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How to Find Custom Designed Mailing Tubes

custom mailing tubes
Finding a box for shipping is not a difficult thing to do. People that want to ship something out of their home will probably have a box lying around that they can use. Businesses may have a need for more boxes than an individual does, but they also can usually find the boxes they want. Mailing tubes are also used for shipping, but are not always as easy to find as a standard box, but they are not too hard to get either.

Mailing tubes can be used for many different things. They are often used to hold posters or large rolls of paper. In general, mailing tubes are perfectly designed to handle items that are long and thin. When most people think about mailing tubes, they assume that there is a one size fits all type of tube. Either the tubes are the brown cardboard color or they may have some other solid color that has been added to the tube, typically white. Not everyone realizes that it is possible to get custom designed mailing tubes, which can help a business in a variety of ways.


Custom designed mailing tubes can come in the size that is needed for what they are holding. Having the right sized tube means the products can fit inside properly. The contents of the tube will be less likely to shift around and will be able to protect the contents from damage better.


Litho laminate tubes allow a business to add graphics to the tubes. The graphic can be used to help a business build their brand. It can make the mailing tube more noticeable when it is in transit or after it has been delivered.

Getting the tubes

Businesses that realize how the litho laminate tubes can help their business will then wonder what they have to do to find them. Fortunately, there are manufacturers of these products. It is usually possible to find a manufacturer of the tubes in the same place that other more traditional boxes are made. A business should talk to these box manufacturers to find out how the tubes are designed and what it would take to get them made for the business.

It is best to look for companies that have experience making the mailing tubes. They should also be able to make large and small quantities of the tubes for the business. The downside of tubes to some is the storage of the tubes. They do require more space than boxes so smaller quantities may be an important factor in choosing the right supplier of the mailing tubes.

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