whatever packaging or other arrangements you require. They can assemble shipments so that your customer experience requirements are fully met. Discuss your needs with the provider to figure out how accommodating and precise they are in meeting your needs.

Choosing the Right Packaging Company

Custom Mailer Box
The packaging of your products is vital. The products must reach your customers in perfect condition. That is what makes choosing the right packaging companies an essential decision for your business. Different companies have different packaging, which makes choosing what suits you a difficult task.

However, there are basic things that you can look out for when making that decision. Discussed below are the things to consider when choosing the right packaging company for your business.

Packaging company budget

This is the initial consideration before you can even begin the search for packaging companies. The extent of your budget determines the design and type of material you can use. Some outstanding designs or high-quality materials can be costly. Your choice of packaging material should not overwhelm your budget. Try as much as possible to accommodate these needs within your budget.

You can look for options through a packaging supplier to determine which companies offer affordable alternative materials. The point is to create a balance between your packaging needs and the budget.

Packaging company operation

You need to find out if the company uses standardized packaging materials. The company should be reputed for providing quality material procured through the proper channels. Packaging required the following the correct process. The company should do this regularly to maintain the required standard.

A good company’s operation also offers excellent customer service by supporting you towards your business’s success. Your chosen company should be reachable at all times to clear your concerns.

The Type of Materials They Use

When it comes to packaging material, quality should be above everything else. It will be futile to have a good design that does not end up serving its purpose. As stated elsewhere in this article, good packaging should ensure that products reach desired destinations in perfect condition. It also helps if the company used environmentally friendly materials.

Packaging company capabilities

You might want to consider a company with the capability of producing custom-made packaging whenever you are in need. You don’t have to need the services right away, but it is good to know that the service is available whenever you need it.

Make an informed Choice

Finding the right company to package your products may not be easy at first. Good research can often lead to enlightening findings. The easiest way to know a company’s reputation is from customer reviews left on their websites and social pages. There you might also get to know their packaging supplier and other helpful information.

Why Partner With An Environmentally Conscious Packaging Company

Custom cardboard box
If you look up a packaging company in your city, chances are a long list will come up. But not all packaging companies are made equal. It has become increasingly important to identify those that share the same values as your own. And one value that should be key in today’s climate is environmental consciousness.

We exist and rely on this world for our survival. We are therefore obligated to care for it, not just for ourselves, but also for future generations that will be impacted by our actions. It has become clear that how we consume has a significant impact on the environment. From the food we eat to how we travel, it all matters.

Businesses are having to increasingly invest in product packaging. This is mostly due to online shopping that is more convenient and safer. Items that would previously be picked from the shelves by shoppers now have to be wrapped and boxed up before being handed over to carriers. In choosing this packaging, it is best to go with an eco-friendly packaging company.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Ecofriendly packaging companies work hard to reduce their carbon footprint. They try to sell the bulk of their ware to local businesses to cut back on carbon emissions from shipping. They also advise clients on optimal dimensions for packaging. This reduces the amount of wasted space within boxes that means extra shipping costs, and less material going into construction.

Recyclable Products

Recyclable packaging is great for the environment as it means less waste ending up in landfills. The recycled boxes can be easily broken down and used to manufacture new boxes. This manufacturing process utilizes far less energy than when having to process raw materials.

Lower Cost

Environmentally conscious packaging companies that recycle suffer lower production costs. As said, the cost of processing recycled materials tends to be lower. The packaging solution designs they create also tend to be well engineered. They are thinner and tougher, meaning less material use and cost. These savings are passed on to their customers who enjoy lower pricing on their packaging material orders.


At the end of their life cycle, these packaging products can easily degrade. This means that even if thrown out into the environment, they easily disintegrate without much emissions or other lingering waste. Water resources and soils are also left undamaged as compared to traditional packaging like plastics that have proven problematic. Ecofriendly packaging is not printed on with toxic inks or coatings, hence no leaching of dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Reasons To Buy A Wholesale Corrugated Box For Shipping Clothes

Custom shipping box
Online shopping sites have become increasingly well versed on how to market their clothing lines. They now do a much better job of taking pictures of items, on hangers and when worn by models. They also make sure to display them from various angles and in a mix of colors. This helps shoppers to shop more confidently as they have a clear idea of what they are buying.

They have also had to become smarter about how to ship them. While a polythene bag may have once sufficed, many are now opting for a wholesale corrugated box. Here’s why.


Corrugated boxes are surprisingly lightweight, even with multiple flutes. Since clothing is also lightweight, you need only minimal thickness to ensure sufficient stacking strength and insulation. The minimal added weight from the box makes carrying the item around easy. It also means a little added cost of shipping. Shipping costs are mainly pegged n weight so it helps to know not much is added to the scale.


Besides the saving on shipping, these boxes are quite affordable in themselves. Corrugated boxes are already quite affordable. When you order locally made San Diego shipping boxes in bulk, you get the added benefit of discounts. The larger the order, the greater the discount. And if you order locally, it can also mean lower shipping costs of the boxes themselves to your facility. It all breaks down to a very low unit price that is not even worth passing on to the buyer when settling orders.

Distant Shipping

To make the most of online shopping, businesses need to be able to offer their commodities far and wide. Sometimes that means shipping very great distances. This comes with all kinds of exposure that calls for strong packaging. A wholesale corrugated box comes with a tensile strength that makes it ideal to protect products for long periods and long distances.


Packing clothing items in boxes allows them to arrive at their final destination in a presentable manner. When in polythene bags they often suffer all kinds of folding and crumbling that wrinkles the fabric. If reasonably handled in a box, the contents are unboxed as they were originally boxed. Sometimes the ink from plastic packaging will even transfer to the fabrics, further damaging the product. Corrugated boxes are however organic and insulating. Clothing items should be able to arrive in a safe and blemish-free condition every time.

The Merits Of Custom Packaging For Farm Produce

Fruit Box Cardboard
Farming has become a growing business for many households across the globe. Now that people are staying home more, those with some land to spare are taking up this activity as a way to keep busy, save money on groceries, and make money. Those with a surplus that allows them to sell may find it beneficial to invest in some custom packaging for their produce.

Light in Weight

A cardboard custom box is quite lightweight and easy to handle. No matter the size. And if you are selling farm produce, you need packaging that will not add too much to the scale and is not tough to lug around.

Customizable Design

You can work with your box manufacturer to have any variety of designs applied to the custom box. From images to italicized writing, you can find different ways to make the packaging appealing and personalized. This can be done using non-toxic inks that would ensure your produce remains healthy and safe to consume even if they come in contact.

Customizable Size

If supplying stores and other sellers, you will likely want boxes that can fit on standard pallets. This can also work if you are direct selling produce that is loosely packed. You can also offer prepackaged products for retail sale. You can have custom boxes made to smaller specifications for this.

Soft Construction

While cardboard can have a good tensile strength that makes it able to support much heavier weights, it is also somewhat soft. The walls of these boxes have a cushioning effect. This is very useful with farm produce that can easily be bruised or otherwise damaged in transit. You can ensure your produce gets to market in the kind of unblemished state that appeals to shoppers.

Support Local Business

Custom cardboard packaging can often be found locally. It is ideal to choose a manufacturer that is locally based for multiple reasons. It is good practice to support local businesses like your own. It is a boon to the local economy and helps keep jobs around. It also means less hipping of the boxes to their ultimate destination of use. This is good for the environment as it means a lower carbon footprint.

Low Cost

Custom packaging that is made of cheap material like cardboard is easy to afford. For small businesses or farms with little money to spare, this is a benefit. Even if they make a small order of custom packaging from the manufacturer, the purchase cost should still be low. If they decide to pass on this expense to shoppers, it rarely adds much to unit prices.

Reasons to Invest In Custom Packaging for Corporate Gifts

Software packaging box
Corporate gift-giving has become standard practice for all sizes of businesses. There is a better understanding that by doing this, organizations can help to reinforce their ties with business partners, suppliers, and clients. It is often done during major holiday periods like Christmas and New Year’s. It can however also be done when celebrating milestones like years of operation, or when given a business award.

Whatever the occasion being marked, it is worthwhile investing in custom packaging for the corporate gifts that will be given out. While it may seem to be an extravagance to buy telescoping or setup boxes for this, there is some sound reasoning behind it.

Brand Promotion

When packaging products or gifts in specialty boxes, it offers an opportunity to indulge in a little brand promotion. Reinforcing the memory of the brand in the minds of gift recipients is a good way to subliminally ensure they keep you in mind. the branding does not even have to be aggressive. Just a business logo on a bag or gift box can be enough. You can make creative use of other features like note cards and QR codes to share additional company or product information.

Imparts Luxuriant Feel

Custom packaging help to give a more luxurious feel to even the most basic of gift items. A beautifully packaged calendar or fountain pen may not be all that expensive, but when the box itself is appealing, it gladdens the heart already. Investing in packaging products of a superior quality helps to upgrade the value of whatever gift item you give out. The better impression can help make your brand more memorable.

Makes for A Unique Experience

Unboxing has become a popular activity. The anticipation of waiting to see what is beneath the packaging can make for an exciting experience. There is an entire niche of social media videos devoted to this phenomenon. Even when the contents are not all that impressive, the business gains credit for choosing an attractive and quality packaging design and material.

Flexible Design Choices

Being customized means that you can change up designs at will. you can pick a new theme for every event and tailor the packaging accordingly. Even with a predictable round of corporate gifts, changing up the exterior can help make for a more delightful experience. From color to branding there are multiple ways you can mix things up to make each gift-giving experience feel different.

Why Source For Packaging Companies Online

food packaging folding cartons
E-commerce has made it so individuals and businesses can source for just about anything online. People can make inquiries and place orders remotely. It is a convenient and efficient way to execute transactions.

One can however still visit offices and stores in person. Despite the trend towards online transactions, some still prefer this face-to-face interaction. Even when it comes to sourcing packaging materials. Many businesses would like to visit the premises of packaging companies to see for themselves how they operate. It helps them gauge the professionalism and capacity of the supplier. This is however unnecessary when you consider the benefits of choosing a packaging firm remotely.

Easy Communication

Contacting various cardboard packaging companies is easy to do in this day and age. Most will offer several channels of communication including a telephone number, email, website contact form, and social media. You can use any of these to make inquiries and get a quick response.


Most packaging companies are happy to provide samples of their product to interested customers. you will need to specify exactly what you want. Including if you require packaging design services. This can be important to any branding or marketing effort. The company will simply send you the samples so you can get a feel for the quality of their work.

Comparison Shopping

When you reach out to the various suppliers, then you can source for multiple quotes. This is typically done for free. You need only give them relevant details such as the particular type of boxes, dimensions, and quantity.

Remember to also request information on bulk discounts. This can be a big saving as unit price tends to be lower the larger the order. Also, note that shipping costs may vary depending on the location of the packaging company. Ensure this is factored into the quote.


Capacity is a common concern for buyers. they will want to know the company can deliver as promised whenever ordered. Chances are the packaging company you engage will become a repeat supplier. Without visiting the facility, a simple way to be assured is to contact other customers.

Many cardboard packaging companies will happily provide a listing of past customers that you can contact and verify such details with. Some will make the list available on request, or have the information posted somewhere on their website.

It is important to note that at times such as pandemics, movement should be limited. This is to limit exposure and safeguard the health of everyone involved. Conducting your business online can still be safe and effective when you take sensible precautions and inquiries.

How Small Businesses Should Optimize The Use Of Custom Packaging

Custom Mailer Box
Small business owners work hard to keep their expenses at a minimum. That often makes sense as they often have smaller budgets to work with and are still growing. But trying to minimize costs does not necessarily mean you have to go with the cheapest options. Sometimes spending a little extra can help deliver a higher return and increase sales.
Custom packaging is often seen as the preserve of higher-end businesses. It can however be a worthwhile investment for smaller businesses looking to build their brand. Here is how such businesses can make optimal use of this resource.

Keep It Simple

When choosing the design of your packaging, ensure that you remain focused on making your brand visible. Avoid busy designs that do not easily share information nor raise awareness on what you have to offer.

In many cases, less is more. Keep the imagery to a minimum and include only text that imparts key information like brand and product name. You can share a web address or incorporate a QR code as a means of leading customers to more information about your brand.

Go Premium

Not all packaging is made equal. While you can easily use a brown paper bag to pack your customers shopping, there is a stronger impact made when you use custom packaging. Whether it is a branded shopping bag, mailer box, or folding carton, shoppers are always impressed with quality packaging. They will better remember the brand and can recommend it to others who also see the packaging.

Customized packaging does not even need to be expensive. Sourcing quotes is a good way to find an affordable cardboard packaging provider who can offer good value for money. Remember that you can also make some savings by opting to buy your packaging materials in bulk. Finding a provider that also offers design services can further aid in achieving your goals without spending additionally.

Be Eco-Friendly

Today’s young consumers are more environmentally conscious and prefer to align themselves with brands that demonstrate the same level of responsibility. When choosing your packaging, it helps to select materials and designs that reflect this. your packaging should ideally be recycled and/or recyclable, from sustainable sources, and can easily decompose without leaving toxic remnants.

Discuss your options with your cardboard packaging provider to ensure they meet these standards. Ensuring that your packaging is eco-friendly can help boost your brand, encourage customer loyalty, positive reviews, and repeat business.

Why Manufacturers Should Invest In Custom Packaging Materials

selecting the right packaging materials
Packaging products can seem an expensive investment. More so for manufacturers who may find competitors that do not spend on the same. However, the return that can be gained from this investment often more than makes up for the associated cost. Custom packaging is a great way to uplift the visibility of your brand and protect your products. Let’s discuss these benefits in more detail below.

Safeguards Products

Having your products in a box is a good way to protect them from being damaged when on display. More so when you have a display window so customers can look at the product within. A box will not only provide a barrier against people handling the product, but it will also safeguard the contents during transport. Choices like corrugated cartons can withstand the pressures of stacking and rough handling, ensuring products arrive at their destinations in pristine condition.

Also in a time when there are contagious viruses, you will want to have your products in packaging that can be easily wiped down and decontaminated. If exposed, cleaning may be much more difficult after customers have severally handled even just one item.

Adds Prestige

A product that has been well packaged does tend to stand out on the shelf. With a beautiful design to the box and carefully chosen packaging materials, you add a touch of class and give your product an edge over less presentable competing products.

Presentation and differentiation matter a lot in capturing the interest of potential buyers. Try to keep the design attractive yet simple for the most positive impact.


Packaging products can seem expensive but is often more affordable than most businesses think. Especially when the resources being used to make the box and packaging materials are paper-based. Since manufacturers produce in bulk, they can also order for boxes in bulk and take advantage of deep discounts that further reduce this expense.

If shipping these boxes from a local supplier, the transport costs can also be driven down. For those that opt to pass on this cost to the customer by marking up their prices, you will find the increase to be minimal.

Branding and Information Sharing

Packaging boxes are a good place to display your branding. You can display logos, the company name, and address. You can also provide all kinds of useful information on the product including its benefits, ingredients, and other specifications.

This can be great for marketing purposes and providing disclosure. Customers appreciate being able to make informed purchasing decisions thanks to manufacturers that are open about pertinent details.

Custom Box Design Tips For Your Business

custom suitcase box Up3
Custom boxes have become a great way for businesses to market their brand. With the right design, a business can help draw the right attention to its products and entice people to shop more. Packaging should not just be good looking. It also needs to convey messages that will help to inform people.

When it comes to custom packaging, there are many ways to go about design. Here are a few tips you can use to guide this design process and settle on a final product that will be of good value to your business.

Do Not Rush

You may feel eager to get your custom box order to the manufacturer quickly. But do not be in a hurry. It can take time to refine the design to what will serve your purpose. It is not uncommon to develop several prototypes before settling on the final design to mass-produce. Rushing the process often leads to poor designs that may become a waste when you order in bulk and realize they are faulty.

Keep It Minimal

There are many exciting and attractive graphics and colors you can use when tailoring your custom box build. But in reality, less is more. Too busy a design can be distracting and make it difficult for anyone looking to discern what message you are trying to convey. Keeping your design simple will make it easier for an observer to grasp your message at a glance. It will also be likely more pleasing to the eye.

Customize Sizes

Depending on your product, you should ensure that the size of the boxes is well matched. Too big a box and the contents will rattle around. Too small and the box might be difficult to close. There are many standard and customized sizes to choose from. Select a custom box build that is just slightly bigger than its contents for a comfortable yet secure fit.

Factor Wall Thickness

Besides the outer dimensions of the box, also consider the thickness of the walls. This will matter in ensuring the contents remain safe even when the boxes are stacked and being shipped. Too thin and even a custom box might lose its structural integrity. Wall thickness will mostly depend on what level of cushioning you will need for the contents and how they will be shipped.

Mix It Up Sparingly

Depending on the purpose of the box, you should consider various design features. From windows that display the contents within to imagery that evokes certain emotions, there are many ways to make your packaging more interesting and attention-grabbing. Find a balance so that the box does not appear too plain but also not too overwhelmingly busy. Let it show the benefits and make your brand identifiable.

Choosing The Most Affordable Packaging Companies In San Diego

custom shipping rsc box
San Diego has an abundance of agricultural and manufacturing businesses. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that packaging companies have also flourished in the region. For small and medium-sized businesses, there is a strong need for suitable packaging materials for products. At this level, there is also a great need to keep such costs at a minimum to avoid eating into profit margins. Here is how such companies can correctly go about choosing an affordable yet quality packaging company in San Diego.

Packaging companies in San Diego

Just as with any other worthwhile investment you will find that there are plenty of packaging companies in San Diego. Luckily, you can easily source for free quotes to figure out what kind of deals are available in the market. Before you however send out emails, be sure to figure out what kind of packaging you will want and the level of customization required. Many providers are happy to offer design ideas when you give them information on your product and your target clientele.

Look for Bulk Discounts

Ordering your packaging materials in bulk is a good way to take advantage of bulk discounts. It also allows you to stock up on much-needed materials before sale periods when orders will be at their highest and you will not want to have to wait for deliveries from the manufacturer who may also be struggling with his own peak period. The last thing you want is to be told the manufacturer is slammed and will need extra time to deliver your packaging material when you are facing a rush.

Customize packaging companies in San Diego

While packaging can be customized to a wide variety of specifications, know that the more complex the design, the higher the cost. To minimize costs, you may want to keep things simple. Not just when it comes to the shape of the box, but also coloring and graphics. Many major companies stick to plain black logos and print, and remain highly recognizable. You can use specialty boxes when doing promotions or marketing to specific lucrative customers that would appreciate the extra effort put into boxing. Find a packaging company in San Diego that offers different price points depending on the customization.

Local packaging companies in San Diego

The shorter the distance between your business and your supplier, the lower the transport costs that are involved. This also means less risk of occurrences like a vehicle breakdown or airline strike affecting the delivery of your shipment of packaging. It also means supporting fellow local businesses that support the local economy you all depend on.

Benefits of Partnering with A Local Packaging Company in San Diego

Suitcase box made by local packaging company in San Diego
Businesses of all sizes have managed to grow their client base by expanding into the online market. More and more shoppers prefer the convenience of being able to order their items from the comfort of their homes. With smartphones becoming more widely used, businesses that have made their online stores mobile-friendly are reaping big rewards.

To effectively cater to this segment of the market, these sellers have had to partner with packaging companies. While the seller focuses on their key product, the packaging company ensures it can be ably packed and forwarded to end-use customers. The packaging business has however gone global with sellers now able to engage providers from all over the world.

It is, however, preferable to opt for a local packaging company in San Diego for several reasons.


No matter how quickly an overseas supplier can put together an order, they are still at the mercy of shipping companies when it comes to making a delivery to sellers. Complications such as bad weather and global travel restrictions can cause delays in cargo deliveries. When sellers opt to partner with local packaging companies in San Diego, they are assured of much fewer chances of interference in deliveries. If close enough, they may even decide to pick up their order themselves.

At the beginning stages, physical product samples are an excellent way to ensure you are getting just what you want. A local company can get the samples to your faster, allowing for quicker final approvals before production is ramped up.


While production costs can vary based on location, additional costs may make the final invoice more inflated than it has to be. Transport and insurance costs for orders being made from overseas can drive up the final bill. With a local packaging company in San Diego, proximity can often mean low or no delivery costs being charged.


Speaking with a supplier in the same language brings down communication barriers. Many overseas vendors must hire bilingual staff who may speak English as a second or third language. While this can still be effective, communication is that much clearer when both sides use the same first language and share a similar culture. With close enough proximity, the seller can even visit the packaging company in person. This makes for even better direct communication and an opportunity to check out the operations of the company in person.

Improved Business and Economy

Working with local partners also helps to benefit the local economy. It means more jobs for people in the area and more circulation of money in the local market. This can in turn help to boost the seller’s business as most customers will often come from the same locality.

Avoid Damage with These Packaging Box Tips

Sirius Specialty Box Folding-Carton

packaging company will do a lot to ensure that a packaging box is prepared to handle your product as well as protect your product from damage during warehousing, distribution, and transportation. Though, while your boxes may help, there are additional considerations to ensure that your product gets to your customer damage free. 

Here are three ways to make sure your packaging box not only protects your product but can withstand those unforeseen bumps and bruises along the way.  

Use the Right Closure 

Packaging box closures ensure that your product will not bust open at the seams, nor where the box opens and closes. The most popular types of closures are glue, staples, and tape. But, how do you know which one is right for your package?  

Tape: Tape is a common option that comes in a lot of variety regarding everything from strength to its ability to handle extreme environments. As an overall sealer, tape is inexpensive and can handle lightweight jobs.  

Glue: Glue provides a better overall appearance as it provides good bonding strength yet remains hidden. 

Staples: Staples are the strongest of sealers, easy to apply and handles temperature extremes better than tape or glue. However, staples also require more work to open and often the box is destroyed in the process.  

Find Inserts that do the Job 

The right inserts will help to keep your items from moving around in the box and collecting dings or actually destroying the product. For electronics and fragile items, it is recommended that you find inserts which securely hold your items in place. Common inserts are pre-made and formed-to-fit plastic products or Styrofoam. A packaging company may be able to recommend of manufacture custom inserts for your product. Other alternatives are newspaper, peanuts, and bubble wrap that provide extra protection and a little give against the outside of the packaging box.  


The type of flute that your packaging company uses in producing your boxes is important. A smaller flute provides good crush resistance, while a larger flute is better at shock absorption and can provide more overall protection. You can also layer corrugated shipping boxes to provide two different types of flutes.  

When shipping out your packaging box, few things are as important as providing added protection that matters. So, remember to use closures that work for your product, identify the right inserts, and ensure your box is strong enough for your shipping needs.  

Selecting a Custom Box Manufacturer

Custom Suitcase Boxes
If you are currently looking for a new custom box manufacturer for your business, it is important that you set the terms and that you only shortlist reliable cardboard packaging companies that can truly address your packaging needs. Below are several factors that you need to consider so that you can be assured of selecting a reputable packaging company to partner with:

Reputation in the Industry

If you do not want to encounter issues later on with your packaging supplier, it is critical that you find a dependable firm to meet your needs. You can do so by conducting a simple background check on the company. For one, you can find out how long it has been operating in the industry. The longer the years, the better since it implies experience and stability. You should also talk with their former and current clients to have a more accurate information on how the company conducts its business.

Packaging Capability

Make sure that the custom box manufacturer offers a wide range of packaging options to deliver your current and even yet to be identified future needs. Suppliers who provide numerous packaging solutions know the demands of various businesses in any industry. This will work to your advantage since you will have several options to choose from.

Price Estimates

A reputable packaging manufacturer can instantly provide you with price estimates and even complete packaging assessment at no cost. If the company cannot readily provide free quotes and takes some time to answer your inquiries, ditch them immediately since their failure to deliver simple requests mean they do not have the capability to deliver what they are promising.

Customer Service

Make sure to learn about how the company deals with its customers. Learn if they will assign a point person specifically for your company and if this person can be reached anytime and any day, especially during emergencies. A reputable company knows the value of their clients and find ways to provide high-quality service at all times.

Company Guarantee

An organization that is confident in its ability to deliver high-quality products has no qualms in providing guarantees. Make sure to find out what guarantees are provided in case of failure to deliver commitments.

There are many cardboard packaging companies out there and all of them promise outstanding service, which is why it is up to you to find the most suitable and reliable manufacturer that will satisfy your requirements. Take into consideration the factors above and you can be sure to find the right company in no time.

Recycling of Cardboard Packaging Boxes

packaging boxes eco friendly
There is a lot of talk about how important it is to take steps to protect the environment. One of the catch phrases in America is the three r’s. Not reading, writing and arithmetic, but another three r’s that people are talking about. These “R’s” are reduce, reuse and recycle. These things are designed to keep people from ruining all of the natural resources that the Earth has to give them. Cardboard packaging boxes are an example of how people can work together to help protect the environment.


In order to reduce the amount of cardboard packaging that is used, it is important to learn about the ability to order in small quantities and to have custom sized boxes made. This will help a business use less boxes and less material for the boxes that they do use. Rather than having boxes that have a lot of empty space, a business can have a box that fits the product that will be put in it. Most cardboard packaging companies can handle custom sized boxes and small quantity orders.


Cardboard packaging boxes can be reused in so many ways. They can be used to store stuff, they can be used for shipping, they can be used for moving, they can be used as kid’s toys and so much more. People need to think about how they can use a box before they decide to get rid of it.


Cardboard boxes are the perfect thing for the recycling bin. Instead of sending them to the local landfill to deteriorate over the course of a few years, cardboard is easily recycled so it can be reused. Corrugated cardboard is typically made out of recycled material. Many other boxes are also made from mostly recycled cardboard.

Recycling may not always seem easy. It requires taking old boxes to a special facility that can handle recycled material. It can make communities spend extra money to set up a program to collect recycled material. While it may not always be easy to do, it is something that is worthwhile. Cardboard packaging companies will buy the old boxes and will reuse them to make new boxes. The recycled boxes can be less costly than a box made from new material. It not only makes business sense; it helps protect the environment.

Not everyone is willing to take the time and effort that recycling requires. Both business and individual will find excuses not to recycle and will leave that up to others. Because cardboard is so easy to recycle, it needs to become more common. It is the right thing to do.

Product Packaging As Advertising Tool

Have you heard the saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover”? This may hold true when it comes to you and me, but we can’t help but judge a product according to its inside and outside appearance. Toddlers and young children instinctively know this. They see a cereal box and quickly reach for their favorite characters, colors, or free cereal box toys. When we receive a gift, we assume the nicer the packaging, the more valuable the gift may be. When deciding between two similarly identical products on a store shelf, at times the last deciding factor relies on the color of the box, the high-quality pictures, the strategically placed fonts, and product packaging recognition. Large corporations, top advertising agencies, public relations and marketing departments, etc knows that every detail of their merchandise, including their product packaging can increase profit sales substantially.

As a business, you will want the most exposure by many avenues. Product packaging is one of the many strategies and it is an excellent subliminal marketing tool strategy. It is a chance to brand your company, and increase your profit sales. Product packaging is your perfect opportunity to place your company brand directly into the hands of your consumers.

First off, let’s take a closer look. Why would advertisers jump at the opportunity to spend $140,000 for 30 seconds of air time during the Stanley Cup Finals? “In all, 16.2 million Canadians, or about half the country, watched some or all of the game” The Star, June 14, 2011. Now that’s an exposure in magnitude. Advertisers understand the persuasiveness of product exposure and awareness. Their product packaging involved 30 tiny seconds to captivate their audience, in hopes of making a lasting impression. They understand statistically what this can ultimately do to enlarge their net profits. There is a principle here that is so effective; advertisers will gladly spend for a “30 second”product packaging opportunity. You too can emulate this footprint and apply this principle to your own product packaging strategy!

Let’s think outside the blank box. Why spend all your time and effort improving your merchandise yet deliver your final product in a plain blank box? Visualize this Cactus Containers as your white canvas, ready to be branded by your company. It is your crucial necessary step to start your subliminal marketing. It is your final step in presenting and staging your star. The more effort you put into your product packaging, the more impressionable it will be to the consumer.

How can they be impressed? Use a superior presentation. At times, the first impression is the only impression one can give. Take for instance a typical job interview. You have one chance to impress the potential employer not only by your job skills and abilities, but by how you present yourself. Are you polite and sincere? Is your business attire sharp and pressed? Are you groomed, well-mannered, competent? Employers take into account every detail to your presentation and the same holds true for product packaging presentation.

Consumers make quick judgments on multitude of products. Consumers also take into account every detail about your product packaging. A top-notch eye-catching presentation will keep their attention. Is your product packagingpresentation up to standards? Does it clearly showcase your company name? Does it explain what your merchandise is? Are your logos well branded? Are your fonts easy to read? Their first impression of you may be your only “30 seconds of air time”. Make every second count. Make every detail count.

We want our consumers to be dazzled, pizzazz, impressed. We want to present and captivate. We want to outshine the competitors. We want them to remember us; our logo, our color theme, our name, our product. We want them to remember our company, so the next time they need our merchandise or service, they will think of us. Our ultimate goal is to outshine the competitors, product recognition, and repeat business. It involves a lot of careful planning and creative thinking, but if our product packaging is solid, it can raise our profit sales significantly.

For a solid product packaging, please visit their Web site at, contact them by telephone at 1-888-776-8000 or email them at

Packaging Boxes For Your Needs

When you ship product on a regular basis, of course the cost of your packaging boxes will add up over time. You may not realize how much you’re paying for these and may not think of it since they’re relatively inexpensive for each one, but even the smallest item you need to run your business can cost too much when you consider how many you use each week or month.Any and all companies can save on packaging boxes if you know where and how to shop and how to ensure that you are paying the best price. Too often companies buy from their office supply store or from a local retailer or sales rep. If you order from someone that drops off catalogs to your office, this can be convenient but not very cost effective. Taking some time to look around and to find the best packaging boxesthat are also affordable can mean saving big in the long run.Most companies use a multi quote system for saving on everything they use, and you can do the same when it comes to packaging boxes and all other shipping materials you use. To do this for your company, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Getting multiple quotes.

How do you get multiple quotes for packaging boxes and how does this help you to save money? The first thing you need to do is write in a spreadsheet the different sizes of materials you need, line by line. Then you can start shopping online and finding different suppliers for these packaging boxes for yourself. Note the site and the price as well as any other details such as discounts you get for ordering a certain amount.As you write out these different quotes, you may immediately see where and how to save on packaging boxes, at a glance. Once you see those prices right next to each other, you can see how much you may be overspending with your current supplier and see in dollars and cents how much you could be saving. Get at least three different quotes from three different suppliers for packaging boxes so you know you’re saving.

Getting new quotes.

It’s also important to get new quotes for packaging boxes, moving forward. Many companies require their purchasing department to get at least three new quotes whenever they need to purchase anything. You can do the same whenever you need to order a large number of packaging boxes as this will mean that you’re saving money with each order.The bottom line is that just buying your packaging boxes from your current supplier or closest retailer without really hunting down bargains is no way to ensure you’re saving money. It doesn’t take that long to do an online search for packaging boxes and to find new suppliers and those that are more cost effective. Doing so will mean saving as much money as possible for your company.

Cactus Containers Pick And Pack Options

Products are ready for haul, as they are boxed properly, palletized and ready for shipment. Move onto one step further and not only allow Cactus Container to create and provide your end product into their proper containers, but trust them for all the fulfillment services you need.

Focus on your own business, while letting Cactus Container be your partner for the packaging logistics required to get your product from point A to point B. Reduce the cost of the packaging logistics, and trust Cactus to accuratelypick and pack the correct product to your consumer.

Eliminate the unnecessary cost for a warehouse, man power, materials, equipment and business time to pick and pack, when Cactus can efficiently handle your product fulfillment needs. They are a one-stop shop. It’s less work on your end, and more time on your business and productivity obligation.

Outsource the fulfillment services required through Cactus. Once an order is received via inbound call centers, customer service or shopping cart, the packaging logistics begin. Every order is carefully inspected. Just as an apple or orange is selectively picked for the prized size, color and ripeness, pick and pack, as it is called, each box is relevantly picked according to the order and destintation. The relevant box is picked, packed and shipped.

Pick and pack entails picking the correct relevant product for each destination. Re-packaging is sometimes needed, prior to shipment. Pack-out as it is called, each individually handled, affixing the appropriate shipping label. The invoice is included with the final product. Part of the pack-out entails a fair rate of shipping from common carriers as well as expediting other modes of carriers.

Upon arrival to the final destination, pick and pack services may sometimes require stock stand up display and assembly, POP/POS displays, sweepstake boxes, etc. This too can be incorporated as part of Cactus’ outstandingpick and pack fulfillment services.

Cactus’ expertise in product fulfillment helps you be at ease. Know that your product will get to market quickly, accurately and efficiently. Their product fulfillment is at the highest precise level, helping businesses for over 30 years.

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