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Why Choose Hemp Oil Inserts for Product Packaging

Hemp Oil Insert Divider
The therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp oil have led to a growing demand for their products across the country. This has thankfully been backed by legislation in many states that now permit the sale of these products for both medicinal and recreational use.

With more people shopping for these and other products online, it has become useful to find packaging that can withstand transport difficulties. Hemp and CBD oil inserts are a good way to stabilize these tiny bottles within boxes.

Many consumers will order these bottles in bulk. It could be they fear a change in legislation, or simply want to take advantage of bulk discounts. These oils can be kept for many years. As long as the bottles are kept away from sunlight, airtight, and refrigerated, the contents can remain viable for years to come. The tinted glass bottles in which the oils come do a good job of offering this protection, and are great for keeping refrigerated for prolonged periods.

To further support these protective efforts, it is also vital to ensure that the shipping boxes are just as effective. The boxes should be of a thickness that will not allow the glass bottles to easily break. They should also ideally include suitably sized CBD and hemp oil inserts. As said, this will help keep the bottles stable within the box.

It will also prevent them from bumping into each other in transit, possibly breaking and causing leaks. Not only will it compromise the cardboard of the box, but it also means a loss of valuable merchandise that the seller will need to cover. Inserts make for better protection than alternative packing material like newspaper or packing peanuts.

Be sure to consult with your box manufacturer on the dimensions of your boxes. The thickness of the box walls should be matched to their weight to avoid the risk of bottles falling out and being damaged.

You may also want to consider shipping boxes that you print useful information on. This should ideally be on the inside of the box for the sake of discretion. It is ideal to include valuable info like directions on how to use the product, dosage, and ingredients. This should be on labels on the bottles, or you can add it to a leaflet included in the box. You can also have a QR code printed on the box that will lead anyone that scans it to a webpage detailing all this info. There are various ways you can connect our buyers to value-adding information like this.

Custom Packaging Box Insert and Dividers

Box insert

The packaging box insert pieces go beyond the basic styles of designing packaging materials. Inserts can work great when shipping small glass bottles, jewelry, and jars of lightweight, however, if you have to ship heavier products, they may not protect the products because they may collapse. So why would you want to use inserts and partitions when shipping products:

Extra Protection for Products

Some products are just too fragile to ship them without placing inserts or partitions on the packaging box. When packing items like small glasses or even cups and mugs, you can consider the extra protection offered by box partitions and inserts. These box accessories allow the items to sit firmly on the box, meaning that they cannot move, shake around, or knock against the walls of the box when they are being shipped or transported from one location to another. This way, you will ensure the items are delivered in good shape without defects.


Inserts and partitions placed inside a packaging box offer great functionality in that they not only protect the products, but also ensure the items fit in correctly. Sometimes, you may have gift items that you are shipping in relatively larger boxes than the size of the gift. Because you do not want the item to roll around the box or move, you use the partitions and inserts to provide a sufficient and tight resting place for the item. Partitions can allow you place parts and components of an item, for example, you can have a smartphone and headphones or earpieces placed in the same box in addition to a charger. These components are held in place by the inserts and partitions.

Customer Experience

Using inserts in boxes can provide a great unboxing or unwrapping experience to the customers. Just how do you feel when you unbox that smartphone from the box? It is neatly and brilliantly placed in the box because there are inserts and partitions. You will even want to reuse the box for storing other items in the house because it is creatively designed and has the visual appeal you desire.

Whether you need packaging for shipping liquid bottles or for glasses and cups, you need to think creatively about the design. Adding elements like inserts and dividers ensures that you place the products tightly in an attractive way. Your customers will love the experience of opening the boxes when they receive their products.

Reasons You Should Use Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

Shipping your products is one of the easiest ways to grow and expand your business considering your items can reach countless customers anywhere in the world. In order to succeed using this avenue, however, it is critical that your products are still in the best condition when they reach the client. Towards this end, you will need container solutions that will ensure the safety and protection of your items during shipping such as corrugated partitions.

Here are five reasons why using corrugated dividers when shipping your products would be beneficial for your business:

  1. Highly Versatile

Corrugated box dividers can be used to protect a wide variety of items – from the most delicate such as glasses and small trinkets to the bulkiest such as large kitchen items. This type of partition can also endure heavy and prolong stacking since it is made with much thicker and stronger cardboard.

  1. Heavy Duty

Corrugated dividers are long lasting and durable because of its innate strength. Your products will be able to withstand the usual wear and blow of shipping and inappropriate handling because this type of divider provides the best cushion and protection.

  1. Economic

Considering that corrugated boxes and dividers are manufactured in bulk at low cost you can purchase them at the most reasonable price. This means more packaging savings for your business. Moreover, since it is made from recyclable materials it is highly sustainable and friendly to the environment.

  1. Customizable

Corrugated dividers can be readily adjusted in terms of thickness, size, shape, and height, among others so that it can suit your product perfectly. They can also be treated with coatings and other solutions to make it resistant to fire and insects or be covered with printed designs of your choice. Basically, a corrugated partition can be readily customized to perfectly suit your requirements.

  1. Increases Aesthetic Value

Boxes with partitions do not only protect the quality of the products but it also helps to maintain the cleanliness and order of the items while inside the shipping box. The dividers also provide a more organized and cleaner look that will surely impress your customers.

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that using corrugated partitions greatly protect your products from damage during shipping. Note that fiber partitions, chipboard dividers, and other similar box dividers essentially serve the same purpose. At the end of the day, box partitions will provide much-needed strength to ensure that your precious items will reach its destination in good condition.

Choices when it Comes to E-Liquid Dividers

E-Liquid Dividers

Owners of businesses have to make choices every day. Make the right choices and the business can thrive. Make the wrong choices and the business may be doomed. The one thing that a business cannot do is avoid making the choices. If they do that, they will have the same problem as if they make the wrong choices; they will be destined for failure.

Since making the right choices is important, knowing how to make them is also important. The key to making good choices is information. When a person has the right information, they can make the right choices. In packaging, gathering the right information may not always be as easy as it seems.

Some businesses do not look at the importance of packaging. They may think that a box is a box, and as long as their product fits inside of the box, it is fine. They may be making the wrong choice. Some boxes can have a significant impact on how secure and safe a product is, how well the product is displayed and the marketing ideas for the business. Getting information about things like E-liquid dividers and boxes is one thing that may help a business make the right choice.

These dividers can come in different sizes and shapes. They can be made from various materials. They can be dividers that can be removed from a box separately or they can be a part of the box. They all serve different purposes and can be right for different products.

The most common types are the e-liquid cardboard dividers. Cardboard is an inexpensive packaging material that can be shaped in whatever way is needed. These dividers are typically a cylinder that the e-liquid is placed in. That offers the most protection possible when it is put in a box. The cylinders can be made to be removable from the box, or they can be a part of the box itself.

The box and the cylinder also can offer marketing opportunities. The box with the e-liquid dividers is often perfect for displaying the content. Graphics can be added to the box or to the dividers that promote the product, company brand name or something else. It is an opportunity that should not be missed.

E-liquid cardboard dividers are becoming more popular and widely used because of what they offer. The businesses that stick to the old ways of packaging their products and that do not take the time to learn the advantage of this packaging may be wondering why they are not doing as well as they should.

Chipboard Partitions and Other Box Dividers

Box Dividers

Shipping items in today’s market is common business practice. Our rapidly approaching global market economy means shipping needs are on the rise. And a lot goes into shipping products. It isn’t just a box with tape and some packaging peanuts. While that may suffice for some shipped merchandise, heavier or bulky items require an alternative option for protection methods; box dividers.

Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard partitions are perfect for saving space. They are accommodating for large and heavy items. They are roughly 30% smaller than other partitions but provide just the same amount of protection you would expect from your box dividers. They are even less expensive than other options because they are made from recycled material that has been glued together in layers to form a sturdy yet smooth surface. They are very easy to use, come in different thicknesses and can be cut down to any size you need. They are truly a versatile option for cutting down on shipping costs without sacrificing the integrity of protection.

Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated partitions provide a heavy duty layer of protection for heavier items as well as extremely delicate products. While they do take up any more space than most box dividers, they are specially created to provide the greatest level of protection available. Taller merchandise benefits greatly from having a strong source of compression from the top and bottom layers of the corrugated partitions.

Another advantage to using a corrugated divider is the practicality of having notches placed for pieces to be interlocking. This creates a solid barrier to shock from potential damage while in delivery. When it comes to having your merchandise shipped in today’s market, one damaged delivery could mean a lost client or customer. When shipping heavy items, they are usually expensive. The extra cost is marginal when compared with the opportunity cost of lost business.

Fiber Partitions

These dividers are popular because they are the most compatible with assembly line packaging equipment. They are much smaller than the corrugated and chipboard partitions, but they are perfect for smaller boxes. They are manufactured from recycled material and have much less paper dust. They are a cost effective means of providing an adequate level of protection for merchandise that needs to get where it’s going in one piece.

Anything can be shipped virtually anywhere these days. It may present a new bridge for some companies expanding to a more E-commerce friendly status or maybe your company is leading the way. Alternative box dividers are affordable solutions that can help you take the extra precautionary step for your merchandise and your company’s reputation.

Protect Delicate Products with Chipboard Dividers

In these times of stiff business competition and economic belt tightening, companies are scrambling to find ways to stretch their operating funds and increase revenues. One important method for achieving that goal is through effective shipping methods which is particularly vital when products are sensitive and prone to damage through the shipping process. Product loss through shipping damage can quickly erode profits via replacement or reimbursement expenses.

Chipboard partitions are an effective means for damage prevention. Products made of glass, metals, ceramics, etc. can be easily marred and broken while being shipped, which can significantly reduce the value or negate sales altogether. Using custom made chipboard dividers to separate products prevents movement, collision and damage, protecting product integrity and value. They are extremely adaptable and ideal for use with glass bottles, automotive products, delicate technology, food products, cosmetics, ceramic home décor items, sensitive pharmaceutical items, etc.

Chipboard is made from 100 percent recycled mixed waste paperstock which can also be recycled after use, making the use of such dividers an environmentally smart choice. Chipboard partitions are often preferred over corrugated dividers because they contain less dust and are generally cheaper. They are also lighter, thinner and possess a greater density than corrugated paper.

Chipboard dividers can be customized according to individual specifications to meet product size and packaging shapes. Customization can include various aspects such as caliber thickness, various finishes, special features including half-moon, ‘S’ and ‘V’ notches and locking dies for more precise fitting and better protection. Customer logos and desired messages and symbols can be printed on chipboard partitions for added advertising and instructional effectiveness. An advantage of using dividers is that they come already assembled and collapsed for ease of opening and placement.

When you need to protect your precious products from the ravages of moving and shipping as well as save packaging expense, standard or customized dividers made of chipboard are an excellent choice.

Corrugated Partitions Protect Products

When shipping products, it is often necessary to put them into a box. The goal is to put the products into the box in such a way that they are not damaged when they are moved. If there is one item placed in the box and nothing else, protecting it is fairly easy. When the box contains multiple products, it is necessary to turn to a tool that makes this easy. Partitions are one of the easiest ways to keep products in the same box separate. There are a few different types of partitions that are commonly used that include corrugated partitions, chipboard partitions, and fiber partitions. It is important to understand what the different types of partitions have to offer.

Corrugated partitions use a stronger cardboard to divide the boxes. They are very good for heavier items that require more protection. Some of the items commonly stored using these dividers are bottles, coffee mugs and jars. The dividers can accommodate tall items easily and still provide the protection that is needed. These dividers can be easily made without the need for cutting dies, which would make the process more expensive all together. The dividers that are made from corrugated cardboard are a great way to protect numerous items in boxes. It is a cost effective option that is one of the most common types of dividers used today.

Fiber partitions are designed to offer more protection. The manufacturing process of these dividers creates less dust than the corrugated dividers. It also uses less space than the corrugated versions. The ability to make the fiber partitions with greater precision allows them to be thinner than other dividers. The smaller size makes it easier to fit the dividers into smaller boxes and they do not weigh as much, which will save money during shipping. They offer good lateral protection and keep the contents of the box safe.

Chipboard partitions are also smaller than the corrugated partitions. They can weigh up to 25% less, while still protecting the contents. They are also less expensive to use than the other types of dividers.

There is a place for all of the different types of partitions when it comes to putting products in boxes. The key is to find the one that allows you to put the products into the boxes easily, while making sure they are well protected. The final cost of the partitions is another consideration when deciding what kind to use. It is very possible that a business will find uses for all three types of partitions depending on what they are shipping and when they are shipping it.

Box Inserts How To Showcase Your Product

Do you need to present your latest cologne? How about your top of the line cosmetics? What about your special extravagant gadgets? Should your precious diamonds be showcased in a grocery bag? It probably should not. All these specialty items need a step-up from the norm. You want to portray special, but how? These specialty items need the final touch. It needs to be presented. It needs to be highlighted. It needs to portray classiness and elegance. It needs to shout out to the world that it is special, but how? Use high quality Cactus Container die cut boxes along with a perfectly fitted box insert.

When your specialty item comes with its own unique special box with its own box insert, it really does portray special. Let’s think of cologne, for example. That cologne comes in its own box, not to mention the perfectly fittedbox insert that it comes with. The colognes bottle contour fits exactly within its uniquely shaped box insert. Any other item, including other colognes, will not fit into this box insert. Only this unique cologne can fit in the box insert. Now that portrays specialness and uniqueness.

This holds true for cosmetics. Cosmetics packaged and hung on store shelves inevitably come with a lower price range consumers will subconsciously pay. Place cosmetics in a high quality die cut boxes along with a perfectly fitted box insert, and voila, the price margin increases substantially. Box inserts portray top of the line cosmetics. When consumers see that retailers go above and beyond to protect the cosmetics by using box inserts, it is assumed that the cosmetics in it are of superb quality and classiness.

A diamond is a girl’s best friend, as they say. We see time and time again, the man proposing with a small high-quality jewelry box. Now what makes that diamond ring stand up? No, it’s not a string that is holding this ring in place. It’s being held up by a luxurious velvety foam insert. A diamond is a precious gem in itself. It deserves the best of the best packaging. What better way to showcase and highlight your precious gem than by placing it a superb quality die cut box along with a velvety foam box insert.

Just as peacocks shows off their feathers to attract attention, why not use the box insert for the same purpose? Thecustom box insert, such as a foam insert come in array of vibrant rich colors. Use the colors to your advantage and attract consumers from your rivals. Leave the product cradled in its custom box insert, as this too showcases your product. A custom foam insert is just like an entertainer on stage. They’re propped up on stage, allowing all to see them vividly. The custom foam insert is also propped up on stage, allowing your product to be seen vividly. Thecustom foam inserts allow your product to outshine the rivals.

Movie character James Bond is known for his special gadgets and weapons. They’re almost always encased and protected by the interior convoluted foam packaging. Convoluted foam look just like egg crates. The difference is that they are made of polyurethane foam. A convoluted foam insert package is designed to grab your “gadgets” and control product movement. A convoluted foam packaging is designed to cushion and resist impact. Use the convoluted foam to your advantage to resist possible bumps and jolts along the road.

Use your box insert to your favor by creating a unique custom box insert. Take advantage of the richly coloredfoam inserts to showcase your product. Remember custom foam inserts depict uniqueness and pizzazz. Custom box inserts display and support your delicate and precious jewelry. Lastly a type of box insert called convoluted foam packaging cushion and resist impact. Protect your bottle of wine, hunting rifles, or special gadgets with convoluted foam packaging.

The next time you need to protect or present specialness, elegance and classiness, think of Cactus Containers and the wide assortment of box inserts. Custom box inserts such as a foam insert can be created in any shape or foam.Box inserts incorporated with your product is your step up from the ordinary. Custom box inserts depict sophistication and grace.