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Qualities of a Reputable Custom Box Maker

Look on the internet and you can find hundreds and probably thousands of companies selling the same type of products. This is true of custom box makers. With all this influx of information, how do you separate the facts from the fiction? How can you tell if a company is reputable or not? Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Many companies will list reviews from previous customers. Sometimes a less than reputable company might fabricate these accolades. A reputable company will be more than happy to provide lists of satisfied customers that you can check with to ensure they are legit. Also keep in mind to check the Better Business Bureau website. This site will show any complaints logged by customers.

Another area to check out when searching for a reputable custom box maker is to look at the services they offer. Are they involved in the whole box making process? Do the company representatives sound knowledgeable on all aspects of box manufacturing? What materials are offered? If custom printing is offered, do they have a design team to assist with your ideas? Will the team assist with color choice and artwork design if needed? If packaging is a concern, can the company offer solutions to your problems? It’s imperative to make sure the manufacturer can offer the services you need.

When you are looking at the products available by a custom cardboard box manufacturer, check to make sure the types of containers available for your product are offered. Do you need display boxes to show your products at trade shows? What about setup boxes? These boxes offer a “classy” look to your products, making them more appealing to customers. Die cut boxes, fiber tubes and counter displays are other boxes to consider. If possible, look at a sample of the box you are thinking about for your product to check for overall quality.

Of course, the box manufacturer should keep your bottom line in consideration. Are they overpriced? What services can you get discounted or even free? Many reputable custom cardboard box manufacturers will offer free estimates. Some others offer free shipping to local destinations. Box manufacturers often carry accessories and packing supplies like custom printed packing tape, box dividers and foam inserts to ensure protection of your merchandise against enthusiastic shippers.

Do all your homework and you will surely find a custom box maker like Cactus Containers to help your products hit the shelves and be noticed!

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