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Merits of Using Triple Wall Shipping Boxes for Heavy Products

triple wall shipping box

The heavier the item and the longer the distance it will travel, the more protection that is needed for it to arrive in good condition. The strongest option lies in corrugated boxes. Businesses typically have to make a choice between double and triple wall shipping boxes. Here is why you should opt for the triple wall option whose construction is made up of three layers of fluting.  

Extra strength heavy duty shipping box triple wall

Triple wall shipping boxes are made using 5-ply construction that is stronger than what you get with double wall shipping boxes. This added strength helps to better protect the heavy and fragile items within. The rigid construction also means it is safer to shift these boxes using machinery and that they can easily be put through long-term storage.  

Protective thickness 

The extra thickness provided by additional fluting should not be underrated. It means that if the box is exposed to moisture, there is an added layer that will better prevent the liquid from getting to the contents. It also adds extra protection if the box is perforated. Whatever will pierce the material will find it harder to get to the contents as there will be more layers to get past.  


Triple wall boxes have a more robust construction that makes it safer to stack them, especially when the contents are not so heavy. Being able to stack boxes makes it easier to save on space when shipping and storing. Using up more vertical space in a shipping container can drastically reduce the cost of shipping, which means lower expenses for the shipper. Weighty cargo is costlier to transport if you cannot reduce the amount of floor space used in transit. This applies also when using shipping trucks.  

Easy assembly 

Single, double, and triple-walled boxes are very easy to set up for packing. Even as triple wall boxes have thicker dimensions and are stronger, they are quick and easy to assemble. This means that there is no extra struggle involved in utilizing them that would justify opting for

Better insulation 

The added fluting in triple wall boxes helps provide the best quality insulation. When you have products that require better temperature control, a triple-walled box will be the best option. There will be far less temperature fluctuation which can help safeguard delicate aspects of the product. More so during times when the weather conditions are more extreme, like in the middle of winter and summer months.  

What To Consider Before Investing In Double Wall Shipping Boxes

Heavy duty shipping box tripple wall
Businesses have to consider a variety of factors when choosing custom packaging for their products. One common consideration is whether to invest in heavy-duty packaging. Options like triple or double wall shipping boxes offer some extra layers of protection that single walled boxes cannot provide.

But this thicker construction means some added cost when ordering packaging materials. Should businesses, especially small ones, bother with this added expense? Let’s discuss.

Financial Risk

Whatever products you are in the business of selling, you want to ensure that they arrive at their destination in good condition. Failure to this, you may be obligated to make a replacement. These are all additional costs that can badly eat into your bottom line. They can also negatively impact your reputation with clients when they realize that your items keep arriving broken or otherwise damaged. Making use of strong packaging like double or triple wall shipping boxes improves the chances of your product arriving in a safe condition.

Shipping Safety

There is a gap between when goods leave the business and arrive at the intended destination. There is often a lot of handling by shippers. Sometimes between different kinds of transport. This is especially common where the business caters to long-distance or overseas orders. This lifting, dragging, and other handling can cause a fair amount of wear and tear on the packaging. With the extra layers that come with double and triple wall shipping boxes, the packaging can better withstand this kind of stress.


Even with the normal wear and tear that cardboard boxes suffer, it helps that some of their designs allow for good reuse. With extra layers to the walls, the boxes can retain their shape and strength for a long time. This can allow them to be easily reused for a variety of reasons. Many moving companies will reuse the same boxes repeatedly for various clients. They save much money in being able to do so before they become too worn. Even ordinary customers at home appreciate good double wall shipping boxes they can use for storage purposes.


Just because these boxes are heavy-duty, does not mean they cannot be recycled. Once they are no longer useful to the owner, they can be handed in for recycling. This means they get to be broken down and used as raw material in the making of new boxes. This is beneficial to the environment as it reduces reliance on virgin wood material for manufacturing and there is less energy use as well.

4 Benefits Of Tri Wall Boxes For Shipping

Heavy duty shipping box tripple wall
When it comes to shipping, there are multiple types of boxes that one can utilize. Wooden crates and plastic cases are common. However, tri wall boxes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to several factors that make them a more ideal choice for shipping.

Lightweight Secure Design

These boxes are made of triple fluted corrugated cardboard material. Even with three layers, the boxes manage to still be lightweight, yet very strong. They can be five times lighter than equivalent sized wooden crates. This makes their transport much easier when loaded. They can be customized to be self-locking, or easily secured using adhesive tape.


Being reusable is good for the environment. It will take much-repeated use or serious damage to cause triple wall boxes to be disposed of. Because they are typically manufactured for shipping purposes, they tend to come in larger sizes, which can be useful for indoor storage at home, the office, or at a storage facility. Their strong design means you will likely enjoy many years of use before you would need to throw it away. And when throwing away, you will find that this material is easily broken down. It also helps that you can have it made from sustainable sources, providing better protection for the environment.


When compared to other shipping materials like wood and plastic, tri wall boxes are much cheaper to make. When ordered from the manufacturer, their lightweight nature also translates to cheaper shipping costs to the shipper. If the end consumer or recipient of the shipment is paying for transport, they also get to enjoy cost savings. Shipping is often pegged on weight. With these boxes, the overall weight of the shipment is much lower when compared to heavier wood or plastic cases.

Impact Protection

As mentioned, triple wall boxes are lightweight yet very strong. This is as a result of the three layers used in its construction. The outer layer absorbs any risk of tearing or impact while the inner ones absorb shock. All these not only help keep the packaging stable, but they also protect the contents from injury. Whether it is the shock of impact or penetration, these boxes offer excellent protection. The material is also good for absorbing and resisting moisture. These qualities make the boxes quite helpful when it comes to long-distance shipping. Whether it is by road, air or sea, there is a strong likelihood of rough handling along the way.