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Custom Shipping Box – How To Pick One?

Shipping boxes? What choices are there for shipping boxes? Aren’t they all plain brown and square? Not so fast! Shipping boxes have come a long way. There is a multitude of choices for shapes, sizes and colors. You can even design a custom shipping box for your product. Let’s discuss some options.

First, let’s talk about shape. Is your product long and narrow like a fishing pole? Is your product round like a soccer ball? What about a product that’s fragile and can be damaged? You can see where this is going. There are many shapes you can choose from. The most common box is the regular slotted container. These boxes come in different shapes and have flaps that fold over to close the container. A narrower box for shipping is a full overlap carton. The outer flaps of this box completely overlap the entire width of the box and give it extra strength for rough handling. These boxes also have exceptional stacking strength. Another option is a fiber shipping tube. This container can be used for shipping blueprints and promotional items such as banners.

Now let’s talk strength and stability. There are double cover boxes that have a top and bottom cover. These containers are for heavy or very tall products that can be difficult to lower into a regular box. There are five panel wraps. These containers are made from a single piece of cardboard that wraps around products that need extra strength such as posters or hockey sticks. We’ve already mentioned the full overlap carton. The outer flaps provide excellent support and strength. The makeup of the box isn’t the only thing that adds to the stability and strength of custom shipping boxes. Customized foam inserts keep more fragile products safe from damage.

After you determine the shape and strength of a shipping box for your product, you can choose to customize the look. Think about different colors. Using the colors on your packaging is a good place to start. Perhaps your company has several products so picking a color for each product isn’t cost effective. Picking something that identifies with the company name might be a good option for this situation. Adding your logo to the box helps with recognition of your brand.

As you can see, boxes don’t have to be plain. When choosing a shipping box, consider custom shipping boxes. Don’t think standard boxes, think outside the box.

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