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Custom Printed Boxes and Their Varieties

A box. What do you think of when you think of a box? Brown color? Square? Closed with packing tape? Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? A box doesn’t have to be boring. A box can be colorful and come in different shapes. A box can enhance your product’s image. A custom printed box can help identify your product from all the other products out there. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of other products that you will be competing against.

Let’s start with a shipping box. It doesn’t have to be plain brown. Remember the cow boxes that Gateway used? Everyone knew the product just from the color design on the box. They really didn’t even have to put their name on the box if they didn’t want to; everyone knew who it was from. Wouldn’t you like your product to have the same kind of recognition? Think color scheme and logo when considering a shipping container. Think shape when picking a shipping container. Square isn’t the only shape. Perhaps rectangle or even a shipping tube would be more appropriate.

Pop up display boxes are uniquely printed to help catch the consumer’s eye and immediately identify your product. The display boxes are designed to hold any amount of product you choose. These boxes keep the products secure and organized making it easy for the consumer to see. Pop up display boxes are not the only custom printed boxes available. There are a number of specialty boxes available for your product. A custom printed setup box can showcase your product to enhance the quality of the product. There are die-cut boxes, ballot boxes, gift boxes, suitcase boxes and wooden boxes to package your product in. The box can close with a magnetic closure, a Velcro closure or close with a conventional flap. All of these boxes can be custom printed for you.

Work with your design team on what type of printing and color to put on the box. Will you use vibrant color with your logo splashed across the box or keep it plain with a classy logo? Will the box be square, rectangle or another shape? Determine the appropriate box and look for your product. You wouldn’t put a pool cue in a square box or package a ring in a shipping tube. Make your box identify your product. Your product should soon be as recognizable as the Gateway products were!

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