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Custom Packaging Box Insert and Dividers

Box insert

The packaging box insert pieces go beyond the basic styles of designing packaging materials. Inserts can work great when shipping small glass bottles, jewelry, and jars of lightweight, however, if you have to ship heavier products, they may not protect the products because they may collapse. So why would you want to use inserts and partitions when shipping products:

Extra Protection for Products

Some products are just too fragile to ship them without placing inserts or partitions on the packaging box. When packing items like small glasses or even cups and mugs, you can consider the extra protection offered by box partitions and inserts. These box accessories allow the items to sit firmly on the box, meaning that they cannot move, shake around, or knock against the walls of the box when they are being shipped or transported from one location to another. This way, you will ensure the items are delivered in good shape without defects.


Inserts and partitions placed inside a packaging box offer great functionality in that they not only protect the products, but also ensure the items fit in correctly. Sometimes, you may have gift items that you are shipping in relatively larger boxes than the size of the gift. Because you do not want the item to roll around the box or move, you use the partitions and inserts to provide a sufficient and tight resting place for the item. Partitions can allow you place parts and components of an item, for example, you can have a smartphone and headphones or earpieces placed in the same box in addition to a charger. These components are held in place by the inserts and partitions.

Customer Experience

Using inserts in boxes can provide a great unboxing or unwrapping experience to the customers. Just how do you feel when you unbox that smartphone from the box? It is neatly and brilliantly placed in the box because there are inserts and partitions. You will even want to reuse the box for storing other items in the house because it is creatively designed and has the visual appeal you desire.

Whether you need packaging for shipping liquid bottles or for glasses and cups, you need to think creatively about the design. Adding elements like inserts and dividers ensures that you place the products tightly in an attractive way. Your customers will love the experience of opening the boxes when they receive their products.

Let your Box Insert do the Job

Box Insert

The last thing you want your customer to see when they open their shipped product is shattered glass, chips, dents, or any other kind of product damage. This is not only costly in returns, shipping fees, and product, but can also lead to a bad reputation. To protect your fragile (and even not so fragile) products is to use a custom foam insert.  

A custom foam insert is known as the best box insert for nearly any type of product and here are a few examples why.  

Provides the best box insert protection 

There is little doubt that a custom foam insert provides the best protection available. Whether the box insert is meant to keep products snugly in place to prevent internal damage such as with glass containers, or to provide impact protection often needed during transportation, custom foam inserts are the best when it comes to overall protection. Choosing the right material for your custom foam insert matters and is dependent on your products weight, handling, environment, and fragility. 

Custom inserts look great 

Everyone wants to feel special, and when a package arrives with a well-designed custom foam insert it almost feels as if…well, as if the company cares about you. The fact is that presentation matters. It matters when you design the outside of your shipping box, just as it matters when the customer opens that box to find everything neatly laid out and well presented. A nice-looking custom foam insert will make it easy for your customer to quickly identify that all items are in the shipping box as well as ensure no damage has been done. Security is a feeling of comfort.  

Help to manage inventory control 

A box insert will help to manage inventory in two ways. For starters, having a location for each item will ensure that when a box is packaged, a quick eye-check is all you need to know that the right quantity has been packaged. A custom foam insert will also help to ensure that the right products have been packaged when there are multiple pieces or custom sizes needed in the shipping box. This type of visual inventory control can save your company a lot of money due to mispackaged shipping. 

A box insert and custom foam insert not only protect your product but can make your company look great with an attractive and well-designed box insert which not only save protect from damage but can also save you money.  

Foam Insert Complement your Products

Foam Insert

Anyone who has tried using a box insert or a foam insert will tell you that these products were actually sent from heaven.

From micro and small business start-ups to medium and large-scale companies, packing your items using either of the two will definitely give you a major advantage over the competition.

But first, you must determine which of them are best suited for your products. In doing so, you will be able to maximize your packaging’s potential and achieve higher sales in the process.

After all, that is your main goal, right?

When Should You Use Foam Insert

For the unfamiliar, a foam insert is ideal for items that are usually given out as gifts. These may include gold and crystal jewelry, porcelain, chinaware or decorative candles. On the other hand, a box insert works best as protective packaging for fragile products such as electronic gear, guns, tools and other sensitive digital instruments.

You must always remember that packaging is a reflection of your product. No matter how good or elegant-looking your items are, a bad or inferior appearance will undoubtedly turn off prospective clients. In short, people will be moving on to other shelves instead of picking your product and lining up at the counter. This is the last thing you would like to happen.

When Should You Use Box Insert

The key, therefore, is to strike a balance between aesthetics, practicality, and functionality – everything a foam insert can give you. In the meantime, you would want to use a box insert to highlight the elegance of your products such as jewelry, cosmetics or cologne.

This type of packaging will also protect your items from breakage and ensure that you don’t need to write off another expensive bottle from your inventory.

As we know, transporting goods from the warehouse to the shelf is a delicate process requiring companies to be mindful their products don’t end up as broken shards of glass or inoperable pieces of equipment. And as a business person, you always have to keep your customer’s satisfaction in mind. You must continue to find ways to innovate and tickle their imagination.

In today’s global village where a product’s sales are largely determined by how customers perceive them to be, image plays a central role.

Your packaging thus becomes a central part of the business equation. It is like telling your customer: “We can read your mind and we know what you want. We are here to serve you.”

Using a foam insert or box insert will guarantee that your products bring out a wide smile from clients and signal to them that your company will pull out all the stops to satisfy their needs.

When to Consider a Custom Foam Insert?

Custom Foam Insert

Do you know what a box insert is? From the name itself, box insert is the material that is placed inside the box that will further protect any items inside a particular box from damages and other risks. However, this does not literally mean that a “box” insert should be made from a cardboard. Instead, the usual box insert is made from foam.

When do you really need to consider using a custom foam insert? The simplest answer would be when you are packaging or shipping a certain product or item that is fragile and you want to protect this from any damages and any other risks of defects. The custom foam insert is an ideal way to protect the item and prevent any destruction and disfigures because of the perfect fit.

What are these fragile and delicate products and items that need some custom foam insert before final packaging and shipping? Let us find out!

Glassware and Mirrors

The most obvious products and items that need the custom foam insert are glassware and mirrors. Since these products, including porcelains and any other items that are breakable, are very fragile, these need custom foam insert to be safely delivered from point A to point B without any breakage and damages. Aside from the costs of the product, broken glassware and similar products can also bring harm to the customers and people of the destination. Broken glasses can be a cause of serious wounds and injury.

Electronics and Appliances

Of course, electronics and appliances should always be packed with a custom foam insert to avoid any defect as a result of constant pressure and trauma during the packaging and shipping stage of the product. While not all appliances and electronics have screens and other parts made of glass and glass-like materials, all appliances should be handled with care because their parts are too valuable and complicated.

Furniture Needing Assembly

Aside from the appliances and electronics, furniture that needs assembly like cabinets and dining tables also require custom foam insert to avoid scratches that can decrease the quality of the item. A decreased quality will not only affect the item itself, but also the customer satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied with the product they received, this dents and scratches will backfire to the company or brand, making them lose their customers; therefore, the brand will also experience a sudden decrease on sales.

Showing You Value Your Customers with A Box Insert

Box Insert

A box insert is mainly used to protect fragile items or valuables that are being shipped to customers. But what if you can take advantage of these box accessories in order to let them know how much you value their business?

People have been used to using bubble wraps to protect gadgets or any other breakable goods. This is not to say that they don’t work, but they work only to a certain extent. With the right amount of pressure and force, a bubble wrap won’t be able to protect your gadget.

A box insert, meanwhile, guarantees a snug fit because they can be cut and fashioned into the shape of the gadget or item being shipped. There’s no room for the item to move around even if you ship to international destinations. Even if the forwarder is less than delicate in moving your cargo, the chance of something happening to the valuable contents inside is minimal.

Convoluted foam, for instance, is the ideal way to ship valuables because they are designed like egg crates. Now you really get the idea of how safe your products are going to be when they are ensconced inside a capsule. They will cushion the gadget while at the same time oppose any external force applied to the package. But you can even take it a step further.

There are many ways to use these box accessories for value adding. One clear benefit is to personalize your interaction with each customer. If you are shipping large volumes of orders, you can’t expect perfect service each time. No matter how hard you try, it’s not a realistic proposition especially if you don’t control the delivery chain.

But you can turn that frown into a smile, for instance, if you have a box insert which says, “We’re sorry for the delay” when they open the package. Or even better: how about a message that says, “We’re sorry, please take 10% off of your next order?” Even just a simple message that will tell them to “Have a nice day” will surely be appreciated by your customers.

Fortunately, manufacturers can easily customize these box accessories according to your specifications. And it’s really much more affordable than you think. The important thing is the result. You will really take the unboxing experience to a whole new level because the customer will look forward to whatever surprise the package will hold, apart from the goods of course.

The Importance of a Good Box Insert

Box Inserts

Many online businesses that ship products to their customers make a big mistake because they do not bother with finding a good box insert. It is happening every day. People order something from an online website. They wait anxiously for it to arrive. When it does arrive, people look at the box and begin to open it. When they open up the product inside, they realize that it is broken. This leads to a lot of headaches for different people.

The person that received the damaged product expects to get what they paid for and they contact the company they bought the product from. That company may try to blame the shopper and try to make them pay for it. Regardless of how it works out in the end, someone is out money, whether it is the customer, the shipper or the seller. All of this can often be avoided if a good box insert had been used in the first place.

What does the Insert Do?

Most boxes that are used to ship products are bigger than the product themselves. That means the shipper has to include some type of material to keep the items inside the box from shifting around during the shipping process. If a product is not very fragile and is not likely to be broken if it is shaken around, the type of packaging material does not have to be very protective. The more fragile a product is, the more important the packaging material becomes.

An insert is designed to fit around a product. If foam inserts are used, it can actually conform to the shape of the product. That gives the product even more protection. The product is held securely in place to prevent it from moving around. The insert protects the product from being struck by anything during the shipping. The result of the use of inserts is products that are delivered without any damage and no money is lost by anyone involved.

Businesses that are shipping products need to decide when it makes sense to use foam inserts or any other inserts in their boxes. The answer is often based on the cost of the inserts versus the likelihood that the product can be damaged during shipping. That cost has to include the value of a happy customer that receives a product that is undamaged. While it is not always easy to figure out when to use these in a business, it is often smart for online businesses to err on the side of caution.

Advantages of a Custom Box Insert

If you have a business where you ship merchandise, you have probably experienced lost revenue from damaged items. This can be extremely frustrating and devastating to your bottom line. Many shippers and handlers are careful with your shipments, but accidents still can happen. How can you protect your valuable products from unnecessary damage? Why not consider a custom box insert?

Custom box inserts are made to protect your product by enveloping it in a bed of foam. The foam is specifically cut to fit the shape of your product, ensuring minimum movement and optimum cushioning. These two properties are the key to keeping your products from being damaged during shipping and handling. Preventing damage means more profit.

To ensure the proper fit for your product, the dimensions are given to the custom foam insert manufacturer and cut to those specifications. This foam is cut specifically to fit the shape of your product. Delicate and fragile items, like jewelry, crystal and other glass items need to be protected. No matter what size and shape, your merchandise can be fitted with a box insert. For the merchandise that does not require total surrounding by foam and only needs a small amount of stabilizing, there are corner inserts that will hold your item in place.

Another plus of using a box insert is it gives your product a look of a quality item. Many customers associate careful packaging with quality. Imagine looking at two similar products. One is carefully packaged and displayed with an attractive foam insert, the other is just lying in the box, unprotected. Which one will send the message that it is a quality piece of merchandise? The foam insert can be designed to enhance the look of your merchandise, ensuring that it will catch the eye of the consumer.

A quality custom foam insert manufacturer, like Cactus Containers can design a custom foam insert to fit any size container. Tall and narrow container, no problem. Short and square container, not an issue either. Even the uniquely shaped container can have a foam insert designed to fit it. So don’t worry, there is a foam insert for you. Do not waste any more money and time. Do not lose revenue to damaged and returned items. Have your merchandise protected and showcased by a custom foam insert today! Give Cactus Containers a call today. Your bottom line will love you.

All about Cardboard Box Partitions and Dividers

You may have seen references or images of cardboard box partitions on our website and wondered what exactly it is they are or how they improve shipping quality. This article will explain a little about what a partition is and what kinds there are, what role they perform in packaging, and how partitions and inserts can improve your shipping.

A partition is basically a pre-cut, slotted piece of either corrugated cardboard or chipboard, a type of stiff, thick, flat, recycled paper. Partitions can also be made out of foam in special cases, but for now we’ll focus on paper partitions. The pieces of the partition are custom made to fit a specific box and a specific product. When the pieces are put together and inserted into the box, it divides the box neatly and securely into several individual cells. Each cell of the box insert is the exact size to hold a product snugly without shifting. The cells along the outer walls of the box are purposely left empty. This air space provides an additional cushion against impact that might damage the product during shipment.

Related to partitions are corrugated pads, which are essentially simple sheets of corrugated cardboard cut to fit horizontally across the box. These sheets add padding and side crush resistance, separate layers of partitions or other products within the box, and strengthen top and bottom walls.

So why would a company choose partitions to ship their product rather than loose fill, such as packing peanuts or shredded paper? Partitions offer the greatest protection during shipment available. Each individual product is encased in strong yet flexible corrugated cardboard, offering a very high level of protection. Companies that ship glass or fragile items, such as wine sellers or medical supply companies, almost always choose partitions to protect their product during transport. The reason for this is that dividers not only protect each individual item, they keep the products separate and prevent items from contacting each other, which could lead to contamination or breakage. Partitions create an easy way to know exactly how many items are in each box. Partitions also add to the stacking strength of the box by adding numerous vertical walls of cardboard. A box with partitions is able to bear several times more weight than a box without the reinforcement of partitions. Boxes are often stacked during the shipping process and this is another excellent layer of protection.

If your company produces any products that are small, fragile, hard to count, or just need some extra care during the shipping process, talk to us about cardboard box partitions. They are the best investment you can make to ensure your products arrive safely in the hands of your clients.