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Few Tips to Handling your Shipping Boxes

Regular slotted carton Sandal Essence

There are hundreds of standard box designs and uses out there, so when it comes to choosing the right shipping boxes how do you know if choosing a large shipping box over a slightly smaller one is a benefit or a deterrent? Whether you are moving or own a business that ships product, knowing what is out there and what shipping boxes to use can save you space, money, and potentially dealing with damage.  

Here are a few specific box types and what to ship with them. 

Standard Slotted Carton 

One of the most common types of shipping boxes out there, the standard slotted carton can be used for a variety of shipping needs. The biggest benefit is that slotted boxes tend to have a lot of options regarding size. However, one of the biggest problems is overpacking which untrained people tend to do. For example, who hasn’t overpacked a box of books before? As you likely know this can result in significant injury if not lifted correctly or if lifting too much weight. To offset the problem, it’s important to identify how much weight should be loaded into a box and either use lighter shipping filler or a different sized box to lessen the weight. Remember, just because a box says it has a 200lb. weight capacity does not mean you should fill it to 200lbs.  

Corrugated Box Trays 

Corrugated box trays are a great simple box. First, they are cost effective and secondly, they allow for design opportunities while also showing off your product. These shipping boxes are small but depending on your product work great at shipping large stackable quantities. One thing to consider is that due to not having a cover. It is important to tightly wrap your product and for stacking it helps to have a sheet of corrugated board to layer the next level evenly. When space matters, this shipping box is great and as an added feature these boxes are generally small enough to be repurposed for a variety of needs.  

Telescoping Box 

Telescoping boxes may seem pretty standard, but like any other style of box they have their distinct benefits. Often considered a large shipping box, corrugated telescoping boxes come with a top box and bottom piece. This provides added durability and strength when shipping larger, yet more fragile items such as flat screen televisions. Two other benefits are that they are easy to assemble (often secured with staples) and can be stacked. While these boxes are great protection against storage and transportation damage. It is also important to ensure an adequate amount of packing is done so that the weight of stacking your product doesn’t result in center of the box damage. This may mean considering plastic spacing and fillers.  

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