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Advantages of Using Hemp Oil Dividers

81 cell Box Divider

CBD and hemp oils are steadily increasing in popularity because of their therapeutic benefits. Retailers usually package them in small bottles, place them in boxes, and ship them to customers. To protect the tiny bottles, some businesses merely rely on crumpled paper or Styrofoam pellets but what level of protection do they actually provide, right? Instead of using these seemingly ineffective methods, it is best to use cardboard hemp oil dividers for the following reasons:

High-level of protection

Using cardboard hemp or CBD oil dividers will protect your fragile products better. Cardboard box partitions or inserts provide the best protection because of their innate strength. Shipping boxes with cardboard dividers can withstand both top and bottom compression and prevent product contact so that your CBD or hemp oil bottles will reach their intended customers without damage.


Cardboard dividers and inserts are also environment-friendly and can be recycled and reused without trouble. There are many interesting and useful do-it-yourself products on the internet that show tons of remarkable items that you can do using cardboard inserts or dividers. When you continue using Styrofoam inserts or pellets, your business would be causing much harm to the environment. Keep in mind that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious so many of them are looking for environment-friendly businesses.


Shipping costs largely depend on weight. Using cardboard boxes with inserts or dividers of the same material would help you save on shipping cost since they are light-weight. In addition, cardboard inserts are generally inexpensive, which will help your business save on material costs.

Ready to Use

When you order cardboard CBD and hemp oil dividers from a reputable supplier, you will receive them fully-assembled and ready to use. This means that you will save a lot of time and energy as you can readily package and ship your products without much trouble.

More appealing

When you use cardboard dividers and inserts, it increases the appeal of your CBD and hemp oil products. When your customers see that the small oil bottles are securely fixed in place inside its box, they would know how much you value giving them high-quality products. Try customizing your packaging as well and you will earn free publicity when your current customers post your product on popular social media platforms.

The items above are just some of the top benefits of using cardboard inserts or dividers for your sensitive and fragile items like CBD or hemp oils. Considering all these things, you should immediately ditch your Styrofoam inserts and shift to cardboard to experience better advantages.

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