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How are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Made?

Large Shipping Box

Most people are familiar with corrugated cardboard boxes. They have seen these types of boxes in warehouses holding products that are going to be shipped to stores. They have seen the boxes in the stores either full of items or empty and sitting by a dumpster. People’s homes are full of boxes. They store things in attics, basements and garages. They are used to help people pack up their belongings if they are going to move. Cardboard boxes are a very familiar and important thing for many people.

While the cardboard corrugated boxes are familiar to many people, they may not always know how they are made. The process for making these boxes is one of the reasons that they are so widely used. Learning how they are made will give people more respect for the boxes and may make them even less likely to throw out because they think they have no use for them.

The corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of three layers. The material used to make the boxes is brown craft paper. This type of paper was invented in 1885. It is made by pulping wood chips and turning that into a paper that is able to resist tearing and splitting. The craft paper is delivered to the plant to make the corrugated cardboard in large roles.

The rolls of craft paper do not require many other things to turn them into corrugated cardboard. The cardboard consists of 3 layers. The bottom and the top layer of the cardboard is a simple piece of the craft paper. The middle layer of craft paper goes through a corrugating machine. This machine crimps the paper and folds it similar to an accordion. The three layers are then combined and glued together with the corrugated craft paper in the center. Typically, the glue that is used is made from corn starch. The glue is able to keep the three layers of craft paper together.

The corrugated cardboard can also have additional materials used in it. Waxes can be used to prevent the cardboard from getting stained or can make the cardboard more water resistant. Graphics can also be added to the cardboard.

Once the corrugate cardboard is made, it will be cut into pieces that can be folded into the cardboard corrugated boxes. The boxes are designed and machines make the necessary cuts in the cardboard that will allow the boxes to be folded. They are then ready to be used for anyone that needs them.

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