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Custom Foam Inserts – How To Enhance Your Products

Remember seeing the video of the UPS and FedEx delivery people throwing packages over fences or dropping them without thought to what was in them? Although most delivery people aren’t as careless with their deliveries, with all the news about shippers damaging packages that they are delivering, most companies are thinking of better ways to protect their products during the shipping process. Think about all the money lost when products are returned that have been damaged. One way to protect your products is to custom fit your container with foam inserts.

There are several types of foam inserts. The first is convoluted foam inserts. Convoluted foam inserts look like egg crates. When this custom foam insert is placed in your container, it stops the product from moving around and getting damaged. Breakage, thus financial loss from breakage, is virtually nonexistent. Another type of foam insert is a custom foam insert. This foam is cut specifically to fit the shape of your product. A wine bottle, for instance, would be placed in a custom cut foam insert in the exact size and shape of that wine bottle. These custom foam inserts hug your product, ensuring no movement or damage. There are also foam corner inserts that stabilize your product in the box by securing the corners with foam corner blocks.

Foam inserts aren’t just used to stabilize a product; they give your product a “high end” look. Consumers consider a product packaged with a custom foam insert to be of higher quality. These custom foam inserts are die cut to precisely the shape of the item it is holding. This makes it ideal for jewelry or perfume. As a matter of fact, many products packaged with foam can catch a customer’s eye over other competitors in the extremely competitive marketplace.

All types of custom foam inserts can be designed to fit and size or shape of container. No matter what you’ve chosen as a display box, setup box or shipping container, the foam insert can be customized to fit like a glove. This means square, narrow, tall, rectangular or any other shape you can think of can use a custom foam insert to protect your product. So, what are you waiting for? Protect your products while displaying those same quality items by packaging them with foam inserts. Don’t become a victim of careless shippers and delivery people.

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