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Cardboard Display Boxes – How to Best Use Them

If you are interested in capturing a shopper’s attention and getting new prospective clients to try your product, then custom display boxes in a store or at a trade show are just the ticket to make your product more visible and engaging with the customers you are trying to reach. Display boxes get your product out there and truly showcase your items in a way that gets you noticed!

Shoppers today can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice they have every time they set foot in a store. It can be challenging for marketers to break through this overstimulation customers feel when they are swimming in an ocean of brands on every shelf. That’s where well-placed cardboard display boxes come in. Properly set up in a location where shoppers are bound to notice and interact with it, such as an aisle or checkout counter, the display box reinforces your brand with vibrant graphics. It uses location to move your product off the shelves and into a fresh new space where customers are more likely to really see it. It can be used to promote new products, sales, or special offers. Customers are more likely to make an impulse purchase. Even if they don’t, they can’t help but be aware of your brand and your product.

To get the best possible results from your custom display boxes or point of purchase displays, it’s important to understand your market and choose wisely before you get set up.

  • Know your clientele and their needs. You won’t get far trying to sell pork chops at a vegetarian convention. No matter how great your product is, people won’t buy it if it doesn’t meet their specific needs.
  • Know your location. This means know your region and store location and understand the culture you are moving into, but also be aware of your display placement as well. A display set up in the dark back of the store near the bathrooms won’t be as effective as one by the front counter.
  • Know your design. Be creative and memorable, but be memorable for the right reasons. Don’t overdo it! Be careful not to accidentally include anything that might offend religious or cultural groups in your design.
  • Know your marketing. Consider the typical customers path through the store, their line of sight, and what companion items they may also be purchasing at the same time. Use all of this to your best advantage.

With a little planning, cardboard display boxes are a portable and inexpensive investment that can have a huge impact on your sales. Try setting one up and see how people react to the new way your product is presented!

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