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Why Choose Hemp Oil Inserts for Product Packaging

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The therapeutic benefits of CBD and hemp oil have led to a growing demand for their products across the country. This has thankfully been backed by legislation in many states that now permit the sale of these products for both medicinal and recreational use.

With more people shopping for these and other products online, it has become useful to find packaging that can withstand transport difficulties. Hemp and CBD oil inserts are a good way to stabilize these tiny bottles within boxes.

Many consumers will order these bottles in bulk. It could be they fear a change in legislation, or simply want to take advantage of bulk discounts. These oils can be kept for many years. As long as the bottles are kept away from sunlight, airtight, and refrigerated, the contents can remain viable for years to come. The tinted glass bottles in which the oils come do a good job of offering this protection, and are great for keeping refrigerated for prolonged periods.

To further support these protective efforts, it is also vital to ensure that the shipping boxes are just as effective. The boxes should be of a thickness that will not allow the glass bottles to easily break. They should also ideally include suitably sized CBD and hemp oil inserts. As said, this will help keep the bottles stable within the box.

It will also prevent them from bumping into each other in transit, possibly breaking and causing leaks. Not only will it compromise the cardboard of the box, but it also means a loss of valuable merchandise that the seller will need to cover. Inserts make for better protection than alternative packing material like newspaper or packing peanuts.

Be sure to consult with your box manufacturer on the dimensions of your boxes. The thickness of the box walls should be matched to their weight to avoid the risk of bottles falling out and being damaged.

You may also want to consider shipping boxes that you print useful information on. This should ideally be on the inside of the box for the sake of discretion. It is ideal to include valuable info like directions on how to use the product, dosage, and ingredients. This should be on labels on the bottles, or you can add it to a leaflet included in the box. You can also have a QR code printed on the box that will lead anyone that scans it to a webpage detailing all this info. There are various ways you can connect our buyers to value-adding information like this.

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