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Packing Fragile Items In Cardboard Cartons

Full overlap carton
Online shopping has made it easier for people to get whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. No more need to spend hours wandering through different stores to find the right item. Now all that is required is access to the internet and the considered choice of search keywords. E-commerce has also helped as even small and medium-sized businesses can afford to make their wares available online.

It can however be tricky to sell fragile items online. This is mainly due to their delicate nature which means they can be easily damaged during shipping. If damaged, the business may remain liable and have to replace the item at their own cost. This can prove expensive and even damage their reputation. Even with packing these items in corrugate cartons, a little extra care has to be taken to increase the chances the items will arrive in optimal condition.

Choose The Right Box

When packing even fragile items, you need to ensure the right size and type of box. It needs to be a good fit that will not allow the contents to shift. And if heavy and fragile, you need to consider the thickness of the box walls. They should have enough fluting to ensure sound protection, but not so much as to add unnecessary cost to shipping.

Use Filler

Even with a well-fitting box, some items can have an odd shape that will leave voids within the cardboard cartons. Fragile items should be kept in a fixed position within the box. Hence the need to fill up this empty space and reduce the risk of damage. There are different packing materials you can use for this including packing peanuts and old newspaper.

However, for the best immobilization, you may want to consider foam or cardboard inserts. These are customized to fit the exact shape of the items and work best in securing them. Be sure to choose eco-friendly packing materials that are functional yet sustainable.


It can also help to ensure your box is properly labeled. This will allow handlers to know that the contents are fragile and that they should take necessary precautions to avoid damage. Many stickers can also be applied, with captions such as “fragile”, “this end up”, and “keep refrigerated” being commonly used. If shipping internationally, you may want to consider labels that share the same message in different languages to ensure proper handling all the way.

Moisture Protection

Cardboard cartons can easily lose structural integrity if they come in contact with liquids. To help prevent such interference that could damage contents, it helps to create a barrier between the carton and such external threats. Judicious application of packaging tape can help here. You can also opt to include the use of vermiculite that helps absorb moisture and absorb impacts.

Five Types of Shipping and Packaging Materials

Custom Mailer BoxQuality packaging plays a significant role in how people view your products and your company. An attractive packaging design by a company appeals to a lot of people. How you package your products can be part of customer service. The shipment product mainly determines the packaging material. Standing out from the crowd can also add to your marketing strategy to attract and retain customers.

Let’s look at some of the shipping and packaging materials available.

Vacuum Packaging

When shipping perishables or products that need sealing, this is the ideal method to use. It is compact, making it suitable for packing food. It involves removing oxygen from a package to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold. Shipping companies or individuals can transport food to a camp without it going bad. The healthcare industry also uses the method to preserve medical materials.

Corrugated Cardboard

This is the most popular packaging material and is for use by diverse industries. It’s made to endure weight, moisture, and pressure during shipping. You can customize it to suit different uses, sizes, and products. Any shipping box supplier should have this material. Corrugated cardboard offers convenience in shipping in addition to the fact that it can be recycled or re-used.

Shrink Wrap

This type of shipping and packaging material is wrapped on individual products that are part of a larger shipment. When you need to make products compact before a shipment, you use shrink wrap. You can also wrap other packaging materials together to make one compact package. The shrink wrap also protects shipments from damaging impacts during the shipping process.

Pallets, Boxes, and Crates

This is the ideal packaging material when shipping oversized products. The most commonly used are wooden materials, whose popularity comes from their durability and recyclable. They can also be made into different sizes to cater to a specific shipment need. They are used in warehouses to prevent damage to products in transit. You can find a shipping box supplier from referrals or by researching online.

Shock Mount Packaging

This type of packaging is made from materials that can withstand a lot of shock. They are used for shipping extremely delicate products. If you deal with goods that need extra care, shock mount packaging offers the best solution. The packaging is built with shock resistance capability and can protect products from any damage caused by common transit issues.

Depending on the type of products you want to ship, there are many shipping and packaging materials available in the market. However, the purpose should always remain to protect the products until they are safely in the customer’s possession.

The Importance of a Good Box Insert

Box Inserts

Many online businesses that ship products to their customers make a big mistake because they do not bother with finding a good box insert. It is happening every day. People order something from an online website. They wait anxiously for it to arrive. When it does arrive, people look at the box and begin to open it. When they open up the product inside, they realize that it is broken. This leads to a lot of headaches for different people.

The person that received the damaged product expects to get what they paid for and they contact the company they bought the product from. That company may try to blame the shopper and try to make them pay for it. Regardless of how it works out in the end, someone is out money, whether it is the customer, the shipper or the seller. All of this can often be avoided if a good box insert had been used in the first place.

What does the Insert Do?

Most boxes that are used to ship products are bigger than the product themselves. That means the shipper has to include some type of material to keep the items inside the box from shifting around during the shipping process. If a product is not very fragile and is not likely to be broken if it is shaken around, the type of packaging material does not have to be very protective. The more fragile a product is, the more important the packaging material becomes.

An insert is designed to fit around a product. If foam inserts are used, it can actually conform to the shape of the product. That gives the product even more protection. The product is held securely in place to prevent it from moving around. The insert protects the product from being struck by anything during the shipping. The result of the use of inserts is products that are delivered without any damage and no money is lost by anyone involved.

Businesses that are shipping products need to decide when it makes sense to use foam inserts or any other inserts in their boxes. The answer is often based on the cost of the inserts versus the likelihood that the product can be damaged during shipping. That cost has to include the value of a happy customer that receives a product that is undamaged. While it is not always easy to figure out when to use these in a business, it is often smart for online businesses to err on the side of caution.

How Custom Box Inserts can Enhance your Product

You might not think that box inserts can have much impact on your products. After all, isn’t it more about the products you sell and not the box that you provide them in? While it is true that you must sell a quality product in order to stay in business, custom box inserts can greatly enhance the feeling your customers get when they open your products. This is especially true if the product being sold is one of high value. Your customers would much rather open a box with beautifully colored, protective packaging rather than seeing the product they just spent a lot of money on flopping around haphazardly in a box.

The Importance of Color

You might not give much thought to the color of the custom foam insert that you purchase for your products, but it plays an important role. The foam is just as important as the box, not only because it protects your product from becoming damaged, but because the color can invoke certain feelings in your customers. Deep colors that invoke happiness, such as red, orange, or yellow are a great way to get the good feelings flowing when your customers open your boxes. If you are selling jewelry or anything of emotional value that is similar, deep shades of these colors, especially red, are very effective at invoking the right feelings when the box is carefully opened.

The Importance of the Shape

Just as important as the color is the shape of the custom box inserts that you use. The shape should be one that cradles the product you are selling to ensure its safety during transport or even after it is in the hands of your customer. The right insert will protect all sides of the product, ensuring that it does not get jostled around in the box, and remains safely protected no matter where it may go. When you combine the custom foam inserts with a custom box that was made just for your products, you ensure that your items are well protected and provide the good feelings that customers desire when they open your boxes or when they give them as gifts to others.

Don’t overlook the need for custom box inserts for each of your products that have value, need protection, or just need a little bit of excitement added to ensure that good feeling whenever anyone opens the box.

The Advantages of Using Custom Printed Shipping Tape

So you’ve boxed up your customers’ merchandise and it is time to seal the box. Now, you have a choice: you can go ahead and use that plain old shipping tape and make this the same old boring experience for your customer, or you can use something that your customers are going to remember.

Custom printed tape is a great way to catch your customers’ eye and possibly the eye of new customers. With many styles, colors, and materials to choose from, there is no doubt that you can find the custom printed tape that is perfect for you.

Custom printed tape can have your company’s name and logo printed on it for the whole world to see – it’s another unique opportunity to enhance your branding.

Printed custom tape isn’t just for the office. You can also create tape with your name and special messages; perfect for those packages mailed out during the holiday season. Your loved ones are going to be delighted when their packages are sealed up by custom tape printed with a special message just for them.

Custom printed tape is versatile and attractive, and comes in a variety of sizes and colours. It’s a great way to make an impact for your company or create a special moment for your family.

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