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Why Cartons Are Great For Shipping

Custom Size Regular Slotted Cartons for Shipping

Cactus Containers – cartons for shipping

Carton boxes are a common sight in delivery vehicles. They are probably the most ordered type of box from manufacturers. Many businesses that require packaging for their products or for shipping purposes consider them to be an ideal packaging solution thanks to the several key benefits they offer.

Affordability of cartons

Most cartons are made from paperboard which is an easily available material that is also highly affordable. For businesses that order these boxes in bulk quantity, the cost savings are even higher as many manufacturers are happy to offer discounts. Because this material is so easily available, businesses will often find that many manufacturers offer them. Through comparison shopping, businesses can easily find a supplier with cheaper rates.

They are also recyclable and can be made from recycled material. This means less time is taken to process them into new boxes, helping to conserve the environment and reduce production costs. Even where the material can no longer be recycled, it can safely be disposed of as it will quickly decompose.

Lightweight design

These boxes are very lightweight by design. This means they add a minimal amount of weight when used as packaging. This in turn means lower shipping costs and an easier time handling delivery by shippers. When there is less weight to have to carry during transit, there is also less likelihood of damage occurring, especially if the delivery person lacks helpful equipment like a trolley. They can more easily handle and drop off packages when they are not too heavy.

Strength of carton

Despite the lightweight nature of this material, it is quite strong when it comes to protecting its contents. It is also able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear that further boosts protection. When packages are in transit there can be a great deal of handling and an increased risk of dropping, hitting, and being perforated. Carton material is highly resilient and will in a majority of cases keep the contents of the package intact until they arrive at their destination.

Stacking cartons

Cartons are built to be box-like in design. This design makes it easy to stack the boxes. This makes storage of the boxes easier when you can safely pile them on top of each other. Even when in transit, being stackable is a huge benefit as it helps in making effective use of limited space. It can also make transporting multiple boxes at a go easier.

Why Invest In a Custom Shipping Box

Custom shipping box

Cactus Containers – custom shipping box

Should you invest in a custom shipping box? When a business engages in e-commerce, it needs to decide if it will be utilizing standard or custom shipping box designs. You can easily get cardboard boxes from stores or order from box makers. They stock boxes in a variety of standard sizes to choose from. With custom shipping boxes, however, you need to reach out to a box manufacturer and have them customize boxes to specific dimensions and shapes that will ideally suit your products.

This service however tends to come at some additional cost and may require you to take extra effort in working on the design so it is unique and allows your product to stand apart from the competition. This extra cost and effort are what make businesses worry if going the custom route is worth it. Here is why you should consider adding custom printed shipping boxes to your shipping supplies.

Delightful custom shipping box designs

Custom shipping boxes are sure to delight your customers. Receiving a box that has been customized to impress and promote the brand makes more of a positive impression than when using standard or plain boxes. A happier customer is also more likely to become a repeat customer.

Marketing custom printed shipping boxes

A box that comes with graphic designs will not only delight the customer but it can also support marketing efforts. You can emblazon them with your business logo, slogan, and brand name. You can also include information such as your social media links, websites, and address. All this information can make it easier for customers to reach out and explore what your business has to offer. It can even share information with those that are not recipients of the package and merely onlookers.  The design of the box is a great marketing tactic.

Custom printed shipping boxes cost

While custom boxes can be somewhat more expensive than plain standard boxes, they often make up for the additional expense by reducing shipping costs. Shipping costs are pegged on the size and weight of a box. Custom boxes offer a better fit that can reduce both aspects and allow businesses to reduce their shipping costs.

Eco-friendly custom shipping box

Because a custom shipping box is often a better fit than standard options, it ensures fewer materials go into its making. It also means that if it comes time to dispose of the box, there is less waste, which is good for the environment. Fortunately, cardboard boxes can often be easily reused and recycled, making them the most environmentally friendly option.

Are Heavy Duty Shipping Boxes Safer?

double cover heavy duty boxes

Cactus Containers – Double cover heavy duty shipping box

Whether you need heavy duty shipping boxes for transporting personal belongings during a move or sell large products online, this choice of packaging is safer for several reasons. When choosing packaging supplies, it is crucial to select what offers the maximum safety for your items so that they can arrive at their destination intact. During transit, even over short distances, there can often be rough handling by shippers or from the transport vehicle driving over dilapidated roads that results in items being damaged. Here is how heavy duty shipping boxes can help ensure safer deliveries of your shipments.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – less risk

Heavy duty boxes are built with extra fluting and thickness to their walls that provide more security for the contents. This stronger construction assures that the box is less likely to come apart, even if the items being packed are heavy. Even if the items in the box end up rattling about, the box should remain stable. A heavy duty box is also better at withstanding heavy weight so even chances of the contents falling out from the bottom are reduced.

Heavy duty shipping boxes – extra cushioning

With thicker walls on the boxes, there is extra cushioning that can help to better protect more fragile items. This cushioning can aid in absorbing vibrations and providing more of a barrier in the event the box is exposed to liquids or if perforated. Ensure that you further protect the contents by adding adequate filler to further cushion items and fill voids. This will reduce the risk of damage from the contents bumping into each other while in transit.

Large shipping box special handling

Larger and heavier boxes tend to be more carefully handled than smaller boxes. Even in videos where shippers have been captured mishandling packages by throwing or kicking them, this usually happens to smaller-sized boxes. Larger boxes are harder to handle and sometimes require the use of additional equipment like dollies to move them around. They are less likely to be mishandled, though not impossible.

Large shipping box accommodates more

Using a large shipping box when you have several smaller items to pack will allow you to save time and money as compared to when packing several smaller boxes. When the box is heavy-duty, it should be able to comfortably accommodate more items without fear they will cause damage. Fewer boxes, even of a larger size, can also be easier to accommodate within the transport vehicle and make for fewer trips when loading and unloading.

How to Pack Fragile Items In a Shipping Box

custom shipping box

Shipping box – boxes for shipping

With more and more people opting to shop online, businesses that sell even fragile items have been forced to figure out how best to pack boxes for shipping so the contents do not end up damaged while in transit. When you have products that can easily break this becomes critical as during shipping, poor handling and rough travel can easily lead to scratches and breakages. Here are a few tips you can use to improve the chances that whenever your items are packed in a shipping box, they arrive at their destination safely.

Correct size shipping box

Always pick a box size that can adequately accommodate the items you are shipping plus any packaging material that will be used to pad or protect them. Too big and the contents may end up getting jostled about, too small and you may not be able to reinforce. Also, consider using corrugated cardboard material with more fluting. This added thickness will help to better protect the contents, not just from jostling, but also if exposed to dampness or perforated.

Boxes for shipping label

People will not know to handle a package carefully unless that information is well displayed on the outside of the box. Make use of labels or stickers to ensure people know the contents are fragile and need to be carefully handled. This often compels handlers to be more careful and avoid stacking other boxes on top. Also, be sure to indicate which way the shipping box should be placed upright. This can be especially important with bottled products like wine that should not have the cork continually absorbing the liquid.

Boxes for shipping packaging

Once you have packed your fragile items in the box, be sure to use packing material to fill up void spaces. This will help keep the contents immobilized inside the box so they do not get jostled around. This is especially important if you have packed more than one item and want to avoid them knocking into each other and breaking

Boxes for shipping: dividers

Dividers are another way to separate items. You can pack multiple items in the same box safely and in their own compartment. Try to ensure that whatever arrangement you use, the box is well balanced to prevent it from easily toppling over

Shipping box reinforcement

Consider reinforcing the box at the bottom and along its edges. This can help when the box is exposed to moisture or even when mishandled by preventing the box from collapsing. For moisture protection, consider using packaging tape that will prevent absorption. You can also use a polyurethane coating or a lacquer spray sealer spray.

Fun Ways To Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes reuse and have fun

Cactus Corrugated Containers – Cardboard Boxes – Reuse and have fun too.

Most packages that are delivered come in cardboard boxes. In some households, these deliveries can even be daily, meaning that if you are reasonably careful, you can quickly accumulate many easily reusable boxes. They store them for future use, however, there is a limit to how many can be saved. Too many and your storage area will look cluttered and they may end up enticing pests or rodents to make a home. Finding fun ways to make use of your boxes will ensure you do not accumulate too many and end up wasting them.

Cardboard Boxes Re-Gifting

This is a quick and fun way to exhaust your supply of saved cardboard packaging boxes. Make a point of using your own stash of boxes for any gifts you gift out through the year, be it for a birthday, wedding, or Christmas. You do not even need to worry about their appearance if you intend to wrap the boxes in decorative wrapping. You can even cut up other boxes to use as padding or to create a smaller box when you cannot find a good fit. If you have a sizable array of boxes in different sizes, you can also make for a fun unboxing experience by combining them so the recipient has to keep unpacking to get to the final small present at the center. Somewhat like Russian nesting dolls.

Cardboard Boxes: Cat scratching post

Many cat owners have had to endure the problem of scratches on their furniture from their pets. Even those that do a good job of clipping their nails are not able to entirely curb this vice. You can use cardboard boxes to build a makeshift scratching post or pad. Your pet will be able to spend many hours happily scratching away and hopefully distracted from harming your furniture.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes Maze

For the kids, you can consider using cardboard packaging boxes to build a fort or maze. You can have the kids paint the walls with all kinds of artwork. Encourage them to paint lightly or just use coloring pencils and crayons to avoid wetting the cardboard too much.

Cardboard Boxes: Decoration

Using cardboard to create all kinds and colors of Christmas tree decorations is a great way to use up cardboard. You can do the same for other holidays that would benefit from some themed décor. Cardboard can easily be cut up into different shapes and painted in festive colors. Be sure to remove any tape or labels so they have a uniform appearance when decorated.

Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping box

Custom Shipping Boxes

With more consumers opting for online shopping, it has become imperative for businesses to invest in quality printed shipping box designs. Creating custom shipping boxes has become helpful in building brand recognition and improving product protection while in transit. However, certain design mistakes can compromise these efforts. When made, they can cause the reputation of a brand to suffer, lead to customer dissatisfaction due to damaged deliveries, and additional costs to the business in having to compensate the clients. Here are some of the mistakes to look out for and how to resolve them.

Disorderly look

Some custom shipping boxes have a very disorderly look about them that reflects poorly on the brand. Whether it is the use of overly bright coloring or too many design components, it can often give the impression that the brand has not taken enough time to gauge the impact this look will have on the market. Simplicity tends to work best and there should be an effort to test customer responses or work with professional designers, using this feedback to fine-tune the design of the shipping boxes.

Boring design

While some designs can be overdone, others can also be too boring and easily forgettable. These can also have a poor effect on the market who will not be able to recognize the brand even after having repeatedly seen the boxes. Try to include some elements of imagery, strategically placed slogans, and the use of coloring to better attract the attention of onlookers and make a more memorable impression.

Poor sizing

Investing in shipping boxes that are too big or small for the products you are shipping not only makes it more likely the items will arrive at their destination damaged, but may also make a poor impression on customers. When too big, the contents are more likely to rattle around and be damaged. It also means you will be likely paying more shipping costs. Too small and there is a risk the contents may burst open while in transit. Opt for custom designs that conform to the sizing of your product for maximum security and optimal shipping costs.

Lack of product protection

This is especially problematic if you have products that can be easily damaged during transit. If you just focus on the outer design without thinking of how to reinforce the contents that will be packed, then the printed shipping box will still be a failure. No matter how attractive the box, your clients will be unhappy if after opening it, they find damaged goods. You can enhance safety by ensuring an appropriately sized box made of sturdy material and safety features like inserts and other cushioning.

Boxes for Shipping Marketing Tactics

die cut mailer with insert kraft e flute boxes for shipping

Cactus Corrugated Containers – die cut mailer – boxes for shipping

When you have boxes for shipping, it often creates an opportunity for branding and sharing of other information. As you send out shipments, be it to end-user customers, retailers, or distributors, there are likely to be many eyes that will land on the printed shipping boxes. You need to capitalize on this exposure to market your brand by ensuring you present the right kind of information in the best possible way. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this.  

Boxes for Shipping – Print on Top 

The top side of your box should be the first place you consider printing branding information, especially for smaller boxes being shipped to end-user customers. This is the first surface they will look at upon receiving the box and opening it up. It is the most important place to emblazon your logo and brand name and slogan. It is the announcement of what is to come, welcoming them to open up the box and see what is within. Make this print on boxes for shipping well centered.  

Printed Shipping Boxes Font Style 

There are many font options when it comes to writing. It is best to focus on classic choices that are easily recognizable and therefore easily readable. Serif fonts like Times New Roman and Baskerville are classic and easily readable options. They are ideal for brands looking to portray a more formal image. For brands looking to appear more playful or informal, sans serif fonts like Calibri or decorative options like Leah Gaviota can be considered. Essentially, you should choose fonts based on what kind of impression you want to make with observers and that will remain easily readable so they can quickly register the information you are presenting at a glance.  

Boxes for Shipping – Social Media Handles 

Ensure that you include information on the social media handles that your brand uses. This is especially useful for fashion brands that make use of imagery. Indicating that you are on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can stir the recipient to take pictures of their unboxing experience and share them on social media. You can even include a campaign hashtag you are using to help add buzz surrounding a product.  

Printed Shipping Boxes – Logo  

Many brands will make use of imagery like logos and renders of the product on the sides and flaps of printed shipping boxes. It may seem like this will leave out space to include the brand name, but having this text printed as a branded chain along the bottom edge of the side can work just as well. If no imagery is included, you can make a chain that repeats the brand name across the sides. You can even have your packaging supplier make packing tape that incorporates your brand name, providing another way to display this information

Large Shipping Box Preparation

large shipping box

Large Shipping Box – Cactus Corrugated Containers

Prepare for upcoming shipment with a small and large shipping box.  When stocking shipping boxes that will be used to deliver orders to customers, retailers need to have them in an array of sizes. Having a good range of small to large shipping box sizes ensure that they can accommodate orders of varied combinations and send them out with less worry. It may seem like simply keeping a stock of large shipping boxes is preferable, but there are good reasons to also include some stock of small shipping box sizes.

Large Shipping Box: Protect Goods

When shipping items, you can expect some level of rough handling during transit. This could come from careless shipping employees or simply having the delivery truck drive over rough roads. It is never pleasant to receive your order when it is damaged. The business may even be compelled to make a replacement for whatever is damaged, which can add further costs.

Using boxes that are a tighter fit for the contents can reduce the chances of damage occurring as it reduces free space in which the contents can end up banging into one another and cause the box to topple over. Packaging items in a box with a closer fit and using filling is a good way to limit costs and the risk of damage in transit.

Large Shipping Box: Affordable

Shipping companies will charge for services based on the weight and size of the package. You can reduce your shipping costs by using boxes with a tighter fit that are lighter and smaller. A small shipping box size is also easier to handle by shipping employees. They are less likely to struggle with it and suffer accidents that would cause damage to the contents. While you should not make the box too small, it is advisable to ensure it is as tight a fit as possible.

Small Shipping Box: Save Money

When you include small shipping boxes in your order to the box maker, you will find that they are priced at a lower rate than bigger boxes. This means that having a varied mix when it comes to sizing will ensure you pay less for your order for boxes. The less material used to make smaller boxes automatically means lower costs.

Large Shipping Box: Easy Storage

Even though cardboard boxes do not take up much storage space because they can be flattened. A small box will still take even less storage space than a large shipping box. And because they are smaller, they are also lighter, making it easier to retrieve them from whatever storage area.

How To Get Shipping Boxes On The Cheap

shipping and packing materialsIt can often help when you can access shipping boxes cheaply or for free. The quality and desired specifications may not be up to the standard of what you would get if you bought customized options from a box maker. However, it can be a helpful measure when you need to cut shipping costs.

Visit Local Stores

Most retail stores take delivery of merchandise in shipping boxes. The more often they receive deliveries, the more boxes they will have for disposal. Get there early or simply ask when they will put out the boxes so you can pick what you want. Some stores may charge a small fee, but many do not. There is also the chance you may find the boxes have been damaged, possibly during transit or unpacking. You need to assess the damage to see if the box is still viable for reuse.

Check with Shippers

Shippers like USPS, FedEx, and UPS do offer some level of free shipping materials that can include shipping boxes. You make your inquiries online or visit a local branch to find out how much you can get. If the items you are shipping are however heavy or fragile, these materials may not be the best option. They tend to be flimsy and best used for commodities that can withstand a little careless handling.

Comparison Shop

If you need a more tailored option, then you will need to buy from a shipping box supplier or manufacturer. To secure the best deal requires that you do some comparison shopping. This means you first need to identify suppliers in your area and request a quote. You will need to send them the specifications of what you want and possibly wait on a sample to be sent. Do not be afraid to seek quotations from suppliers that are far away. Many will offer free shipping even out of state so you lose nothing by asking them to give you a quote.

Order in Bulk

Keep in mind that the best pricing comes from being able to buy in bulk. If your business has a strong need for shipping supplies due to a high level of orders, you should consider a bulk purchase that will save you a good sum in the mid to long term. Just ensure you have enough storage space. Given that boxes for shipping are typically made of cardboard, they can be flattened and fit in even small spaces.

Advice For Small Businesses When Labeling A Shipping Box

shipping box

Correct labeling is crucial when shipping and packaging boxes to ensure a shipment safely gets to its desired destination in good time. Mistakes can often lead to delays and even failure to deliver entirely. This can prove costly to the business by requiring them to compensate the customer with another shipment and again pay for shipping. It can also damage the reputation of the business if it becomes known for unreliable fulfillment of orders. Here are some basic rules to abide by when labeling a shipping box.

Ensure Full Details

Carriers require certain basic information to fulfill delivery. The shipping label should contain all the information they need. It should be clearly legible and easy to understand. Printing the label is the best way to go rather than hand writing to avoid confusion. Ensure that it includes:

  • The name and full address of the sender and receiver
  • Weight of the package
  • Type of shipping service
  • Tracking information

Be sure to check with the carrier if there is any other information that should be added and if there are formatting and sizing requirements. Complying with their requirements will again help avoid confusion.

Position Correctly

Ensure the label is well displayed on the top surface of the box so that handlers can easily view information. Avoid placing it along seams or edges as this can cause them to easily come off and become damaged. Even the alteration of a single number or letter can create a problem.

Add A Spare

Consider adding another label to your shipping box on the interior. In case the one on the box is damaged, the shipper may opt to open the package for any information that can help. They can easily reseal the box for you once they obtain clarification. The same applies if the shipment goes to the wrong person. Once they open the box and realize the mistake, they can use the information inside to reroute the package.

One Label On Top

Reusing boxes for shipping and packaging materials is very common. Corrugated boxes hold up well to reuse when not damaged by tears or exposure to moisture. When reusing a box, be sure to take off the previous shipping label and other stickers. Stick on a new shipping label with the relevant updated details. Do not stick a new label on top of an older one. Work with a box you have cleaned up of all other shipping information.

Why Sizing Matters When Engaging a Shipping Box Supplier

Custom mailer box

Do you need a small shipping box?  If you have a small item, sometimes it is all you need from a shipping box supplier.

When shopping around for boxes you can use to package your products or send out shipments, you will find that there are limited standard box sizes in the market. While easy to find, they often do not conform well to the dimensions of various products and orders to be delivered. They can often be too large or small for the job. As a result, additional packaging materials like filler will be used to fill up empty spaces and tape applied to hold the box intact if there are bulges. Here is why you should opt for a shipping box supplier that can customize your small shipping box. 

Small Shipping Box Protects Small Items Better 

When the contents of a box are so small to leave large empty spaces, there is an increased risk the contents will shift around while in transit. Knocking about can make it easier for the contents to be damaged. If too tight and with bulges, the packaging may fall apart, leaving some of the contents exposed and vulnerable to injury or contamination.  

Small Shipping Box Cuts Cost 

When you have custom packaging that correctly fits the contents within, you will likely save on costs. A small shipping box of the right size will cost less than a larger box as less material goes into construction. The smaller dimensions may also impact shipping costs as weight and size are both considered in pricing the service.  

Environmentally Friendly Shipping Box Supplier  

It is eco-friendly to limit your use of shipping boxes to just what is needed. Shipping boxes are made of pulp that comes from trees. The less you make use of these sources, the lower the carbon footprint you leave behind. Do also consider engaging a shipping box supplier that uses recyclable materials in production. This is another way to limit waste and protect the environment.  

Better Stock Levels 

When you customize your box needs, you do not need to rely on standard sizes as much. Those that rely on standard sizes often have to stock a wide variety of boxes as an estimate of what may be needed. when you customize your boxes to conform to the size of your products you can limit your stock levels better and not have to waste much space for storage.  

Happier Customers 

Customers often look forward to the unboxing experience. This event can however be less enjoyable if the packaging is poorly done. Even if the box is larger, it can be disappointing to realize the contents are so much smaller. Right sizing your packaging is a good way to temper expectations and improve the chances the contents will arrive intact.  

What Makes Mailer Boxes The Best For Shipping High End Products

Custom mailer boxBusinesses now heavily rely on e-commerce to better connect with customers at a time where shopping in person is no longer considered necessary or as safe. To fulfill the orders that customers make, it has become increasingly important to invest in a good quality of packaging. The packaging has to ensure the safe delivery of products to client locations and provide additional value like branding that will help boost the business image.

Mailer boxes are a special kind of box packaging that is made using one piece of material that can be folded into a self-locking design. Here is why it is should be used by businesses that sell high-end retail products.

Customizable Design

Despite being just one piece, mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure sturdy protection for the contents inside. The boxes can be made with various materials, to whatever thickness, waterproof, and even with inserts to help stabilize and safeguard the contents within. This is especially important where you are dealing with fragile products that are traveling a long distance. This type of box reduces the risk the shipment will be damaged and need to be compensated for.


Easy fold mailer boxes are usually made using very lightweight cardboard material. This makes whatever purchase easy to carry around. It also makes shipping more affordable as weight is often one of the factors used to price the service. These boxes can also be customized in a variety of ways to make them easy to carry in one hand. They can feature handles or even slots with which to insert hands. This can be highly appreciated by shippers or customers that buy the products in-store and need to easily get them home.


As said, these boxes can be customized in different ways. This also includes appearances. The graphics, motifs, imagery, and writing applied to the box can be used to support branding efforts. They can help enhance the appearance of the contents and make the company brand more notable to whoever sees the box. Applying attractive designs can help draw the attention of those around the box and stir interest that can lead to more inquiries and grow sales. Since mailers often do not need the addition of external packaging, you can simply focus on customizing the box design to maximum effect.


The materials used to make mailers are both eco-friendly and non-toxic. They can also often be recycled. Even those that can afford high-end products are conscious of the need to safeguard the environment. They are often more willing to patronize businesses that share this worldview, which can further support sales growth.

Tips on Lowering Shipping Supply Costs for E-Commerce Businesses

shipping and packing materialsWith people now increasingly opting to make purchases online, more businesses are being forced to expand into e-commerce to remain competitive. Even with brands that have been staples, it is easy to lose customers if you do not make it possible for them to buy online. However, with online businesses, there is the added cost of shipping to cover. Here are a few ways businesses expanding in this way can keep these costs low through consideration of their shipping & packing materials.

Optimize Box Sizing

It is important to make use of boxes that just fit the contents. The smaller the box, the lower the shipping costs. Shipping companies now factor in size alongside weight when determining shipping costs. Minimizing this aspect helps lower overall shipping costs. Having a good variety of box sizes to work with can help limit this problem.

Packing Safety

Be considerate of the products you are shipping and how best to safely pack them. The more delicate the contents of the box, the more effort you should put towards ensuring they are not damaged in transit. This can mean having to use inserts, filler shipping supplies, and labeling the box as fragile. Keep in mind that if the contents are damaged, you may need to ship again at your own cost, making the transaction less profitable to the business. For more durable products like clothing and books, you can use cheaper packaging options.

Low-Cost Customization

There are various ways you can customize your box design so that it reduces the overall cost of shipping supplies. For instance, instead of making separate labels, you can have the box manufacturer directly print whatever graphics or information you want to communicate on the box. You can also customize the box dimensions to better fit the product, thereby further reducing shipping costs. Keep an eye on new technologies like recycled cardboard that can be used at a lower cost to make boxes. When new kinds of shipping & packing materials come up, sample them to see what effect they may have on your expenses.

Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Where your business tends to receive many orders from distant zones, you may want to consider adopting the pick and pack system. This allows for orders to be fulfilled from warehouses that stock your products at different locations. They become part of the online ordering system and are able to deliver products to clients at a faster rate and lower cost.

Merits to Buying Big Volume Discount Mailers

big volume discount mailersBig volume discount mailer boxes are a great way to package products. Though costlier than other types of standard packaging, they offer an attractive way of presenting products and offer a self-locking feature that many consumers appreciate. The self-locking lid allows for the boxes to be easily reused without worrying the box will be damaged. They can also be customized in a variety of ways that promotes branding.

There are also benefits associated with buying large quantities discount mailers. Here is why you should consider investing in bulk quantities of this packaging.

Big Volume Discount Mailers Savings

Most box manufacturers will offer discount deals on bulk purchases. The larger the order of big volume discount mailers you place, the bigger the discount you can secure. This will lower the overall cost of meeting packaging needs, which in turn translates into higher profit from the business.

Buying in bulk is also advisable when you factor in shipping costs. Because discount mailers are more of a specialty item, you may find few box manufacturers offer this product. For many businesses, it could mean having to engage a manufacturer that is located further away. The further away the box manufacturer is, the higher the shipping cost will be. It makes sense, therefore, to order as large a shipment as you can so you have to cover this cost less often.

Peace of Mind

Having big volume discount mailers on hand ensures that whenever you need them to fulfill an order, you do not have to worry. When you keep a small stock, it can be worrisome as shortages can easily occur. Not having enough boxes on hand can mean having to delay delivery to customers. This can be bad for your business reputation. Timely delivery helps to inspire trust and encourages customers to return for repeat businesses.

It also adds stress to employees who may have to seek out an alternative to get the product to the client. It can affect their mood and productivity, which is bad for business. This issue is particularly important during high season shopping periods like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be sure to place your order reasonably in advance of the high season so you do not have to worry about running out.

Easy Storage

Like other corrugated boxes, mailer boxes can be easily assembled and disassembled. They are made of a single piece that is folded into its self-locking style. When laid out flat, the boxes can be easily stacked and stored for later use. This makes buying in bulk easier as you do not have to worry about storage problems.

Making Custom Shipping Boxes More Affordable

Custom shipping boxThe primary goals of any business include maximizing profit while minimizing costs. This ensures a greater return on investment for the owners. One often neglected aspect that can lead to reducing costs is the packaging. Most forms of packaging tend to be economical, but can be in some ways further reduced. given that businesses are making more use of packaging than ever before thanks to online shopping, it makes sense to give some attention to this factor. Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of each printed shipping box used.

Ensure Proper Handling

You need to train your staff on how to best perform such tasks as packing custom shipping boxes and how to carefully handle them until handed over to the shipper. This will reduce the incidents of damage and having to repack the contents. The less waste there is, the more time lapses between when you have to reorder your next stock of boxes.

Invest in Machinery

This is particularly important where you have heavy products that are to be shipped. Equipment like pallets and forklifts need to be available for more reliable and careful transport. Again, this will ensure proper handling and reduce the risk of the packaging and contents being damaged even before you have them out the door. This may not be as necessary where you are handling small light shipments.


Reducing the risk of damage to the box and its contents is key in minimizing costs. Invest in labels that guide how the printed shipping box should be properly handled. If the contents are fragile, ensure there are labels that are prominently displayed to convey this message. Use labels to communicate safety precautions to whoever will handle it without needing to open the box to know what the contents are.

Limit Void Space

Do this by investing in boxes that have a better fit to the contents inside. The box should leave just enough room for inserts and some filler needed for added protection. This will keep the contents more stable and secure. Too much void space and the contents may end up rattling around in the box and becoming damaged.

Reduce Packaging Weight and Size

Where the products being shipped are not vulnerable to damage from rough handling, it can make sense to cut down on protective features like fluting and space for filler. Smaller and lighter packaging will typically be cheaper. You can even opt out of using custom shipping boxes and use cheaper plastic packaging.