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How to Pack Fragile Items In a Shipping Box

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Shipping box – boxes for shipping

With more and more people opting to shop online, businesses that sell even fragile items have been forced to figure out how best to pack boxes for shipping so the contents do not end up damaged while in transit. When you have products that can easily break this becomes critical as during shipping, poor handling and rough travel can easily lead to scratches and breakages. Here are a few tips you can use to improve the chances that whenever your items are packed in a shipping box, they arrive at their destination safely.

Correct size shipping box

Always pick a box size that can adequately accommodate the items you are shipping plus any packaging material that will be used to pad or protect them. Too big and the contents may end up getting jostled about, too small and you may not be able to reinforce. Also, consider using corrugated cardboard material with more fluting. This added thickness will help to better protect the contents, not just from jostling, but also if exposed to dampness or perforated.

Boxes for shipping label

People will not know to handle a package carefully unless that information is well displayed on the outside of the box. Make use of labels or stickers to ensure people know the contents are fragile and need to be carefully handled. This often compels handlers to be more careful and avoid stacking other boxes on top. Also, be sure to indicate which way the shipping box should be placed upright. This can be especially important with bottled products like wine that should not have the cork continually absorbing the liquid.

Boxes for shipping packaging

Once you have packed your fragile items in the box, be sure to use packing material to fill up void spaces. This will help keep the contents immobilized inside the box so they do not get jostled around. This is especially important if you have packed more than one item and want to avoid them knocking into each other and breaking

Boxes for shipping: dividers

Dividers are another way to separate items. You can pack multiple items in the same box safely and in their own compartment. Try to ensure that whatever arrangement you use, the box is well balanced to prevent it from easily toppling over

Shipping box reinforcement

Consider reinforcing the box at the bottom and along its edges. This can help when the box is exposed to moisture or even when mishandled by preventing the box from collapsing. For moisture protection, consider using packaging tape that will prevent absorption. You can also use a polyurethane coating or a lacquer spray sealer spray.

Advice For Small Businesses When Labeling A Shipping Box

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Correct labeling is crucial when shipping and packaging boxes to ensure a shipment safely gets to its desired destination in good time. Mistakes can often lead to delays and even failure to deliver entirely. This can prove costly to the business by requiring them to compensate the customer with another shipment and again pay for shipping. It can also damage the reputation of the business if it becomes known for unreliable fulfillment of orders. Here are some basic rules to abide by when labeling a shipping box.

Ensure Full Details

Carriers require certain basic information to fulfill delivery. The shipping label should contain all the information they need. It should be clearly legible and easy to understand. Printing the label is the best way to go rather than hand writing to avoid confusion. Ensure that it includes:

  • The name and full address of the sender and receiver
  • Weight of the package
  • Type of shipping service
  • Tracking information

Be sure to check with the carrier if there is any other information that should be added and if there are formatting and sizing requirements. Complying with their requirements will again help avoid confusion.

Position Correctly

Ensure the label is well displayed on the top surface of the box so that handlers can easily view information. Avoid placing it along seams or edges as this can cause them to easily come off and become damaged. Even the alteration of a single number or letter can create a problem.

Add A Spare

Consider adding another label to your shipping box on the interior. In case the one on the box is damaged, the shipper may opt to open the package for any information that can help. They can easily reseal the box for you once they obtain clarification. The same applies if the shipment goes to the wrong person. Once they open the box and realize the mistake, they can use the information inside to reroute the package.

One Label On Top

Reusing boxes for shipping and packaging materials is very common. Corrugated boxes hold up well to reuse when not damaged by tears or exposure to moisture. When reusing a box, be sure to take off the previous shipping label and other stickers. Stick on a new shipping label with the relevant updated details. Do not stick a new label on top of an older one. Work with a box you have cleaned up of all other shipping information.

Making Boxes for Shipping More Sustainable

Shipping Box Eco-Friendly

Businesses have become increasingly aware of the need to do more for the environment. They are making choices to ensure they make a minimal harmful impact. This extends to the kind of packaging they use for products.

Eco-friendly boxes for shipping have become vital in this effort. But ordering this type of packaging is not enough. There are other measures businesses can apply to help ensure better results.

Pack According to Size

It is best to ensure any shipment you send out is the right fit. It should safely accommodate the contents without being oversized. A box that is that much bigger than the contents means you will have added to waste. More so if you have to make use of extra filler to fill out the gaps. Oversized packaging also increases the risk of the contents being damaged in transit if handled roughly.

Businesses should seek out custom packaging tailored to the correct dimensions of their products. They however may still stock an inventory of larger boxes for bulk shipping. Bulk purchases can be good for the environment as they mean fewer orders and less demand for shipping. Businesses can offer discounts to encourage clients to make bulk orders.

Go Reusable

Green packaging that is reusable is great for the environment. It takes that much longer for them to be disposed of as many recipients are happy to store them or immediately make use of them for other purposes. Some businesses will make simpler refill packets so that clients will retain the reusable packaging and simply top-up using the refills. Others will make the packaging convertible for other uses such as potting plants businesses need to think outside the box, so to speak, to see how they can develop packaging that gets more re-use and is better for the environment.

Choose Cardboard

Cardboard material is easily one of the best options for a shipping box. It is biodegradable, reusable, recyclable, and customizable. This makes it possible to ensure your products are safely contained for shipping and once no longer in use, the shipping box can be safely disposed of without worry it will be a problem to the environment. And thanks to customizing, you can ensure a design that helps with branding and publicizing your commitment to conservation.

Make Sustainability Part of Your Brand

As said, you can advertise your commitment to environmental conservation through your packaging. Indicate that boxes for shipping can be reused and recycled. You can include a note on how to creatively reuse the boxes inside your shipment. Explain how they can add it to compost, use them for planting trees, and so on. Use this opportunity to educate your clients in a way that is actionable and they will appreciate.

How To Minimize The Weight Of A Shipping Box

Sending out goods for delivery is often good news. It means that you have customers willing to buy your products, even if they cannot come to your store. Even for businesses that operate entirely online, this revenue is always appreciated.

However, deliveries are never done for free. This is another industry that charges for its services. While many businesses will claim to offer free deliveries, the reality is that they have already factored in this cost into their product pricing. But they must keep this impact minimal to remain competitive.

One of the best ways they manage to minimize this cost is by cutting down on the weight of boxes for shipping. The less their shipments weigh, the less costly it becomes to cover this expense. Here are some ways to accomplish this.

Custom Boxes

Investing in custom boxes is always a good idea. Oversize boxes will take up more room and will be heavier. Especially when you factor in the extra packaging you will need to add inside the shipping box to keep the contents stable. Extra filler like inserts and bubble wrap also means extra packaging expenses. Sourcing for custom fit boxes for your merchandise will help keep shipping expenses low.

Deeper, Not Wider

When configuring boxes, it is best to choose specifications that are deeper rather than wider. This means the smallest dimensions should be on the top and bottom sides. This makes loading of the boxes into containers and vans more space-saving. It can also limit the amount of corrugated material that will be used to make the box. Being able to place more boxes on the same pallet can also increase the amount of product you ship with little impact on the rates.

Choose Lighter Board

Corrugated boxes are considered a safer option thanks to their excellent shock absorption. The more flutes, the better the water resistance, and ability to survive penetration or denting. While there is no big difference noticed when the number of flutes is varied, there can be some impact when you choose a thinner board that will cover the interior and exterior surfaces. Be sure to consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the shipping box will still accommodate whatever custom design features you desire.

Buy in Bulk

When ordering boxes for shipping, consider upping your quantity. Most manufacturers will offer bigger discounts on larger orders. And since most box designs are collapsible, having a large number of boxes may not take up as much room as you would think.

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Makes Lives Easier

Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

If you ship a number of items throughout the year, especially those that make regular shipments, then having custom printed shipping boxes is the best way for you to go. You can benefit from the use of these boxes and what comes along with them. The best shipping boxes, especially those that are custom printed, are able to provide those that ship items with more time to spend doing other things.  

Shipping boxes come in many different sizes and shapes, so it is very important that you look into ways to add a printed shipping label to them. These labels are freshly printed with the names, addresses, and other information that needs to be on them. Whether you want them going to the people, or for the return addresses, or even both; you can find the benefits that come along with them.  

Businesses Have Found Many Benefits from These Printed Shipping Boxes

There are many benefits that come from not having to write the names and addresses on the boxes yourself. While, this is something that you might not be able to do for everyone that purchases for you, you can still have them printed for the return addresses, which also saves a lot of time, especially if you spend a lot of time writing on these shipping labels.  

The shipping box should have something that is nicely executed when you are shipping to clients and customers. You want to look professional and clean, and this is the best way to go about doing so. These shipping boxes, when made just for your business, are able to provide this sleek, professional look you’re after. 

Boxes mean a lot to the businesses that use them, and you want something that is professional and well put together. You want to showcase just how professional you are, and why they are using you for the specific products or services your business is offering for you to use. 

Whether you are a small business or a large one, you can benefit from the use of the shipping boxes and the extras that come along with them. You don’t have to worry about writing all of the information down on the label if you don’t want too. You can be sure that it is something that is taken care of with the custom printed labels on the custom printed boxes made for all of your business’ shipping needs.