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A Tailored Solution for Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes
When it comes to shipping products, having the right packaging is crucial for ensuring safe and secure delivery. In today’s competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking ways to differentiate themselves and provide a memorable experience for their customers. This is where the custom shipping box comes into play. In the following content, we will explore the benefits and applications of custom shipping boxes and how they can enhance your shipping process.

Streamlining Your Packaging Strategy

By tailoring the size, shape, and design of your boxes to fit your products perfectly, you can reduce the need for excessive cushioning materials and minimize wasted space. This not only saves costs but also allows for more efficient packing, plus it also helps in reducing the risk of damage during transit.

Personalized Custom Shipping Boxes

Unboxing experiences have become a significant trend in recent years, with customers eagerly sharing their unboxing moments on social media. By using custom shipping packaging, you can take advantage of this trend and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Consider adding personalized messages, promotional offers, or even surprise gifts inside the box to evoke delight and build customer loyalty.

Custom Shipping Boxes Protection and Safety

Ensuring the safety of your products during transit is paramount. Custom shipping packaging allows you to choose the right materials and thickness to provide optimal protection for your items. By investing in sturdy, durable boxes tailored to your specific products, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage caused by rough handling or external factors.

Custom Shipping Boxes Sustainability

In today’s environmentally conscious world, businesses are increasingly adopting sustainable practices. Custom shipping packaging can contribute to your sustainability goals by utilizing eco-friendly materials, such as recycled or biodegradable options. By showcasing your commitment to the environment, you can attract eco-conscious customers and differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Custom shipping packaging offers a wide range of benefits, from optimizing your packaging strategy to enhancing brand identity and providing a memorable unboxing experience. By investing in tailored packaging solutions, businesses can stand out from the competition and leave a positive impression on their customers. Moreover, with the added focus on sustainability, custom shipping packaging provides an opportunity to align your brand with eco-friendly practices. Embrace the power of customization and unlock the potential of custom shipping packaging for a seamless and impactful shipping experience.

Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping box
With more consumers opting for online shopping, it has become imperative for businesses to invest in quality printed shipping box designs. Creating custom shipping boxes has become helpful in building brand recognition and improving product protection while in transit. However, certain design mistakes can compromise these efforts. When made, they can cause the reputation of a brand to suffer, lead to customer dissatisfaction due to damaged deliveries, and additional costs to the business in having to compensate the clients. Here are some of the mistakes to look out for and how to resolve them.

Disorderly look

Some custom shipping boxes have a very disorderly look about them that reflects poorly on the brand. Whether it is the use of overly bright coloring or too many design components, it can often give the impression that the brand has not taken enough time to gauge the impact this look will have on the market. Simplicity tends to work best and there should be an effort to test customer responses or work with professional designers, using this feedback to fine-tune the design of the shipping boxes.

Boring design

While some designs can be overdone, others can also be too boring and easily forgettable. These can also have a poor effect on the market who will not be able to recognize the brand even after having repeatedly seen the boxes. Try to include some elements of imagery, strategically placed slogans, and the use of coloring to better attract the attention of onlookers and make a more memorable impression.

Poor sizing

Investing in shipping boxes that are too big or small for the products you are shipping not only makes it more likely the items will arrive at their destination damaged, but may also make a poor impression on customers. When too big, the contents are more likely to rattle around and be damaged. It also means you will be likely paying more shipping costs. Too small and there is a risk the contents may burst open while in transit. Opt for custom designs that conform to the sizing of your product for maximum security and optimal shipping costs.

Lack of product protection

This is especially problematic if you have products that can be easily damaged during transit. If you just focus on the outer design without thinking of how to reinforce the contents that will be packed, then the printed shipping box will still be a failure. No matter how attractive the box, your clients will be unhappy if after opening it, they find damaged goods. You can enhance safety by ensuring an appropriately sized box made of sturdy material and safety features like inserts and other cushioning.

Making Custom Shipping Boxes Affordable

Custom shipping box
The primary goals of any business include maximizing profit while minimizing costs. This ensures a greater return on investment for the owners. One often neglected aspect that can lead to reducing costs is the packaging. Most forms of packaging tend to be economical, but can be in some ways further reduced. given that businesses are making more use of packaging than ever before thanks to online shopping, it makes sense to give some attention to this factor. Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of each printed shipping box used.

Custom shipping box handling

You need to train your staff on how to best perform such tasks as packing custom shipping boxes and how to carefully handle them until handed over to the shipper. This will reduce the incidents of damage and having to repack the contents. The less waste there is, the more time lapses between when you have to reorder your next stock of boxes.

custom shipping box machinery

This is particularly important where you have heavy products that are to be shipped. Equipment like pallets and forklifts need to be available for more reliable and careful transport. Again, this will ensure proper handling and reduce the risk of the packaging and contents being damaged even before you have them out the door. This may not be as necessary where you are handling small light shipments.

Custom shipping box labels

Reducing the risk of damage to the box and its contents is key in minimizing costs. Invest in labels that guide how the printed shipping box should be properly handled. If the contents are fragile, ensure there are labels that are prominently displayed to convey this message. Use labels to communicate safety precautions to whoever will handle it without needing to open the box to know what the contents are.

Limit void space

Do this by investing in boxes that have a better fit to the contents inside. The box should leave just enough room for inserts and some filler needed for added protection. This will keep the contents more stable and secure. Too much void space and the contents may end up rattling around in the box and becoming damaged.

Custom shipping box weight

Where the products being shipped are not vulnerable to damage from rough handling, it can make sense to cut down on protective features like fluting and space for filler. Smaller and lighter packaging will typically be cheaper. You can even opt out of using custom shipping boxes and use cheaper plastic packaging.

Custom Printed Boxes for Shipping Items

cardboard boxes

An innovative designed product requires an intuitively made packaging material. Businesses are looking for ways in which they can make their brands and products stand out from the competition. The use of custom printed boxes offers a tailored solution to shipping products. In addition, the competition witnessed in the retail market is compelling businesses to look for unique ways they can present their products to the consumer, and packaging materials come in handy to attain that goal. There are many benefits of using custom shipping boxes and they include: 

Offer Brand Advertising 

You can customize the design aspects of the shipping boxes so that they meet your needs and expectations of the customer. Businesses can print their slogan, logo, and other information that they need to communicate to the consumer. You can even have information about other products and services the company offers printed on the box in addition to the details of the product that’s being packaged in the box. A custom printed mailer gives you a chance to advertise your brand and create awareness of the goods and services you offer to consumers.  

Boost Brand Image 

A customer receiving products packed in custom mailer boxes will be impressed. The boxes create a memorable experience because the items aren’t packed the traditional way. The logo, slogan, or other promotional information provided on the box helps enhance the image of the brand. The business is likely to increase its sales since the customer loves the design of the packaging material. The mailer boxes not only build a professional image but also foster trust in your customers.  

Helps Beat Competition 

In a business environment where there is huge competition, business marketing professionals need to be forward thinkers. You can beat your competitors by using custom boxes that are designed to influence the emotional attachment of customers to your brand and products or services. The packaging will trigger a positive perception of your brand over other brands helping you command a big share of the market sales.   

Whether you are using custom shipping boxes to package and promote items like e-Commerce orders or as gift boxes and promotional kits, you can uniquely design them to reflect your brand features. You can use the boxes to package things like wine and food samples, beauty and makeup products, or clothing and retail items. You are able to boost your business sales while keeping customers glued to your products and services use. The brand image gains big from the design and functionality of the shipping boxes. 

Recycled Custom Shipping Boxes Better for Business

Custom shipping box

Shipping material is just one of the many resources your business needs to invest in for it to thrive. Because it becomes a good representation of what your product and services are about, it might be helpful to get custom shipping boxes at a minimal cost. One that allows you to personalize your branding strategy and gives you a unique advertisement space to promote the quality of your products are always the appropriate choice.

Recycled cardboard boxes are typically better if you want to save on your packaging expense yet provide your customers with a suitable protective covering for their moving items. Aside from providing a tremendous benefit to the environment, it can also give your business a financial advantage, saving you on the upfront costs.

Save the Environment with Recycled Custom Shipping Boxes

Recycled shipping boxes are made from reused materials repurposed to provide the same quality packaging as newly manufactured containers. Paper fibers from used corrugated boxes are reprocessed to create sturdy moving and mailing materials. One environmental advantage of using recycled custom shipping boxes is limiting the carbon footprint of processing new pulp. It helps preserve the environment while giving you excellent quality material for your business needs.

Recycling boxes also saves landfill spaces, which often becomes a societal problem because of waste accumulation contributing to pollution. Reusing old paperboards and turning them into new boxes conserves energy and saves our natural resources. It is a suitable solution not only if you want to save on packaging expense, but also emanate a powerful pro-environment branding image.

Finding the Right Shipping Box Supplier

Finding the right eco-friendly packaging for your shipping business is pain-free with many manufacturers moving to save the environment. Not only do they provide commercial entities with quality materials, but all the primary pulp material used during manufacturing are a hundred percent recycled. This reduces wastes, carbon dioxide emission, and other pollutants damaging the environment.

When it comes to environmental sustainability, your business can go hand in hand with minimizing ecological impacts caused by waste and pollutants coming from the manufacture of these essential business commodities. The right shipping box supplier not only ensures the quality packaging supplies you get but also gives you the right price.

A good quality shipping box does not always have to be newly manufactured, your business can do away with recycled custom shipping boxes, saving the environment, and saving you on the upfront costs of packaging materials.

Custom Shipping Boxes that Attracts Attention

Custom shipping rsc box
Beyond its use, there are many things to consider when choosing the right printed shipping boxes for your products. One that stands out from your competitors is a surefire way of ensuring business longevity while at the same time satisfying your company goals and customer demands.

Packaging boxes come in many different shapes and sizes giving you an array of materials to choose from. Knowing what you have to package and how it will secure your merchandise will help you determine the right make and design to fit your needs. Choosing the box’s style also plays a crucial role in making your product unique. Presentation, durability, and product protection are essential aspects of attracting the attention of your prospective customers.

Durable Custom Shipping Boxes

Though a box has the primary purpose of safeguarding what’s inside, it has to be durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipment and everyday wear. Curious customers are bound to hold your items, and a misshapen box because of poor quality material will likely be rejected by the next potential buyer. If anything, the printed shipping boxes of your merchandise have to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear.

Custom shipping boxes are ideally better to make your product stand out. If a shopper goes through a line of product with the same box size and design, he will likely be attracted to a product with a different-looking packaging style. This is what’s called a visual advertisement in the marketing world. Potential buyers are likely to go for a product which stands out from a shelf.

Presentation Affects Your Product’s Reputation

Many businesses fall short in providing an excellent product presentation because they packaged their items with the wrong design and container. Custom shipping boxes are far better than other alternatives because they can be manufactured according to your specific requirements. And because packaging boxes are cost-effective marketing tools, one that highlights your product with the right message provides an excellent way of returning your initial investment.

How your product looks from the inside out affects your company and your product’s reputation. A shabby cardboard packaging material is less likely to get attention than a not so famous brand with an appealing box. This is because people are drawn to how the product is visually presented to them.

And because every company seeks to be on top, using custom shipping boxes that tells the story of your brand and the quality of your product is a way to get ahead of your competitors.

Custom Shipping Boxes and Online Shopping

Custom shipping box
What could be the relationship between custom shipping boxes and online shopping? Should a printed shipping box be part of this discussion?

With the preference most customers give towards shopping for some of their needs and wants via an online app or platform, the shipping industry has been greatly involved. Online sellers have been getting the help of shipping companies to send their customers’ orders right at their doorstep.

While this has already become a regular business scenario these days, it is worth noting that as a seller, your clients’ satisfaction is a must. Therefore, you should do everything just for them to be happy the moment they receive the package from you.

Satisfying Customers’ Expectations

Talking about receiving a package, there are requirements that online sellers must consider. You must ensure that your shipping boxes would meet their standards. To achieve this, you need custom shipping boxes, which might include a printed shipping box.

A report revealed that those who patronize online shopping have high expectations. These online sellers want to receive orders that are exactly the same as how they are presented in your posts. In short, you should create a good impression so that the chances of having them as constant buyers are high as well. Or, make the wrong move and you will lose them.

However, you could avoid the latter if you package their orders well. How to do it? Of course, you need custom shipping boxes! Once you use the right packaging material, the products inside are protected. You could prevent some damage, especially if the box used is too small or too big.

You could also opt for the printed shipping box for the package to look more customized, making the customers feel that you value them enough.

Packaging as an Experience Itself

Packaging is an experience in itself. When you greet your customers with a well-packaged order, they would become more excited of what is inside. You could really imagine their smile once they receive the package.

Being an experience, your custom packaging boxes must be capable of communicating with your buyers; that you are a seller committed to providing only the best. Always remember that the way you package your products is your medium to inform customers of how you are as a seller.

As online sellers, it is your responsibility to deliver what you promise in your posts. And yes, the key here is to maintain product quality and excellent customer service. With the help of custom shipping boxes, you are not far from achieving this.

Getting Small Quantity Shipping Boxes Makes Business Sense

custom shipping RSC
If a small business is shipping products, they may want to learn why small quantity shipping boxes makes sense. Running a successful online business that ships products to their customers takes many different things. It requires having the right products that people want, it requires getting people to the website to buy the products and it requires getting the products to the customers that buy them. While many businesses succeed at the first two parts, they fail when it comes to getting the products to the customer. That is often because they overlook the most basic part of shipping anything. They forget about the package that they are putting the product in.

A Box is More than a Box

The box that people put their items in is much more than a piece of cardboard that is folded in some way to turn into a box. It is something that is supposed to be a cost effective way to package the products. It is something that is supposed to protect the product from damage during shipping. It is also something that can be reused by the customer after they receive their products. For these reasons, it is a good idea to turn to custom shipping boxes.

Custom shipping boxes are the right size and shape for the product they are holding. They use the right material to protect the contents of the material. They can also include custom graphics that relay important messages or that advertise the business that is sending the products out. They are almost as important as the products that are placed into them. Despite this, many businesses think that using these custom boxes is not practical for them.

Overcoming the Obstacle

The problem that many smaller businesses will claim when it comes to custom boxes is the cost. They think that they have to order more boxes than they can use in a reasonable amount of time. They worry about dealing with storage of the boxes until they are needed and they worry that the boxes will become damaged over time. The solution to this is to turn to small quantity shipping boxes.

Instead of getting large quantities that are more than a business needs, it is possible to get smaller quantities that represent what the business needs for a shorter period of time. This resolves the issues of storage and damage. It is a solution that businesses need to learn about and take advantage of.

How Custom Shipping Boxes can Save you Money

Custom shipping box
You own an eCommerce business and need to ship in order to stay profitable. That is a given. However, the cost of shipping can get so high that it can eat into the profits of any business. In order to save money, many businesses begin to cut corners in the shipping department, thinking it will help them stay profitable. In the end, however, it usually ends up working the opposite direction because cutting on shipping supplies can be detrimental to the delivery of your products. Rather than cutting costs, consider the benefits of custom shipping boxes and their ability to help you save money.

Custom Shipping Boxes Keep your Products Safe

Boxes that were custom made for your products are much more likely to keep them safe. You order the boxes how you need them, including the shape, type of cardboard used, and the style. This way you can ensure that the box meets the requirement of your product without leaving too much room for damage. In the end, this saves you money because you do not have to replace damaged products or pay for expensive insurance on each shipment.

Shipping Costs can be Lower

When you order boxes that are the exact size that you need, rather than using one-size-fits-all boxes that may be too large for your products, you are able to save money. The bigger the box, the more it weighs, and the more it costs you to ship in the end. This will not only eat into your profits, but also cause customers to look for stores that do not charge as much money for shipping.

Ordering the Quantity you Need

When you order custom boxes for your products, you may feel like you have to order several years’ worth of boxes in order to make it worth your while or to meet the minimum requirements of the company. This is not the case, however. There are small quantity shipping boxes that are offered to allow companies of all sizes to take advantage of custom boxes.

Custom shipping boxes solve many answers for companies of all sizes, including the need to save money. Rather than cutting corners and taking chances with your shipments, consider boxes that were made specifically for your products to ensure that your products arrive in one piece and that you are able to stay profitable!

What Small Quantity Shipping Boxes Can Offer

Custom shipping regular slotted carton box

There are many businesses that choose the boxes they need for shipping based on what is readily available. They will take the boxes and make their products fit into the boxes instead of finding the boxes that fit the products they are shipping. There are many disadvantages to doing this. It would be better if a business took the time to learn about custom shipping boxes and what they offer.

Shipping boxes that are custom made means there is no wasted space. There is no extra cost associated with oversized shipping boxes. While a lower cost is nice, custom shipping boxes perform a much more important role. They offer more protection for whatever is inside of them. The number one thing that customers want when they have something shipped is for it to arrive at its destination undamaged. If a custom box is able to do that better, it is something worth considering.

Custom boxes can also have shapes that help identify what is inside. They can also include graphics that will help a business grow its brand. All of these advantages should make businesses that rely on shipping their products interested in these amazing custom made boxes.

Why They Don’t Do It

When you ask businesses why they do not use custom boxes, the most common reason given is the cost. They believe that in order to make this a cost effective option, the quantity of boxes ordered will have to be large. It is true that in business, the larger the size of your order, the lower the cost may be. There is also the cost of storing a large quantity of boxes. A small business may not have the space or desire to have a 5-year supply of boxes on hand.

The solution to this is small quantity shipping boxes. There are manufacturers that will make smaller quantities of the custom boxes used for shipping when they are asked. While the cost per unit may be slightly higher because it is a smaller order, it is better to look at what is saved through the use of these boxes.

As businesses compare the costs of the small quantity shipping boxes, they can consider the advertising they get from the boxes, the lower replacement costs for damaged product and the value of having the right box for the right job. In the end, a business will see that the cost of these custom boxes for shipping is not as high as they may have thought it was.

The Excitement of Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

boxes and packaging

On Christmas morning, kids around the world wake up early and head down to see what Santa has brought them. They eagerly look under the tree and their faces glow with excitement when they spot all of the wrapped presents that are placed there. Even before they see what is underneath the wrapping paper, they are already very happy. There is something about the color and graphics that are used for wrapping paper that adds to the excitement. Imagine if the tree only had presents that are covered in plain brown paper. It would not be the same.

Businesses need to look at every day as Christmas. They can do this by using custom printed shipping boxes. This can allow them to create packaging for their products that stands out from the rest. The boxes may not be under a tree, but they are still placed in areas where plenty of people can see them.

Custom shipping boxes can be made in different sizes and shapes. They can be made to fit the products they hold the right way. They will not only help protect the contents that are inside, they can also be part of the display of the product. It makes sense to make sure that the boxes being used are the right size, but the biggest benefit is being able to add graphics to the shipping boxes.

Graphic can come in many different forms. It can be the logo or the brand of the company that makes the product. It can include the logo of the business that is shipping the product. It can also contain important information that will inform the consumer about the product or the business. The great thing about custom printed shipping boxes is the number of people they will be seen by. Boxes have a long life. They are not only used to ship products, they are used by consumers to store things in after they have received the product.

The biggest fear that businesses have is the cost of the custom shipping boxes. Businesses may perceive them as being more expensive, but they are not always correct. When the total cost of shipping is considered, the custom boxes may not be as expensive as they are perceived. If the boxes fit the contents, there will be less packaging material used. The custom boxes will also protect the products from damage better. The graphics that are added are a great and inexpensive type of marketing.

Smart businesses will realize what kids are thinking on Christmas morning and can use that knowledge in their packaging that they use every day.

The Various Forms of Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping regular slotted carton boxCustom shipping boxes, also known as the Regular Slotted Cartons are used to ship products. They are large, cheap and come in various forms. They are one of the most of all the custom shipping box families and they include:

Full Overlap Cartons which is a style of carton made from one piece of cardboard, where the outer flaps overlap with the full width of the box. The full overlap box is resistant to rough handling. It is ideal for boxes with relatively narrow widths. They are boxes that are great for heavy metal products and have good stacking strength.

Five Panel Wraps are boxes made from one piece of cardboard. These boxes are great for wrapping around a product that has to be packed. It is easy to tape and has good stacking strength. This style of box is perfect for very long packaging and great for poster boxes.

Telescoping Boxes are those made from two pieces – one blank body and one lid. Both corrugate pieces are shipped flat and can be assembled using adhesives, stitches and or staples to adhere the corners. It has a sturdy lid which does not require fastenings to close it.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) are the most common shipping and storage boxes. These are strong, effective and made in a wide variety of sizes. They are made either as heavy duty boxes for big industrial parts or small boxes for lightweight items.

The Regular Slotted Cartons with Variable Flaps are similar to the RSC, except for the fact that the outer flaps overlap by an inch or more. This style of box is used when the length of the product is considerably greater than the width and results in an excessively long distance between the flaps. It is usually closed with staples through the overlapping flaps.

The Half-Slotted Box with Cover (HSC) is frequently used for both shipping and storage. They are used in applications where the cover must be removed and replace frequently. The top of the HSC box is a tray style which usually extends less than two-thirds the depth of the bottom. However, it can be made to extend the full depth of the bottom if extra length is needed.

The Double Cover (DC) is frequently used for tall or heavy products that would be difficult to lower into a box. The product is placed on the bottom cover and the center over the product with the top to cover the product completely. The two interchangeable covers of the DC box are tray style and usually extend only a few inches over the center body. They are not printed but are made from the corrugated cardboard.

Choosing Custom Shipping Boxes

Cactus Corrugated Container is a shipping box and packaging supplies company that has been in the industry for more the 30 years. We specialize in custom printed shipping boxes and supplies. Cactus can offer everything and anything that you are looking for when it comes to custom shipping boxes, custom sizes and custom print corrugated shipping boxes and tubes alike.

The experience that Cactus has accrued over the past three decades has encouraged and allowed us to develop the best process. This process encompasses the creation of perfectly customized shipping boxes and sending them out to our customers in a highly efficient and effective manner.

You can choose from a variety of box styles, from regular slotted container (RSC) boxes, which are the standard shipping boxes, to more specialized designs, depending on your needs. We can also manufacture your boxes in a range of strengths, so that no matter what you need to pack, move, or ship, our custom containers will hold up.

We control the entire process at our facility (we are not a broker or reseller), utilizing our experience in design, printing, and manufacturing to produce the best custom boxes for our customers. Not only can you be assured that your boxes meet your exact specifications, but you can also feel good about helping the environment. Our corrugated brown boxes are manufactured with anywhere from 60% to 95% post-consumer waste, and, of course, all our boxes are recyclable.

When it comes to the actual process of choosing custom shipping boxes we have many on staff waiting for your questions and ideas. Our design team will help you choose the proper box for your particular needs. Are you seeking a way to market your brand and boost your company’s visibility or are you simply sending out a package and want to ensure that it arrives safely and undamaged? Whichever you desire, we will be with you every step of the way and we can bounce ideas off one another until you are one hundred percent satisfied with the finished product. You have the ability to choose the design of the box, color, strength, inserts – whether or not you would like it to be multifunctional and serve as a display also as well as what you want the overall appearance to look like. Will it put your logo and business contact information? Will it be unique enough to become synonymous with your company name, the only limitations here are those of your own imagination.

If you still have questions about our products or how to order, contact us today. We are available to help you learn more.

Get a Perfect Fit with Custom Shipping Boxes

The idea behind getting a custom shipping box is, that you can get the right kind of a box to ship what you want. You might want to ship anything from a television to a wooden elephant and the problem arises when you have no box that will fit it perfectly. The things have to arrive at the destination without any damages and the packaging material has to withstand a certain amount of wear and tear.

The Ideal Box for Personal Use

While you might not have a wooden elephant, there might be a hundred different things that you might want to ship. While certain items like books, toys and clothes do not require any special kind of a box, your antique heirloom, the delicate china and your priceless curio collection might require a little more thoughtful packing. That is why custom shipping boxes are the perfect answer to all your packaging needs as you can have them made to order, in any size or shape.

The Perfect Solution for Businesses

While ready-made boxes are fine for personal or casual uses, it will not do for businesses that make regular use of boxes, especially for shipping and marketing. Custom shipping boxes will prove to be the most economical solution, since there will be no waste of space and you will be paying for only what you need and what you use. You will also not be wasting space while transporting the boxes and you will be able to use the truck space wisely.

Customized Printing for Custom Shipping Boxes

With a custom shipping box, you can also get your company logo and other details printed on it. You can also control the type of printing and the design on the box. When you need to get your products to a store, the boxes will act as your marketing and advertising agent. Remember that your box will make the impression that you want to make as it will be the first thing that customers will see.

Budgets are an issue with everyone and no one likes to spend more than they have to, especially when they want to see and show some sort of profit. Custom made boxes also offer more protection and you can get corrugated and smooth ends that will not damage the packed items. You can also rest assured that the package will arrive with minimal damage as you have taken every precaution possible.

Custom Shipping Box – How To Pick One?

Shipping boxes? What choices are there for shipping boxes? Aren’t they all plain brown and square? Not so fast! Shipping boxes have come a long way. There is a multitude of choices for shapes, sizes and colors. You can even design a custom shipping box for your product. Let’s discuss some options.

First, let’s talk about shape. Is your product long and narrow like a fishing pole? Is your product round like a soccer ball? What about a product that’s fragile and can be damaged? You can see where this is going. There are many shapes you can choose from. The most common box is the regular slotted container. These boxes come in different shapes and have flaps that fold over to close the container. A narrower box for shipping is a full overlap carton. The outer flaps of this box completely overlap the entire width of the box and give it extra strength for rough handling. These boxes also have exceptional stacking strength. Another option is a fiber shipping tube. This container can be used for shipping blueprints and promotional items such as banners.

Now let’s talk strength and stability. There are double cover boxes that have a top and bottom cover. These containers are for heavy or very tall products that can be difficult to lower into a regular box. There are five panel wraps. These containers are made from a single piece of cardboard that wraps around products that need extra strength such as posters or hockey sticks. We’ve already mentioned the full overlap carton. The outer flaps provide excellent support and strength. The makeup of the box isn’t the only thing that adds to the stability and strength of custom shipping boxes. Customized foam inserts keep more fragile products safe from damage.

After you determine the shape and strength of a shipping box for your product, you can choose to customize the look. Think about different colors. Using the colors on your packaging is a good place to start. Perhaps your company has several products so picking a color for each product isn’t cost effective. Picking something that identifies with the company name might be a good option for this situation. Adding your logo to the box helps with recognition of your brand.

As you can see, boxes don’t have to be plain. When choosing a shipping box, consider custom shipping boxes. Don’t think standard boxes, think outside the box.