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Think Outside the Custom Box

Make your shipping boxes work for you. Do not just pick up whatever mass-produced box that you can get in bulk at any stationery store. Get attention by putting your unique signature on everything you send with a custom box. This works, whether you are a small operation regularly sending 10-20 items a week or large company trying to brand yourself amongst other corporations.

Die Cut Boxes

These are custom boxes made of smooth cards available in a shape that conforms to the size of the item. They are often made of 12 pt. or 14 pt. card stock. Having custom-made die cut boxes is great for sending large numbers of items that are always the same size. But they can also be efficient for sending batches of small items like wristbands, pens, or specific office supplies.


This is relatively broad category that generally includes flat mail like documents but may vary a lot depending on the size and amount of documents you are sending. You may want a clear panel for the address. It may been to hold so much contents that going with a small, thin box as a mailer might make sense. You immediately think of letter-sized mailers, but there are all kinds of custom options for creating smaller labels or 11-by-14 (legal) sized or larger mailers. You can choose for them to be made out of recycled materials. You could choose a color mailer or you could have the mailer itself be a color, maybe bright orange or green, then allow for one-color printing on it. If they are documents that you will be sending often, looking towards custom mailers may make sense to you.

POP Displays

Point-of-purchase or “POP” displays is a unique option that makes a lot of sense for many companies and organizations. This could be as simple as having a die cut box that has a top that is perforated. You split the box along the perforation, flip it around, and voila. You have a display. The inside or the outside of the box may have the wording and graphics that say “Buy one of these: only $.99!” or “Take one” or whatever message you want to get across. This is a small example, but there are larger examples of large boxes that can be sent, say, to a department store. You may be selling nuts and have the ability to send the box of nuts that, with a little cutting and folding, becomes the display that sells your nuts. Talk about efficiency.

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