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High and Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

The growth of online shopping is being celebrated by many people. Businesses big and small are taking advantage of the market that has developed. Online retailers can make just about anything a person could want available. There is no need to shop in stores anymore. Instead, it is easier to find what is needed on a computer and have it delivered to the door.

When something is bought online and shipped somewhere, there is usually a need for packaging and the most common type of packaging is a shipping box. Most are aware that boxes come in many sizes, but they may not realize that the businesses that make the box offer both high quantity and small quantity shipping boxes. Learning the difference can help many of the online retailers.

The Difference is Simple

The difference between high quantity custom shipping boxes and small quantity is not just about the number that has to be ordered at any one time. While high quantity means more boxes are ordered at any one time, that is only part of what makes it different. There are other things to think about.

  • Cost – In general, the larger quantity that is ordered, the cheaper the cost per unit will be. But the cost of the small quantity or high quantity boxes is more than just the price per unit. If the boxes are not used, money will be tied up in storing them and waiting until they are used. The space and time spent in inventory should be considered.
  • Storage – Boxes need to be kept in an environment that does not allow them to deteriorate. Moist environments and inadequate space are the biggest challenges to storing boxes. The more boxes that have to be stored, the more challenging it can become.
  • Sizes – If a business only needs one size box, then buying in large quantities may make sense. When many different sizes are needed, small quantity shipping boxes may be the right choice.

Some businesses may assume that in order to get custom boxes, they have to turn to high quantity shipping boxes. This would be wrong. No matter what number of boxes are needed, it is still possible to get custom boxes and to have custom graphics put on the box. There will be a cost associated with it, but that does not mean it is not possible.

All online retailers have to make the decision about whether they are choosing to buy large or small quantity boxes. They need to make sure that look at the overall picture to make the right decision.

Getting Small Quantity Shipping Boxes Makes Business Sense

Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

If a small business is shipping products, they may want to learn why small quantity shipping boxes makes sense. Running a successful online business that ships products to their customers takes many different things. It requires having the right products that people want, it requires getting people to the website to buy the products and it requires getting the products to the customers that buy them. While many businesses succeed at the first two parts, they fail when it comes to getting the products to the customer. That is often because they overlook the most basic part of shipping anything. They forget about the package that they are putting the product in.

A Box is More than a Box

The box that people put their items in is much more than a piece of cardboard that is folded in some way to turn into a box. It is something that is supposed to be a cost effective way to package the products. It is something that is supposed to protect the product from damage during shipping. It is also something that can be reused by the customer after they receive their products. For these reasons, it is a good idea to turn to custom shipping boxes.

Custom shipping boxes are the right size and shape for the product they are holding. They use the right material to protect the contents of the material. They can also include custom graphics that relay important messages or that advertise the business that is sending the products out. They are almost as important as the products that are placed into them. Despite this, many businesses think that using these custom boxes is not practical for them.

Overcoming the Obstacle

The problem that many smaller businesses will claim when it comes to custom boxes is the cost. They think that they have to order more boxes than they can use in a reasonable amount of time. They worry about dealing with storage of the boxes until they are needed and they worry that the boxes will become damaged over time. The solution to this is to turn to small quantity shipping boxes.

Instead of getting large quantities that are more than a business needs, it is possible to get smaller quantities that represent what the business needs for a shorter period of time. This resolves the issues of storage and damage. It is a solution that businesses need to learn about and take advantage of.

How Custom Shipping Boxes can Save you Money

You own an eCommerce business and need to ship in order to stay profitable. That is a given. However, the cost of shipping can get so high that it can eat into the profits of any business. In order to save money, many businesses begin to cut corners in the shipping department, thinking it will help them stay profitable. In the end, however, it usually ends up working the opposite direction because cutting on shipping supplies can be detrimental to the delivery of your products. Rather than cutting costs, consider the benefits of custom shipping boxes and their ability to help you save money.

Custom Shipping Boxes Keep your Products Safe

Boxes that were custom made for your products are much more likely to keep them safe. You order the boxes how you need them, including the shape, type of cardboard used, and the style. This way you can ensure that the box meets the requirement of your product without leaving too much room for damage. In the end, this saves you money because you do not have to replace damaged products or pay for expensive insurance on each shipment.

Shipping Costs can be Lower

When you order boxes that are the exact size that you need, rather than using one-size-fits-all boxes that may be too large for your products, you are able to save money. The bigger the box, the more it weighs, and the more it costs you to ship in the end. This will not only eat into your profits, but also cause customers to look for stores that do not charge as much money for shipping.

Ordering the Quantity you Need

When you order custom boxes for your products, you may feel like you have to order several years’ worth of boxes in order to make it worth your while or to meet the minimum requirements of the company. This is not the case, however. There are small quantity shipping boxes that are offered to allow companies of all sizes to take advantage of custom boxes.

Custom shipping boxes solve many answers for companies of all sizes, including the need to save money. Rather than cutting corners and taking chances with your shipments, consider boxes that were made specifically for your products to ensure that your products arrive in one piece and that you are able to stay profitable!

What Small Quantity Shipping Boxes Can Offer

There are many businesses that choose the boxes they need for shipping based on what is readily available. They will take the boxes and make their products fit into the boxes instead of finding the boxes that fit the products they are shipping. There are many disadvantages to doing this. It would be better if a business took the time to learn about custom shipping boxes and what they offer.

Shipping boxes that are custom made means there is no wasted space. There is no extra cost associated with oversized shipping boxes. While a lower cost is nice, custom shipping boxes perform a much more important role. They offer more protection for whatever is inside of them. The number one thing that customers want when they have something shipped is for it to arrive at its destination undamaged. If a custom box is able to do that better, it is something worth considering.

Custom boxes can also have shapes that help identify what is inside. They can also include graphics that will help a business grow its brand. All of these advantages should make businesses that rely on shipping their products interested in these amazing custom made boxes.

Why They Don’t Do It

When you ask businesses why they do not use custom boxes, the most common reason given is the cost. They believe that in order to make this a cost effective option, the quantity of boxes ordered will have to be large. It is true that in business, the larger the size of your order, the lower the cost may be. There is also the cost of storing a large quantity of boxes. A small business may not have the space or desire to have a 5-year supply of boxes on hand.

The solution to this is small quantity shipping boxes. There are manufacturers that will make smaller quantities of the custom boxes used for shipping when they are asked. While the cost per unit may be slightly higher because it is a smaller order, it is better to look at what is saved through the use of these boxes.

As businesses compare the costs of the small quantity shipping boxes, they can consider the advertising they get from the boxes, the lower replacement costs for damaged product and the value of having the right box for the right job. In the end, a business will see that the cost of these custom boxes for shipping is not as high as they may have thought it was.