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Assess your Printed Shipping Box Needs

Small and boutique businesses may find that their shipping needs are unique. This is common. In order to troubleshoot and suggest some creative solutions that will really set a business apart from others, let’s take an example of a business, based on one that exists, and delve into their particular needs. Most likely it will mimic many other small to mid-sized businesses in one way or another.

Jerry and his wife Rita began a small glass art studio and retail shop many years ago. They make glass jewelry and they have kilns and a small glassblowing facility where they make bowls, vases, and all kinds of unique glass art. Their retail store is small and is in a not-so-ideal location for window shoppers. They only barely got by until the last ten years. Their children convinced them that they should go online and sell their work there. This meant not only selling through their own website, but venturing into E-bay and other websites where they could have a regular opportunity to be found by those browsing for glass all over the world. Pretty soon they realized that their glass art was very popular. They eventually hired a part-time staff member to manage just all the ins-and-outs of E-bay, as well as selling on their website.

This is a good example of a business that would benefit from custom made, printed shipping boxes. They begin to look at the possibility of having a printed shipping box that they would use for particular items that are a specific size. In glass art, this can be easy to do if you have sold enough to be able to tell what items are popular. Once they had a number of years of experience, they could tell that making certain seasonal items available, like Christmas tree ornaments or glass pumpkins, would sell so many items at certain times during the year. They could count on it because they see the trend and for several years, that trend has been consistent.

So they can estimate they are going to sell X number of Christmas ornaments between Halloween and Christmas every year. Their children convince them that printed shipping boxes would really add a zing to their items. And they could see the benefits. They are beginning to see regular customers, so adding some customization to their packages could help seal some people as those regular customers that know Jerry and Rita will be around to sell them a fresh, completely unique Christmas ornament every year. It can become a tradition. Jerry and Rita are beginning to see this take shape.

So there you have it. You may just find that this particular example may ring true, at least in part, and may encourage you to consider shipping options that you may not have considered before.

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