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All about Cardboard Box Partitions and Dividers

You may have seen references or images of cardboard box partitions on our website and wondered what exactly it is they are or how they improve shipping quality. This article will explain a little about what a partition is and what kinds there are, what role they perform in packaging, and how partitions and inserts can improve your shipping.

A partition is basically a pre-cut, slotted piece of either corrugated cardboard or chipboard, a type of stiff, thick, flat, recycled paper. Partitions can also be made out of foam in special cases, but for now we’ll focus on paper partitions. The pieces of the partition are custom made to fit a specific box and a specific product. When the pieces are put together and inserted into the box, it divides the box neatly and securely into several individual cells. Each cell of the box insert is the exact size to hold a product snugly without shifting. The cells along the outer walls of the box are purposely left empty. This air space provides an additional cushion against impact that might damage the product during shipment.

Related to partitions are corrugated pads, which are essentially simple sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to fit horizontally across the box. These sheets add padding and side crush resistance, separate layers of partitions or other products within the box, and strengthen top and bottom walls.

So why would a company choose partitions to ship their product rather than loose fill, such as packing peanuts or shredded paper? Partitions offer the greatest protection during shipment available. Each individual product is encased in strong yet flexible corrugated cardboard, offering a very high level of protection. Companies that ship glass or fragile items, such as wine sellers or medical supply companies, almost always choose partitions to protect their product during transport. The reason for this is that dividers not only protect each individual item, they keep the products separate and prevent items from contacting each other, which could lead to contamination or breakage. Partitions create an easy way to know exactly how many items are in each box. Partitions also add to the stacking strength of the box by adding numerous vertical walls of cardboard. A box with partitions is able to bear several times more weight than a box without the reinforcement of partitions. Boxes are often stacked during the shipping process and this is another excellent layer of protection.

If your company produces any products that are small, fragile, hard to count, or just need some extra care during the shipping process, talk to us about cardboard box partitions. They are the best investment you can make to ensure your products arrive safely in the hands of your clients.

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