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Advice For Small Businesses When Labeling A Shipping Box

shipping box
Correct labeling is crucial when shipping and packaging boxes to ensure a shipment safely gets to its desired destination in good time. Mistakes can often lead to delays and even failure to deliver entirely. This can prove costly to the business by requiring them to compensate the customer with another shipment and again pay for shipping. It can also damage the reputation of the business if it becomes known for unreliable fulfillment of orders. Here are some basic rules to abide by when labeling a shipping box.

Ensure Full Details

Carriers require certain basic information to fulfill delivery. The shipping label should contain all the information they need. It should be clearly legible and easy to understand. Printing the label is the best way to go rather than hand writing to avoid confusion. Ensure that it includes:

  • The name and full address of the sender and receiver
  • Weight of the package
  • Type of shipping service
  • Tracking information

Be sure to check with the carrier if there is any other information that should be added and if there are formatting and sizing requirements. Complying with their requirements will again help avoid confusion.

Position Correctly

Ensure the label is well displayed on the top surface of the box so that handlers can easily view information. Avoid placing it along seams or edges as this can cause them to easily come off and become damaged. Even the alteration of a single number or letter can create a problem.

Add A Spare

Consider adding another label to your shipping box on the interior. In case the one on the box is damaged, the shipper may opt to open the package for any information that can help. They can easily reseal the box for you once they obtain clarification. The same applies if the shipment goes to the wrong person. Once they open the box and realize the mistake, they can use the information inside to reroute the package.

One Label On Top

Reusing boxes for shipping and packaging materials is very common. Corrugated boxes hold up well to reuse when not damaged by tears or exposure to moisture. When reusing a box, be sure to take off the previous shipping label and other stickers. Stick on a new shipping label with the relevant updated details. Do not stick a new label on top of an older one. Work with a box you have cleaned up of all other shipping information.

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