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High and Small Quantity Shipping Boxes

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The growth of online shopping is being celebrated by many people. Businesses big and small are taking advantage of the market that has developed. Online retailers can make just about anything a person could want available. There is no need to shop in stores anymore. Instead, it is easier to find what is needed on a computer and have it delivered to the door.

When something is bought online and shipped somewhere, there is usually a need for packaging and the most common type of packaging is a shipping box. Most are aware that boxes come in many sizes, but they may not realize that the businesses that make the box offer both high quantity and small quantity shipping boxes. Learning the difference can help many of the online retailers.

The Difference is Simple

The difference between high quantity custom shipping boxes and small quantity is not just about the number that has to be ordered at any one time. While high quantity means more boxes are ordered at any one time, that is only part of what makes it different. There are other things to think about.

  • Cost – In general, the larger quantity that is ordered, the cheaper the cost per unit will be. But the cost of the small quantity or high quantity boxes is more than just the price per unit. If the boxes are not used, money will be tied up in storing them and waiting until they are used. The space and time spent in inventory should be considered.
  • Storage – Boxes need to be kept in an environment that does not allow them to deteriorate. Moist environments and inadequate space are the biggest challenges to storing boxes. The more boxes that have to be stored, the more challenging it can become.
  • Sizes – If a business only needs one size box, then buying in large quantities may make sense. When many different sizes are needed, small quantity shipping boxes may be the right choice.

Some businesses may assume that in order to get custom boxes, they have to turn to high quantity shipping boxes. This would be wrong. No matter what number of boxes are needed, it is still possible to get custom boxes and to have custom graphics put on the box. There will be a cost associated with it, but that does not mean it is not possible.

All online retailers have to make the decision about whether they are choosing to buy large or small quantity boxes. They need to make sure that look at the overall picture to make the right decision.

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