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Save Money with Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Suitcase Boxes

It is commonplace for a person receiving an item in a custom printed box to assume that it must be expensive packaging. However, even if the item within is costly, it does not mean that the packaging is equally expensive. Many businesses have come to understand that first impressions matter and thus invest in packaging that will make a positive impact. Customizing packaging is certainly more expensive than opting for standard options but may not be as high a price as you might think. There are also ways you can limit this expenditure to ensure you are getting custom printed boxes at the best price possible.  

Custom printed box perfect fit  

The less material that goes into making boxes, the less cost that is attached. Investing in boxes that are as tight a fit around your products as possible will allow you to minimize this expense. Consider the dimensions of the products you usually ship and set specifications for your boxes that leave just enough room for the products and the filler you use.  

A tighter fit will not only lower the cost of having your custom printed boxes made, but it will also better secure the contents, increasing the chances they will arrive at their destination without suffering damage. Where you may have voids due to oddly shaped items being shipped, consider using an insert to eliminate the need for secondary packaging.  

Custom printed box perfect measurements 

Different businesses handle various kinds of products. When choosing what packaging to invest in, you need to ensure that you get the most suitable type of boxes made and to the right specifications. You need to make a good assessment of your needs to ensure you not only get the right packaging made, but also in the right quantity. For instance, if you mostly sell lightweight inexpensive items and just a few heavy expensive items, you will want a bigger stock of regular carton boxes than custom mailers.  

Custom printed box perfect company  

Just as with any other product or service, you will find that the pricing on packaging will vary from one box maker to another. Shopping around will allow you to find out what is reasonable pricing for the types of boxes you want. You may even find that some manufacturers do provide design services that will aid you in deciding the look and specifications of your custom printed box. Avoid choosing the cheapest quote as this often means ending up with substandard packaging. Focus on those that are offering you substantial value for money and value-adding services.

Custom Mailer Box Price Advantage

Custom die cut mailer

Cactus Containers – custom mailer box (die cut mailer)

When businesses consider investing in customized box designs, there are often concerns that their cost may be more than any benefit it will bring to the brand. Options like the custom mailer box do give products a more luxurious feel and look that can be useful for high-end products as impressions count for a lot. However, it is not surprising that they would be more expensive to order from a box manufacturer than the standard corrugated cardboard box. This premium cost for such packaging is however compensated for when you consider certain cost-saving benefits.  

Custom mailer box is lightweight 

Custom mailer boxes are lightweight as they are made from corrugated cardboard material. This characteristic means that when it comes to shipping costs, the impact is minimal. Shipping costs are calculated based primarily on the weight and size of the packaging. By limiting the weight added to a package by using a lightweight custom mailer box, you lower the shipping costs.  

Customized box 

As said, shipping costs are impacted by the size of the package. Because custom mailer boxes can be customized in a variety of shapes and sizes, businesses can ensure they are made as small as possible to just comfortably fit the contents. Working with the box designer to ensure as small as fit as possible thus helps in reducing shipping costs and the cost of ordering these boxes from the manufacturer. 

Custom mailer box security 

Custom mailer boxes have a self-locking mechanism that helps to better secure the contents within. Since they are also customized for a good fit and can incorporate inserts that stabilize products, they are an effective way of safeguarding contents while in transit. This increases the chances that the products being delivered will arrive in good condition at their destination. With fewer incidents of products being damaged while in transit, the business does not have to deal with as many returns which can be an added cost in either having to make a refund or send out a replacement to the client.  

Custom mailer box recyclability

Custom mailer boxes are often made from materials that are recycled and can be later recycled. While it may not make much of an impact on the bottom line of the business, it can make the production of new boxes less expensive as recycled materials are already processed. Less energy and time are used to convert them into new boxes, as compared to when using wood pulp. Using recyclable materials also offers the benefit of making a positive impression on consumers who have become increasingly environmentally conscious.  

Why Invest In a Custom Shipping Box

Custom shipping box

Cactus Containers – custom shipping box

Should you invest in a custom shipping box? When a business engages in e-commerce, it needs to decide if it will be utilizing standard or custom shipping box designs. You can easily get cardboard boxes from stores or order from box makers. They stock boxes in a variety of standard sizes to choose from. With custom shipping boxes, however, you need to reach out to a box manufacturer and have them customize boxes to specific dimensions and shapes that will ideally suit your products.

This service however tends to come at some additional cost and may require you to take extra effort in working on the design so it is unique and allows your product to stand apart from the competition. This extra cost and effort are what make businesses worry if going the custom route is worth it. Here is why you should consider adding custom printed shipping boxes to your shipping supplies.

Delightful custom shipping box designs

Custom shipping boxes are sure to delight your customers. Receiving a box that has been customized to impress and promote the brand makes more of a positive impression than when using standard or plain boxes. A happier customer is also more likely to become a repeat customer.

Marketing custom printed shipping boxes

A box that comes with graphic designs will not only delight the customer but it can also support marketing efforts. You can emblazon them with your business logo, slogan, and brand name. You can also include information such as your social media links, websites, and address. All this information can make it easier for customers to reach out and explore what your business has to offer. It can even share information with those that are not recipients of the package and merely onlookers.  The design of the box is a great marketing tactic.

Custom printed shipping boxes cost

While custom boxes can be somewhat more expensive than plain standard boxes, they often make up for the additional expense by reducing shipping costs. Shipping costs are pegged on the size and weight of a box. Custom boxes offer a better fit that can reduce both aspects and allow businesses to reduce their shipping costs.

Eco-friendly custom shipping box

Because a custom shipping box is often a better fit than standard options, it ensures fewer materials go into its making. It also means that if it comes time to dispose of the box, there is less waste, which is good for the environment. Fortunately, cardboard boxes can often be easily reused and recycled, making them the most environmentally friendly option.

Custom Boxes Business Advantages

Custom Mailer Box 1 colour print

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

It comes as no surprise that custom boxes are not a top priority for small businesses. Many start out on shoestring budgets that do not easily accommodate anything customized. Their founders will try as much as possible to limit expenses so that they can start earning a profit early on. However, this approach, however financially logical as it sounds, it may be doing more harm than good to your business. Here is why you should consider custom packaging for your business.

Custom boxes can boost sales

In the US custom boxes help give the perception that a product is of high quality. With good branding, these boxes leave a better impression on observers and recipients than when a box is plain. When people see more of the branding on the packaging, they become more inclined to try out the products or buy them for others. This helps to boost sales, which is what all small businesses should be looking to do.

US custom boxes are affordable

Although custom boxes do give the impression of superior quality than those that are plain, it does not mean they are expensive to order. Shopping around from different box makers will allow you to figure out what deals there are to be had. Many provide even design services for free so that you can more affordably come up with a unique design that will allow your brand to stand out from the crowd. Always ask about bulk discounts which can be substantial.

Custom boxes can reduce shipping costs

This can be very helpful to businesses that have distinct products that are typically bought in small quantities. You can have your boxes customized to exactly fit the dimensions of the orders you usually receive. The better a fit the box is, the lower the shipping costs you would have to deal with. Especially if standard-sized boxes are usually bigger than you need. Given that shipping costs are pegged on sizing and weight, cutting down on sizing can ensure lower shipping costs.

Custom boxes support marketing efforts

Brand custom boxes with logos, slogans, business URLs, QR codes, and other information that will help market your brand. You can even use it to tempt people into looking up your social media or visiting your e-commerce site. The more attractive the packaging, the more impressed people will be with the brand and want to see the products they offer. It can also encourage those that are ardent social media users to record unboxing experience videos.  This can further boost marketing efforts as well.

Qualities To Look For In Quality Custom Packaging

Custom Mailer Box

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging plays a key role in establishing and building the relationship between customers and a brand. It is often the first point of contact between the parties that entice prospective customers into becoming loyal paying customers. Coming up with the right design for product packaging requires that businesses know what qualities consumers are looking for and will be of use in safely delivering the product into their hands.


It is a must for packaging to safeguard the product within. Whether it is to protect it from contamination or the effect of heat or light, the goal is to ensure that the product is delivered to the consumer in good and usable condition. The design and materials used to make custom print boxes will majorly vary depending on the type of product and what type of security is needed.


Product packaging needs to be lightweight. Not so much that it interferes with its ability to safeguard the product. But still light enough so as not to add too much weight to the overall product. This will make it convenient for the consumer to transport it wherever they need it. This will also affect the cost of shipping, so both the weight and size of packaging should be the least amount so as not to be inconvenient.


Whatever design of packaging a business uses, it needs to be dependable. This means it should give consumers confidence that the product has been well protected from the time it was packaged by the manufacturer, therefore ensuring the quality of the product is preserved. This packaging should continue to be dependable until when the consumer needs to open it up to access the product. The durability of the design should be ongoing beyond even purchase, ensuring that as long as the product is properly stored and has not reached its expiration date, the contents remain safe.

Visual appeal

The look of the custom packaging should be such as to impress consumers. Aesthetics matter as they are what encourage consumers to try a new product and help set it apart from similar products in the market. Customizing packaging allows brands to market to shoppers, making them believe that the product they are choosing is of good quality and worth buying. It needs to be attractive, unique, and informative. It is not just about the use of logos, other imagery, and slogans. Product information is also helpful to consumers trying to make a purchasing decision.

Custom Box Build for Electronic Products

specialty setup box Xbox, custom box build

Cactus Containers – Custom Box Build

For businesses that sell electronics, the quality and construction of their packaging can heavily influence the impression made on consumers. Such businesses need to invest wisely in quality custom box build designs that will make consumers feel that the safety of the product and its storage has been carefully considered. Here are some considerations to factor in when looking to create custom boxes US consumers will appreciate.  

Custom Box Build for Branding 

In whatever way you choose to customize your boxes, ensure that there is a good display of the brand name, logo, and product information. These are basic details that buyers of electronics will want right from the start when making their purchasing decision. It should allow them to delve deeper into other product information online without even needing to unbox.  


Electronics are typically expensive and delicate products that must be well secured. Especially where they are likely to undergo long transit to get to customers. The boxes should have adequate fluting that will provide good shock absorption and protection from exposure to liquids and perforation. The electronics should further be secured using inserts that will stabilize them no matter the movement they are subjected to.  

Custom Box Build Collapsible Designs 

Having collapsible designs for your product boxes can help make their storage easier. This ability to be flattened means you can utilize less space for storage without having to sacrifice the ability to secure the products when packaged. With the right design, a custom box build should be easy to reassemble and disassemble for storage.  

Custom Boxes US Usability 

When creating a box design for electronics, ensure it can be reused. These box builds are typically made strong to ensure they can withstand the rigors of transit. However, many consumers, even after unboxing the product, will want to preserve it for later use, like if relocating to a new home or business premises. They will want a box that is durable and can be reused when need be. Self-locking designs or those that can be resealed are ideal. Magnetic lids boxes are another good option for expensive and smaller-sized electronics.  

Custom Boxes US Minimalist Designs 

When customizing the look of your packaging for electronics, it is best to utilize a more minimalist design that does not incorporate too much use of printing ink or lamination. You can still offer quality packaging for your electronic products that are minimalist, functional, and attractive. This kind of packaging is not only more affordable but can also be more eco-friendly. The fewer finishes you add to it, the more biodegradable and recyclable it will be.  

Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Custom mailer box

Cactus Containers – Custom Mailer Box

Save Money with a Custom Setup Box

Here are some ideas to cut cost with a custom setup box.  With packaging costs of a going up across the board due to the growth of e-commerce, cutting costs is a major goal for all types and sizes of businesses.  Even where a business may make use of a custom made box design, there are still some ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality that will help minimize costs.  

Custom Setup Box: Corrugated Cardboard 

Other heavier and more luxurious box materials can be used for their construction. However, even commonplace corrugated cardboard can be a good option for custom setup box designs as its qualities are adaptable even for high-end markets. Although lightweight, you can add some heft and durability by adding fluting and lamination. This material has good shock absorbency that will better secure delicate and expensive contents. With laminating and printing, you can also easily disguise this use of cardboard material.  

Custom Made Box: Compact Size 

While custom boxes are typically made to customized sizing, many businesses like to give some allowance to make for a better unboxing experience. A gift packaged more generously may feel more luxurious when presented in a larger box. Opting for a compact size can help reduce the cost of a custom made box.

Make Your Inserts from Paper 

Switch out plastic and cardboard inserts for paper options. Rigid paperboard can still capably hold items in place and is a more affordable option. If the contents are not breakable, you can even opt for the use of tissue paper or gusset bags. Carry out some price comparison from your supplier to figure out if there are cheaper options for the interior packaging.  

Custom Made Box with Stickers and Labels 

Rather than having your custom setup boxes custom printed, you can more affordably have stickers and labels applied. Consider that with a printed or branded box you are restricted on what products you can package. By keeping the surfaces blank, you can even offer or sell them to other businesses to make use. It is highly affordable to have various kinds of stickers made including for displaying branding information and directions for use.  

Custom Setup Box in Bulk  

This works well no matter the kind of boxes you order from a manufacturer. Most box makers appreciate large orders and will happily offer a discount for bulk purchases. Just ensure that you have sufficient storage space where your boxes can be safely kept till you need them. Since custom made boxes are highly sought after during holiday periods when people are gift-giving, consider placing this order before key shopping periods.  

Custom Printed Mailing Box and Inserts

custom foam insertsCustom printed mailing boxes are a great option for securing products for shipping. They are also visually appealing, making them ideal for high-end products. Their self-locking design reduces the need to add on other packaging supplies. However, while the box itself is highly secure, how the products are placed within will also matter. It is advisable to include a custom insert in your mailer box rather than rely on alternatives such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Here is why.  

Reinforced Safety 

Inserts help to keep box contents immobilized. This means you do not have to worry about the contents rattling around and hitting the sides of the walls inside. If this were to happen, it would result in damage which the seller may be forced to compensate for if the box was shipped. Ensuring that you have an insert that is tailored to the size and shape of the products being packaged increases the chances they will arrive at their destination in good condition.  


The added cost of an insert to a custom printed mailing box is quite minimal, especially when like the box, you buy them in bulk quantities that qualify for discounts. It is an affordable way to boost the safety of the box and make for a more pleasurable unboxing experience for the recipient. You can choose to design the insert so it matches the rest of the box or opt for a plain scheme that can be just as attractive and suited to high-end products.  


Inserts provide another surface you can use to promote your brand. You can add your logo or other messages to the visible areas once the box is opened up. This can provide a good opportunity to cross-sell other products, offer discounts, share links to your e-commerce platform through QR codes, provide instructions on product use, and much more. It is a great way to boost visibility, educate, and enhance the appeal of your brand. ` 


You can have inserts made in a variety of designs and form different materials like paper, cardboard, and foam. You can use this to create a unique visual experience and tout your brand as being Eco-friendly. Paper and cardboard are the best options when wanting to demonstrate that your brand is Eco-friendly. So while you get to make the customer feel special during their unboxing experience, you also get to demonstrate the values your brand holds dear.  

Why Invest In Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

Mailer-Corrugated--with-2-color-LithoCorrugated fiberboard boxes are often just referred to as corrugated boxes. They are the most popular type of box used to package products and ship them. for any business that has a physical product to offer, there is likely to be some form of packaging that will incorporate this corrugated fibre box material. Here are some of the key benefits that make it a top choice for packaging.


Most other packaging materials used to make boxes like plastic and wood are quite heavy. They add to the overall weight of a shipment when packaging, making the transport costs more expensive. This can prove costly to a business. A corrugated fibre box is however quite lightweight, despite even carrying heavy items like electronics. Its manufacture and shipping costs are much lower than other materials.

Strong Structure

Corrugated boxes have good tensile strength, especially with more flutes. This makes them generally safe for packaging and stacking. Fluting also helps give corrugated fiberboard boxes the rigidity that allows them to more easily retain their shape and have good crushing resistance. This strength also helps make them more easily reusable, especially if tearing and exposure to liquids are avoided.


The compression resistance that fluting gives helps to make these boxes more long-lasting. Not only can they be easily reused, but they can also be safely stored for long periods. This durability also means that they can be comfortably used for shipping items over long distances without fear the boxes will be easily damaged.

Good for Transit

During transit, packages can be subjected to all kinds of abuse. Rough roads and handling can mean the box is shaken and dropped severally along the way. Corrugated boxes have excellent shock absorbing qualities that help protect the contents from injury. They can often handle the most common mishandling and vibrations.

Easy Storage

Corrugated boxes can be easily flattened for storage. Most businesses have limited storage space to work with, so it helps when packaging materials can be easily manipulated to fit in small spaces. This quality and their lightweight nature mean that they are also cheap to ship from box manufacturers.

Environmentally Safe

Corrugated fiberboard is eco-friendly. Not only can it be reused multiple times, but it is also recyclable. This means it can be broken down and reused in the making of new boxes. This is a sustainable process that requires less energy and natural resources in making new boxes. It also helps to lower the cost of production without sacrificing all the other benefits of the material.

Why Black And White Mailer Boxes Appeal To Adult Consumers

black and white boxWhen it comes to customizing product packaging, it is typical to choose a base color and then customize writing, logo, and other features that will contrast against it. You may often see this on brown, black, and white mailer boxes that are used to display product samples or high-end products.

Keeping designs simple in this way is often recommended as it gives a more professional and memorable look. In some industries, being more colorful may seem attractive, but this aesthetic needs to be carefully considered and should match the product and what impression you want to make with potential buyers. Going for more neutral coloring offers more benefits, especially when looking to appeal to an adult audience.


White and black mailer boxes provide a simple background to work with. This tends to appeal to adult consumers who often find this simplicity more trustworthy and direct. It can also make for an interesting contrast where a graphic design or colorful writing is added. If you find in your market research the competitors are more focused on more complex colorful designs, going the neutral route may help to make your product stand out better.


This is especially true of white mailer boxes. White is often used for products that people would like to keep sanitary, like dishes and milk. It gives an impression of cleanliness and sophistication, so can often be seen used in electronics like smartphones and headphones. It is also often commonly used as the background color for cleaning products.


Black boxes are popular for men’s products like colognes and shaving kits. The color tends to impart a feeling of boldness and mystery. Another reason you will find black mailer boxes easily available in high-end gift stores for the display of such expensive items like jewelry. Like the color white, this neutral tone also evokes a sense of sophistication.


The coolness of the black and white tones is also well-suited to giving a feeling of luxury. They are classic colors that complement just about any other shade, making whatever product that is being packaged give an air of elegance.

Both black and white provide a kind of blank canvas against which other colors can be added to evoke other emotions. For instance, pairing them with red adds a sensual connotation, while gold and silver will make the item seem even more high-end.

The Value of Packaging Solutions In Ensuring Food Safety

Custom Mailer Box Cookie CrateThe food industry tends to have stringent safety standards. This is primarily because the products are consumed and therefore can be of serious concern to human health. Suppliers have to be careful of the packaging solutions they choose as they can impact various aspects of the business and customer safety.

Prevents Contamination

Food packaging plays a key role in reducing the risk of contamination. When food is contaminated by bacteria, the harm is typically invisible to the eye. This means that consumers and even sellers will not be able to easily detect the problem. They will then come in contact and possibly ingest food that will harm their health. The problem is often worse where food is being transported over longer distances and stored for longer periods. Choosing the right packaging solution ensures that food contents are well protected from contamination.

Preserves Freshness

Certain packaging solutions are designed to help preserve the conditions necessary for prolonging the life of food products. We have certain products that are only grown in specific regions and at specified times of the year. It means they need to be transported over long distances to get to various other markets and must be safely stored to be kept available for longer periods throughout the year. Part of the process in preserving freshness for these reasons relies on the packaging that helps to control conditions such as light exposure, temperature, and humidity. In this way, we get to safely enjoy produce from far away regions, even during times of the year when they are no longer being harvested.

Avoids Blemishes

Many types of products can be easily blemished when wrongly handled or dropped. When you have produce that is traveling a long distance and will be handled by multiple people along the way, there is an increased chance of injury. This damage can affect what impression end-consumers will experience when they finally get the produce. It can negatively impact the brand of the supplier. Getting produce to customers in good condition is important but can be difficult to achieve if you do not plan for the right packaging solution.

Promotes Branding

The condition that food products are delivered to the market and how they are presented in terms of packaging can have a significant impact on branding. Suppliers must ensure that their food packaging works as expected to ensure consumers have a good impression of the brand and believe they can rely on it to offer a quality product. It is the best way to ensure growth through repeat business and referrals.

How to Design Boxes for Baby Products

custom suitcase boxBaby products are a category that covers a wide range of items, from food and clothing to toys and diapers. It is a market niche that is continually evolving as consumers become increasingly demanding in knowing more about what they use on their kids. This makes how businesses in the industry design boxes for their products quite important as this is the first aspect consumers notice when shopping.

They are mainly concerned with issues of health and safety and will often discuss with friends and family which products they found to be best and those they did not like. For businesses to attract customers in this market, certain factors must be covered when designing packaging.

Product Protection

There is a high standard of protection that is expected when it comes to baby products. Because of how vulnerable babies are, it is important to avoid any contamination of their products. The products should be properly sealed to prevent penetration of any dirt and of sturdy enough design to withstand a bit of rough handling. Be careful to avoid anything that could lead to chemical transfers from the packaging. While most will wash their hands before handling baby products, it can still be risky if the product packaging itself is made using chemicals that may be harmful.

Clear Labeling

As mentioned, those that buy baby products like to be well informed when it comes to the ingredients and safety of the products. They want to ensure whatever they end up using does not harm their child. A design box that fosters this should incorporate detailed information on the packaging. Details such as ingredients, how to safely use the product, and what safety certifications have been achieved are all helpful.


Taking care of a baby can be time-consuming and requires ample effort. To make things easier for parents and guardians, it is important to provide a product that can be conveniently handled and is of practical use. Toys need to be easily assembled and provide the much-needed distraction and comfort babies need. Food needs to be nutritious and suitable for their age. Diaper packs and other hygiene products need to be packaging that can be easily and quickly opened as needed. Businesses must design boxes and other packaging that meets this standard of functionality.


Most items that are bought for baby care tend to adhere to a playful theme. Parents want cartoon and storybook characters on clothing, diapers, and toys so that they lend a cheerful atmosphere around the baby. Even for packaging that will be quickly disposed of, this desire for an attractive playful design does not go away. Using this on a design box can even help a product stand out on the store shelf and make a parent more likely to purchase it.

Custom Mailer Boxes That Are Eco-Friendly

custom mailer box

Wanting to protect our planet is a noble cause. Part of making this possible lies in ensuring the packaging materials we use result in minimal waste and harm to the environment. Custom mailer boxes are a popular option of packaging for items that are being shipped and sold in retail stores. Their self-locking design and sturdy construction make them ideal for more delicate and valuable items. Here are a few ways you can customize them for your products while also keeping them eco-friendly.

Use a Tight Fit

custom mailer box can be made to whatever specifications. It is best for the environment when you limit the amount of material that goes into making these boxes and will eventually be disposed of when its useful life is over. Choose dimensions that are a tight fit for the product that will be placed in the box. This will not only limit waste but will also help save some money on ordering said boxes.

Optimize Packaging

Many retailers will use multiple packaging materials on the same item. They will be repeatedly boxed, wrapped, and placed in carrier bags. Optimizing your packaging designs so lesser materials are used in getting products from the business to customers can help limit waste and cut costs.

Request Recycling

Label your custom mailer boxes with a request to please recycle. Even just indicating that the box is recyclable with the standard symbol can help encourage that action from the recipient. It also lets the recipient know that your brand is dedicated to environmental efforts, a quality that many consumers appreciate in the companies they do business with.

Use Recycled Packaging

When ordering your boxes, you can find out from suppliers if they use recycled materials in their manufacturing processes. This can help save some money on production costs as recycled materials are already processed and require less work to make into new boxes than raw materials like pulp. It is cheaper and eases the demand for trees that must be processed into pulp. Shop around for a manufacturer that can meet this standard.

Go Plant-Based

Plant-based packaging is a growing trend where biological materials like corn husks and mushrooms are used to make boxes. Much of the raw materials come from food waste, meaning that fewer trees have to be sacrificed to make boxes. The resulting boxes can be as durable as those made from wood sources. They can be a particularly good option for packaging food items as they are considered safer and less likely to affect flavors.