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What Small Quantity Shipping Boxes Can Offer

Custom shipping regular slotted carton box

There are many businesses that choose the boxes they need for shipping based on what is readily available. They will take the boxes and make their products fit into the boxes instead of finding the boxes that fit the products they are shipping. There are many disadvantages to doing this. It would be better if a business took the time to learn about custom shipping boxes and what they offer.

Shipping boxes that are custom made means there is no wasted space. There is no extra cost associated with oversized shipping boxes. While a lower cost is nice, custom shipping boxes perform a much more important role. They offer more protection for whatever is inside of them. The number one thing that customers want when they have something shipped is for it to arrive at its destination undamaged. If a custom box is able to do that better, it is something worth considering.

Custom boxes can also have shapes that help identify what is inside. They can also include graphics that will help a business grow its brand. All of these advantages should make businesses that rely on shipping their products interested in these amazing custom made boxes.

Why They Don’t Do It

When you ask businesses why they do not use custom boxes, the most common reason given is the cost. They believe that in order to make this a cost effective option, the quantity of boxes ordered will have to be large. It is true that in business, the larger the size of your order, the lower the cost may be. There is also the cost of storing a large quantity of boxes. A small business may not have the space or desire to have a 5-year supply of boxes on hand.

The solution to this is small quantity shipping boxes. There are manufacturers that will make smaller quantities of the custom boxes used for shipping when they are asked. While the cost per unit may be slightly higher because it is a smaller order, it is better to look at what is saved through the use of these boxes.

As businesses compare the costs of the small quantity shipping boxes, they can consider the advertising they get from the boxes, the lower replacement costs for damaged product and the value of having the right box for the right job. In the end, a business will see that the cost of these custom boxes for shipping is not as high as they may have thought it was.

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