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Few Tips to Handling your Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

There are hundreds of standard box designs and uses out there, so when it comes to choosing the right shipping boxes how do you know if choosing a large shipping box over a slightly smaller one is a benefit or a deterrent? Whether you are moving or own a business that ships product, knowing what is out there and what shipping boxes to use can save you space, money, and potentially dealing with damage.  

Here are a few specific box types and what to ship with them. 

Standard Slotted Carton 

One of the most common types of shipping boxes out there, the standard slotted carton can be used for a variety of shipping needs. The biggest benefit is that slotted boxes tend to have a lot of options regarding size. However, one of the biggest problems is overpacking which untrained people tend to do. For example, who hasn’t overpacked a box of books before? As you likely know this can result in significant injury if not lifted correctly or if lifting too much weight. To offset the problem, it’s important to identify how much weight should be loaded into a box and either use lighter shipping filler or a different sized box to lessen the weight. Remember, just because a box says it has a 200lb. weight capacity does not mean you should fill it to 200lbs.  

Corrugated Box Trays 

Corrugated box trays are a great simple box. First, they are cost effective and secondly, they allow for design opportunities while also showing off your product. These shipping boxes are small but depending on your product work great at shipping large stackable quantities. One thing to consider is that due to not having a cover. It is important to tightly wrap your product and for stacking it helps to have a sheet of corrugated board to layer the next level evenly. When space matters, this shipping box is great and as an added feature these boxes are generally small enough to be repurposed for a variety of needs.  

Telescoping Box 

Telescoping boxes may seem pretty standard, but like any other style of box they have their distinct benefits. Often considered a large shipping box, corrugated telescoping boxes come with a top box and bottom piece. This provides added durability and strength when shipping larger, yet more fragile items such as flat screen televisions. Two other benefits are that they are easy to assemble (often secured with staples) and can be stacked. While these boxes are great protection against storage and transportation damage. It is also important to ensure an adequate amount of packing is done so that the weight of stacking your product doesn’t result in center of the box damage. This may mean considering plastic spacing and fillers.  

The Right Packaging for E-Commerce is Crucial

Starting an online business is a popular option for entrepreneurs these days. It comes with the potential benefit of lowered expenses such as rent and utilities, but that doesn’t mean one should skimp on other crucial expenses. One important area that online retailers should focus on is the sourcing of their shipping boxes.

Many e-commerce business owners tend to spend a great deal of time thinking about the status of their website, such that they often forget about the quality of their shipments. Having the adequate packaging supplies on hand at all times is extremely important.

An experienced packaging supplier can offer anything that an e-commerce business would ever need to ensure the safety, reliability and uniqueness of their shipments. It’s important to use properly sized boxes that are sufficiently strong to handle any type of shipment.  Protective packaging, tape, and good quality shipping labels are also important. As a business owner, you don’t want anything to go wrong while a product is being shipped to your client.

Make a Good Impression

Avoid the cheap-looking packaging and shipment goods – you want your client to have a good impression of your business after all. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to promote your business. With the right manufacturer, you can also opt for your shipping boxes to be custom made with graphics in order for you to stand out from the crowd. This can definitely help increase your brand awareness and grow your business.

Recycling Shipping Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is an amazing material for protecting your documents, storing or displaying items, and shipping your products to customers. It’s strong and provides excellent protection against damage from crushing and impact, yet it’s incredibly lightweight. It’s a renewable resource that’s cost effective and comes in color, shape and size options to suit any company’s needs. One of the greatest things about corrugated cardboard, however, is that it is so easy to recycle.

Cardboard, made of paper pulp, is one of the most valuable recyclable materials and is widely accepted by essentially all recycling programs. In the United States, over three-fourths of the corrugated cardboard boxes produced are recycled. Many companies have even found an additional revenue stream by selling their used cardboard boxes in bales to recycling companies. You can recycle pretty much anything made of cardboard, from mailing tubes to small promotional paperboard products to large shipping boxes.

When corrugated cardboard boxes are recycled, they are shredded and placed in a giant vat with water and agitated until the fibers release and turn to a kind of cardboard mush. From this slush, it is easy to remove foreign material such as tape, string and staples. Then the paper fibers are spread onto a screen and the water drained away. Large rollers iron out the fibers, thinning out the paper and pressing out any remaining water. When it is dry, it is wound into large rolls and returned to the box companies to be made into new corrugated cardboard once again. Typically cardboard boxes are made from 35% recycled paper, but can be made from up to 100% recycled paper.

The few cardboard boxes that are not recycled in this way can be reused in different ways. Some are shredded to be made into packaging material to cushion products. Some are reused several times to store or transport items. Some are simply discarded, but cardboard is biodegradable and breaks down relatively quickly.

Very few types of cardboard can’t be recycled. Waxed paperboard is the most common. Juice or milk containers are good examples of waxed paperboard. Cardboard that has become very wet, or soaked with grease may not be recycled. And some types of printed shipping box are not recyclable in all areas.

Any way you look at it, corrugated cardboard is an amazing resource. By choosing to recycle your used shipping and storage boxes, you’re helping the environment. You may be earning money by selling your cardboard to a recycling company. Recycling locally provides jobs for your community. And keeping cardboard out of your waste stream saves you money. Cardboard works for your business!

Shipping Boxes And Their Uses

From the very first mail delivery here in Canada in 1693 to our present day age today, we have mailed and shipped our letters and packages in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our goal is to get it from point A to point B, and we need it to arrive to its destination safely.

That’s where the Cactus Containers shipping boxes come in. Eliminate the guess work, and let Cactus Containerscater to your shipping box needs. Whether it’s heavy, fragile, large or uniquely shaped, our shipping boxes are built to accommodate exactly what you are looking for.

What do you need to ship? Here are a few shipping box examples:

Is it a bicycle? Bicycles are large and uniquely shaped. We recommend a full overlap carton shipping box simply because it is especially resistant to rough handling. It is ideal for items that are tall in height and have narrow widths.

Is it a musical instrument such as a guitar or violin? Although guitars and violins are both fragile and uniquely designed, shipping it with the correct shaped shipping box will assure a safe and secure delivery. For added protection, custom foam inserts shaped precisely to the contour of your musical instrument will cradle and withstand any bumpy handling that may occur.

Is it a very heavy furniture or appliance? We recommend using a double cover (DC) shipping box. This is perfect for very heavy items that would be too difficult to lower into other type of boxes. Because of its bottom cover, it allows you to place your very heavy item into the shipping box with ease.

Is it for your entire business or household? Give us the exact dimension, whether it’s only 10, 100, or 1000 shipping boxes, and we will be sure to provide not only the accurate measurement, but the precise shipping box shape, cardboard strength and structure according to your requirements.

These are but a few examples, and the possibilities are endless. Ship your items with ease and let Cactus Containers customize your shipping box needs. For free estimates, call 1-888-776-8000 or emailfreeestimates@cactuscontainers.com.

Corrugated Boxes

You already know that when you’re sending something, it’s crucial that it arrives on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s only going across town, to the other side of the nation or only carried a few blocks. But equally important is that the packaging is sturdy to assure that what’s inside won’t become damaged regardless of the length of its commute. Of course you do! And accomplishing this requires using strong corrugated boxes. But do you also know other things about how important that packaging can be? If not, then consider these questions.

Do you know that corrugated boxes can accomplish another goal by sharing the message of a company, social group, educational institution and many other organizations with containers featuring logos, coloring, designs and other elements which can help with public relations efforts? Boxes and containers might even come in unique designs and shapes to additionally assist with sharing a message or promotional concept.

Do you know that it’s invaluable to place your place in a reputable dealer for corrugated boxes such as Cactus Containers? This is because they have earned a well-deserved reputation for more than 30 years when it comes to providing a variety of boxes to companies that are used for different purposes. The reason for their success has been a knack in always providing the perfect box whatever it’s needed for, that includes logos, information and other printed material that can help businesses and organizations with their marketing efforts.

Do you know that in addition to corrugated boxes that incorporate a company’s logo, Cactus Containers can also create die-cut boxes, tubing and other containers that include a company’s logo and can be custom-designed to different specifications such as size, additional folds, shape and other considerations? The result is that they can produce a box that not only perfectly accommodates a product but is shaped in such a way that it also shares a message.

Do you know they are also appreciated for their creativity? Just as they can create various corrugated boxes, Cactus is always enthusiastic about providing specialty boxes with different coloring, inclusion of logos, and different ways of opening them and whatever else is needed by their customers. Those who work in sales, trade shows and in marketing appreciate the difference these boxes can make in sharing their message.

Do you know that in addition to corrugated boxes, they can also provide both printed and non-printed tubes for shipping items? But this is still not all, because Cactus can also be trusted when it comes to supplying items such as box dividers, corrugated trays, pads and other accessories that can be used to protect products during shipping. They’re also a wise choice because they can provide free estimates within 48 hours and ship worldwide.

Do you know it’s not only about cardboard? That’s because Cactus Containers can also provide wooden boxes with logos imprinted for carrying or shipping fragile items such as wine.

Do you know that’s it easy to find out more out more about the difference that Cactus Containers can make when it comes to providing corrugated boxes and a variety of other containers? To do that, visit their Web site at www.cactuscontainers.com, contact them by telephone at 1-888-776-8000 or email them atfreeestimates@cactuscontainers.com.

Where to Find Large Shipping Boxes

It will happen that you need to ship something that is quite large. It will inevitably happen once in our lifetimes. The problem is two-fold: 1) you can’t find a box that’s big enough to fit your item – or 2) you’re too embarrassed to bring it into the post office. The standard-sized boxes at the post office may not be big enough to send large items. That leads to the dilemma of finding large shipping boxes, ones that you may not be able to find at the store. It is nearly impossible to find something bigger than what you can find at the post office but you can – if you search online.

Shipping items is important. It is the most trusted source outside of emails to get information and materials to someone. Large items can come in the form of gift baskets (which can also be placed in cardboard gift boxes), and furniture. Of course there are several items that can be shipped but to save on the cost of the shipping you should buy boxes that fit the size of the item online. As an added bonus you can even have them customized to meet your needs.

You could be shipping to a client – or you could be shipping some important items to a friend. You should never have to pay for items other than the actual shipping price. Everything else is robbery. To buy large shipping boxes, simply go online and find a store that offers them. If you are gifting something, get cardboard gift boxes that suit all your wants and needs.

Big items have the tendency to tear up your typical cardboard box. Either it is because it is too heavy or it is oddly shaped cutting through the box. While this is not a common problem, it is still does happen. This is why you should buy boxes that are sturdy, enhanced to safely and securely ship your item. There is nothing more embarrassing for someone than accepting a box (gift of not) that is tattered, torn, and ripped. That just simply looks unprofessional. It doesn’t bode well as the one sending the box, either.

There are options out there – you just need to know where to look. It is unlikely that your typical office store will have large boxes for shipping. But you can quickly and easily find them online at Cactus Containers. You will see a big difference in price and quality.

Cheap Shipping Boxes, Display Boxes

A good marketing tool for any business is using display boxes correctly. There is a reason why they’re called display boxes. In order to find a place on the shelves and to stick out a little, these boxes will do the trick. Regardless of the type of item you choose to display there are foldable boxes that can be customized to meet particular needs. As a business owner, you want your product to be high on someone’s radar. The simple cheap shipping boxes you can buy at any store won’t do the trick because it is weak and very fragile – there’s a reason why they’re cheap and not recommended to ship. However, with display boxes, any product can be put front and center whether it’s a ball of some kind or a poster. Customizable options leave more for the imagination.

There is tremendous value to have display boxes and it doesn’t have to be just for display in the store either. Regardless of what needs to be displayed there is a box that suits any situation, any product. Use it for memorabilia, plaques, valuable and precious items, cards – and the list goes on. Many things can be displayed; it matters how it’s all presented. But the one area where display boxes go unnoticed is for shipping.

Shipping Boxes

All boxes can be shipped; there is no doubt about that. The postal service sells their own version of boxes but they only come in three particular sizes. That does the gifter or the shipper no good if they have something that is not normally shaped. There are companies that have boxes for display purposes and ones that ship well, too.Customized boxes, even down to the size, can be found. There is nothing better for the giftee to receive a gift in a nice customized box with a display element to it. It shows respect (no one likes opening up a box with items warily thrown in), and it shows that the gifter cares. Of course there is the issue of whether or not it will get to its final destination safely.

No one thought there was so much behind a simple box, but the truth is, they’re pretty important and should not be overlooked. Whether you are looking for a box to display an item or use it to ship some items to a client, family, or friend, look online at Cactus Containers for the perfect box that fits your needs.

Shipping Boxes – Pickng The Right Boxes

Shipping boxes come in all shapes and sizes but the kicker is you won’t find them at any old post office. You can find them in two different places, however. You can find them at local office supply stores, though the likelihood of finding specialized boxes for special needs is slim. Or you can find them online at stores that specifically handle anything and everything shipping. They can even customize the box for you.

Finding the right sized box will do well with your shipping needs because it packs better, it ships better, and it simply presents itself better. One of the most common boxes that do not necessarily get bought is large shipping boxes. These boxes are on the whole hard to find because of the cost and quantity ratio. However, with the advancement in online stores and the ease involved with customizing or making boxes, it is very accessible – and done at a low cost.

When it comes to shipping larger items two things generally come to mind: it’s embarrassing shipping something that big, or there’s nothing durable enough to handle what is being shipped. Whether commercial or private those fears can be eliminated. No one really enjoys receiving a box that is destroyed because the quality of the box was poor. This, however, is more common than you would think.

Shipping is important and regardless of what is being shipped there needs to be the right box involved, whether they are cartons boxes or point of purchase display boxes. The boxes you buy at the local office store can only do so much – but if one really thinks about it there are dozens of uses for a simple ubiquitous box. They should never, ever be taken for granted. Boxes are more than just boxes. They are a staple that every home or office needs. What other items can you think of that is a staple in both house and office?

There aren’t many.

When buying large shipping boxes or boxes of any kind (whether to promote your business or just be creative) Cactus Containers is the place for the right deal at the right cost. You will be surprised at just how many types of boxes there are – and they all aren’t just boxes for shipping. The world of boxes is big but whatever you need one for you will undoubtedly find it at Cactus Containers.

Shipping Boxes – Benefits Of Using Them

From the late 1700’s, the horse-drawn wheeled wagons used “loose boxes” to move coal on and off barges. By the beginning of the 20th century, five to ten-foot-long wooden non-stackable containers were standardized. Today, corrugated boxes are commonly used as shipping boxes.

Corrugated shipping boxes greatly reduce transportation cost. Whether used by an individual shipping one item, to large corporations transporting truckloads of goods, shipping boxes are light weight. After interplaying the wholesale cost, margin and weight, using the light weight shipping box increases the profit margin per shipping pound.

A Cactus Container’s box provide product protection. Boxes for shipping need to contain the product from manufacturing through distribution and to its final destination. Whether fragile or heavy, a shipping box shields products from possible shipping hazards, shocks or outside pressure.

The most common box style is the Regular Slotted Container (RSC Shipping Box). From score to edge, all flaps are the same length. The larger flaps usually close and meet in the middle. The smaller flaps typically do not meet in the middle. Time and time again, an RSC shipping box is one of the top choice because of its overall stacking strength and easy to assemble design.

With a multitude of goods being delivered, at times a large shipping box is needed for the heavier, larger items. While smaller items require only a small shipping box. For a product perfect fit, the size of a box can be measured internally or externally.

To protect blueprints or posters from creases or folds, a shipping tube is an ideal alternative from the typical RSC shipping box. The shipping tube is still made of corrugated fiberboard and therefore it is still light weight and has the strength required to protect from outside pressure, and yet it is built specifically for fragile prints.

To reduce labor cost, a printed shipping box is ideal for having SKU (store keeping unit) pre-printed. It is an efficient unique identifier enabling the company to systematically track its inventory and boxes for shipping. It can also be used for company logos or to identify a product by using images and fonts.

For unique items, the boxes for shipping require a custom made box. A custom shipping box can be created specifically for that product, A custom shipping box can easily be created by Cactus Container assuring it is built with the right size, strength and quantity.

What Is a RSC Box

Let’s get a little technical here with a few type of boxes. What is an RSC box anyway? Is it a chemical, a soda brand, or a military acronym? When it comes to boxes, an RSC is simply Regular Slotted Carton. In a nutshell, the most common box style is the Regular Slotted Carton. From the score to the edge, all flaps are the same length. Typically, the major flaps meet in the middle and the minor flaps do not.

Also known as Regular Slotted Containter (RSC), it has a highly efficient design. Its design keeps the manufacturing waste to a minimal. The manufacturer’s joint is most often joined with adhesive. The box is shipped flat, a simple and brilliant concept that simply saves space during shipping. Also the RSC boxes that are knocked down or shipped flat can easily be bundled because of its exact uniform shape and size.

How about a fiber box? Have you heard of a corrugated fiber box? Corrugated also means pleated. This pleated paper, or corrugated fiber was first patented in England in 1856. It was used as a liner for tall hats, which were common at that time. It was not until 1871 did they incorporate this same corrugated fiber away from hats and used it as a shipping material.

The corrugated shape, or potato chip ruffle shape or pleated shape alleviated outside pressure and damage to items such as bottles or glass lantern chimneys at the time. The products were nestled because it was in the fluted corrugated fiber box. The waves and curves of each corrugated fiber box kept the interior product intact. The pressure points were evenly bounced back, acting as a cushion from possible shipping damage.

We still use a fiber box, also known as a corrugated fiberboard box or corrugated fiber box today because of its key raw material, paper. Paper is a resource that can be found just about anywhere. It is easily accessible and can be softened and manipulated with high-pressure steam. Once dried, it can be joined and slotted to common shaped boxes such as the Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) as mentioned earlier.

A corrugated fiberboard box was a cheap innovated invention in the 1800’s. The paper resource is accessible, thecorrugated fiberboard box can be created to any grades and dimension. It’s lightweight, perfect for reducing shipping cost. It’s corrugated, which nestles the product and eliminate damage. It’s an overall brilliant invention which is why we still use a corrugated fiber box today.