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Common Mistakes When Designing Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping box
With more consumers opting for online shopping, it has become imperative for businesses to invest in quality printed shipping box designs. Creating custom shipping boxes has become helpful in building brand recognition and improving product protection while in transit. However, certain design mistakes can compromise these efforts. When made, they can cause the reputation of a brand to suffer, lead to customer dissatisfaction due to damaged deliveries, and additional costs to the business in having to compensate the clients. Here are some of the mistakes to look out for and how to resolve them.

Disorderly look

Some custom shipping boxes have a very disorderly look about them that reflects poorly on the brand. Whether it is the use of overly bright coloring or too many design components, it can often give the impression that the brand has not taken enough time to gauge the impact this look will have on the market. Simplicity tends to work best and there should be an effort to test customer responses or work with professional designers, using this feedback to fine-tune the design of the shipping boxes.

Boring design

While some designs can be overdone, others can also be too boring and easily forgettable. These can also have a poor effect on the market who will not be able to recognize the brand even after having repeatedly seen the boxes. Try to include some elements of imagery, strategically placed slogans, and the use of coloring to better attract the attention of onlookers and make a more memorable impression.

Poor sizing

Investing in shipping boxes that are too big or small for the products you are shipping not only makes it more likely the items will arrive at their destination damaged, but may also make a poor impression on customers. When too big, the contents are more likely to rattle around and be damaged. It also means you will be likely paying more shipping costs. Too small and there is a risk the contents may burst open while in transit. Opt for custom designs that conform to the sizing of your product for maximum security and optimal shipping costs.

Lack of product protection

This is especially problematic if you have products that can be easily damaged during transit. If you just focus on the outer design without thinking of how to reinforce the contents that will be packed, then the printed shipping box will still be a failure. No matter how attractive the box, your clients will be unhappy if after opening it, they find damaged goods. You can enhance safety by ensuring an appropriately sized box made of sturdy material and safety features like inserts and other cushioning.

Boxes for Shipping Marketing Tactics

die cut mailer with insert kraft e flute boxes for shipping
When you have boxes for shipping, it often creates an opportunity for branding and sharing of other information. As you send out shipments, be it to end-user customers, retailers, or distributors, there are likely to be many eyes that will land on the printed shipping boxes. You need to capitalize on this exposure to market your brand by ensuring you present the right kind of information in the best possible way. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish this.  

Boxes for Shipping – Print on Top 

The top side of your box should be the first place you consider printing branding information, especially for smaller boxes being shipped to end-user customers. This is the first surface they will look at upon receiving the box and opening it up. It is the most important place to emblazon your logo and brand name and slogan. It is the announcement of what is to come, welcoming them to open up the box and see what is within. Make this print on boxes for shipping well centered.  

Printed Shipping Boxes Font Style 

There are many font options when it comes to writing. It is best to focus on classic choices that are easily recognizable and therefore easily readable. Serif fonts like Times New Roman and Baskerville are classic and easily readable options. They are ideal for brands looking to portray a more formal image. For brands looking to appear more playful or informal, sans serif fonts like Calibri or decorative options like Leah Gaviota can be considered. Essentially, you should choose fonts based on what kind of impression you want to make with observers and that will remain easily readable so they can quickly register the information you are presenting at a glance.  

Boxes for Shipping – Social Media Handles 

Ensure that you include information on the social media handles that your brand uses. This is especially useful for fashion brands that make use of imagery. Indicating that you are on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can stir the recipient to take pictures of their unboxing experience and share them on social media. You can even include a campaign hashtag you are using to help add buzz surrounding a product.  

Printed Shipping Boxes – Logo  

Many brands will make use of imagery like logos and renders of the product on the sides and flaps of printed shipping boxes. It may seem like this will leave out space to include the brand name, but having this text printed as a branded chain along the bottom edge of the side can work just as well. If no imagery is included, you can make a chain that repeats the brand name across the sides. You can even have your packaging supplier make packing tape that incorporates your brand name, providing another way to display this information

Effectively Showcasing Branding On A Printed Shipping Box

Custom Size Shipping Box
A printed shipping box can help a business to easily display all kinds of branding. From logos to QR codes, you can add just about any message on custom printed shipping boxes. When appropriately done, this can help to boost brand visibility and make your business more recognizable to consumers.

The extra cost involved in ordering custom boxes is easily recovered when factoring in how much exposure can promote your business and lead to greater sales and profitability. Never underestimate the value of a good-looking box, especially in an age when more and more consumers are opting to shop remotely. Here are a few approaches you can use to better display branding on your custom printed shipping boxes.

Print On Top

It may seem instinctual to want to print branding on the sides of your box. This is however more suitable where the box size is larger and the customer will spend more time looking at it from the side. for smaller packages, it is ideal to ensure some branding on the top side which the customer will spend more time looking at. It also makes for a good visual during the unboxing experience. You can easily display the name of the brand, company, and logo on this top side.

Another benefit is that the top side tends to suffer the least damage during shipping. There are more bumps and exposure to moisture on the bottom and sides. The top side tends to remain unsullied, making it the ideal surface on which to display branding.

Include Social Media Links

For potential customers that will only catch a glimpse of your box, it can help to provide social media links. Where it is displaying your Facebook page name or a QR code that will take them to your social media platforms, there are multiple ways you can work this into your box design. Social media has become the dominant type of site visited by consumers, so besides establishing a presence here, you also need to publicize so people know where to find you.

Custom Shipping Tape

You can boost your branding by investing in custom shipping tape. You can have your logo, brand, or company name incorporated, making for yet another way to boost visibility. You can also have the tape customized in terms of color. This can be particularly helpful where you have distinct colors used in your logo design. The same applies if you use distinct colors in other types of branding that have become closely associated with your business.

Making Custom Shipping Boxes Affordable

Custom shipping box
The primary goals of any business include maximizing profit while minimizing costs. This ensures a greater return on investment for the owners. One often neglected aspect that can lead to reducing costs is the packaging. Most forms of packaging tend to be economical, but can be in some ways further reduced. given that businesses are making more use of packaging than ever before thanks to online shopping, it makes sense to give some attention to this factor. Here are some ways you can reduce the cost of each printed shipping box used.

Custom shipping box handling

You need to train your staff on how to best perform such tasks as packing custom shipping boxes and how to carefully handle them until handed over to the shipper. This will reduce the incidents of damage and having to repack the contents. The less waste there is, the more time lapses between when you have to reorder your next stock of boxes.

custom shipping box machinery

This is particularly important where you have heavy products that are to be shipped. Equipment like pallets and forklifts need to be available for more reliable and careful transport. Again, this will ensure proper handling and reduce the risk of the packaging and contents being damaged even before you have them out the door. This may not be as necessary where you are handling small light shipments.

Custom shipping box labels

Reducing the risk of damage to the box and its contents is key in minimizing costs. Invest in labels that guide how the printed shipping box should be properly handled. If the contents are fragile, ensure there are labels that are prominently displayed to convey this message. Use labels to communicate safety precautions to whoever will handle it without needing to open the box to know what the contents are.

Limit void space

Do this by investing in boxes that have a better fit to the contents inside. The box should leave just enough room for inserts and some filler needed for added protection. This will keep the contents more stable and secure. Too much void space and the contents may end up rattling around in the box and becoming damaged.

Custom shipping box weight

Where the products being shipped are not vulnerable to damage from rough handling, it can make sense to cut down on protective features like fluting and space for filler. Smaller and lighter packaging will typically be cheaper. You can even opt out of using custom shipping boxes and use cheaper plastic packaging.

Benefits Of Digitally Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Custom Printed Die-cut Box
When planning expenditures, businesses need to ensure they are getting good value for money. Custom packaging offers a slew of benefits that make the added investment worthwhile. Here are some of the key advantages reaped from opting for custom printed shipping boxes.

Custom printed shipping box delivery

The technologies now used in the manufacture and printing of shipping boxes is much different from the traditional analog methods of old. One of the biggest impacts has been on turnaround time. Nowadays the production process is much faster, with bulk orders ready to ship in a matter of days. Advanced equipment has taken the place of manual presses. They are capable of quickly adapting to a wider variety of configurations.

Order Size Flexibility

Traditional printing often required much larger minimum order volumes. With newer technologies, there is much greater flexibility in terms of quantity. Most box manufacturers can accommodate whatever order size. This better control over order size has helped many businesses to better budget for their packaging needs without having to unnecessarily fill up their stores with boxes that will go unused for extended periods. They can better streamline their orders for packaging material with their expected demand for products. Shorter runs also mean the businesses are freer to make updates to the designs of their custom printed shipping boxes.

Custom shipping box design

Because digitally custom boxes can be tailor-made to suit the sizing of the product, there is less packaging waste. When businesses were confined to standard sizes, they had to fill up the empty space in the boxes with items like wrapping paper, packing peanuts, and foam inserts. Not only was this wasteful, but it also added to shipping costs to end-user customers. Custom boxes allow for businesses to better fit their products into packaging with minimal waste and lower shipping costs. The consistency of digitally printed boxes also ensures uniformity throughout the production process.

Custom shipping box-recyclable

The digital production of a printed shipping box is highly efficient, ensuring minimal waste is produced. This is because the process is carefully calibrated and consistent. In recent years there has also been a shift towards the use of recyclable material in the making of packaging material. The resulting boxes are also often of a strong quality that makes them ideal for reuse and possible later recycling. Even the inks used in printing are much less toxic and can even be safely used in packaging ready-made foods and fresh produce.

Creating Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

custom shipping rsc box

One of the many considerations when creating a brand is how you will customize your printed shipping box. As there are many different options to choose from, it can be quite understandable why most businesses fall short in delivering an effective packaging design that fits their business needs. In most cases, it deflects customer attention because they are either designed to be ambiguous or has an incoherently crafted message.

In more ways, the primary consideration you should make is to choose the right types of packaging based on several factors that affect the quality of your services. Durability, item security, and the overall quality of your services can be factored out when creating custom printed shipping boxes. Your client’s belongings have to perfectly fit inside the package and the message on the printed shipping box has to be delivered clearly and attractively.

Utilize the Printed Box to Highlight Your Brand and Logo

Because your brand is competing with many other services of the same niche, yours can stand out just with the quality prints and customized boxes you use. Many other aspects are part of what is considered by your potential customers including the type of materials you use to safeguard their belongings. In such a way, brand and logo presentation affects the overall worthiness of your services. It can be a determinant of how people perceive your company and their willingness to commit to the services you offer.

A well-designed logo and a message that is easily understood can entice people more than anything. It creates interest among people who see your logo so they can easily relate it to the type of services you provide. Growing your shipping business with custom printed shipping boxes is perpetually a component good reputation because people can easily recognize your brand.

A Good Logo and a Simple Message Always Gets Across Easily

Simple messages are always easily understandable and retain much better in the minds of most people. A complicated logo and perplexing message sometimes become so distracting that people often do not perceive what you are trying to emphasize. So when designing your printed shipping box, always remember that people have limited attention span and the more understandable your logo and messages are, the more people will remember them.

So when designing your custom printed shipping boxes, always remember that people will respond to messages they understand and a business logo they can relate with. It is better to have a good brand logo and a simple message people will be driven to action.

Custom Shipping Boxes and Online Shopping

Custom shipping box
What could be the relationship between custom shipping boxes and online shopping? Should a printed shipping box be part of this discussion?

With the preference most customers give towards shopping for some of their needs and wants via an online app or platform, the shipping industry has been greatly involved. Online sellers have been getting the help of shipping companies to send their customers’ orders right at their doorstep.

While this has already become a regular business scenario these days, it is worth noting that as a seller, your clients’ satisfaction is a must. Therefore, you should do everything just for them to be happy the moment they receive the package from you.

Satisfying Customers’ Expectations

Talking about receiving a package, there are requirements that online sellers must consider. You must ensure that your shipping boxes would meet their standards. To achieve this, you need custom shipping boxes, which might include a printed shipping box.

A report revealed that those who patronize online shopping have high expectations. These online sellers want to receive orders that are exactly the same as how they are presented in your posts. In short, you should create a good impression so that the chances of having them as constant buyers are high as well. Or, make the wrong move and you will lose them.

However, you could avoid the latter if you package their orders well. How to do it? Of course, you need custom shipping boxes! Once you use the right packaging material, the products inside are protected. You could prevent some damage, especially if the box used is too small or too big.

You could also opt for the printed shipping box for the package to look more customized, making the customers feel that you value them enough.

Packaging as an Experience Itself

Packaging is an experience in itself. When you greet your customers with a well-packaged order, they would become more excited of what is inside. You could really imagine their smile once they receive the package.

Being an experience, your custom packaging boxes must be capable of communicating with your buyers; that you are a seller committed to providing only the best. Always remember that the way you package your products is your medium to inform customers of how you are as a seller.

As online sellers, it is your responsibility to deliver what you promise in your posts. And yes, the key here is to maintain product quality and excellent customer service. With the help of custom shipping boxes, you are not far from achieving this.

Large Quantity of Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping rsc box
Investing in your brand means putting attention to every detail, and that includes a large quantity of shipping boxes that roll out of your production line. Regardless of the industry, competition is always going to be stiff. You can stand out from the rest of the pack, for instance, through a printed shipping box with your logo in it. It might seem a small thing perhaps, but you have a virtual representative no matter where your package will end up.

Below are the common questions on large quantity of shipping boxes:

What are the types of packaging that you can buy?

Nowadays, there’s not much that manufacturers could not do. It’s a sweeping statement to say that you are only limited by your imagination, but that’s very true in this case. From the size of the box, color, custom mailers, overlap cartons, corrugated boxes, pop-up boxes, you can order just about anything under the sun.

I always hear about the term flute, what is it?

The corrugated cardboard substrate has different levels of thickness. The industry term for this is a flute, which refers to the ridges in between the two cardboards. Manufacturers also have different designations when you are trying to order. For instance, the F-flute means there are 128 flutes per linear foot with a height of 1/32”. This is perfect for cosmetics, jewelry, and other fragile materials because of its superior crush resistance.

Is there a limit to the number of large quantity of custom shipping boxes?

No, there’s no limit to the volume of order. In fact, it’s recommended that you order in bulk so you can enjoy a huge discount. Most manufacturers profit on the scale, so they are more likely to offer special incentives to large orders.

What type of print should I choose in the printed shipping box?

The manufacturer should be able to recommend the ideal print for you depending on order volume or the type of branding you wish. You can choose from flexographic, litho label or digital. The last one is best for smaller quantities. For a large quantity of custom shipping boxes, flexographic will be your best bet although it will cost you due to the printing plate that will be created specifically for you. Say, you need at least 1,000 boxes to maximize your expenses. Litho label, meanwhile, doesn’t need a minimum order although it’s more expensive compared to the flexographic.

Printed Shipping Boxes Get Companies Noticed

Custom shipping box

The competition for marketing and selling products has become fierce and it requires taking that extra step to stand out from a crowd of similar products and marketing strategies. Even if a product is above average in quality, it takes getting noticed before that product is selected from the myriad of others sitting on the shelf of retail stores or displayed on online shopping sites. This edge of getting noticed is extremely important in today’s market, especially for new companies trying to climb the latter of success or those seeking to keep their heads above water.

Businesses Using Printed Shipping Boxes

One of the edges that up and coming companies can gain is through using printed shipping boxes. A printed shipping box carries the name and logo of your company as well as customized color, shape and any other ploys that will help your business stand out. Everything has to be packaged and/or shipped, so utilizing that space to promote your brand is a smart move in a time when every edge needs to be utilized.

Many successful companies operating today have paved their way in part by using aggressive, eye-catching advertising and design of printed shipping boxes. Every single customer that is exposed to such marketing strategies has the product brand reinforced in their mind. The strategy of using an appealing printed shipping box has become so successful that a majority of customers today actually feel that the company doesn’t really care if products are shipped in plain, boring brown boxes. This often automatically translates into those very same customers feeling that the company must also not care as much about their product quality.

Well Designed Printed Shipping Boxes

However, when printed shipping boxes are used that are attractive, well designed, fit the product well and are easily accessible, people tend to remember the pleasant experience and return to that company to make other purchases. Positive experiences have been proven to affect memory and spark an internal desire to repeat that same pleasant experience again. Pleased customers also tend to share their positive experiences with family members and friends and most business owners are keenly aware of the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

Customizing and producing an appealing printed shipping box may seem to be a difficult endeavor. However, working with an experienced and successful custom box company can make the process much less painful a lot more successful. The results of customers taking notice of your efforts over plain box competitors are sure to make the effort worthwhile.

Custom Shipping Box and its Benefits for Your Shipping Needs

Near the holidays or during a promotional sale for a business, there are an exceptional number of packages shipped and delivered. The need for shipping boxes will always be present as long as there are holidays, birthdays, special events, promotions, and other occasions that call for a special delivery. By using a custom shipping box your package is guaranteed to arrive and surprise the recipient with a secure package and undamaged product.

There are several other benefits of using a custom shipping box instead of the regular run-of-the-mill cardboard boxes that you can pick up from the grocery store, besides being clean and unused. When you are making a purchase for that special printed shipping box, you can order an exact size instead of having to choose between small, medium, large, or extra-large. Custom boxes are designed to fit the product, not have the product jam packed with multiple packing materials due to the box being too large. You can also have the luxury of cleaning out that cluttered area where you previously stored your piles of boxes waiting to be filled and shipped with the perfect product.

Another benefit of printed shipping boxes that are custom ordered is that you can choose the quality of cardboard used to make your custom order. You can also order a few when needed. This will take away the extra space those cluttered boxes have been taking up and allow you to breathe again knowing that when you need the boxes, they’ll be available.

Brown cardboard boxes are out dated and limit the style and design of the shipping box. Custom shipping boxes can have designs printed on them. The purpose of the print can be to promote a business, product, service, or for personal gifts to loved ones. If you prefer no design but a solid color, that too can be done. White custom boxes are common among professionals. They give an elegant look and stand out from regular brown cardboard boxes.

Whether you are ordering one box or one thousand they can be custom made to fit the needs of your contents. You have the choice of what type of custom box you would like to use. Once you have made a choice, the measurements of the contents you wish to ship must be presented in order to get an accurate size for your custom shipping box. The size of the boxes can vary between the size of a Ping-Pong ball to the size of a deep freezer or refrigerator.

Recycling Shipping Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is an amazing material for protecting your documents, storing or displaying items, and shipping your products to customers. It’s strong and provides excellent protection against damage from crushing and impact, yet it’s incredibly lightweight. It’s a renewable resource that’s cost effective and comes in color, shape and size options to suit any company’s needs. One of the greatest things about corrugated cardboard, however, is that it is so easy to recycle.

Cardboard, made of paper pulp, is one of the most valuable recyclable materials and is widely accepted by essentially all recycling programs. In the United States, over three-fourths of the corrugated cardboard boxes produced are recycled. Many companies have even found an additional revenue stream by selling their used cardboard boxes in bales to recycling companies. You can recycle pretty much anything made of cardboard, from mailing tubes to small promotional paperboard products to large shipping boxes.

When corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled, they are shredded and placed in a giant vat with water and agitated until the fibers release and turn to a kind of cardboard mush. From this slush, it is easy to remove foreign material such as tape, string and staples. Then the paper fibers are spread onto a screen and the water drained away. Large rollers iron out the fibers, thinning out the paper and pressing out any remaining water. When it is dry, it is wound into large rolls and returned to the box companies to be made into new corrugated cardboard once again. Typically cardboard boxes are made from 35% recycled paper, but can be made from up to 100% recycled paper.

The few cardboard boxes that are not recycled in this way can be reused in different ways. Some are shredded to be made into packaging material to cushion products. Some are reused several times to store or transport items. Some are simply discarded, but cardboard is biodegradable and breaks down relatively quickly.

Very few types of cardboard can’t be recycled. Waxed paperboard is the most common. Juice or milk containers are good examples of waxed paperboard. Cardboard that has become very wet, or soaked with grease may not be recycled. And some types of printed shipping box are not recyclable in all areas.

Any way you look at it, corrugated cardboard is an amazing resource. By choosing to recycle your used shipping and storage boxes, you’re helping the environment. You may be earning money by selling your cardboard to a recycling company. Recycling locally provides jobs for your community. And keeping cardboard out of your waste stream saves you money. Cardboard works for your business!

Assess your Printed Shipping Box Needs

Small and boutique businesses may find that their shipping needs are unique. This is common. In order to troubleshoot and suggest some creative solutions that will really set a business apart from others, let’s take an example of a business, based on one that exists, and delve into their particular needs. Most likely it will mimic many other small to mid-sized businesses in one way or another.

Jerry and his wife Rita began a small glass art studio and retail shop many years ago. They make glass jewelry and they have kilns and a small glassblowing facility where they make bowls, vases, and all kinds of unique glass art. Their retail store is small and is in a not-so-ideal location for window shoppers. They only barely got by until the last ten years. Their children convinced them that they should go online and sell their work there. This meant not only selling through their own website, but venturing into E-bay and other websites where they could have a regular opportunity to be found by those browsing for glass all over the world. Pretty soon they realized that their glass art was very popular. They eventually hired a part-time staff member to manage just all the ins-and-outs of E-bay, as well as selling on their website.

This is a good example of a business that would benefit from custom made, printed shipping boxes. They begin to look at the possibility of having a printed shipping box that they would use for particular items that are a specific size. In glass art, this can be easy to do if you have sold enough to be able to tell what items are popular. Once they had a number of years of experience, they could tell that making certain seasonal items available, like Christmas tree ornaments or glass pumpkins, would sell so many items at certain times during the year. They could count on it because they see the trend and for several years, that trend has been consistent.

So they can estimate they are going to sell X number of Christmas ornaments between Halloween and Christmas every year. Their children convince them that printed shipping boxes would really add a zing to their items. And they could see the benefits. They are beginning to see regular customers, so adding some customization to their packages could help seal some people as those regular customers that know Jerry and Rita will be around to sell them a fresh, completely unique Christmas ornament every year. It can become a tradition. Jerry and Rita are beginning to see this take shape.

So there you have it. You may just find that this particular example may ring true, at least in part, and may encourage you to consider shipping options that you may not have considered before.

Printed Shipping Boxes to Protect Your Product

As a business, you likely base the packaging solutions you use on which type of box is guaranteed to get your product to consumers damage-free. Fortunately, there are a variety of double wall and triple wall shipping boxes on the market that can put your mind at ease knowing your merchandise will arrive safely at its final destination. Additionally, you will have the option to customize your packaging solution with printed shipping boxes so that your logo and signage will be prominently displayed on your shipping materials. Find out more information about the features of both double wall and triple wall box options for your shipping needs.

Double Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

Double wall shipping boxes consist of two fluted material pieces that are placed in between three portions of liner. These heavy-duty boxes allow for added protection to your products to ensure that your shipments arrive in one piece and without damage. The double wall protection provides for maximum stacking strength, and many of these boxes are produced from recycled content. When ordering these boxes, they are shipped to you flat and in bundles to allow for compact storage, and they can be assembled in a matter of seconds by simply folding and taping them. Most businesses also appreciate that double wall shipping boxes meet shipping carrier and mailing specifications.

Triple Wall Printed Shipping Boxes

If you are looking for a durable packaging solution as an alternative to standard all-wood crates, triple wall shipping boxes may be your best option. Triple wall shipping boxes consist of three fluted material pieces that are placed in between four portions of liner. They serve as a heavy duty container for shipping that doesn’t add any extra weight, and when they are engineered correctly, these boxes can have the same level of strength as a standard plywood box.

Triple wall shipping boxes have a variety of other benefits for your business. When compared to wood, the triple wall box is 250% lighter and splinter-free. It is great for one-way shipping and is a popular option for bug free shipments internationally. These boxes serve as a low cost shipping solution, as they can result in a 22% cost savings compared to wood on average. They are great for indoor storage and ideal for lower quantity runs, so they should be thoroughly considered when you are looking for a durable yet affordable printed shipping box.