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Top Benefits of Pick and Pack Services for Small Businesses

Pick and pack servicesPick and pack services have become a popular trend for order fulfillment. Businesses have increasingly opted to outsource this service to dedicated companies, helping to make their supply chain work more efficiently. They send out a bulk shipment of their products to the pick and pack providers’ warehouse.

When clients order products, they are processed through the warehouses’ stock inventory and warehouse management system. The products are literally picked off the shelves and packed before shipment. Here are some good reasons small businesses should consider this route to improve their operations and deliver a better customer experience.

Pick and Pack Services Saves Time

Small businesses have fewer orders to contend with. Most do not need a dedicated employee to handle these shipments. They will typically have existing staff who have other responsibilities for this work. This often means orders cannot be fulfilled promptly. They have to wait till a staff member is free or till the end of the day. Pick and pack providers act on orders quickly, ensuring delivery is done in the shortest time possible. Shorter delivery times are always preferred by clients.

Pick and Pack Services Saves Space

Smaller businesses tend to have limited storage space. Delivering larger consignments to these warehouses means they can better manage the little space they have. Working with a reputable pick and pack provider ensures that your products are safely stored and carefully handled before shipment.

Pick and Pack Services Saves Money

Smaller businesses can ill-afford having a dedicated employee fulfilling online orders. The number of transactions they deal with does not justify having to hire such staff. They can however more easily afford the fees from outsourced providers that are a fraction of paying a full salary. They also get to enjoy further cost savings on storage space.

Pick and Pack Services Reduces Workload

Many service providers provide more than just pick and pack services. They can also handle logistics and shipping. Small businesses can work with just one provider that offers multiple valuable services, rather than having to seek out multiple providers. it makes for less work and smoother delivery of shipments to client destinations.

Pick and Pack Services Are Flexible

No matter your special requirements when fulfilling orders, you can likely find a provider that fits the bill. Many have well-trained workers who can work flexibly and quickly master whatever packaging or other arrangements you require. They can assemble shipments so that your customer experience requirements are fully met. Discuss your needs with the provider to figure out how accommodating and precise they are in meeting your needs.

Cactus Containers Pick And Pack Options

Products are ready for haul, as they are boxed properly, palletized and ready for shipment. Move onto one step further and not only allow Cactus Container to create and provide your end product into their proper containers, but trust them for all the fulfillment services you need.

Focus on your own business, while letting Cactus Container be your partner for the packaging logistics required to get your product from point A to point B. Reduce the cost of the packaging logistics, and trust Cactus to accuratelypick and pack the correct product to your consumer.

Eliminate the unnecessary cost for a warehouse, man power, materials, equipment and business time to pick and pack, when Cactus can efficiently handle your product fulfillment needs. They are a one-stop shop. It’s less work on your end, and more time on your business and productivity obligation.

Outsource the fulfillment services required through Cactus. Once an order is received via inbound call centers, customer service or shopping cart, the packaging logistics begin. Every order is carefully inspected. Just as an apple or orange is selectively picked for the prized size, color and ripeness, pick and pack, as it is called, each box is relevantly picked according to the order and destintation. The relevant box is picked, packed and shipped.

Pick and pack entails picking the correct relevant product for each destination. Re-packaging is sometimes needed, prior to shipment. Pack-out as it is called, each individually handled, affixing the appropriate shipping label. The invoice is included with the final product. Part of the pack-out entails a fair rate of shipping from common carriers as well as expediting other modes of carriers.

Upon arrival to the final destination, pick and pack services may sometimes require stock stand up display and assembly, POP/POS displays, sweepstake boxes, etc. This too can be incorporated as part of Cactus’ outstandingpick and pack fulfillment services.

Cactus’ expertise in product fulfillment helps you be at ease. Know that your product will get to market quickly, accurately and efficiently. Their product fulfillment is at the highest precise level, helping businesses for over 30 years.