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Fiber Partitions Give You More Space

Fiber Partitions

Every day, millions of containers are used to protect important cargo. But using just a container without a divider will not do your cargo any good. A carton container using fiber partitions as a divider can solve your problems with space and cost. These containers, compared to Styrofoam or wooden boxes, are used due to the fact that they are cheap to produce and easy to open and discard.

In fact, carton containers can be used more than a single time if the materials are good and the is properly thought out. This is especially true if there are fiber partitions that can give protection against any kind of pressure in the carton container itself.

Fiber Partitions: Environmental and Practical

Fiber partitions do not give only internal protection from pressure or make efficient handling of cargo, they are also very practical due to the cost they can save. This is because fiber partitions are usually made from any excess materials of the container. That means a very practical divider in terms of cost and pragmatism.

Another great thing about fiber partitions is that they are easy to dispose of as waste since they can be 100% recyclable. That is why a lot of logistics and cargo forwarding companies use fiber partitions since they are a more responsible way to take care of the environment.

This would also mean a more standardized quality within your container as well. You can be assured that the cargo in the container will be very stable due to the fact that the materials for both the container and the divider would not have any variance in strength since they are literally made from the same thing.

Chipboard Partitions: For Those Who Have Unique Space Needs

If you want a different provider, you can actually use chipboard partitions instead of the fiber ones. Using chipboard partitions would also make business sense for companies, especially for those who are transporting products and cargo of different sizes and shapes in the same container. This is because chipboard partitions are very adaptable and pliant to the product. But flexibility is not the only reason why they are used. They are also known for giving good protection from other products in the container together.

If you are going to use containers for cargo, make sure that you are using the right dividers. Both the fiber partitions and the chipboard partitions have their own use, with the fiber divider useful for products with uniform sizes and shapes and the chipboard partitions for the different cargo. At any rate, using dividers would give you peace of mind that your cargo is safe and sound.

Reasons You Should Use Corrugated Partitions

Corrugated Partitions

Shipping your products is one of the easiest ways to grow and expand your business considering your items can reach countless customers anywhere in the world. In order to succeed using this avenue, however, it is critical that your products are still in the best condition when they reach the client. Towards this end, you will need container solutions that will ensure the safety and protection of your items during shipping such as corrugated partitions.

Here are five reasons why using corrugated dividers when shipping your products would be beneficial for your business:

  1. Highly Versatile

Corrugated box dividers can be used to protect a wide variety of items – from the most delicate such as glasses and small trinkets to the bulkiest such as large kitchen items. This type of partition can also endure heavy and prolong stacking since it is made with much thicker and stronger cardboard.

  1. Heavy Duty

Corrugated dividers are long lasting and durable because of its innate strength. Your products will be able to withstand the usual wear and blow of shipping and inappropriate handling because this type of divider provides the best cushion and protection.

  1. Economic

Considering that corrugated boxes and dividers are manufactured in bulk at low cost you can purchase them at the most reasonable price. This means more packaging savings for your business. Moreover, since it is made from recyclable materials it is highly sustainable and friendly to the environment.

  1. Customizable

Corrugated dividers can be readily adjusted in terms of thickness, size, shape, and height, among others so that it can suit your product perfectly. They can also be treated with coatings and other solutions to make it resistant to fire and insects or be covered with printed designs of your choice. Basically, a corrugated partition can be readily customized to perfectly suit your requirements.

  1. Increases Aesthetic Value

Boxes with partitions do not only protect the quality of the products but it also helps to maintain the cleanliness and order of the items while inside the shipping box. The dividers also provide a more organized and cleaner look that will surely impress your customers.

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is evident that using corrugated partitions greatly protect your products from damage during shipping. Note that fiber partitions, chipboard dividers, and other similar box dividers essentially serve the same purpose. At the end of the day, box partitions will provide much-needed strength to ensure that your precious items will reach its destination in good condition.

Subscription Boxes that use Chipboard Partitions

Chipboard Partitions

People like to receive surprises. There’s the pleasure of welcoming new gifts into life and anticipation of treasures unveiled. Plus, the industry of subscription boxes capitalizes on that fundamental tendency to earn profits and pamper buyers.

It’s very simple for somebody – say a beauty product enthusiast to go on the Internet and sign up for a month-to-month subscription of products from well-known brands that are curated with care and delivered inside an appealing packaging with chipboard partitions directly to the doorstep. As the actual contents will remain a mystery, the boxes theme aligns with the subscription company’s niche.

Consumers expecting goody boxes of organic food won’t find lingerie nestled inside the delivered package. Subscription boxes that have fiber partitions are going to satisfy the need to obtain items of interest and they are going to automate the process – and ensure delivery of a bundle one time per month, without fail. But there’s one element of this model which might deter customers from upgrading to full-sized products based upon premium performance by the samples and that’s visual appeal.

This is the part where the importance of the subscription boxes design – both structural and aesthetic will come into play!

Why Should Subscription Box Businesses Pay Attention to Packaging?

The answer’s simple. Packaging here will become prime real estate where a positive impression may be made on a user. As there isn’t any flattering lights, no expensive display cases and no rack cards, the delivery box itself has to do triple duty to take over the duty of those tools of influence. The top products do not inspire desire if they’re poorly ensconced within bubble wrap and brown cardboard which usually turns soggy with moisture.

Subscription boxes are experiences. It’s a carefully assembled and small medley of items a recipient probably hasn’t tried before. As they’re admired and opened in the privacy of a living room or bedroom, there’s a big opportunity to get attention without the distraction of a million rival products shouting their presence.

What Are Other Leaders in the Industry Going With?

Keeping that fact in mind, most innovative box players opt to put in a good amount of thought in which their packaging is concerned. The structure’s integrity has to be maintained. It ought to have the ability to bear jostles, thumps, and drops along the way without having to affect the contents inside.

Packaging Trends, Fiber Partitions

Fiber Partitions

According to Inc.com, 95% of all products will fail within one year of launch. In order to survive, new items must stand out from the competition. Even established items must be distinct, as even excellent products may become crowded out of a marketplace if customers get bored with them or become impressed by flashy redesigns or campaigns by rival companies.

Some obvious trends in packaging have come about within 2016 which are expected to continue on through 2017. One significant one is that of minimal packaging. An increasing amount of manufacturers and businesses are discovering the value in minimal packaging for products. Most luxury brands have discovered elegance and sophistication in simplistic designs, like solid packages that have a small logo. Besides generating a more attractive end product, this packaging approach will take the clutter out and place the logo front and center, in which a customer always recognizes and sees it for the quality it’ll represent.

Box Dividers/ Box Accessories

Utilizing intersecting sheets of cardboard material, box accessories like dividers will create different compartments inside a bigger box. Dividers and fiber partitions are ideally suited to assist in a product maintaining a specific position or to cradle objects that are fragile.

Eco-Friendly Packaging for Retailers

It turns out that many individuals actually do care about our environment. Also, they have concerns about the practices companies use in their marketing and manufacturing processes. Eco-friendly retail packaging allows customers to know that they’re taking measures to decrease their footprint on the earth. They’ll feel good about purchasing products they know are becoming responsibly sourced.

Ol’ School

Customers like to revisit the old days with items which are packaged to appear like they did in the past. This nostalgic approach to packaging has increasingly been a popular trend for 2016, and it’s expected to rise throughout 2017.


Brands which utilize small batch packaging, or the ones that are made with crafty designs also are getting noticed. Customers like to buy products which seem more authentic and “personal”. It’ll translate to the use of fonts which appear like actual handwriting, or hand-drawn graphics and print.


Assigning various products a name, mood, or additional characteristic includes one way to provide consumers personalization. Packaging designs that are personalized are expected to increase in popularity in 2017, because of the success of such campaigns by mega-brands like Coca Cola.

Corrugated Partitions Protect Products

When shipping products, it is often necessary to put them into a box. The goal is to put the products into the box in such a way that they are not damaged when they are moved. If there is one item placed in the box and nothing else, protecting it is fairly easy. When the box contains multiple products, it is necessary to turn to a tool that makes this easy. Partitions are one of the easiest ways to keep products in the same box separate. There are a few different types of partitions that are commonly used that include corrugated partitions, chipboard partitions, and fiber partitions. It is important to understand what the different types of partitions have to offer.

Corrugated partitions use a stronger cardboard to divide the boxes. They are very good for heavier items that require more protection. Some of the items commonly stored using these dividers are bottles, coffee mugs and jars. The dividers can accommodate tall items easily and still provide the protection that is needed. These dividers can be easily made without the need for cutting dies, which would make the process more expensive all together. The dividers that are made from corrugated cardboard are a great way to protect numerous items in boxes. It is a cost effective option that is one of the most common types of dividers used today.

Fiber partitions are designed to offer more protection. The manufacturing process of these dividers creates less dust than the corrugated dividers. It also uses less space than the corrugated versions. The ability to make the fiber partitions with greater precision allows them to be thinner than other dividers. The smaller size makes it easier to fit the dividers into smaller boxes and they do not weigh as much, which will save money during shipping. They offer good lateral protection and keep the contents of the box safe.

Chipboard partitions are also smaller than the corrugated partitions. They can weigh up to 25% less, while still protecting the contents. They are also less expensive to use than the other types of dividers.

There is a place for all of the different types of partitions when it comes to putting products in boxes. The key is to find the one that allows you to put the products into the boxes easily, while making sure they are well protected. The final cost of the partitions is another consideration when deciding what kind to use. It is very possible that a business will find uses for all three types of partitions depending on what they are shipping and when they are shipping it.